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Current Looking for some funnnnn
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6 mos ago
If any one wants to be in a 1×1 and knows me send me a pm
7 mos ago
I love the kick in the face. I love the way that it hurts. I don't miss you I miss the misery
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11 mos ago
I'll follow you out of the dark I tried my way but I keep falling apart I'll follow you, with all of my heart I'm tired of my ways 'cause I keep falling and falling apart
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11 mos ago
Shot like a rocket up into the sky. Nothing can stop us tonight


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Well fuck
Hope others end up actually liking this

Slight pigmentation but not like full blown no sun or you'll basically die albino, but good eye
Tried not to use anime but this was the best I could find to relate to my character. Let me know if the info needs to be lengthened.

@Wick I understand that realistic is prefered. What if we can't find the right character stole in realistic?
Will have my cs up in the next couple days
Damian awoke completely terrified. He was surrounded by a wall of flames that suddenly vanished a little after he woke up. Damian was now all alone, once again, he had seemed to have scared someone ofo, at least that's what he thought. There was no One around and he was currently too far into the forest to find his way back, it was dark and the dog began to roll in. Damian needed to find somewhere safe soon or he would be in big trouble.

"I wonder what happened" he said kinda sad as he walked off into the forest hoping to find an abandoned tree house or something to keep him safe from dangers. He quietly crept through the forest until he came up on what seemed to be a weathered and abandoned castle. "yes, I can stay here. This will do fine" he said to himself as he rushed into the castle. It was getting dark and harder to see. Without a light it would be easy enough to fall over just about everything here. Not to mention he had no idea what was in this castle to begin with

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