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Prudence Beauregard

Freelance Bell Diver and Scuba Diver

Prudence Beauregard is a woman in her early thirties; she is 5’ 7”. Her hair is short, strawberry blond, and in a pixie cut. Her face is relatively oblong, with a long and somewhat crooked nose dividing her small brown eyes. She has naturally high eyebrows and an average forehead. Her ears are somewhat large and obtruding, and she often has her hearing aids in them. She rarely wears much makeup, except for the most formal of events, and she never does anything with her hair. Typically, she wears denim and flannels with the occasional fisherman’s sweater, that is when she is not in her scuba suit ready for diving.

Prudence Beauregard was born to Alden and Priscilla Beauregard in 1990 in Annapolis, Maryland. Her parents were of upper middle-class status and had well paying jobs within the city. She was the second of 3 children; her older sister being named Amelia and her younger brother being named Charlie. She lived near the edge of the city, although the coast was never too far away. Of course, she did not get to share in the same luxuries her siblings did when it came to the atmosphere of living in a coastal city. Although she could smell the salt on the air, feel the wind on her face, and see the shore crashing against the sand, she has never gotten to hear the ocean as well as one would hope.

Prudence was born deaf, the only one of her family with any disability. Growing up was certainly challenging in some ways, having to read lips and learn sign language in a special school, but she was content with life. She did get hearing aids at the age of 10, but they were not exactly perfect. They allowed her to begin to understand the magical sounds around her, but they were still faint, garbled, and unrecognizable without context. Regardless, she was happy with the gift of sound, which helped her navigate the world around her.

Often, she would forsake her hearing aids as a teenager, as she began to explore her love for nature. There were times on family trips to her grandmother’s home in the Adirondacks where she kept them in to try and hear what she was told was the sound of birds. But when she went on hunting trips with her father, she left the hearing aids in the cabin. She always felt comfortable with a rifle, after all, not having to deal with ringing ears or bulky headphones helped her focus, and there was something exciting about the shudder and vibration of the gun as it fired. She felt a similar joy back in Annapolis when she first began diving, feeling free from the burdens of society of sounds when under the water and free from a world of sounds. In this world she was an equal and felt every movement and every shudder around her from marine life via the currents in the water.

Her experiences in scuba diving and bell diving would lead her to become a certified diver in Miami Florida, working as an instructor as she also took classes at Miami Dade College. With her associates degree and some business experience she eventually went freelance and has since traveled around America and abroad working for everything from tourist attractions to recording for marine biology studies to diving for salvage. This of course has led to her recent involvement on the Charles Henshaw, where she has been offering her services so long as the work is interesting.

Prudence is a bold and kind woman, if not foolhardy at times. When she sees a problem her first response is to solve it without any regard for herself or to check with others. This, of course, has led some more authoritative figures to dislike her, but her good intentions often make up for this oversight. When talking to her she is a very considerate person, taking her time to listen and respond in her odd personal accent, full of odd sounds said with gusto. Overall, she is self-assured, but she has a heart made for action.

-Scuba Diving: +4
-Undersee Life Identification: +2
-Vision: +2
-Knife Fighting: +1
-Shotgun Shooting: +2
-Skinning: +1
-Rifle Shooting: +1
-Situational Awareness: +2
-Perception: +1
-Hearing: -4
-Hunting: +2
-Sign Language: +1

I threw together a post to get back into things, I hope it is good!
Filiberta-Marie of House Marietta

Within the Mariettan Palace it is another day of decadence and disarray. Within this masquerade resides Filiberta-Marie, wearing a pale red dress with a black moretta mask. Attached to the mask are flowers of gold and pink, and her hair is braided black into a fishtail. Flowers were also placed within her hair and along her large fur collar, matching the colors of the flowers on the mask.

She danced with one of the many counts within her duchy who had been invited to this masquerade, his name seemed to evade her memory. Harsh music from a hurdy gurdy and a harpsichord played in the background. Servants walked about with plates of alcohol and food, and some were carrying in tables into the ballroom to be used for the feast. As she danced with the count he finally spoke, "your highness, you are quite the marvelous dancer, I must ask how no gentleman has sought to win your favor yet."

She chuckled behind her mask at the comment before she responded, "many have, my dear count," she then stomped upon his foot. He let out a sharp howl and let go of her, backing away as he hopped on one foot, "but men like you are neither tasteful dancers or romancers." She walked away from the dance floor then to watch as her servants brought in the tables and chairs for her company. There upon her throne she watched this all, while also keeping an eye upon the ballroom floor. She paid special attention to the count she had spurned, watching as he tried unsuccessfully to dance with another noblewoman, his steps on his left foot seemed to be pained and out of sync. Filiberta-Marie laughed to herself at the sight, her mask hiding it all.

Soon the guests gathered around the three tables, taking seats. The three tables formed the shape of a u, and at the center of the center table was Filiberta, who kept her mask on while the nobles feasted. Before them were various forms of venison and duck, along with locally harvested vegetables that Filiberta had acquired from the peasantry. The nobles feasted like hogs as Filiberta again watched, only occasionally lifting her mask to drink from the goblet of wine in front of her.

She interrupted the conversations half-way through the meal to raise her glass and speak to all. "My dearest vassals, I hope you have all enjoyed the decadences of this evening! And now I ask that we take a moment to remember why we are gathered here, to celebrate the lives of those above myself who have passed." A mumbling of agreement was heard throughout the crowd, and she spoke again, "and to help us through these trying times, I do invite you to watch a performance by our court jester, would dearest shar... I mean Charles," the crowd laughed at the purposeful stutter, "please come in." Through the doors of the ballroom a man wearing a harlequin mask with a fake crown entered, and he was covered in rags and rusted squire armor. The man was of a thin and unimpressive frame, and his voice was squeaker and idiotic. He began to perform a comedic monologue on his dearest friend the king and how he had come upon the king’s crown.

Filiberta watched the monologue she had written with glee and smiled at the thought of the uncivilized squire she had met just days before. She was still surprised that she had gotten the armor just rusty enough to fit the aesthetic! As the crowd laughed Filiberta-Marie suddenly felt the tap of a handmaiden on her shoulder, who then leaned in and whispered in her ear. Filiberta continued to hide her emotion behind her mask, and she turned to the handmaiden, "so the Northerners want to play the jesters in our tale then? I could not have hoped for better entertainment this evening." She stood up now and walked away from the table with the handmaiden, "I must prepare a letter for the old man immediately! Please bring a raven ... no, I think a crow would be better, please send a crow to my study." The handmaiden accepted the task as Filiberta made her way to her study.

She entered the dark and dusty room, old tomes and tapestries that were slowly deteriorating lined the walls along with a shield holding her family's crest. She smiled in the old room as she took a seat at the old wooden desk. She took out a piece of parchment and a quill with ink. She gazed out the window in the study for a moment, the lake far below glistening in the moonlight. She then took a lit candle upon the windowsill and used it to light the incense beside it. With the atmosphere now set she took to writing her letter to Karl Müller-Hohenstein.

"My dearest liege,

I hope that your body does not ail you today, and may your health remain reasonable at the least! I also hope that you enjoyed the festivities in the capital as I did. It is strange to say the least that a man of such low class of Sharles could dare to stand before the great nobility of this country as he did and speak in such an insulting manner! Despite this bold display, there are those within our country that are willing to support this madman.

Of course, there are those who also support Anyamara, a somewhat more noble heiress, one who is less likely to incite the peasantry. No matter what position you have on this issue I must tell you this, I am in full support of your will for this archduchy. Although I have had some disagreements with your policies in the past, I cannot deny that you have been nothing but an effective ruler of this land, and that your will has done good in keeping those below you in line. And it is with this limited degree of respect that I ask you to choose wisely whom you support, and if you are to support someone at all. After all, you of all people must know that as an archduke in a time of crisis you have much to lose.

Seeing as your decisions in this time will greatly affect my fate as well as yours, I propose we have a meeting with some other likeminded fellows at some point soon, perhaps a ball at my manner should you want a less imposing space than your personal domain, it will at least make our guests feel less worried about espionage. It would be imperative for such a meeting that it remains somewhat more secretive, and perhaps it may be important to ensure that no Northerners get too involved. There is much work to be done in this time, Karl, and I expect that you will need many allies such as myself, and you can help many with what they desire as well, my dear royal librarian.

Also, please send Michaela my regards.

In adoration,

She smiled as she wrote "in adoration," and this whole letter had been an excercize of irony to a certain degree. She did not like the old man, but he could prove useful. It was then that the proper crow was brought into her study and inspecting it the specimen seemed perfect for the letter. She left it in the hands of her servants, and so Filiberta-Marie returned to her masquerade and watched the end of the jester's routine. At the same time, the letter was sent out, and the crow danced through the night on his way to Karl Müller-Hohenstein.


I threw a post together to try and respond to everything that has been going on, hopefully that is enough to give you all a chance to keep on doing what you want! I should be back into this rp in full from here on out.
Emmet "the Butcher" Dukes

Shock and Awe: Part 3

Emmet looked towards Isaac Ryder, and after a moment a smiled curled upon his lips and a laugh broke out. He holstered his pistol, "Emmet Dukes" he said, giving the man before him a pat on the shoulder. Still holding his blade he gestured toward the crash site, "My company seems to have suffered something of a rotten crash, terrible luck I dare say!" He sighed out of tiredness and looked around, noticing that for the moment there was a lack of action at his position.

He looked once more to Ryder and began to speak, "and might I say that jacket of yours is quite ..." he cut himself off as he saw a figure in the distance. There was an uneasy aura about the soldier as they stood their menacingly, the blood on their armor making it unclear if this was a noble warrior or some sort of monster. Then again, Emmet noticed the blood on his own hands. Finally he finished his sentence looking at Ryder again, "the jacket is quite nice."

Suddenly he heard the familiar voice of Roland as the captain approached, and again a smile arose on Emmet's face. "Sir, you would not know how glad I am to see you! It would seem that the devil does not wish to claim me yet, although Miss Hepius Power Armor here certainly spooked me for a moment!" He began to chuckle softly before the sudden interruption of the demons of the air, devils calling out for his demise suddenly distracted him. Quickly Emmet pulled out his buckler, ducking behind it as the blast went off, feeling some bits of shrapnel slice into exposed shins. He hissed at the pain as he focused his ki into them in order to compensate.

"Well it seems our welcome here is over," he hissed to the others, "I am going to try and attend to my men at the crash site, I leave whatever else must be done to you!" With that he began to run towards the site, ignoring the pain in his legs. His feet went to a relevé position, and the smile faded from his face as his dance across the battlefield began. Waltzing amongst the many bodies lying on the ground he quickly began a flurry of carnage. He danced and swirled around the bodies of the living as well, taking detours into the combats of his fellow men. He quickly struck down Vaimese soldiers as he passed, striking at exposed angles while their were busy in one on one combat. The fellow knights of Belisio he saved began to follow him towards the shuttle. Upon reaching it his dance finally ended and some semblance of consciousness returned to his eyes, and Emmet fell to the ground beside the shuttle as finally he took to focus his ki on healing his legs while fellow members of his platoon kept watch of the oncoming storm.
Just thought I'd mention that I have not been posting for a bit due to midterms in school this week, I will be back to posting for this rp in the coming week.
Just thought I'd mention that I've been absent for a bit due to midterms at school, I should be back to posting here next week. Didn't want you guys thinking I dropped out.

I love your post, and I am excited to see where Isaac and Emmet go here!
Emmet "the Butcher" Dukes

Shock and Awe: Part 3

The shuttle danced through the skies above the field of battle. Below concussions could be heard, and an endless cacophony of rage and madness hummed in the air. Within the shuttle the men remained largely silent, only a few muttering quiet prayers to themselves. The breaths of soldiers preparing their ki were heard above all else, soft glows now emanating from the weapons and the bodies of these knights. Amongst these men preparing was Emmet, who clung to rasselbock in his right hand, the twisting metal of the blade’s handle pressing into his flesh and the blade glowing slightly. In his left hand he held onto the shuttle but remained ready to take his sidearm out of its holster.

The silence was suddenly broken as the enter shuttle rocked and creaked followed by a large impact. From the ground an enemy mage, unbeknownst to the knights, had fired upon the shuttle. The wall of the shuttle burst open, knocking the men closest to it aside. Two of them fell to the floor unconscious, metal stuck in their side. Suddenly everyone in the cabin realized a problem greater than this hole, and it was felt by everyone there. Clearly the pilot must have been harmed in this accident, as the shuttle uncontrollably began twirling towards the ground.

One of the unconscious men flew out of the hole in the cabin, plummeting to the ground. The chaos previously in the outside world now entered the cabin as the men shouted in fear and urgency. Another knight grabbed the other unconscious soldier, swinging him over his soldier. Emmet went towards the door of the shuttle, clinging to the wall as he turned towards the men, "looks like we're going to have an impromptu landing, gentlemen," he yelled, "get ready to jump."

He looked through the rupture in the wall the shuttle seemed to be steadying itself, likely from the copilot trying to take control of the situation, but it still spiraled towards the ground. Emmet swallowed the sick feeling growing in his throat and waited for just the right moment. Finally, as they were close enough to the ground he shouted, "now," and pried open the door before jumping out. Behind him came the rest of the men jumping from the shuttle. He ducked and rolled as he made it to the ground, and before he could even gather himself, he felt a strange vibration in his blade. Letting his ki guide him as his eyes were filled with dust, he raised his blade to meet another in a parry before lunging and striking forward.

Rubbing the dust from his eyes he saw a helmeted Vaimese soldier at the end of his blade, skewered through the neck. Looking around at his position he saw his men in disarray. The position they were in seemed to be a currently falling flank, where the remaining Belisian knights resisting the push were no match for the oncoming onslaught. He noticed his men in combat with the enemy, before he took his sidearm and caught side of the soldier carrying his unconscious brother in arms. Instinctively he ran towards them, and he took a shot at a Vaimese soldier about to strike the knights. Reaching the two men he quickly finished off the enemy on the ground with his blade before firing in the air and yelling, "to the shuttle men, we need cover!"
I am, I will post tomorrow, it has just been a busy holiday season to say the least.
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