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Yall want to GM it together?@sly13@Sharidi37495
same honestly i would be down to pick up and continue if enough people want too
Well certain characters are USS, or were, as in the case of Voice was assigned to Trident by her USS higher ups, but that doesn't apply for everyone. @The Fated Fallen
Gunna go on a limb and say this RP is dead, the GM jumped ship and there hasnt been any update for a while in the discord @Dragonydas
So USS is basically galactic north america, they have stake in most things and are the ruling intergalactic government, Trident is like a sub group who arent always made up of purely USS soilders and their purpose is to operate on this planet to help the Nautrias, who are the resident fish people that are getting shafted by Obsidians Hand, @The Fated Fallen i hope that helps a little
Hey just checking in seeing how this rp is doing, i dont want it to die

Okirigae Mosumi

TL-DR: As Third Seat Okirgae Mosumi arrived back from a mission, she found herself in the midst of chaos. Leaving her squad mates to make it back to the barracks on their own, she sped ahead in search of her Captain, Matsurada Kenpachi, and her Lieutenant, Haruzato Tozuko. Arriving at the barracks of the 11th, she found it had been blown up, with division mates stabbed to the walls with their own Zanpakuto. Finding a dying comrade, he informed her it had been Matsurada's doing. In a rage, she swiftly found her Lieutenant and Captain fighting deep in the woods of Seireitti. Stopping them at first, it quickly became her and the Lieutenant versus her Captain after he confirmed he was responsible for slaughtering the division. In an intense fight, the battle slowly became a fight for survival as her and her Lt narrowly escaped his onslaught. Until it came to a head, and the Lt was injured, forcing Okirigae to take on her Captain like countless times before. Seemingly getting a second wing, it seemed the battle might start to shift, until Okirigae had pushed the man to be serious. In one move, he sent an attack that would have obliterated the girl. And in its wake, her Lieutenant stood, Matsurada's blade logged in the womans body. Without even able to get a few dying words, the woman bursted into a golden mist. Further enraging Okirigae, she formed her Shikai, and fought her Captain with a new resolve, to avenge her division. In a grandiose battle, she held her own, but once again, the man seemed to pull from his infinite pool of strength and caught the girl, sending her flying into 10th Division's barracks.

It was there that Mitsue Kurotuo found her, broken and lifeless at first. In her inner world her Zanpakuto, Basaka-Quinu, gave her the opportunity to get stronger but at the cost of not being able to control it. Deciding it was worth it if it would give her the chance of beating Matsurada, she pulled a blade from the Zanpakuto's neck and was allowed access to her Bankai. Seeing her Bankai activate, he could feel the raw power coming from the girl. Matsurada arriving, Mitsue drew his blade, attempting to aid in her fight against the Captain. Matsurada amused by this, sent Okirigae flying, allowing him to fight the man one on one. And though for a short time, Mitsue showed through pure skill, he was not a target Matsurada could simply bulldoze. Deciding he was bored, he used the same move that his Lieutenant was killed by, Mitsue coming to a close end. However in similar fashion, Okirigae had blocked the mans attack, it only cutting a few inches deep into her shoulder. Saving the man, she thanked him before taking Matsurada away and placing them back where the battle had started. Noticing the girl struggled controlling her Bankai, he formed his similarly unstable bankai and declared the battle would be declared in one move. Calling out their attacks, they ran at each other, the earth around them literally exploding off the ground. It was then that Matsurada could feel he would win this fight, each step remembering Okirigae's life from his prospective. As their blades neared collision, the man held back at the last seconds, sealing his fate as their blades clashed. Locked in this clash, their arms snaked with burns coming from their Zanpakuto hilts, before Matsurada's Bankai began to shatter, before fulling throwing the man out of his Bankai. Still stuck in their clash, his Zanpakuto shattered, letting Okirigae's move cut through his torso. Falling to his knees, his blade shattered into thousands of shards in front of him, instead of blood coming form his wound, a black sludge began to engulf his body. Effects from Okirigae's move, the man was destined to become a black statue, giving her final words and telling her the title of Kenpachi was hers. She only became more upset, knowing the man held back at the last seconds to let her win. In his final moments, he ordered her to clean up Division 11 and restore honor to the division. Feeling sorrow beyond anything she had ever felt before, mixing with her unstable Bankai, she held her head in pain as her Bankai seemed to rip up the ground around her and her Captain. Losing her mentors, the destruction of of her division, all of this chaos finally broke the girl.
Ooof tooo sooon T.T
Voice made note of the girl in the tanks preference remembering to bring something specifically for her in any similar situation. Looking out towards everyone else, someone close by caught her eye but she could not place the woman. She did feel however she had seen her face somewhere in her reports regard trident. Snapping out of starring at her, she turned her attention to captain weaver as she got up and went to prep for her speech. She was already liking this group, everyone seemed good of character. That was until a group of USS meatheads decided to annoy them. Turning her head, she studied the two, before they came closer, slowly getting up and position herself next to Val. Surprised by her blue comrades speed, she felt this situation turning worse. Putting a hand on his shoulder, Voice's gaze was almost menacing, analyzing the situation and smiling from her comrades sly remarks. It wasn't until the women started approaching her that it was almost as if a switch went off in her brain, her smile gone.

Walking up to the three, she stood unwavering "do you know how you get one of these cards?" she pulled up her shirt, flashing one of her two guns on the back of her hip in their hidden holsters "you kill a lot of people, or have your hand in a lot of USS Bullshit. But im assuming you know that, being USS of course" she picked up a bottle of spirits and held it out to the woman, bottom facing her "I also assume you know what its like to get your hand crushed and your have your bones splinter into a million pieces, yeah? I think a drink at the bar might not suffice Valhan, so you guys can take this bottle and be on your way. Unless there's a bigger issue here, in which case i'd love to be of assistance" she felt this could go one of two ways, either the gun flashing was enough for them to leave the group alone, or she pissed her off, so she held the bottle ready to break it off the woman's face if the situation chose the latter. She only prayed her companions were up to fighting in this situation, otherwise her superiors will crucify her for starting a fight by herself.
Okirigae "Kenpachi" Mosumi

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