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Yeah, sorry if I've been phoning in my writing as well, I'm a little bit rusty, haven't RP'd in a while...
I'm fine with opening up the RP to new players, or having you make a new demon.

I slowly pulled my hand back, realizing he had no intention of shaking my hand. I didn't take it personally, I mean, he didn't seem that cheery in the first place. Maybe he just needs a little time before he opens up. I could understand that. I... didn't really like being around others that much either. I was a bit disappointed since I wouldn't be able to gauge his body temperature, but given that he seemed to have been talked to by Di, bare minimum he was aware of their existence. If I was not crazy, that is.

I quickly glanced over at the keys on the table and snagged the basement key. I knew that it was the only room on that floor, aside from the shower room. I'd prefer the solitude. Also, what with these new developments, it might be best that people don't hear me talking to myself, I doubt that an old house like this had the best insulation or sound proofing...

I looked back up at Ravus. "U-Uh... well it's nice to meet you, Mr. Ravus." I said, pulling up a seat and sitting down across from him. "So, is there anything that I should know about living here?" I asked, tilting my head.

I began walking toward the kitchen. "I see. Of course, if you are just a mere fragment of my shattered psyche, you could simply be telling me what I want to know. Of course I'd rather swallow the pill that I'm living with a demon. So, for now, until proof can be shown that I've finally lost it, I will go with the "truth" of demons. As for contact... well, there's a reason why I prefer to work with the dead rather than the living, I'm not comfortable being in contact with just about everyone, if I'm being honest. Human or demon, doesn't make much difference in the end, I suppose. The only time to get worried about either is if they intend to do harm, until I have seen some form of evidence of that, I will reserve judgement. I'm also fine with doing my academic work on my own, been doing it for the past 16 years or so, after all. Also, deal, I will have a great many questions about this... unique living arrangement." I thought.


I crossed through the doorway and I could smell tobacco. I always hated the smell. Burns my lungs. I looked over at the man smoking at the table. Something felt... off about him. I folded my hands in front of me and walked toward him. "Oh, uh... hello... are you one of the tenants?" I asked.

I looked at him, trying to pin down why I felt this... I finally forced myself to look directly into his eyes... that was it. His eyes... they lacked... something... life? It felt like... he was already dead, like I was looking into the same lifeless eyes of a cadaver. "Oh, ah... I'm Joe, so rude of me to not introduce myself first and just go right ahead and begin asking questions, do please forgive me!" I said, holding out my hand for a handshake.

It... was more to test a hypothesis more than anything else, I wanted to feel his body temperature. This man had at least seemed to have been acknowledged by others here. If... he were also a demon, someone who is no longer truly part of the living, then it would give credence to the demon theory and give me some peace of mind to my mental stability. Maybe it wasn't time to go ahead and introduce me to a nice padded cell and a strait jacket.

I did my best not to look directly at her. Mind reading and demons, alright, well, this either means that my fragile psyche has finally broken, or this is actually happening. Not really looking forward to prospects in a mental asylum, I chose to believe that there were demons until evidence was provided that showed that I was insane. "Alright, demons and mind reading, weird combination, but hey,
lots of crazy things in this world we cannot explain, yes?"
I wondered, I took a quick glance at the boxes, pretending like I was just appraising that I had indeed put everything back inside.

"Hey, I only did that to provide a distraction because a certain someone had gone in the doorway and, no offense, but doesn't look like your normal average sight outside of a convention hall, they might've freaked out and the last thing I need today is the police coming to investigate a disturbance about the existence of demons." I thought, I looked back at the others again."And as for being interesting... there's nothing interesting about me, I'm just your normal average college student." I thought.

I felt a light tapping on my shoulder and noticed one of the files that had fallen out had shifted closer to me. I was certain that I had heard someone. I had a feeling it was whatever I had seen before. I gave a slight nod in the direction that I felt the tapping coming from and quickly slid the file into one of the boxes. I heard the voice in my head and did my best not to seem surprised by this turn of events. "Well,
this is interesting, telepathic communication. Who are you?"
I wondered.

@Prosaic @Peridot @GreenGo

I looked back at the others and chuckled awkwardly, trying for it to not appear that I hadn't just tried communicating with something in my head. "I-I'm so sorry, I can trip right over my own two feet sometimes, ya know?" I asked. I stood up and brushed myself off, grabbing the rest of strewn files, books, and clothing and quickly stuffing them back into the boxes. Once that was finished, I turned back toward the others. "U-um... my name is Joseph Wahrheit, it's nice to meet you!" I said.

I remembered what the landlady had said and I quickly turned around, walked over to the front door, and shut it. I listened to the question that was asked and couldn't help but suppress a smile. Obviously there was something up with this house, but not in the way that one would normally think of. It'll be interesting to get to the bottom of this.

For the first one, it just says any old object, I'm sure it could be a can, as for the rest of those questions, you'll have to ask her.

According to the info that we have, it would have to be the demons to instruct the humans to do the ritual. So, I'd assume that most demons would know.
Oh, @Dealdric was your character cloaked? I had Joe notice her and then create a distraction so then no one else would notice. XD
I looked up at the sudden stomping noise coming from what I would presume to be the kitchen. What I saw was definitely... strange. Some sort of creature... maybe a person in a costume? It definitely looked like it didn't want to be seen. I could see why, anyone seeing that might get a bit freaked out and cause an unnecessary commotion. I guess I could help it... I turned and walked toward my boxes and then suddenly "tripped". "WAH!" I cried out.

I slammed right into my boxes, causing them to tumble over, some of the contents sliding out. A few folders, a couple of books, and some clothing. "Owowowowowow!" I rubbed my head. There was no way that they wouldn't take notice of such a commotion. I just hoped that they wouldn't go through my things.

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