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1 yr ago
Current I’m back. :)
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1 yr ago
I literally have nothing to do right now.
1 yr ago
I still have no idea which category to choose though. 😅
1 yr ago
I like this site so far. Might take me a few days too get the hang of it.
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1 yr ago
So, I’ll be on and off here. I won’t be on all the time.


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Hello! I am looking for people to roleplay with. This will have fantasy, horror, action and supernatural themes. If interested please message me and we can discuss further.

If you guys are still interested just let me know. :)
Carnival of Rust by Poets Of The Fall.

I’m looking to create a roleplay centered around the last war between good and evil for control of Earth. In this Roleplay the side of Darkness has already control of all countries with the exceptions of North America, Japan, Canada, Ireland and Romania. The roleplay will take place in the future, 2035 to be exact. Several factions of Humans and Demigods from each country are the last species on earth that are free. The Supernatural world has either been taken over by The Darkness and forced to join it’s army or slaughtered. Which side will you choose? The Light? Or the Darkness?
@Lord Wraith That helps so much! Thank you!
@Lord WraithThank you. Mainly I’m just looking for a place to advertize for roleplay, etc.
@Lord WraithThank you! I’m hoping I do too. Right now I’m just navigating my way around the site and figuring out how everything works.
Welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for!
@ibecameinsane Holland is Queen.

I would love to write anytime with you!
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