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Current The worst part about falling behind is that you tend to stay behind for a bit.
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Let's Play Our Favorite Game In The Whole Wide World: HOEDOWN!
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Hooray! We are all doomed.
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gonna be on the move a lot for most of the day, I'll have IC replies out tonight.
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Holy mother of GOD. No one is a bad person for what they like in fiction, sweet jesus how hard is this to get?


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Bump, and new idea added "The Power and Madness of Prophecy".


I am looking for one (1) more partner.
Until I find out how some of the rps I've started or may start play out and what kind of staying power they have, I am not accepting any more interest for any Ideas at this time. All further PMs received will be politely rejected at this time.


Added a new idea "Falling into Darkness or Rising Into Light" and also closed off Airships of the Dodecopolis from further interest, ftr.
I've got some ideas and some pairings listed below, but first, the boring prefatory stuff:
  • My school of thought is "write the post as long as it needs to be," Sometimes, there's gobs and gobs and gobs of stuff to say, and so we'll have 5 or 6 or 7 paragraphs at a time, back and forth. Sometimes during a conversation or fight between two characters, there is just a paragraph or two of stuff to say. Sometimes there's anything in between. One or two liner posts are almost always a no, but beyond that... whatever is appropriate to the context.
  • I am open to smut, and I am open to not doing smut. If you'd rather we fade to black, we will (and if you're under 18, we'll have to), if you'd rather play it out onscreen, we can. Which, needlessly to say, means we'd be roleplaying via PM. I much prefer that in general anyway. If we do smut, it needs to be at least somewhat organic and connected to the story, rather than just having a smutty scene just because.
  • Collaborate with me. Even when I offer structured plot ideas to start us off, I don't want to be carrying the water of the whole story. If you can't find a way to wedge your thought into the main thread of the story, bring it up with me OOC.
  • I can play MxF or FxF. I generally prefer to play the female, but in some cases I'm willing to play the male in an MxF if the idea or character I'd be playing/playing against appeals significantly. MxM is not my thing, unfortunately. I do however, really like some kind of romance in my 1x1s - yes chemistry is organic, to a degree, but we should be making our characters with that in mind.
  • If you pick one of the pairings I list below the specific ideas, you must have at least some idea of the story you'd like to play out, or a solid idea of the character you want to play. If you just say 'I wanna do Human x Elf' and don't have anything beyond that to present, we're probably not doing an rp.
  • I have very few hard limits on gore, swearing, dark themes, et cetera. If I end up being bothered by something we're doing, I'll let you know OOC, and maybe we can work around it. My 'botherment' can be fairly situational and erratic. Equally, if you're bothered, even if it isn't a hard limit you mentioned ahead of time, let me know. I'm not here to make any uncomfortable, or play unenjoyable rps.
  • If the rp isn't working, let me know. Maybe we can fix it, maybe we can't, either way, I'd like to know.
  • If you're interested in rping with me, PM me. Do not post in this thread. If you do, you will be ignored.

These ideas are general frameworks for play. We can, to an extent, mix and match them as needed or tailor them to your tastes and roleplaying needs, again, to an extent. I may add more ideas or mark some ideas as claimed.

If I have an asterisk by the gender or a character, then that's the one I'd much prefer to play.

Pairings and Genres

Now, again, a pairing alone isn't an idea. I need some sort of plot idea or premise or a specific character you want to play in the pair. Just something to work with or the basics we can develop into an idea.

Characters marked with a * are the ones I want to/would prefer to play, and pairings that are bolded are ones where I'd be willing to (if the idea you have is good) to play the M in an MxF. Otherwise, Assume all could be FxF or MxF where I play the F.

Human* x Vampire
Vampire x Vampire
Human x Elf*
Human x Sidhe*
Vampire x Sidhe
Mage* x Vampire
Demon x Vampire
Demon X Mage
Necromancer* x Paladin
Mage x Sidhe
Demon* x Sidhe
Android* x Human
Humanoid Alien x Human*

I'm always up for enemies to lovers, redemption via love arcs or evil characters becoming better people to be worthy of the good people they fall for. Or just stories about two evil people being unapologetically so. I love Medieval Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi premises, if the idea is good.

If none of my ideas appeal, but the thread seems interesting and makes you think I might be someone you'd like to rp with, hit me up in a PM and maybe we can come up with something.
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I'm sorry, but something unexpected has come up. I'll have to bow out of this rp. Don't want to, as it looks fun, but so it goes.

Best of luck to everyone!
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