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As the cool metal rested against his skin, Alden froze, eyes drawn to the blades tip. He let his eyes travek down the blade till it left his vision, and sighed, giving a shift in weight as he shuffled around in his pocket.

" Id advise you not call me that...Ape would be mor accurate really..." odd, the words on his tongue. Seemed familiar, but he had never uttered them in his life..."normally, id put bandits like you in the ground, but im abit busy. Got work and all, the boss is probably waiting and I need to go get the girls...havent even actually done what he sent me to do anyhow..." ...he was more or less ignoring her at this point, actually going over his to do list with himself...

Finally pulling som form of paper from his trousers and skewering the sheet on the blade, he gave a breath"gotta get some rum for marus too...maybe some feed for the animals...Look, I really dont have time at the moment, nor much coin. But come to the show and we can settle this abit more...civilized, if your even capable. But if we must I can snap this pretty twig and bury the remainder of it through your throat, if you prefer to hold me up any longer..."
Taking a look at the crowd, Alden sighed, preparing to follow out. Well if the owners busy. But as things settled, he froze. The more people who left, the clearer he felt the dominating presences in the bar. Personalities, almost infecting the air

Stepping back as the crowd started moving, he gave a glance toward one woman who had tried his attention prior. What had she called him? Monkey?...why did that bother him so much...Shaking his head, Alden turned to leave. He couldnt place it, but the...presence in the room was all too familiar. Though he had no memory of these folk.

The only thing that came to mind were the recent nightmares that plagued him...and honestly if these people had anything to do with those...He'd rather not be know...
So they could be, say, mistakened as just dreams?
So, i got this idea. All the guardians were told of the past in some way shaoe or form. Could one, like wrath, have...blocked ir out? I mean, we already aware he is afraid of his own fury, but what if he subconciously blocked out the memories to avoid seeing what he has done in his past lives aswell
¤Alden Rite¤

The city, burning
The sky, red
The silence, broken
The screams, unending
This is what had on man in a cold sweat, his chest heaving as his face rested in his hands. Ever since the day these...memories came back to him, Alden couldn't get a peaceful nights sleep. These werent memories, but nightmares that haunted his mind upon the closing of an eye. Struggling to take a shakey breath, he looked out to the passing road. The caravan had been riding for a good two days now, and finally the city was in sight.

Bartla, the capital.

It had been two years since the caravan had come through here, but the city always stayed the same...for the most part. Sure things changed, but the air a place carries doesnt. Alden couldnt help but give a weak smile, before pushing himself up. A little clean up and he donned his coat, climbing down the moving wagon to walk along side it. He stepped ahead, coming to the current driver. An older man, must be in his fifties or so, lanky in stature with a thin beard to match. He quickly gave a smile to the younger man, giving a small wave.

"Maidin mhaith, Alden! I heard you turning something fierce back there. Not a night you cant rest easy ay?"

"Maidin, Marus. Ye, the dreams never seem to rest. Just wish they would let me do so, ya?"

Alden gave a grin, climbing up to sit with the older man. He got comfortable, propping his legs up and watching as the rolled on inside. Roughly about twenty or so wagons rolled up to the city, finding a place a short ways down the main path to set up. People were already unloading supplies, and with a grin alden saw the boss already shouting orders...everything would be set up by nightfall.

Seeing the twins hurrying over, he smiled, giving a nod to old Marus as he climbed down. The twins were Veti and Sona, The acrobatics of the group. As with every city, the three, being the youngest of the caravan, save for the preformers children, would go into town and hang up flyers. The twins often gave small preformances, showing their ability and giving the locals a taste of the show.

As of now they did the usual speel. The two would go off to, well, show off, while Alden would hang and hand out flyers...bars were usually hot beds for a potential audiance. And so, He found one that was rather Popular, the...Limbo? Odd name, but might as well step in. Best to check with the owner before setting up flyers...might also get a drink while here. Wouldnt hurt.

Slipping in the already overcrowded bar, he couldnt help but grin. Party was already going, and they had only just arrived. Working his way through the crowd, he forced himself to the counter, taking a seat. Didnt stand out much, however, seeing as he was rather...small, compared to most. His 5'4" stature being dwarfed even further by some of the giants in the bar...


So, im not turning that down. But i got this idea i dont know hoe to word properly to sound good.
Alden is wrath. Good. Cool. But Why is he such a nice guy?
Alden is AFRAID of it. He becomes unpredictable, even to himself, and will do things he would never do on purpose. He will hurt, he will destroy, and he doesnt know if he can pull himself out of it before things get REALLY bad.
Anger is a spiral. Once your there your more likely to go deeper than to climb out, and with Aldens Strength...
Alright so I added to the personality abit. I hope that works. Sorry that had slipped my mind ^^

Can i reserve myself as "The Ape Of Wrath" >:}
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