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Opening her pink-leather Hello Kitty schedule book, Natalia checked what class she had next. "Wow!", exclaimed the blonde-haired girl with a happy grin on her visage. "I have Calculus as well!"

Shifting her gaze from the schedule to her friend, the petite girl confirmed. "Of course! We are definitely going to Central Park after school!"

Finishing packing all of her things inside her handbag, Natalia uttered with urgency. "Let's hurry to our lockers!"

The petite girl looked at the clock once again. It was 11:00 a.m., which meant they were already late for the math class. "Hurry up!", said the blue-eyed girl while running out of the study room. "Hopefully our next teacher allows us to be a few minutes late!"

Helena's words felt like a sharp knife to Jason's heart. It was as if with every word the red-haired girl said the blade cut deeper and deeper into the young boy's heart.

It was true that the brown-haired boy had neglected their friendship by focusing more of his time and attention on playing basketball and spending time with his girlfriend; however, he had always wanted to rekindle his friendship with the green-eyed girl.

It was just that they had become so different from each other that he did not know how to approach her anymore. And then there was the agreement the basketball boy had made with his parents. They would pay for Helena's tuition but in return, Jason had to stop being friends with the red-haired girl. The tall boy's parents did not approve of the "new" Helena and did not want for their son's image to get tarnished because of her.

They had forbidden the boy from contacting the green-eyed girl before but it had not worked. They knew he would still find ways to interact with Helena, even if that meant for him to buy whatever drugs she was selling or talk to her skater friends from time to time.

However, things were different at the moment. He was fully aware that if he did not keep his end of the bargain, the red-haired girl would immediately get kicked out of the school. To fulfill his agreement, Jason had stopped talking to Helena's skater friends and had tried to stop interacting with the green-eyed girl as much as he could.

So why was he in the park with Helena now? Even though the brown-haired boy knew that he should not have gone to the skate park to meet Helena, he still did it. Something inside his heart had urged him to meet her. Maybe it was the fact that despite all the signs saying no, Jason truly believed that the real Lena, his Lena, was still alive deep down inside the skater girl.

Seeing the sorrow and hopelessness inside the girl's emerald eyes, the brown-haired boy had to fight his strong desire to go and tightly wrap his arms around her as he had done it plenty of times before to console her when they were children. However, seeing her cry in front of him was more than he could bear.

The tall boy dropped his backpack on the ground and ran towards his friend. "You are not alone, Lena!", said the brown-haired boy throwing his arms around the girl's frame and involving it in a warm hug. "I will never again leave you alone!", expressed the tall boy with utmost sincerity.

He had left her cry alone at the cemetery, and he still regretted doing so. So there was no way he was going to let cry alone now that she was in front of him.

Madison heard the phone ringing and ringing but nobody answered. The pink-haired girl ended the call and open Whatsapp on her cell phone.

"Stupid Amelia! She had better have a really good excuse for not answering my call", said the green-eyed girl with indignation as she tapped and hold the microphone button.

"Why are you not answering my phone call?!", shouted Madison. "Who do you think you are to make me wait?! You better call me back as soon as you hear this message!". She removed her finger from the microphone button, grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room.
Natalia removed Harley's paper from the printer and placed in front of the cowgirl. "Calculus...", said the blonde-haired girl as she rapidly moved around the room turning off the electronic devices and returning to their place all the things she had taken from the wooden cabinet.

"I think I have Calculus, too!", the blue-eyed girl expressed. "Could you please erase the whiteboard while I check my schedule?", asked the petite girl handing the whiteboard eraser to her friend.

Returning his frame to a standing position, Jason sweetly smiled. Hearing Lena laugh filled his heart with so much warmness. He had not seen her laugh like that in a long time. That day at the cemetery, it was not only Helena's mother who had been buried, the brown-haired boy had felt that his Lena, his dear childhood friend, had been buried as well.

Jason and Helena had been the best of friends all throughout Elementary School and the majority of Middle School; however, they had started to drift apart during their last year of Junior High. The brown-eyed boy had been accepted into the basketball team and this had significantly decreased his time with the red-haired girl. He focused more on getting better at playing basketball and focused less on his friendship with Lena.

Things got even worse between them when they began High School. It seemed that the more Jason tried to recapture their closeness, the more he drove them apart.

It was strange though, now that they were just the two of them alone, standing in front of each other with nobody else around them, it felt as if the flame of their friendship had never died out.

"And I am really glad you called Lena," expressed the tall boy with kindness. "I have been wanting to talk to you for a long time."

As soon as Thomas walked out of the room, Madison grabbed her bag and looked for her cell phone. The pink-haired looked thru her contacts until she found the one she wanted.

Pressing the call button on her cell phone, the green-eyed girl waited for the person on the other side of the line to answer the call.

"Why are you not answering?!", thought Madison to herself with impatience. "Why are you making ME wait?!"

"You mean... if you hadn't bumped into my nose", said Natalia with a soft laugh as she dried the tears from her face gently with her hand.

The blonde-haired girl looked at the clock on the wall. 10:56 was the time showing on the wooden timepiece.

"Send me your paper right now, Harley!", requested the blue-eyed girl with urgency. "We only have four more minutes left before our next class!"

As she ran towards the printer, the petite girl asked. "By the way...what class do you have next?"

Jason still had it, the magic power to make Helena laugh. Even if the smile and the laugh were short-lived, it was wonderful to see them again on the red-haired girl's face.

"Wicked Witch?", said the tall boy with a puzzled look on his visage. "You are no wicked witch", he denied it by shaking his head.

"If anything you are an enchanted princess." The brown-haired boy bowed and scraped before the skater girl. He closed his eyes and lowered his head as he softly moved his right arm to his chest and his left arm away from his frame. "And here is your Prince Charming..." Jason paused for a brief moment before continuing with a very gentleman-like voice. "...who has come to help you break the evil spell that befell you."

Natalia stood next to the printer listening with great attention to Harley was saying. The blonde-haired girl had a feeling that whatever was that was troubling the cowgirl was something serious, but she had not expected for the situation to be that serious.

The more the blue-eyed girl learned about the circumstances surrounding the brown-haired girl's brother, the more her heart ached.

With tears in her eyes, the petite girl placed her paper on the table and walked towards her friend. She wrapped her arms around the cowgirl's frame.

"Thank you...", said Natalia with a soft and warm voice as tears began rolling down her cheeks. "Thank you for opening your heart to me...", she uttered between sobs. "Thank you for being so brave...". Gently pressing her arms around Harley, the blond-haired girl continued. " are not alone...not anymore...I am here for you..."

"I was freshening up just for you my lady...", answered Jason in a teasing way. He had noticed a bit of resentment in Helena's voice and hoped to light up her mood by teasing her.

The brown-haired boy had always been good at the detecting even the smallest changes in her childhood friend's behavior.

Standing in front of the skater girl, the tall boy raised his eyebrows and asked: "Unless you would have preferred me all sweaty and musky?

With her back against the wall and with her arms around Thomas' neck, Madison continued French kissing the black haired boy.

"Enough fun for today...", said the blue-eyed boy as he gently pulled away from the pink-haired girl's lips.

Slowly removing his right hand from the green-eyed girl's breasts, he freed the end part of his arm from underneath the girl's tank top.

The tall boy carefully walked backwards to the wall across from where Madison was standing. "Now...tell me what is my task for this week?"

Opening her eyes slowly, the pink-haired girl expressed with blissfulness. "Who would have thought that such a shy boy back then would turn into such an amazing lover?"

"You taught me well", uttered Thomas with a smirk on his visage. "But now...let's get down to business", straightforwardly demanded the tall boy.

"I need you to find me some information about Mr. Felton", indicated Madison as she fixed her short sleeveless shirt. "...and I need you to take care of all my assignments for this week as well."

Lifting up her gaze from her tank top to the boy standing across from her, she proceeded. "I will WhatsApp you my homework for today after school."

A half-suppressed laugh escaped from the tall boy's mouth. "So I guess he is the new "Mr. Collins".

Realizing what Thomas was referring to, the pink-haired girl defended herself.

"It was not my fault that James got himself fired", explained Madison with a fake innocent-girl expression on her face. "He should have been more careful and not let his wife find out about us".

She paused for a moment and continued. "It was not my fault that he didn't clean the collar of his shirts or that he did not protect his cell phone with a stronger password."

"You have not changed a bit...", said Thomas in half-sarcastic and half-sorry tone. "I will contact you when I find something interesting about your new teacher toy", said Thomas walking out of the cleaning-supplies room.

"A spider?", thought Natalia to herself with a puzzled expression on her visage. "That was no spider I am sure of it". Harley's face being so pale confirmed the blue-eyed girl's suspicion, her friend was hiding something from her.

A deep sigh escaped the blonde-haired girl's rosy lips. "I know I told you this before..." Her voice sounded sad and a little bit disappointed. "But...I don't like to pry into a person's secrets. I rather patiently wait until the person is ready to share that personal information with me."

She took a deep breath and continued. "Harley...I will patiently wait until you feel completely prepared to tell me about it...which I have a feeling it is related to the phone call you received earlier and with the "spider" just killed."

Natalia shifted her gaze from the cowgirl to the iPad's screen. "The Steps of the Scientific Method", the petite girl typed on the small keyboard. She quickly looked for the links containing the best information on the topic. Videos, images, texts, and e-books suddenly appeared on the large monitor. With every one of those learning aids, the studious girl explained each one of the steps of the scientific method to her friend.

The blue-eyed girl would take turns between tutoring her friend and doing the Chemistry homework. Once she finished writing her paper, she checked it to make sure the assignment was properly done and send it to be printed.

Getting up from her chair, the blonde-haired girl walked towards the table under the monitor. She removed her assignment from the printer and looked at her friend with kindness in her eyes. "Are you ready to print your paper, Harley?",

"Nice tricks, Lena!", shouted Jason just a few steps away from the skatepark. "Come on girl show me what you got!", he continued in a half-teasing and half-proud tone.

He felt proud of how good Helena had gotten at skateboarding during the past few months, gone was the little girl wearing a helmet, knee pads, and all kind of protective gear. With a nostalgic smile on his face, he remembered the image of Helena when she just started skateboarding.


Natalia stepped into the collaborative study room and placed her handbag on the table in front of the large computer monitor.

The blond-haired girl listened to her friend with attention as she turned the monitor on.

"Of course!", said the petite girl with kindness. "I would love to help you, Harley..." She paused for a moment, her voice becoming softer. "And you are not are smart!" The blue-eyed girl continued as she walked to the other side of the room. " is just you have not had the right Math and Science teachers yet..."

Standing in front of a closed wooden cabinet, Natalia turned around and looked at the cowgirl with a sweet smile on her face. "I will show you that you can be as smart as a whip!"

She opened the upper cabinet doors. Inside was a smart TV and two whiteboards on the sides of the doors. Kneeling down on the floor, the petite girl opened the lower cabinet doors. "I guess you won't be needing one since you have your laptop with you."

The blue-eyed girl took out a red leather case and a small plastic toolbox. Carrying the leather case with one hand, while the other hand was holding the box, she strolled back to the table where she had left her handbag.

Placing the toolbox on the table, Natalia unfastened the leather case. Inside of it, there was a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini keyboard. She turned on the iPad and left the device next to the toolbox.

The blonde-haired girl rapidly connected some cables and pressed some buttons so that the iPad was connected to the monitor. In a matter of seconds, the images on the iPad screen were projected on the large monitor as well.

Once that was taken care of, the petite girl opened the toolbox. Inside the box were a variety of stationery items: index cars, colored pencils, colored markers, post-Its, whiteboard markers, whiteboard erasers, etc.

The studious girl took a blue marker and wrote their Chemistry assignment on the whiteboard. Finally sitting down, she placed the iPad in front of her.

" we are ready to begin", the blue-eyed girl expressed as she looked at her study buddy.

After P.E., Jason went to his private gym locker room to freshen up. The brown-haired boy was taking a quick shower when he heard his cell phone ringing.

"It must be Madison...", he said softly. "She can't live without me..."

Stepping out of the shower with a towel around his waist, he took his cell phone and checked the missed call.

"Lena!", said the basketball boy with a shocked look on his visage. It was extremely rare for Lena to call him on his cell phone.

Even though they were not as close as before, Jason still cared deeply for Helena...for his Lena.

He had been there at the cemetery when Helena's mom was buried. From the top of a nearby hill, Jason had observed how the red-haired girl was breaking up in front of him. He had wanted to run by Helena's side and consoled her, but he had never been good at this kind of situations. He did not know what was the right thing to say or the right thing to do. had been his sheer fear of hurting Helena even more what had prevented him to be by Helena's side when his dear friend needed him the most.

He did not sleep a wink on the night after Helena's mom funeral. The brown-haired boy had spent all night cursing himself because of his impuissance and had made the solemn promise to always look after Lena from the shadows like a guardian angel would do it.

Knowing how proud Helena was, Jason knew the red-haired would never accept his help if he were to offer it to her just like that. So he cautiously acted behind the curtains.

When Helena's father lost his job because of his drinking habit, Jason got extremely worried that Helena would stop going to school. The tall boy knew of the dire financial situation Helena's father had put him and his daughter in and he also knew what that meant. Without a job and with the little money that they had, Helena's father was not going to be able to afford such an expensive private school.

He immediately talked with his parents and arranged a way for Helena to stay at the school...even if that meant getting further away from Lena.

"Hey...Jason? It's me... Could...could you meet me at the skatepark today? I...we need to chat... See ya..."

He stood with the phone on his hand and a thoughtful expression on his visage after hearing the red-haired girl's message. Taking a deep breath, Jason put his clean clothes as fast as he could.

Throwing his backpack over his shoulder, he strode out of the room and headed to the skatepark.

Returning her book, notebook, and pencil case to her bag; Isabella got ready to leave the classroom. She looked over her shoulder and noticed Inuyasha had exited the room already.

A bit sad that she had not been able to talk to the mysterious boy, the red-haired girl grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

"I hope I can see him again today", wished the petite girl to herself as she tried to remember what class she had next.

Running hand in hand, Natalia and Harley stopped outside the Media Center. "Let's step inside!", said the blonde-haired girl opening the door for her friend.

The petite girl waited for the cowgirl to walk in first and then she proceeded to enter the elegant and modern room as well.

"I guess I will be needing this...", thought Natalia to herself. Opening her handbag, she pulled out her Hello Kitty wallet.

The blue-eyed girl sauntered towards the library counter. "Could we use a collaborative study room, please?", asked the studious girl to the young library assistant.

"Sure!", replied the green-eyed woman with her hair tied in a bun. "I'll need your student ID card".

Natalia pulled out the ID card from her wallet and gave it to the nice-looking woman.

"Just a minute...", explained the brown-haired assistant to the student as she typed some information into her computer. Returning the ID card to the blonde-haired girl, the librarian uttered. "Please go to study room B1. Everything is ready for you now."

"Thank you!", said the blue-eyed girl with a smile on her face as she placed her ID card back in its place.

Putting her wallet inside her handbag, she walked back to where Harley was standing. "Come on study buddy, we only have 25 minutes left to finish our homework!".

Pulling back softly from the kiss, Thomas looked at Madison and with an alluring voice said. "Now, where is my money?"

"Wow!", exclaimed the pink-haired girl in amazed satisfaction as she grabbed her wallet. "You have really become a great kisser, Tommy boy!!".

"Well...I had an excellent teacher", explained the black-haired boy as he remembered how nervous he had felt when Madison gave him his first kiss ever back when they were freshmen.

"Here you go", uttered the green-eyed girl holding out the money for the boy to take it. "The four hundred dollars I owed you."

"Thank you", said the tall boy as he counted the money. "Is there any more work for me?", asked the black-haired boy with an enticing grin on his visage.

"You know there is", answered Madison as she got closer to the blue-eyed with a mischievous smile. "But...can we have a little fun first...before we talk business?", inquired the pink-haired girl looking up to Thomas' eyes.

"I guess we could", answered the boy passionately kissing the girl's lips as his hands began to caress her shapely body.

Happy that Harley had liked her idea, Natalia turned around and began walking out of the classroom.

"See you tomorrow Ms. Maeda", said the studious girl before exiting the laboratory. "See you tomorrow Ms. Saint Claire and Ms. Whitfield", uttered the teacher with an almost imperceptible smile on her visage.

Arriving at her locker, the blonde-haired girl opened the small compartment and put her white coat inside of it.

She closed the narrow storage place and looked at the cowgirl. "Now we can go to the Media Center to work on our Chemistry homework!"

"Certainly, Ms. Lewis", said Sebastian as he gently removed Samuel from the arms of Helena and Amelia and placed the boy inside the car.

Placing her kind gaze on the red-haired girl, Grace explained. "Thank you for your concern, my dear girl! I called the family doctor before coming here. He is on his way to Sammy's house as we speak."

"Nanna Grace", Amelia expressed in a soft voice. "Can I come with you?". The green-eyed girl paused for a moment and looked at her cousin inside the automobile. "I want to help you take care of Sammy."

"Of course, Ame", the old woman replied. "You are worried about him, aren't you?", she asked with a sweet expression on her face.

Nodding her head in response, the black haired girl said. "Sammy looks very sick and I want to help him get better."

Amelia shifter her gaze from her cousin to the skater girl beside her. "Thank you so much for all your help, Helena!", expressed with gratitude the glasses-wearing girl.

"And thank you for the conversation earlier." A soft smile appeared on the black-haired girl's face. "Maybe...mmm....maybe we can talk again some other time."

The green-eyed girl waved goodbye to the red-haired girl as she and Grace got inside the car.

"Sebastian... take us to the house, please", instructed the old woman with urgency to the driver. "The doctor must be there already."

"And you are late as always", said Thomas as Madison walked towards him. "So did you bring what you owed me?"

"Yes, Tommy I did." Madison knew how much he hated for her to call him like that.

"It was so much easier when we were younger. A kiss and a..." Looking at his crotch, the pink-haired continued. " blow was enough payment for you."

The image of a young freshman boy appeared on the green-eyed girl's mind.

"When did you become all about money, Tommy boy?", Madison asked with a devilish grin on her face.

"Thomas, Madison", said the blue-eyed boy in a serious tone. "It is Thomas now!"

Lifting up the pink-haired girl's chin, he looked straight into Madison's eyes. "I still enjoy those...but cold cash is more convenient for me now..." He leaned forward a gave her a seductive kiss.
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