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Current When the US gets its own version of the French Reign of Terror, we probably won't use something as civilized as the Guillotine.
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apologies for the relative inaticivity last two days, should get all posts made tommorrow
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Weird Moods are the Worst Moods
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Diablo III: My Default Game When I Want To Kill Monsters and Not Think
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"Now That Elmo's Killed The Opposing Families, I've Won The Game Of Thrones!"


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Bumping, and adding a new idea - Bloodborne Love.

Just looking for 1, maybe 2 more partners.
Bumping. Looking for one, maybe two more rps.
Usually, when I look for an RP, I'm looking for something with romance, and that usually implies that at some point, the characters will have sex - either there will be a fade to black, or we'll play it out. But in those cases, the smutty scenes are there to further the plot and characterization to one degree or another.

By contrast, sometimes I'm in the mood for something where the plot, such as it might be, is really just there as an excuse for the smut, or smut-adjacent content. The difference between a movie wherein two characters happen to have sex... and a porno where the pizza delivery guy randomly has sex with the customer.

Maybe a little more plot than that, but you get the idea. I want some plot, but the plot in all of these takes second place to the smut.

If you're under 18, or you are not interested in smutty/nsfw roleplay, this is not the interest check for you. Just, straight up.

Anyway, so I have a number of plot ideas/premises that I'm proposing here, but if you have your own ideas you think I might like based on the ideas I have posted, feel free to suggest it to me in a PM. If you like one of my ideas, but maybe want to change it around a bit, also feel free to hit me up. I may not say yes, I may say 'yes... but'. But it's always worth a try.

Like everyone else, I have a few rules, and general guidelines to bear in mind if you want to rp with me. Especially in a more smutty context.
  • My school of thought is "write the post as long as it needs to be," Sometimes, there's gobs and gobs and gobs of stuff to say, and so we'll have 5 or 6 or 7 paragraphs at a time, back and forth. Sometimes during a conversation or fight between two characters, there is just a paragraph or two of stuff to say. Sometimes there's anything in between. One or two liner posts are almost always a no, but beyond that... whatever is appropriate to the context.
  • Collaborate with me. Even when I offer structured plot ideas to start us off, I don't want to be carrying the water of the whole story. If you can't find a way to wedge your thought into the main thread of the story, bring it up with me OOC.
  • I can play MxF or FxF. I generally prefer to play the female, but in some cases I'm willing to play the male in an MxF if the idea or character I'd be playing/playing against appeals significantly. MxM is not my thing.
  • I have very few hard limits on gore, swearing, dark themes, et cetera. If I end up being bothered by something we're doing, I'll let you know OOC, and maybe we can work around it. My 'botherment' can be fairly situational and erratic. Equally, if you're bothered, even if it isn't a hard limit you mentioned ahead of time, let me know. I'm not here to make any uncomfortable, or play unenjoyable rps. Especially when it comes to smut - sometimes you might not even realize that something upsets or triggers you or disgusts you or turns you off until it comes up.
  • If the rp isn't working, let me know. Maybe we can fix it, maybe we can't, either way, I'd like to know.
  • If you're interested in rping with me, PM me. Do not post in this thread. If you do, you will be ignored.

So here are my plots

Beyond those specific ideas, I'm very much into plot ideas that involve master/slave dynamics, depending on the details, from either end, as well as succubi or other creatures/beings that feed on lust.

Bump, and added "Lost Sol"
Bump, and new idea added "The Power and Madness of Prophecy".


I am looking for one (1) more partner.
Until I find out how some of the rps I've started or may start play out and what kind of staying power they have, I am not accepting any more interest for any Ideas at this time. All further PMs received will be politely rejected at this time.


Added a new idea "Falling into Darkness or Rising Into Light" and also closed off Airships of the Dodecopolis from further interest, ftr.
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