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The image at the top? I can see it fine.

I should mention that yes, I am using Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden for my face claim.
I must have missed the tunnel part.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem the Delete Post function has been reimplemented on the site yet, so I can't do that. If I'm remembering right, people are able to ask admins to delete posts, but I could be mistaken. For now just delete it all and write (deleted) or something to that effect.
@Jarl Coolgruuf I appreciate the enthusiasm, though I'd have preferred you posted the CS here first for approval. That aside, it's mostly ok. I am going to ask you to pick two out of the throwing knives, hatchet, and ka-bar. The rest of your inventory is fine. Also, this is just a curiosity of mine, but was Jeremy born outside of London? I'm asking because the radiation in London would have been pretty lethal to an infant at the time of his birth due to major cities having been hit hard during the war.
It's fine, thank you for letting me know. We'll probably always be open to newcomers, so feel free to come back when you're able. @Poppirious
Ah, understandable. Hopefully you have steady internet soon so that you won't be left behind once the RP does start.

UPDATE: I've decided to include 18+ themes in this RP, to bring a bit more of the grit and darkness of the Metro world into it. I apologise if that makes anyone uncomfortable, but it's the direction I've decided to go with this.
Sounds good to me. It seems those others might not be returning, so I'm glad to have another joining us. Like I said in my last post, I'm just fleshing out some lore right now, so please bear with me for that.
@ArkmageddonCat@Poppirious@FoxFire I'd like to know if the three of you are still interested in this, as I'd prefer not startimg without you if you are. If not, please let me know so I can act accordingly. I still have a bit of lore to work on, so you've got a little time to make characters still, if you are interested. Thank you in advance for letting me know, one way or the other.
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