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Rama watched as William dived in front of him to take the brunt of the blasts from the men taking a hit, on the shoulder and continuing to fight. For a moment, he saw the potential of what he could become. It piqued his interest and felt that for the moment to keep this man on his side it would be smart for Rama to no longer kill.

He sighed and once again put away his rifle and took out his gladius and kept his other hand open. He then proceeded to follow William into the fray but before he did he touched William on his shoulder, releasing some of his nanites into the mans wound. The little machines went to work quickly as they closed the wound and began repairs onto his armour, the pain he could not help but he felt that William would be able to handle it for the time being.

In a blinding flash of speed he passed William and the men whom he knocked down, he swept a man's legs and knocked him to the ground, as the man fell Rama spun in a circle to continue his momentum and uppercut a man squared in the jaw, making him hit the roof but not enough to kill him. With another spin he roundhouse kicked another man hitting him in the temple with his heel, knocking the man to the ground out cold. He kept his momentum going as he hit another soldier raising his gun in with the butt end of his sword and soon the rest of the men were dispatched.

"William, thank you for your help, I have underestimated your skills and will not argue with you any further, I will fight to half my power to incapacitate and not kill unless it is necessary, you have my word. Now how does your shoulder feel? My nanites are quick, and I need you back to form." He said as he looked down the hallway making sure there were no others coming at this time.



Meta was taking damage and even it's armour could not continue to take on the blasts from the men's rifles. Its nanites were working hard to keep his frame together as the blasts kept coming from all directions.

It knew that the others were still behind, possibly not wanting to have to deal with such an assault. Meta had to make a change in it's planning, it activated its thrusters that pushed it back into an area hitting a crashing into all that were behind it so that all fire was now at the front.

The machine then dug in it's feet letting the nanites create circuits that tapped into the power of the ship itself and began to gather the energy from it. It enhanced the nanites and they began working overtime to fix it as well as channeling power to its cannon arm. Without saying a word the cannon shot out in a blast that spread out in a large diameter taking out many of the men in front of it and scaring off those that were covered by the ships walls. Meta knew that after the blast it needed time to recharge and as soon as the blast ended it fired it's shoulder cannon firing out two smoke bombs that blew in the direction of its enemies and was able to find cover while it recharged it's energy. It hoped the others with it were able to pick up the slack before it could come back to full capacity.
Then he turned back to see Rama slaughter a unarmed man and he felt fire go through his veins, Do you have no honor?! he yelled at Rama while marching up to him I can understand killing for self-defense but that man had posed no threat!, Don't waste lives, we're here to take prisoners and you've done anything but that! He yelled and pushed Rama.

"Honour? Waste lives? These men were waiting to flank us! You think they had any intention of giving us mercy? We are boarding their ship, we are the enemy, basic military tactics say that these men were waiting until we pushed far enough that they had a clear shot at us from behind with the orders of shoot to kill. You think that is honourable? You're, young, you don't know war, but you will learn over time that honour ends with either your death or the death of someone you know and care about. Now get your head back into what we are doing. There are plenty more to 'subdue and capture' on this ship." He said as he stared at William with a stern look and brushed off where he had pushed him. As much as he wanted to teach this man a lesson his former master would not have approved and he stayed his hand.

Instead he holstered his pistol and sword and armed himself with his assault rifle activating it before he began to move on.


@Elevation @tal0n

Meta continued on with its assault, as the heavy armour took shots from all directions it continued with it's mission, to make a clearing to the main engines room. It powered it's blasters and shot through another wall. Using it's heat sensors it was able to map out a straight path from where they were to where they needed to be.

"Those of you that are going to the main engines, follow behind me and cover my back. I will clear a path for you and offer cover when you are gathering what is needed. I will then divert to helping the others when this mission is complete, it is the will of my master." Meta said as it continued on as it drew the enemies fire and made a quick path to the engines.
@Lurking Shadow@Elevation

Rama took his mech and quickly got behind it as the hull as the breaching room filled to equalize pressure before they were to go in. He looked back at Reina before preparing to board. @tal0n

"We can talk about what you are when we get back onto the ship and get the hell out of here. Right now you do your mission and we'll take care of the rest." He said to her as he tapped his mech on it's back and it prepped itself for combat.

Immediately Ranna (@Silvir) put up a shield of some kind protecting her from the initial blasts from the defending ship and William (@Warborn123) rushed into the ship taking out a few men with his sword and shield.

"Alright Meta, time to go to work." He said to the mech he and the machine began their own assault. Meta began to charge it's blaster and let out a large barrage of blasts that hit their marks with deadly efficiency, killing their targets instantly. It then began to move forward continuing it's barrage until it crossed an intersecting hallway.

Rama right behind the mech. darted from side to side blasting with his rifle, when they reached an intersection. He tapped Meta on the back as an indication that it was moving on from the group and that it was to resume the fighting in the direction it was already going.


Rama walked silently down the hall as he heard guns being activated to fire behind a door that was a few feet away, he silently walked up to the door and placed his hand on the mechanism and his nanites went to work. They crawled into the inner circuitry of the door and began to open it. Before the door was completely open he reached into his sash and produced a purple ball that looked like something was spinning from the inside. He activated it with a press of his hand and switched his rifle out for his pistol.

He threw the ball into the room and drew his gladius sword, he heard voices wondering what it was then the beeping noise of his gravitational grenade going off. The men began to scream as they were launched in the air, no longer bound to the ground by gravity. He turned into the room 5 seconds, 10 men he thought as he placed two explosive bullets onto the heads of two of the men 4 seconds, 8 men He shot another explosive bullet into the head of another as he stabbed with his gladius into another 3 seconds he pulled his sword out of the man and made a semi-circle motion cutting into another one while his right extra arm grabbed another man and threw him to the ground crushing his skull against the floor. 2 seconds His extra left arm punched the man with enough force that it shattered the bones in his chest and pierced his organs from the inside, his gladius then slit the throat of another man only leaving two left. 1 second Rama grabbed one of the men with his extra limbs and threw him against the wall with the impact of being hit by a vehicle pinpointed on his head it splattered against it and then grabbed the last man floating in the room. 0 all the bodies of the men fell to the floor, the men who had the explosives shot at them exploded, blasting off their heads. He looked at the last man that fell into his waiting arms.

"Where is your captain?" He demanded as he pressed the man against a wall.

"F*** you! I'll never tell" The man screamed trying to fight his way out of Rama's grip.

"Good, you have some honour. Die now knowing that more of your men will suffer for your it." He said as he drove his sword into the mans chest, then pulling it back out as he watched the life leave his eyes.

Rama then closed the door behind him to continue onto the next room.
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Rama looked over at the man that called himself William as he readied his sword and shield for the fight ahead. This one thinks he's a night, hope his armour is up to date and upgraded to handle potential devastating weaponry. He thought to himself, but shrugged and felt that seeing the man in action is a better way of understanding what he is capable of. He then turned when he heard a voice coming from behind him.

"We should do what the Captain ordered and take live prisoners, including the captain."

"Ah, you are right droid, the captain does want some hostages. Good thing there will be others, the grunts at the front won't be missed or cared for so they can be taken care of William and Traveler and if you get there first, let us know so we don't go in blasting and hit you by accident. The immediate crew that is with the captain on their ship it should be enough to gain some leverage, if anything we can find out more about what we are up against. And seeing as our captain has such good negotiating skills I feel that they will be meeting an end soon enough as well." He replied back to her and the others.

Rama sat at the bar listening to what the raving captain was saying, if only the captain could remember him and the fact that he once knew Rama's master and teacher. Maybe if he saw the crest...or could wait, might be awkward with all these people around here, I'll just mention his name and see if the captain can remember. He thought to himself as he stood up as the man came to him and asked him the first question.

"Like my former master the Metabaron, I have come to seek glory and destruction to those that would get in my way, gold and material items are nice but over time they fade, I die and it goes to another. But watching the lights go out of a ship before it finally implodes or seeing the eyes of my enemies realizing who they are going against and seeing their end to my hands is my true joy." He told the captain, he then felt the "lie detector" wave over him, he felt it's effects check his statement and acknowledged that what he said was true.

"My name is Rama Gildar, my mech suit sitting in the back is Meta and for the time being our services are yours to command." He said as he placed his right arm over his chest and headed towards the ship.

Present Day

Rama listened to the captain and the one called Arms in the explanation of what was happening and what needed to be done. Him being part of the boarding party would be simple which for the time being would be what he needed for a first mission.

"Meta, did you get all that? I will be heading to the back and prep for boarding, I need you to be ready when I get there. I don't think this time around we will be going in together, we are being attacked so they will be ready for a boarding party. I'll stay behind you as long as I can and bombard them with explosives to give us an edge." He said in an internal comm. that is linked directly to the mech.

"Yes Rama, I heard what they said and am prepping for boarding as we speak, should only be a few minutes. I agree, our percentages will increase that way and you'll be able to break off and make your way to the bridge easier that way." Meta responded.

Rama then looked back at the rest of the crew that was boarding with him.

"Alright everyone, they are going to know that we are boarding them, we need our strongest and most protected at the front, followed by our strikers, my plan is to break off from the group and head to the bridge and cut the head off of their captain, causing confusion and further chaos which will only aid in our chances. Who would like to join me?" He asked the others as he began to place his mask on his face and headed to the boarding room.
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