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There is still room, Cu. Go ahead and write up a Cs.
@eemmtt Accepted.
@Afro Samurai Accepted. So, to let everyone know: I do have a Discord for this Rp! It is a server co-owned by myself and a close friend who I co-gm another Rp with on RPGuild.

The Server will be shared by both Rps, but has text channels for each one! Join if you like!
Terribly sorry for the disappearance everyone. I have been without internet for a couple days.

@Burning Kitty@Skycia@Rekaigan Accepted!

@Inertia It is quite alright, take your time.
@Burning Kitty Take your time, truly I am in no rush.
@RoughDragon1 Accepted.
That is perfectly fine.
@Zelosse Accepted.
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