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@MistoryI guess they could, no problem at all.
Kain Baskerville

"I am no one but a simple tavern owner." Kain answered the bandit with both his hands behind his back, his eyes trailing over the movements of the bandits before him. Seemingly, one of them was about to attempt to strike him, but was immediately stopped by the first bandit. Smart man that was, apparently they weren't all fools and brutes, that man had an accurate perception. Meaning, if they were to engage in combat, that man would be the first Kain would have to strike down, maybe he could use the aggressiveness of the brute one against the others, however, he would have to inspect them some more.

Soon enough, that very same one who had stopped the brute came over to him and offered a truce, to which Kain didn't really react, maintaining his emotionless expressions and cold eyes, now staring deep into the bandit's eyes for a second which lasted like eternity. "You see, I would be really glad if you all just left under normal circumstances." He made a brief pause and then continued. "But, the thing is: You brought damage upon the property of others simply for fun. So, we may do the following: You are bandits, meaning you all probably stole gold from someone, somewhere, which also means, you all will pay for the reposition of those windows you've broke. If you don't...well, I already mentioned the countermeasures." Kain's aura was now a tad bit more threatening, despite his voice tone and manneirisms as well were unchanged.

"Mr. Bright." Kain called someone forth, and so a local Blacksmith came out of one of the shops these people had broken. An enormous muscular man, with a very long white beard and long braided white hair, probably around his mid-fifties, however, still seemed in shape. That man was a former royal guard who got retired and decided to become a blacksmith for fun, meaning, a fully prepared and armed warrior. "It seems I have some very valuable visitors and I must also get ready to close my bar, would you mind dealing with these gentlemen for me?" Bright nodded his head, while cracking his knuckles menacingly. "Mr. Bright is not as kind as I am, so I would advice you all to hand over the gold." He adviced the bandits and then turned his back, walking away right towards the back of his bar.

He felt more and more guardians approached, one nearby, two in his tavern and one more right behind it. He decided to approach the latter and invite her to come inside. His eyes gazed upon a female, she exhaled a certain presence. A deep insatiable hunger, the wish to consume everything around her, and the mental image of a hound. "Gluttony. Searching for a meal? I'm the owner of this establishment, come with me, I'll get you something so there's no need to sneak." He said while turning his back and slowly beginning to move. "Come." He said motioning for her to follow him.

Many would expect for people to rob foods or drinks while Kain was outside, however, most of those people were regulars. They knew what would be the consequences and decided it was better not to do so, meaning, everything was more or less the same. Kain walked over towards the counter and grabbed a bell or something of the sorts and began ringing it so everyone would hear him. "My dear customers, I thank you deeply for your presence here today, however, a certain group of people has reserved the space until night time. Meaning, for the time being, only their permanence here will be acceptable, so, consider the Limbo closed for the rest of the day." The crowds did not seem to be very pleased, however, the bar emptied soon enough, leaving only the four guardians in there. "Well, I suppose we all should talk about business." He said while still standing behind the counter and cooking a meal for Magna. "But before that, anyone would like anything? A drink? A meal? It's all in my menu." He pointed at a small book on the counter without even looking at it, his eyes entirelly focused into the ingredients he was preparing.


The bald man grinned menacingly at the young girl, about to tear her clothes a knife, the very same one he used to stab the other girl. That bastard sure was having the time of his life menacing innocents, now wasn't he? But now he was caught off guard and stepped aside when he heard a voice and immediately stared at Jerad. "Who the fuck are you? Yea, I did, so what? You're gonna attack me, kid? Do you know who I am? I am Credence Raven! One of the most respected man in this town, if you try to assault me, it will be the last mistake you'll ever commit!" He said that, however, his body tensed up when he saw the boy unsheathe his blade. He knew deep inside he wasn't as important as he kept saying he was.

No one would really care if he died.

However, he needed to keep his pose, maybe he could get out of that one alive.

@Gareth @Rune_Alchemist @Mistory @Wingwindz
@Mistory He can't exactly block it out, however instead of remembering it vividly, his memories might be very faint flashes. So pretty much things do seem familiar to him, however he doesn't exactly know why.
@SilverPawDon't you worry about it! You did well.
Well, I'll send the discord link to you guys in PMs once the server has been made.

Also @Gareth yea, the Iisekai genre has been becoming quite popular ever since SAO came out. Out of that kind, my favorite is Overlord.
I have a few minutes, any of you guys watch anime?

I do, quite many of them actually. lol

Also guys, what would you think about me making a discord server to make comunication easier?
@Salvia Sorry that I haven't gotten a post up yet. Been having a little trouble figuring out a good starting post.

On another note though, you might want to recheck the claims list on the OP. My name is listed by both Chastity and Wrath, rather than the latter's respective player.

Oops, fixed that, thank you for warning me!

@Salvia I know. I had no time to do much yesterday and I want to try writing the bio before moving the CS to its proper place.

Ah I see, that's perfectly fine, no rush!
Holy heck, things are kind of on fire, everyone is in a kind of everywhere, even if close. All right, time to type and keep things going!

Also @SilverPaw just remembering that your character has been accepted already, you can add him to the roster and throw your intro post whenever you can. (This last part goes for @Vocab too, jump in whenever you feel like it.)
@Jett RyuThat's fine, my friend. I hope you stay well and wish you the best!
@Noodles I imagined so. Well, in this case I'll get working in my character. Do you have any specific position you people might be needing?
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