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Uesugi High School - Class 1-A | 08:30ish | April 2nd

Entranced by the thrilling tales of the shenanigans of one Wondercat, Yuuki didn’t notice her classroom getting more and more full until the shrill bell cut through all conversations and forced glances toward the front of the classroom. Normally, that would be the cue for the instructor to introduce themself and then begin everyone’s favorite event: classroom introductions. But…

The silence from the front of the classroom was deafening. The silence from the rest of the classroom, however, was nonexistent. Conversations continued with only the briefest of pauses and stolen glances all around. Yuuki herself couldn’t help but turn back to Jun to finish the Wondercat story, yet her mind wandered. What would make a teacher late on the first day? An educational emergency? What would that even be like?

She was just about to comment on the missing teacher when a door crashed open. The sound swung Yuuki around. In came a rather winded apologizing man. He scribbled his name on the board then explained why he was late. He was...odd. Awkward. A far cry from some of the super strict instructors she had had before. It felt weird being on the receiving end of a tardiness excuse. Yuuki leaned forward, sizing the guy up…

Then let out a silent sigh of relief before leaning back. He seemed alright. Laid back. Harmless. Of course, they always say that one should never judge a book by its cover. But what do they know? And...who are they anyway? Weird.

When Tanaka-sensei inevitably called for introductions, Yuuki prepared to stand and deliver. It was best to get these things out of the way early rather than wait. At least, in her experience it was. If you waited too long, people stopped paying attention. And then? Complete and total social isolation. For an entire year. Yuuki shuddered.

But one of the girls nearby beat her to the punch, her tiny hand shooting into the air like a rocket ship blasting into lift-off. Yuuki turned her gaze to the volunteer. She was small. Very small. Coupled with the twin-tails, the girl looked like any little sister in Japan. It was a bold look, but she liked it. Yuuki’s hand instinctively rose to her forehead, her fingers lightly brushing her scar. Probably not a look that she’d be imitating anytime soon.

The girl who enthusiastically introduced herself as Matsutoya Nanako seemed nice! Granted, Yuuki didn’t know the first thing about shogi, and the names Arakawa Hiromi and Katō Kazue meant absolutely nothing to the girl...but she was cheerful! And she said she liked fun. You can’t like fun and still be a bad person. It’s like a rule or something.

When the girl had finished, Yuuki rose her hand, calling dibs on second. Her heart began to race as she pivoted in her seat. Pushing up against both the desk and the back of her seat, Yuuki climbed to a standing position.

“Hi! I’m Itou Yuuki. Also fifteen. Pleased to meetcha!” she announced, bowing. “I play guitar a little bit. I know I’m not all that great yet, but my dream is to just one day travel the world and make music.” the grinning girl said earnestly. Was it a wild fantasy? Probably. But just saying it felt so right.

“So, I don’t really know Fukushima all that well,” she continued after a short pause. “ if anyone knows anywhere good to eat, please let me know!”

And with that, Yuuki lowered herself back into her seat.

Uesugi High School - Class 1-A | 08:30ish | April 2nd

Jun was animatedly sharing his most recent Mittens the Wondercat story when the bell rang. He leaned to his side to look around Yuuki, but to his surprise there was no teacher in sight. Late on the first day? That was kind of tacky. Poor form. He couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of disappointment at the thought of having a slacker teacher. This was was hard enough for Jun to even get it. Without a reliable teacher, he would be doomed. Well...maybe not doomed. He’d find some way of surviving...but it wouldn’t be easy.

Yuuki turned back to him, so Jun continued his Wondercat least at the beginning. It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t really listening, so Jun switched it up. He began listing the ingredients and recipe for his grandmother’s homemade spaghetti (the previous night’s dinner). Yuuki simply nodded her head and muttered things like ‘Wow’ and ‘Really?’. Completely gone. Jun was just about to slip in some insults, just to clear the air consequence free, when the door opened. Jun rolled his eyes, ready to see what the slacker-teacher would look like.

It took every bit of self-control Jun had not to swoon.

The man that had just walked into the classroom was quite possibly the most beautiful man that Jun had ever seen.

Completely flustered, his gaze remained fixated on the teacher as he strolled over to the board and scrawled out the kanji that Jun suspected would be written many times over somewhere in his notebook over the next few months. Tanaka-sensei. What a nice name. The threat of swoonage became dangerously high when Tanaka-sensei turned and faced the class. It was the eyes, dammit! The eyes!

Feeling his cheeks begin to burn, Jun dropped his gaze to his desk and tried to calm down. A mixture of shame, embarrassment, and longing flooded the boy. Puberty was a cruel bitch. A crush on the teacher? Really? It wasn’t fair. Maybe it was a mistake? Jun looked up, but after only a few moments the puberty cocktail hit him again. Definitely a crush. He couldn’t help but get incredibly embarrassed at the thought of anyone finding out. Pre-embarrassment: truly the best kind of embarrassment.

When Tanaka-sensei asked for introductions, Jun had to suppress a nervous laugh. How was he supposed to stand up and introduce himself to everybody when he couldn’t even look at his teacher without blushing? One crisis at a time, please, that’s all he was asking for.

Luckily, someone else took the bullet. A short girl apparently named Matsutoya Nanako went first. Jun liked her because of that alone. But she did seem friendly too. In a way, she reminded him of his sister... He would have to get to know her sometime.

Up next was Yuuki. Of course it was. She regurgitated a bunch of things that he had known about her forever, then fished for even more places to inevitably drag him to for the sole purpose of scamming a free meal. He was on to her little game. It wasn’t right.

He’d rather take Tanaka-sensei to those places.

Jun shook his head. Couldn’t let stray thoughts like that one float. That was a true dangerous game.

When Yuuki finished her speil and slowly sat back down, Jun debated whether or not to take the plunge. He really didn’t want to. But ultimately...he decided to do it. He couldn’t live with the dread.

Standing up and giving a little bow, Jun spoke nervously, looking anywhere and everywhere as to avoid eye contact with Sensei. “H-hello! My name is sixteen and I’ll be Ishikawa Jun next month.” he paused, wincing before he continued with a correction. “Err, I mean, my name is Ishikawa Jun and I am fifteen. I’ll be sixteen next month.” Jun mentally scolded himself. Mistakes were made. “Uhm...I like movies, mainly foreign ones, and I want to become a director someday. Uhh... oh! I hope we can all get along.”

With that done, Jun offered another nervous little bow and quickly returned to his seat.

Public speaking was the worst.

Uesugi Senior High - Gates | 08:??ish | April 2nd

The chirping of some rather late-rising birds mixed with the rumbling of cars cruising by made for an odd ensemble, but Yuuki liked it. It was a requiem of winter and an ode to spring. The warm glow of the rising sun cut through the cold morning air and gently hugged the young girl. She couldn’t help but stop and take a deep breath, enjoying the moment. She never was much of a morning person, always loathing the thought of getting out of bed before the sun did, but sometimes it had its perks. This had truly been a beautiful morning. It was a shame that she’d spend most of it cooped up in a building but…

Yuuki was ecstatic. That brief window before classes become routine and one day bleeds into the next was what drove her. There was a great allure to the mystery. Who would her classmates be? Would they get along? Could she find the people that would become her best friends for life? What about love? And how would the teachers be? A wave of nervous excitement toppled over her again. She’d find out soon enough.

Just ahead she could see the school, rising above the ground below like a solemn guardian of knowledge eager to bestow wisdom unto all who entered. Later, she might come to view the building as a prison, where hopes and dreams went to die...but she sincerely hoped that it wouldn’t get that bad.

At the gates, she saw a small group of students standing around having a chat. Catching up on lost time, maybe? Yuuki saw an opportunity. Might as well start the year off right. Surely they had some time to kill? She’d head over and introduce herself, maybe make a friend or two.

At least, that was plan.

But as Yuuki began walking again, passing a confused Jun who had turned around to see why she had stopped, she saw that one of the students had noticed her. Well...noticed her legs anyway. She could tell by the look on his face and the not-so-subtle glances taken by his friends. They shared a laugh then continued on with their conversation. Yuuki hadn’t been close enough to hear what they were laughing about, but it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. The girl bit her lip and pivoted, now heading onto the school grounds rather than to the little entente. Jun followed close behind and the group erupted into another fit of laughter.

“Hey-HEY!” he called, having to awkwardly speed up to match her gait. “Are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

Yuuki paused. She considered this for a moment before flashing Jun the cheesiest, most phony smile she could manage. “Never better.” she lied. Jun rolled his eyes.

“Bull.” he called. He turned back towards the gate then looked back at Yuuki. “Did-did they say something to you?”

She considered this too, then shook her head. “No. Really, I’m fine! I just...I dunno. Nervous, I guess.” she explained, already cooling down. She had made herself a promise that she wouldn’t let her insecurities control her...easier said than done, obviously. Not even five minutes at the school and she had nearly had a meltdown. That was...kinda pathetic, really.

Easily upset at perceived slights. Projects insecurity onto others. Bah...maybe the doctor had a point? She’d work on it.

Jun was still using his best concerned parent stare, but Yuuki broke his gaze, first taking a few steps forward, then twirling around and walking backwards towards the front door.

“Seriously, Yuuki’s good! Maximum joy!” she cooed, throwing up two thumbs up before twirling back around and heading inside, leaving poor Jun to scratch his head and come to the realization that he’d never understand girls.

Uesugi Senior High - Classroom 1-A | 08:10| April 2nd

Once inside the school, Jun had to take a moment to really appreciate where he was. His old school was...well...nothing compared to this. The facilities outside looked top-of-the-line and well-maintained. His old school? Not so much. To be fair, Jun never was much of a sports guy, so it wasn’t really a big deal, but Uesugi had a good reputation for having good teams. Maybe this was the year he finally changed that?

Probably not, but hey! He could always catch a game or two. Maybe it’d be fun. His main priority, however, was to not flunk out. Honestly, it was sort of a miracle that he had even passed the exam to get into Uesugi in the first place. Academics weren’t his strong point. Nor were athletics. But at least he excelled at...err...uhm…to be decided?

Jun led Yuuki to her locker then headed off to his own. Once the two had changed their shoes, they set out to find their homeroom. It took a little bit, with a couple detours to completely the wrong area, but eventually the pair made it to classroom 1-A. Jun couldn’t help but say a silent prayer, thanking whatever force of the universe it was that allowed them to make it on time. He really didn’t want to start the year off with a delinquent's reputation. So far so good.

A number of students had made their way into the classroom by now, but it still wasn’t full. Apparently some liked to play it closer to the edge than Yuuki. Scary. Jun couldn’t help but scan the faces of the crowd, looking for at least one familiar one. No dice. A small pang of sadness hit the boy’s gut. He hadn’t truly expected anyone from his old school to have come to Uesugi, but...well, he had hoped to be surprised. Not that there was anything wrong with these new ones was sad knowing that he might not see many of them again. Sure, they had agreed to stick together over the break, and they did! For a while...but slowly but surely, everyone began to drift apart. Jun probably could have followed the old crew, most went to a more local high school but...Uesugi was a very good opportunity. One he just couldn’t pass up.

While Jun was daydreaming about his old friends, Yuuki was already devising a way to make some new ones. She pushed by the dreamer and scanned the class for a seat. She found one by a brunette who was a bit preoccupied with her cell phone. Jun followed suit, taking the seat behind her. For a moment, Jun was sure that Yuuki was going to pester the poor girl on the phone, but she apparently decided against it last minute and instead turned around and pestered Jun. About one of their neighbors' cats.

Mittens the Wondercat.

Restaurant | 07:35 | April 2nd

"Please pay my bill for me. Keep the change, thanks, man.."

The stained student thrust the money into Jun’s hand and pushed around him before Jun could even utter another word to the guy. Watching him leave, Jun shook his head. The poor guy. All he wanted was a nice coffee in a nice restaurant and instead he got a ruined morning and a ruined uniform. It didn’t help that a few of the other people in the diner were even laughing at the guy. Not cool. Quite frankly, Jun couldn’t blame the guy for wanting to be literally anywhere else.

He continued to wipe down the coffee until a waitress crossed over and relieved him. He handed her the money then shrugged, telling her to keep the change for the guy’s order. He wouldn’t feel right keeping a stranger’s money. With that taken care of, Jun made a trip to the restroom to wash his hands. Some of the coffee had soaked through the napkins and his now sticky hands were irritating him to no end.

When he returned to Yuuki’s table, the girl was sitting there with a rather dejected expression on her face - one that quickly disappeared once she saw Jun. He raised an eyebrow but she simply shrugged, put her hands together, and said “Itadakmasu!”

He followed her lead, then sipped on his tea as Yuuki enjoyed her meal.

Restaurant | 07:35ish | April 2nd

Yuuki, however, wasn’t enjoying her meal. That’s not to say that the food wasn’t delicious - it was - but she couldn’t shake an unpleasant feeling. Was it...was it guilt? She was thinking about the girl who had just scolded her. Yuuki frowned. Nishikori Kana, eh? She sounded so...tired. It wasn’t Yuuki’s fault, of course! She hadn’t forced her to come over and read Yuuki the riot act! ...but that excuse felt hollow. The girl wasn’t wrong per se. Maybe shouting in a public restaurant at seven in the morning was too much… ugh. No fair! This was supposed to be a good day!

“You’re making weird faces again.” Jun snarked in between sips of his tea.

“Am not!” Yuuki protested indignantly, her mouth full of food causing it come out muffled.

Jun scrunched up his face into a ridiculous caricature of her own thinking expression. “Am not!” he mocked in an exaggerated, high pitched voice that cracked on the second syllable. Yuuki had to cover her mouth with her hands to stifle her laugh and force the food down. It was much more of a struggle than it had any right to be. When it was safe, the laugh came out and Jun chuckled with her.

“You’re such a dork.” she managed to spit out before taking a drink of her own tea to wash everything down.

“True.” he agreed, nodding solemnly before shifting his gaze across the room. “So how’d things go with your ‘NEW’ best friend?”

“Jealous much? We’re going to sing karaoke after school. No boys allowed, so you can come if you want.” she teased, taking a bite out of her toast.

“Sounds good! I’ll even do our makeup this time so we don’t look like clown hookers.” he fired back, unfazed. To be fair, she had not exactly been blessed by the make-up gods and Jun...well, he was like Michelangelo with a powder brush.

“Ouch. Fair, but ouch. she replied. A few moments passed as she enjoyed some of her soup. “I should probably tell her I’m sorry. I feel kind of bad.

Jun stared at her, mouth agape. “Are you sick? Are you dying? As your best friend, you have to tell me if you’re dying. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule.”

Yuuki waved away his dorkiness. “I’m serious! You should have seen her eyes, Jun!” she urged. “Her face and mouth said ‘Fuck off’, but her eyes said ‘Love me.’ Jun...she needs me.”

“Ooooh…” Jun started, dragging out the ohh for emphasis before continuing with what would undoubtably be one of his sarcastic comments. “I’re just insane. Like actually, literally insane. Listen, she needs you to stay far, far away from her.” Jun warned.

“We’re gonna have to work really, really hard to break through her shell.” she muttered, looking off into the distance.

“Yeeeaaah, no. Don’t say we. We means me, and me ain’t doing this.” he protested. Yuuki just grinned and nodded, slowly mouthing the word ‘yeah’. Jun responded by shaking his head and mouthing ‘no’, but the girl knew him better than that. He would whine and whine and refuse to do it...but she would ultimately win. She always did.

A moment of silence passed afterwards, with Jun leaning back in his chair, occasionally checking the clock. Yuuki stared at him intently for a moment before frowning. As he began to open his mouth to say something else, Yuuki interjected.

“Why didn’t you order anything?” she quizzed. Caught off-guard, he raised both an eyebrow and his drink. “To eat, dork.” she clarified, regarding him cautiously.

“I ate before I left.” he replied, to which Yuuki gave him a look that more or less said cut the bullshit. “Seriously. I did. You can ask Granny if you don’t believe me.”

“No, no, I believe you.”

She didn’t believe him, of course, and most assuredly would be asking Granny later. Jun was notoriously bad for skipping meals, but it probably wasn’t a good time or place to push the issue, so she let it drop.

A few more moments of silence passed in which Yuuki more or less finished her meal. She might not be able to walk fast, but she could certainly eat fast. Jun made good on his promise and paid for the meal. She had only been joking about that and insisted on paying, but Jun wouldn’t have it. His treat, apparently. Afterwards, the pair made like a number of the other students and left the restaurant, making their way to school. They would be cutting it closer than the uptight Jun liked - Yuuki could see that on his face - but tough tiddies.

A girl’s gotta eat.

As they walked, Jun leaned over and whispered something.

“Could I borrow a skirt for karaoke night?”

Yuuki chuckled and playfully slugged him on the arm. Maybe it would be a good day after all.

Restaurant | 07:30ish | April 2nd | @Sazama

As Jun drowned in embarrassment, Yuuki grinned at him, gorging herself on his humiliation. And boy, was there plenty of the stuff to go around. She’d have to be careful - stuff herself too much and there wouldn’t be enough room for breakfast. And that just wouldn’t do.

She propped her elbows onto the table and rested her chin on her hands, all the while still gazing at Jun. Had they really known each other for ten years now? Her family moved into the apartment next to his...yeah, about ten years ago. That felt weird. Ten years...she had known the guy for the majority of her life and he really never changed. Taller, sure, but he was still Emi’s dorky little brother. Yuuki’s gloating grin softened. Emi would be proud of the little dork. He turned out to be a good guy. A little naive, but still a goo-


Yuuki jumped, letting out a little “Eep!” in surprise. The slam had caught her completely unaware and gave her a bit of a fright. Not as much as it had Jun though, bless his heart. The poor boy practically jumped out of his skin at the sound and was now staring wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the hooligan by their table. Yuuki could almost see his heart pounding against his chest, trying to break free and flee.

It took all Yuuki had not to burst into laughter. Which is a super weird feeling, considering the context. Still, laughter barely contained, Yuuki turned to face the woman calling her ‘little girl’, which, real talk, was kind of a low blow. No pun intended. She couldn’t help that she was vertically challenged…

Well, maybe she could, considering her condition. But that wouldn’t be very practical. Sadly.

As the girl scolded Jun, Yuuki studied her. Uesugi uniform. Unfortunate bitch face. Grrreeeaaattt...not even the first day and she had managed to piss off someone with an attitude. No, this could be fixed. Maybe the girl was having a bad day? Yuuki was well aware that she could be a little too extra. She just had to find something to compliment. Her legs, maybe? They were pretty toned. The girl was probably involved in some kind of clu- no. That’d be too weird, even for Yuuki. How about…?

The angry librarian finished up her scolding and was mean mugging something fierce. Jun was nodding quickly, but Yuuki simply flashed the girl her most disarming smile. “Your hair is sooo pretty! I love it!” she cooed, dodging around the scolding entirely. “I’m Itou Yuuki, your new best friend! Pleased to meetcha!”

Restaurant | 07:30 | April 2nd | @HachiRoku

It’s never easy, losing a friend. Especially when you think that maybe you could have stopped them from making the terrible choices that eventually cost them their lives. That’s what Jun realized as he watch his closest childhood friend dig her own grave. He’d miss her, of course, but what could he do? He just had a glimpse into the afterlife and was not about to go back willingly. Maybe he'd name a child in her memory?

The student that had (very rightly so!) chewed them out for causing a scene had asked the impossible of him: control Yuuki. Well...she said sister and she certainly wasn’t his sister, but he certainly wasn't about to correct her. But Yuuki was...well...Yuuki. There was no controlling that. He might as well herd cats.

He needed an out. Yuuki was so graciously providing a distraction by, well, poking the green-haired bear, but he needed some excuse to leave. Just to calm down before he died of embarrassment. Literally. He could feel his heart pumping faster than it had ever pumped before. He was actually going to die in this tiny little diner. That was just a fact. Surely there had to be SOME WAY ou-


From a booth not too far away, somebody’s drink had exploded. Jun could see that the guy had been front and center for all of the delicious, liquid shrapnel. Man down. He was in Uesugi uniform too. Ouch. That was just unfortunate - first day and already staining your uniform? What a shitty way to start the day.

Without thinking, Jun gathered a number of napkins from the table and got up, passing the scolder with a muttered “Sorry!” and making his way to the drenched drinker. “Are you OK? Here, use these.” he asked, offering half of the napkins to the unlucky dude. With the others, he started wiping up some of the coffee that had ended up on the table.

“I’m so sorry. Canned coffee’s the worst at that. Anything I can get you?”
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