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Hey this is pretty awesome. I'll do this. I like the idea of a Huckster but I'm not sure I have the skill to pull that off in a compelling, non-cliche way. I will have to give this some thought!
I also like advanced RP, though it's been awhile since I've seen anything really promising.
Ah. I guess I'd also need a reason why the king is sending for me if I'm not part of some prestigious school? Otherwise, can't imagine I'd be a blip on the radar.
Sweet, simple, I like it. Let me know when you get this underway.

Also question:

You are a novice adventurer from one of the many schools on this side of Avalon. Bright eyed and optimistic. Hungry for danger and gold. Looking to test your flavor of magic on something real. You're also one of the best and that's why you're here... in fact, that's why everyone is here. You're not the only one looking for the girl and you get the feeling that your group may not be alone in the forest.

Are we novices, or are we some of the best?

Edit: Oh this handbook this is weird. So it's NOT the IC? Thinking a human would be cool. Wonder if he'd have a good reason for being a nephilim hunter. That sounds fun.
Riapsed dna, ythgim ey, skrow ym no kool! Sgnik fo gnik; Saidnamyzo si eman ym.

Welcome to the forum dude. Killer name. I look forward to looking upon your works, and despairing.
I was not fond of EH, either - as pointed out, things like that tend to not be too manageable. My problem with a fandom RP in its stead (as opposed to just returning to old form) is twofolf - on one hand, it may not necessarily be more manageable (so it'd be better off as 4-5 "normal" RPs with little interaction between them), on the other, it might set the tone for whoever visits the site (as fandom site, as opposed to general roleplaying site).

Curiously, I've briefly been a SW roleplay forum, though I'm hardly familiar with the setting (it was before when I finally as much as saw the main movies).

You might be right, but we'll have to see. I'm pleased that they're doing anything about it at all (and as @Mara stated, EH was an eyesore). If this fails to catch on, and it just might, they might just scrap Persistent Worlds altogether. But I see no reason not to give it another shot with something more familiar to people.

Then again, we might have issues with the old expanded universe (which was a bloody mess all by itself) vs. the Disney expanded universe (SPIDER DARTH MAUL) so I mean, it's anyone's guess.
On the contrary. Picking a fandom everyone is familiar with might help with the consistency and ease of access in the persistent world. I've avoided Expanding Horizons because it became such a hodgepodge mess. The characters can be literally anything. A demonic dragon, a literal god, a talking hat. It was absurd. Absolute chaos.

It's been more or less proven that an original world can't work on here. Trying something old like Star Wars is the best shot at trying something new.

With the right management and guidance, a Star Wars PW will be a lot easier for everyone to manage and get on board. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I am familiar with the setting, so I'm pleased to hear about this.
@Rithy Or me?
@Life in Stasis I'm sure the stories are gonna converge one way or another!
Besides, we might just set a good example! xD

I was more asking if Dantel was going to appear to anyone to push the story forward, or if we should mingle.

Edit: I think I'll wait until Famotill or Frettzo posts. I don't want to interrupt Siella and Vazheera mid-introduction and Mor'Dor seems to be doing his own thing.
All of the Wolves have posted. Should we do another round or wait for you?
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