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10 days ago
Current Sitting down to watch Edgerunners. What an opening!
10 days ago
Parents took me out for a birthday dinner. Tried sushi for the first time.
11 days ago
Found my betta Raijin dead a little bit ago. Sent him off with Taps.
11 days ago
It my birthday, and my friend bought me a Neptune game on Steam. I owe him something nice.
11 days ago
I'll be over here enjoying my anime tiddies.


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Hands down, my characters from when I first started RPing. I constantly pulled stuff out of my butt for them because I thought it would be cool. And I got away with it a lot because this was literally on a forum devoted to Legos, including said RP I was in.
Sharing my various characters from RPs, be they from specific settings or original ones. If any of them catch your eye and you'd like to try writing a RP opposite them, shoot me a PM!

Currently a WIP.
She didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.

I always knew that kicking a vending machine to get free stuff would lead to crime.

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