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Hello! I love world crafting and would love to help out! I have some cool ideas for Warlords and clans scattered around your little apocalypse that I think would fit in if your interested in hearing them. I also have some cool monster ideas for a samurai punk setting. As for playing in the world female characters aren't my strong suit but I am trying to branch out! Let me know if your interested in hearing what I have to say!
Okay work in progress and I can certainly scale back if I took too many liberties in world building, but tell me what you think.

Bio: Khufu was once a smuggler stealing material and chemicals from the factories on his homeworld of Mars to supply drug labs and weapon illegal weapon factories on the fringes of explored space. As the years went the smuggler amassed a impressive collection of scars and sins, and no small amount of wealth. Khufu would be rebirth when a deal went wrong and his ship was critically damaged escaping from the authorities. Forcing his ship into a un-mapped system and crashing him and his crew into a planet never seen by human eyes. His crew never survived the crash, neither would the man he once was.

Deep beneath the sands of What would be called Nal-Sallus lived The Mother. An ancient Insect who've lived in the sands of world since its conception. The Mothers owe children take centuries to develop and hatch inside their eggs and since the mother devoured her mate upon the laying of her children The Mother needs others to help guard her young. Taking the broken, barely living body of Khufu below the sands and as she had all sorts of creatures before him, she made him into one of her many adopted children. Injecting him with her own genetic material and enzymes to make him her own.

The material encouraged his healing and he recovered in astounding time. As his bones reknit and his cuts healed over, his changes continued. Mother had changed his mind placed her voice inside his head and when he awoke, Khufu was never alone again. Through a telepathic membrane encasing his brain, the voice of The Mother never left Khufu's head as the change had left her in connection with the young man. Through the connection the mother could see through her eyes, hear through his ears, feel through his skin and even feel his thoughts as clearly as if they where her own. Khufu awoke with a unstoppable devotion to his mother, either through a son's or love or an implanted doctrine by The Mother he did not care, for he was home.

The change had slowed the aging process for the young smuggler, every four years equated to but one for the smuggler and he spent these years in the defense of her mothers hive alongside his savage brothers and sisters. As the years went poachers and beast hunters would come to Nal-Sallus to become temporary allies or enemies, depending on whether or not Khufu was related to their quarry. After years of roaming the sands and steppes of Nal-Sallus would the planet be colonized by the corporations of Khufu's old life. Unable to kill or adopt them all The Mother sent her son with a crew of his human brothers back into the stars with a mission singing in her sons head.

If the Nal-Sallus could not be bought with blood, or The Mothers Love. It would be bought with cold hard cash. Khufu, first of her mothers sons would earn the capital to buy his home away from the rest of humanity. If he failed....Mother has many children.
I really dont think we could pull this off with only three people...
Okay I have some character ideas in mind I'll try and coincide it into a good sheet.
@Dark Light Would there be a sort of dice or play system for hunting/fighting? Also your creation system sounds very intriguing. How many creation points are you thinking for a starting character?
Still looking for people? Im verry intrigued! Also, if I may ask, is it Love Death Robots you where watching?

Sorry last point I've never played cyberpunk. If you'll have me I'd like some help with the character sheet.
Ideally I'd like to pick up at least five people so I'll give this a few more days.
@DC The Dragon Well there could be there would just have to be a good reason for him to be in Outworld. But I'm really glad your interested!
@One Who Tames it would be kinda difficult but worth a try I think. Also any suggestions fpr the title? I'm not trying to bamboozle anyone.
Also I will talk about this with anyone... Kotal Kahn was Outworlds worst ruler.
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