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Current "This is your time to pay, This your Judgement Day"
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The Holidays are Over. We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Life.
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What happened? Did everyone vanish all at once?
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If I say don't post in the thread, I do mean, don't post in the thread
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Thanksgiving is the worstâ„¢


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Bump, looking for a few steady partners that won't drop off mid-rp with no warning.
1. Please make sure you always read the bullet points at the top of the post. They're there for a reason.
2. Since the fact that the bump is nearly 4 days old now isn't enough of an indicator - I am not accepting any further rps at this time, as I sought just a few more, and that's what I have. Please don't PM me with interest at this time further.

Thank you.
Looking for really one, maybe two, if my interest is really captured, new rps. Also added a new one "Airships of the Dodecopolis"
Still here. But seems there's no rush
Had some clearups in my schedule, and a few rps not pan our or the like, so I'm looking for one, maybe two more partners. I've also added "War for the Sinking Cities" as a new idea, and as always, I'm open to hearing your ideas.
Kisyra had not expected to see another plainsman here - she knew some traveled into Lycia as mercenaries, but this was a small town on the fringes of one of the cantons. But sure enough, there was one here, and like her, he seemed to be feeling a sense of justice as he drew his bow on the spellcaster who had so easily and blithely destroyed a house. When he identified himself as a prince, of the Kutolah of all tribes, she couldn't help her skepticism, but she didn't say anything.

What would a Prince being doing this far from the Plains? Even if he spoke the truth, it was irrelevant. When it came to dealing with spellcasters, numbers was always useful.

Kisyra drew close behind the spellcaster and put her hand on her blade, drawing it just a little, enough for the sound of it being drawn to ring out a little. "And so too is my blade, mage." She added softly, her voice low and deadly. He'd only burned this house, but no one did something criminal so casually unless they'd already done it. And probably worse. So death was probably just right for the man if he stepped out of line.
It was rare that Kisyra traveled this far from Bulgar, and never before had she traveled further south than the northern reaches of Bern, let alone this far into Lycia, but this man, this monster she was hunting, merited it. A cruel man who had raped and killed his way through Bulgar - and continued to do so as she tracked him, with utter disregard for the trail he was leaving. She'd killed bandits and mercenaries who had served with him and under him along the way, but reaching him...

She was starting to consider that after this long, and this far, she might need to let this go. The criminal element in Bulgar remained despite her absence, and could only grow larger without pruning. Making the endless fight only more endless.

But could she just deem a monster unworthy of her time? She could not make that call - this man was a violater of the oaths that held society together, a violater of the highest order. She couldn't leave him to his predations - and she had found others along her way. They merited death no less than any other just because they lived far from Bulgar and outside of her normal reach.

An obvious plainswoman, from her garb to her long green hair, Kisyra stood out, and her taciturn, uncommunicate nature only made that more so as she looked through the market, trying to find someone who would know the criminal element, who may be able to be induced to help her find her quarry.

She was drawn from her search when she saw a man with long white hair tucking what could only be a magical tome away as house caught fire. Kisyra wound her way through the crowd slowly, towards the man, her hand on her blade. Not her target, probably didn't even know him, but he had set a house on fire as casually as someone might pick their evening meal, with no regard for anyone or anything else. She couldn't just let that stand.
Sorry about that. I will be posting shortly. Shit came up IRL.
I admit I'm kinda waiting for someone else to start, to figure out how best to enter.

Though I'll probably post sometime tommorrow.
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