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8 hrs ago
Current Perhaps I should take up Voodoo, I have found several ppl on here, I'd like to stick with pins ..
12 hrs ago
Gotta go, il. Be back, in 2 hours tops....
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15 hrs ago
17 hrs ago
I saw the biggest squirrel ever, really long bushy tail, he stood like 3 feet away from, staring at me,it was very calming.
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20 hrs ago
It's warmed up enough outside, time for a break and a little nature walk ....bbl


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So that's why, I
What ya know, it let me edit it without double posting, woooohoooo

Sorry bout earlier Moon.
I'm fine with the misinterpretation, Jun can respond to correct the assistant in IC

It won't let me edit it, since it's been over a certain time limit.
More than likely, I will start this RP tomorrow even if they don't post cs or edit cs, they can catch up or be the 1st victim is why they never showed up to meet rest of crew.
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<Snipped quote by Kenshi>

Peanut disappears and appears behind Hiro, going straight for the neck

Hiro ducks and tumbles between peanuts legs, and strikes an upperfist!
*Cracked nuts shot*!
@Dark Cloud
That's up to you, if you wanna make another character , then we'll try it out.
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@Carmen Sandiego

I don't have any friends lol
I love the night, so many shadows.
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