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@Rai for now, Kuvira is not in the scene, how tall are the buildings they are standing on btw?
@Rai welcome back, hope everything is ok :) nice post
@Rai Sooo, what's happening?:)
@Rai well whenever you have time mate :)
@Rai What The 42nd Gecko said I said.
@Rai I think we're mostly waiting for you to write what happens inside the house where Rupal entered :) at least for now until more things happen :)
@Rai another question, how do we use our skills/abilities?

For example, Kuvira "picked"/trained in

1. Bleed resistance

2. Rock hard hide, claws & dragon wings: Kuvira can also control the thickness and resistance of her exoskeleton at will, at full capacity, her body - except for soft regions like the eyes or mouth - literally becomes stone for a certain period of time (around 10-15 minutes) and can sustain a few gun/rifle shots in succession before it starts to break down.

3. Strength Boost: Her body is also like a mountain, both in strength and resistance. Her muscles force is enough to break boulders with bare fists (it can hurt).

how would those manifest? are those passive or do we need to "activate" them, if so, how long would the activation remain? x number of hits? depends on RP and dice rolls? please let me/us know
@Lord of Evil@Ashevelendar@Dark Light @Pineappletumble@The 42nd Gecko@Rai

ok, now that the fearless mighty Rupal entered the house, do we just wait for the events to unfold, oooor does everyone happen to see the events and barge in? i mean Velvet knows, Thadeus and Ashe as well, i could throw Kuvira in as well but not sure if it's ok for all of us to happen to be there, maybe wait a bit for some things to unfold..i mean that's how i feel, but let me know what you guys think :)

also, please put your char's in the Character Tab so we can all see them, unless I am the only one who check's their stuff :)) but I think it'll be good for future fights/references
@Rai Lol, not sure, but i'd like to give it a try :)) not sure how Kuvira would handle it, or well, i have an idea and i'm curious on how well it'll work :)) that being said, when will be rolling for things? (asking cause i'm a fan of that aspect of rp, even if this is a pbp type of rp)

And related to that, is there a SKILL system?(like proficiencies) for example in a scene where we would have to dance, would there be a skill like perform or acrobatics(or what have you) or would that be covered by stats such as dex and/or cha?
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