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Current Weekends always screw up my ability to reply. Sorry about Monday though.
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"This is your time to pay, This your Judgement Day"
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The Holidays are Over. We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Life.
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What happened? Did everyone vanish all at once?
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If I say don't post in the thread, I do mean, don't post in the thread


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I'm sorry, but something unexpected has come up. I'll have to bow out of this rp. Don't want to, as it looks fun, but so it goes.

Best of luck to everyone!
"If I'm supposed to be your escort, woman, then fucking don't go in first!" Amy snapped at her client, before diving to the left and firing a rapid burst of plasma into another thug that came around the corner, her suit and eyepiece warning her even before she'd really noticed him. The plasma hit him on the chest, burning through his armor, melting some of the composites completely and burning right through his skin. Amy fired off two more shots into his left leg, crippling him in case he managed to survive - she'd seen it happen - and then lowered her rifle as the sensors in her armor checked for more approaching.

There were plenty of people around, but her armor was picking up two more people with the same armor composites coming their way.

"Into the Undertown now, woman!" Amy snapped, pushing Kade towards the wall, then simply grabbing the woman and shoving her over it, following right behind and taking cover behind the low wall as plasma flew over their heads from the new attackers.
When do we start, out of curiousity?
"Okay, so you were in the service," Amy responded with a chuckle. "I've had less professional briefings from the Captains I served under." Amy fiddled with her combat visor just a little, syncing her armor and her eyepiece together. The tactical data feed was essential to how she fought, and if they were going to risk ambushes, she especially needed it. Only way to handle so many combatants with just her and her client - who at least had a gun and looked like she probably knew how to use it.

"I don't especially care who you are or where you served - or with what faction, nation, group, whatever." Amy added, just in case the woman thought her comment was an attempt to draw that information out. "But I will need a name to call you." After a quick check on her rifle, she was ready to go, mentally checking the woman's suggestions against her own familiarity with the city's layout, and deciding that not only was her suggestion a good one, but the woman had a better idea of how to get around this city than she did. Which didn't especially surprise Amy. Most planets she went from starport to merc bar to a place to sleep - inn, flophouse, hotel, whatever - and wherever the client sent her, not much more than that, unless the planet actually had something resembling cultured entertainment or some sort of public access scientific area.

"May as well take the alley entrance now. Come on," Amy gestured for the woman to follow her close behind as she stepped into the alley.
Kiandra Dolan

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Job: Marine - she is frequently the leader of boarding parties on pirate or other enemy vessels, or at the forefront of defending against boarders. She is cross-trained in rigging work for the sails, when outside of battle.

Personality: Kiandra is not an especially personable woman. Sometimes people assume her quiet, withdrawn, taciturn and unfriendly nature is because she has some tragic backstory - but no. Kiandra just isn't good with people. She's poor at expressing her emotions and even worse at picking up on the nonverbal and social cues everyone takes for granted. She has a tendency to be blunt and literal minded - in regards to what everyone else says, though when it comes to herself, she is quite fond of sarcasm. She enjoys structure and clearly delinated rules, and despises vague orders or unclear instructions. Kiandra also tends to have something of an obsessive personality - she has a few interests, and she'll tend to bring any conversation that goes long enough around to them one way or another - combat (for sport and actual), theater, Elven Poetry and wine (she's something of a wine conneseiur, though she's hardly rich enough to really support her interest beyond the theory) being the chief among them.

Kiandra was born to a comfortable, middle-class family that own an Inn and Tavern in Laxen. She was originally expected to inherit the tavern along with her older brother, and was trained as such, but her poor inability to interact with the customers screwed that plan up rather severely. She was enrolled in the Marines as much to find a useful and productive place for her as anything else. She showed a great skill for hand-eye coordination (at age 14, for example, she was the best darts player in the tavern, even counting regulars decades older than her) and while she sucked with people, her appreciation for rules and order made her seem a good fit for military life. At 17, she was enrolled in the marines and served in the Laxen Navy for five years with skill and distinction - she took to her training quickly and easily, serving bravely in boarding actions and scoring well in various training wargames done by the Fleet against eachother or those of allies. None of the battles she served in were exactly noteworthy in their own way - minor skirmishes against pirates and that sort of thing - but she had distinguished herself in the context of those battles. Her most noteworthy act in battle when she led an attack on the pirate vessel Wavekiller after her vessel's marine officer had been incapacitated, nearly single-handedly turning the tide on the ongoing battle when she forced the pirates to actually defend their own vessel instead of attacking hers. She climbed into the rigging, cutting many of the ropes and hanging on from others as she engaged in a very reckless, but showy, use of her pistol-crossbow against the pirates trying to stop her from cutting their sails free.

She mustered out when she was twenty-two, an arrangement she had planned on being temporary - she enjoyed the rigorous life of a Marine, after all, and the challenges it presented, but she wanted some time to herself, to attend some theater productions (she rarely ever had the time while in the service, since leave and theater times didn't exactly often match up) and visit her family and spend time with her brother's young children. She actually managed to get on with the children somewhat better than the adults - though given that they were four and two respectively, that didn't necessarily count as much. She intended to stay off for a year, helping in the back of the inn to cover her room and board, before re-enlisting for another five year stint in the Marines.

But she had made something of a reputation of her own among the sailors and marines of the Navy, and of course, with those whom they talked to. Word reached Delilah and Izal of her... reckless feats. With no war on, her talents were wasted in the Marines - especially when more money could be made serving on Delilah's vessel. Kiandra didn't really care much one way or the other about making more money, but she was curious about what serving under Delilah might be like - stories had gathered about what the woman had been up to in the last many years, many of them implying that she might see some interesting combat, against much more unusual enemies, in the little-sailed areas that privately held ships with more eclectic crews might sail into. It was for that, more than anything else, that saw Kiandra accept the offer.

  • Crossbow (regular 2-handed one)
  • One-handed pistol crossbow
  • Saber

  • N/A

All character sheets as of now are accepted. Though you all shame me by having a crew of angsty teenagers instead of my crew of pillage hungry murder machines, but I can roll with this. I hope to have the ic up by monday, introducing us to our first battle aboard the high seas!

@Frettzo spots are open.

I don't think one could call Kiandra angsty, she's just not a particularly personable woman.
Shall I post it in the characters tab then?
Sheet updated.
Alright. I'll have that added by tommorrow afternoon, if not sooner. Thanks!
"Hey, I'll take a quick job to shoot Cartel thugs dumb enough to risk pissing off Janna," One of the mercs gestured to the bartender, "but I'm not interested in picking a fight with them." The scarred woman shook her head as well, mentioning something about having a larger client arriving in a few minutes, after she checked her chronometer. That left Amy and the other two. But they two made their excuses, apparently uninterested in the bonys. So that really just left Amy.

Amy had no real attachement to Panopontus, nor did she especially fear the Cartel. Besides, fights involved in getting this woman to the starport might actually be interesting - ambushes usually were, if only because of all the directions they could come, especially in a crowded, public space.

"If we're going into more active combat, I'm going to need to put on my armor and get the rest of my weapons," Amy said, but she nodded. "But it sounds like fun. If you can spare a few minutes- may as well follow me." Amy went into a back room, unlocking a locker with her handprint and sliding a coin into a slot. She removed a rifle - this one firing plasma bolts, rather than flechette spikes - and her armor, collapsed for storage. Normally she'd put not wear it over her casual wear - if her knockoff Naval Uniform counted as such - and unstead were underarmor, but she didn't really have the time. She slid the compact arm and leg armors on, letting them expand, the fit her torso pieces on, letting them click together with her arm and leg pieces as well as eachother. The armor, black with purple accents, was made of a number of lightweight composits, mostly designed for dissipating plasma and other energy based weapons from burning her. Stopping flechette or other gravity based weapons was much harder - the armor would reduce the power of the impact, true, but hardly stop it. For that, she had low-energy shields that didn't stop incoming projectiles so much as slow them down. She only turned them on during a fight, because they were power intensive, and her armor could keep then going for ten to fifteen minutes at a time before the system risked overheating.

It wasn't the most defensive armor on the market, but it was good for her needs, with a great deal of combat analysis and target assit working into the visor with a holographic display lens to go over one eye.
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