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Current Oh what a nice sunny day. The perfect day to lock myself in a dark room and binge on 80s fantasy movies.
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Got my mom the best Mother's day gift ever, a big hug....and two tickets to go see Endgame! So awesome to have a Marvel Mom!
5 mos ago
"And ya tell me over and over again my friend! Ah ya don't believe we're on the eve of destruction!"
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Oblivion character creation. The horror.... the horror...
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I'm a human, so there.

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@Vampiretwilight Okay, sounds great! ^_^ I'll write a PM as soon as I get to my computer. Can't write for shit on a phone.
@Vampiretwilight Awesome. So did you want to make a thread or do this over PMs? Also, I gotta go to work soon, so I won't be on till later tonight.
@Vampiretwilight Mostly Free these days. I could do Casual, but with work and real life, I barely have the brain capacity to churn out a novel. XD
@Vampiretwilight The Alicorn plot to me sounds like it has alot of potential. Plus I'm a sucker for classic generic fantasy, so this is definitely up my alley.
@Vampiretwilight I really like the Guardians of the Crystal Rose plot. Would make for a very good group RP. I also like the Vampire Princess Luna plot and your Alicorn plot too.
Anyone? Bueller?

She decided it was best to probably get out of the cold now, seeing how red her porcelain cheeks were and how much she was shivering. You would figure she'd be used to this particular winter weather, but the air around her just felt colder than any winter she faced in Moscow, especially given her circumstances.

There was a nearby cafe, not as packed as the others, the intoxicating aromas of fresh brewed teas, coffees, and hot coacoa wafting from the open door. Perhaps she could swoop in for a nice, hot beverage to soothe both her frigid body and mind. Stepping through the door, the aroma was even more pleasant to her nostrils, such a sweet smell that eased her weariness. She calmly approached the counter. The barista gave her a smile.

"Hi! What can I get for you?" She asked.

The redhead...this was always a predicament for her. Nervously gnawing at her lip, she looked up at the elegantly displayed chalkboard menu, pointing to the Pumpkin Spiced Lattee for $4.49.

The cute, young barista must have got the memo, nodding her head with a sincere look, "Okay hun. Anything else?"

Anna shook her head and set her money on the counter after fishing out a few crumpled bills from the pocket of her worn out field jacket and adjusting the floppy toboggin that looked a little too big for her head.
@Dragon princess I'm loving plot 4, but is it possible to do GxG on that one? I'd love to play the vampire, but I really suck at playing males.
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