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Current Power is not will: it is the phenomenon of physically making things happen
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Se sarete quello che dovete essere, metterete fuoco in tutta Italia, non tanto costì
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Up against a machine too strong. Pretty politicians buying souls from US are puppets..Who'll find their place in line.
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The moderators here are pretty nice.
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To bad I can't change my name to Mobius.


I am an old roleplayer from the days of Dial-up where everyone went home to roleplay anime adventures after watching their afternoon toonami run, and probably older than that. I started around the late 90s distinctively because I recall playing Final Doom and Metal Gear Solid while trolling Compuserve chat rooms and roleplaying so maybe a year before 99 or 98 generously? Speaking of Compuserve.

After the amount of FUN I had in AOL I switched ISPs because AOL sucked in terms of service. I got to taste blood in PVP beyond the scope of what I already obtained in AOL.. my own blood. I saw the contrast between different fighting styles and fell in love with such an idea of an infinite universe of roleplay fighting, but not before my bewildering OTK. AOL had its great fighting talent, but Compuserve's original Zones pvp was a different beast entirely. There was no rhyme or reason. There was only fighting and permanent (almost) killing. People spent days researching frivolous AskJeeve science articles, obscure words, not-established supernatural theories, actual unproven theories, and overall cheapness to kill other players. I changed. I went from barely spelling to spelling decently. I vested time in the ability to put my wit against the locals on a daily basis and the excitement of dueling, raids, or simple death matches.

Then I forgot there was an entire universe, and fell in love all over again. I lost internet but gained determination. I'd discover free-form roleplaying on RPGchat back in 2003 and changed once again. I was introduced to a more laid back but sensible scale of power-efficiency. These people were more concerned about player positioning and simplicity than abstract and absurd metaphysics, and though Compuserve's meta had remain true to function it didn't offer the tone to level down a bit to something comprehensible. Scale the pointless and streamline your idea. The universe was a big place for me and I think that excited me more. My ambition for battle and war matched now a bigger scale and I would fight randoms all over to just prepare for it. RPGchat was good for one specific thing and that's style in writing. Forum based roleplaying focused specifically on how well you actually wrote circa 2004 and up, and my propensity for verbosity had to adjust. Transitioning is a term I'd use but you'd think I was talking about an operation.

2005 got my net back and suddenly my 3 to 4 paragraph barely able to post a day became a tremendous 7 paragraph and up epic for a specific fight because I. Love. This. So. Much. Ask Reno. My fight bout back into the game was by-far the most intense nights of my career because I was active, fierce, and finally took in everything I've learned. My character then is my main now. Jhieten represents that drive and dedication I put in from hours of even attempting to get one hour of net in a forum that demanded a decent level of quality in modern-fantasy clan feuding. An addiction is one that requires a fix from a fiend. You can't fix passion. I OTK'd Murrocko something nasty he never recovered from. I wonder till this day if he still thinks about that. Reno's proposal to go around wrecking shit titillated me more than the act itself. I think that's what makes me fight PVP. The idea of just fighting and killing itself is much more exciting and keeps me focused; however, let's ignore the paranoia some of my Ls awarded me. No one talks about their defeats. Shhhh.

2005 is my best year. Fighting here. Killing there. Being apart of a big clan and being its main big bad enforcer guy. I messed it up introducing Delve to Reno and had to kill the operation. I lament that still. Poor Reno. He was in the way of our cross-fire. Fellow zoner rivalry has its casualties I'm afraid, but it isn't like I didn't suffer. I became a moderator on Animeleague. That's pain. I became a new moderator for a new clan nation section thanks to Rita and... yeah, Delve; unfortunately, that was short lived because of a combination of both roleplay shenanigans and personal issues that were concurrent and intertwined. I broke my own separation of business and personal. We all learn the hard way. Back to RPGchat.

2006 is a year I don't like talking about. Let's talk about 2007. I did absolutely nothing of value on RPGchat because I got a little too caught up in making trouble ooc, arguments, and playing DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Sorry Ru; however, this is the year that changed everything. TheZones Duel League. A tournament I made to just run a tournament on a forum no one cares about but me. I modeled the damn thing out of my love of Compuserve's zones which precipitated my penchant for unwarranted violence and murder. Compuserve no longer had its actual players in it so it's time to reinvent the wheel -- make it better. What a year to learn that players will cheat to win and cause drama. Taste of my own medicine (except the cheating part). TZDL2007 didn't change how I viewed the game anymore than just restructuring the definitions of rules and being more concrete; by the way, changes that are huge are usually subtle and slow. I say that unironically.

2009 though. I got Paradox, Ru came around, Argryia... what a player. Basically I got some veterans I knew from AOL and one from MSN (Mystic). Decoy got training to get into Vertex (we were going to crash RPGchat) and ran another fun tournament. This was a bit different though. I got to see Ares get completely crushed by Ru. Holy hell I didn't know she can play that way. Oh snap Argryia is actually pre -- THE $%#@ IS STRING META?! WHAT?! So that can be done.. I always wondered that. Huh.. guess Mystic couldn't handle that. Poor guy. Paradox why did you even use an EMP bomb that early? Now I have to call Meta-game. Everyone seemed to LOVE the definition list though. I learned that I've acquired a new talent and love for the game that transcended even violence itself. I discovered there's order in what people believed is chaos, and they didn't know because these phenomenons didn't have definitions. They were never invoked by name but by action. Man this universe gets bigger the smaller an object actually is. Then TZDL2011 hit and blew everything away. There's a demand.

At first people just like the definition list and some sites asked to borrow it. Ok cool, but now they are asking me to write more. They want to know these terminologies. There's a name for occurrences. I overhauled my baby, made live-streams, podcast interviews, and general fun asshattery in our ooc or phone conferences. I got to meet the wonderful people of ZEJ (once was called CoU) and that's how I got acquainted with Keileon (known as Jason at the time). Draven finally joined. Argryia and Ru is there and the first clan rivalry between the AoA and.. Vertex? Well can't really have a clan rivalry in a tournament that has people representing themselves but Lokanas sure believed he'd beat Argryia. I warned him not to underestimate her cause she's a girl. I know he thinks I fucked him over but that OTK is now legacy to a player who became the literal embodiment of top tier play at the time. She'll thank him moreso than insult the guy, but I'm sure his scorn is much more lethal. TZDL2011 was the height of some of the ooc memes and fun but I learned a lot about being a judge and running an event, a community, and myself. I've learned to calm down. I want my players, assets, to have fun. They like the balance, meta, and information. I will give them even more next time. They'd have to just wait 8 months for a semi-finals round... oops. $#@! Skypark.

TZDL2012 is when I learned the meta from a much more bigger picture and every year since my understanding grew. I became content in watching my players compete and perform to expected levels though Argryia just kept growing. Really. I got to see Paradox and Seth Mayvus come around, Draven compete, Keileon compete, Goliath debuts, Ru come back, and Argryia showing everyone she is a legitimately good player. I was not defanged -- quite the opposite. I realized my fangs needed sharpening, but it isn't your bite that's lethal. It's the force. What I saw there changed everything and it all came together again.. until certain shit happened but we'll just not bring it up. Sorry Seth and Paradox because your match suffered because of it.

From there on my love for exploration overcame the game itself.. by exploring the game itself.

Instead I invested my time understanding concepts, tactics, theories, and even functions of the game I thought I knew and I kind of actually did. That's not the thing that surprised me. What surprised me is that EVERYONE already knows.. they just don't know they are invoking these concepts, at least not by name or a uniformed jargon.. maybe lexicon? I'm not in the mood to synonym this. From here on I am much more interested in seeing new applications of the meta or how it's used rather than beating someone up.. but that's because I want to see order and structure to some degree. Prometheus Project. Not related to NASA. Dabo Ignem. I'll be punished accordingly, but first the mission. I dedicate a lot of my brain power into roleplaying and not just going in a thread and pretending to be a weeb because that doesn't interest me.. not in the conventional way. It's full-circle here. The competitive streak of the original zones and the free-form liberty of 2005 where RPGchat's c/g and Animeleague's.. CN? I don't know. Whatever. Anyway the free-form thing. Yeah. That. Bring back a time of roleplay where pvp was fun as much as it was deviously competitive, but this time with some uniformity and some structure. Definitely NO POLITICS.. unless IC where most people's attention SHOULD BE AT!

V ---------- Too Long Don't Care ----------- V

I like rp fighting and stuff. I people watch in all sorts of sites and arenas for fighting just to see how people move/do. That's why I am here now.

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  • Mitsu Mazono is located at P1.B: 2nd stage 394' elevated from the base platform facing west.
  • Dias Blade designated his starting point at P2.B: roof top south. Straight line to P1.B
  • Dias did not adequately position himself at the starting location as required when participating this match. P2.B is on the roof of the building across from P1.B over 600' away, but Dias remained in the building instead.
  • The ability to manipulate spirits, ghost, or apparitions is not in Dias' profile sheet (Damaru Chikara) for him to not only determine the power level his foes, but to scramble his own presence using these methods.
  • Damaru Chikara does not contain pertinent feats relating to concealing the presence of its user.
  • The extrasensory range of Damaru Chikara does not have a definitive range. Dias sensing Mitsu over 627.8' feet away goes beyond the allotted limits given to other competitors in this tournament.
  • The magnitude requires to toss an entire 351.5'x185 (not including z height) building boarders schedule 2 in power.

Verdict The fight continues with 3 stipulations. The building toss, initiated by Dias Blade, can be mitigated freely by Decoy's Mitsu Mazono at his absolute discretion as a penalty for Dias' utilizing a schedule 2 attack. Decoy may dispense of the upcoming threat as he desires in a conventional matter (dodge or block it). Another stipulation is the revealed location of Dias Blade as failure to meet the conditions required by his starting point. Dias must be at the roof of the very building he occupies at some point in his introduction stated by the rules of the tournament:

"Maps will contain spawn locations from where a player MUST be during their introduction whether in the beginning or end of it." ~ TZDL2017 - Combat General 4th Bullet1

Mitsu Mazono from this ruling forward will know the location of his opponent until such a time Dias may be concealed or hidden from his adversary within reason.

Damaru Chikara will be given a provision mandating that it will have an extrasensory of 200' which is 100' more than the unmentioned regulation imposed on other combatants as compensation on an oversight by the judges; however, Dias is in violation of a previous verdict issued during the Sudden Death conditions addressing explicit use of elements/powers beyond what was stated in his profile submission.

"Penalty and enforcement: Dias is restricted only purely to his profile sheet and provisions. He may improvise provided his character abilities allow it strictly." ~ TZDL2017 - Semi Finals (Xavier Bloodbayne vs Dias Blade)2

Dias Blade cannot use spirits, ghost, apparitions, and etc as an auxiliary extrasensory nor could Damaru Chikara conceal or shroud it operator from sensory of others whether "paranormal" or otherwise. Use of "spirits and ghost" in Dias' previous posts was only in flavor text and not, nor shall be, functional in this match or this tournament. Decoy you may post at your discretion. I will be making an edit to the original post of this threat in the Rules section to correct P2.B and P2.A's description. They are reversed in text despite what the diagram says.
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Hey! You two! Availabilities! I bet you haven't heard that in awhile.

Duel League

Vorka City

Location: Vorka City, Chukotka.
Date January 3rd.
Weather: Cloudy, mildly windy.
Temperature: 19°F
Special condition: Characters know of each other's names and that this is the conclusion of an event.
Distance:To be determined by player starting locations.

Posting format:
After both fighters have posted, the initial poster will be allowed to make the first strike in their second post.

Format of the fight:
The battle ends when one fighter cannot actively fight any longer.

  • The surrounding buildings vary in dimensions and role.
  • The only structure with any solidified dimensions is the center tower at the Town's Square.
  • Players may describe the environment as they like based on the flavor provided.
  • The Power-Station center of the town will not be destroyed by this fight with any one attack. Not even small portions or pieces of it and neither the actual Vorka Tower
  • The Station's Generator has no power or material in it for power.
  • Power-Station's trusses and struts are coated for erosion and electrical resistance rated up to more than 3GW.
  • Characters may only know each other's name and reputation of their bouts up to this point. They cannot ascertain any sensitive information related to the profile sheets of involved parties.
  • There is to be NO building greater than the Vorka Tower in size.
  • You are disallowed to edit your post without permission from Mobius and/or acknowledgment from your opponent. Once your opponent has posted, the previous post YOU make shall remain untouched unless authorized. I will immediately disqualify you if you edit post after your opponent post (with some exceptions)
  • All other structures other than the Vorka Tower is free-game.
  • Vorka Tower's spawns are as followed: P1A, first level 200' from the concrete platform below the tower; P1B, 2nd stage 394' from the platform facing west; P1C, anywhere near the tip at ranges of 1300' to 1500'.
  • Player 2 starting locations are: P2A,middle of the road south;P2B,roof top south across P1.B;P2C,roof top south closer to the tower.
  • Diagram is here
  • Theme here

Flavor Text

The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug sat north-east of Russian Federation's mainland, and wasn't a federal subject of Russia until 1991. A region loosely populated with a history of mineral mining from tin, gold, and graphite industries in the past, but by-large wilderness inhabits this immense province. Chukotka shares its population rank with Nenet Autonomous Okrug in least populated federal subjects at 82th and an estimation of 50,000 living inhabitants according to their census. A region divided by an arctic desert, a taiga, and a tundra. These segmented parts of Chukotka are administered by 6 districts, but Anadyrsky stationed a particular unregistered city during the soviet union despite being an oblast. A site which aided mineral and mining prospects with expansion unto exotic technological possibilities, and suddenly snuffed away concurrently of the Soviet's fall.

Vorka City was a metropolitan mega-city developed specifically for industry involving rare metals composites several miles north from city limits into the crag. Soviets started development in 1950 but didn't accelerate their progress until 1970 when a German expatriate named Volker Ziegler divulge prospects of a new type of generator. Prospects for an entirely new processing facility using a high power non-nuclear facility seemed enticing, but the creation of Vorka Tower off of Volker's schematics and notes suggested greater possibilities into space exploration. 1978 saw completion of Volker's 1500' tower reminiscent in design to the Eiffel Tower in France, but with exception to a distinct edifice nestled perfectly within its lattice construction. A brass colored support building offered integral support up to 2 platform levels out of concrete, but ended at the upper 3rd and tip. These subsequent levels coordinated with heavy machinery took brunt weight of hundreds of tons worth of man-made power. Inspiration from Paris' landmark was not purely coincidental given the intention of Volker's project in collaboration with Soviet intelligence. The city, and tower, was named adequately for what could be considered not revolutionary to sciences, but evolutionary to physics itself.

Vorka tower housed a deeper secret. A clandestine operation of maximum importance to utilize a specific energy or rather channeling the transmission of one. Volker posit that reality, even at an estranged super-physical level, held an emission of undetermined energy; however, this phenomenon was only conceivably detected in red shifting radio waves and was not capable of physical interaction since the cosmos was, in fact, the incoming radiation of said energy. It would be dubbed "Radaeon" these red-shift radiowaves could potentially generate mechanic possibilities beyond what could be humanly attainable. Volker proved his findings back in Germany during World War 2 by his mentor, but no workable mechanism existed until 1948 with pioneering understanding of Cosmic Background Radiation that deviated from the theory of Radaeon. This research offered beneficial insight into its rediscovery in the 1960s, but Soviet Russia panicked by the likelihood of Western interest into investigating Radaeon. France's Eiffel tower's open-lattice design allowed only micro-readings of Volker's red-shift waves but needed a generator that would either draw or conflict with any tangible forces. Vorka City, originally named Анатолий, would be proposed as a suitable exclusionary site from Western intelligence in the infancy of spy satellites with Volker given width for maximum coverage. Citizens were informed the tower served as a land-mark of Soviet technological prowess since its antenna array provided bandwidth range further than any building to date, and that such a feat would be a momentum to national pride. The antenna, apex of the tower's constricting coil tip, would broadcast globally unlike any man-made edifice before it; however, they were only told a half-truth since Russian security classified the site until the fall and even then was forgotten by time. The city's derelict state was not a consequence of negligence, but a product of awry.

1989 and Vorka Tower conducted several test proving conclusively the existence of Volker's Radaeon; albeit, no practical utilization came to and the Soviet's budget began to tank. Space exploration along with missile development sunk most of anyone's fiances and their investment in Radaeon to break their technological barrier proved insufficient let-alone fantastical. Military involvement rushed experimentation stages in a fruitless endeavor to any meaningful advance in beating fossil fuel engineering as this power projected to even change gravitational constants. With one stroke of genius did a brilliant magenta spark illuminated the entire province. A small surge with enough luminescence to be seen from orbit, but dim enough to be admired for what appeared to be answer to futility. For a brief moment the generator inside of the brass-colored building ran at absolute to spec efficiency, and for a few seconds would a splendid fuchsia shift into a radiant red luster that all machinery activated on their own with no intended purpose. Electricity malformed in conformity with Radaeon and all witness with uncertainty what the future held until a singular dash beamed outward. A translucent red ray streamed north and carved onto the crag a sharp horizontal line which bisected it. For a moment it seemed that harnessing the red-shifting energy of the universe was too much for man, but it was knowledge he lacked is what truly killed him. What stood of Vorka city now is buried in ruble, snow, and ash as a result. Vorka's town-square that centered its greatest attraction remained relatively in tact, but every other building all throughout decayed under ruin from partially destroyed buildings. A war-zone became what was a mega-city offering to surpass Jakarta now rest abandoned. Residential portions annihilated, skyscrapers strewn across, leveled business districts, and deeply scarred terrain is its only denizens. Survivors described armageddon with God vengefully cleaving heaven and earth with electricity coiling around swords of light.

The Soviet Union will fall in 1991 along with any prospect in Radaeon. Vorka City became lost in Chukotka's various mountain ranges, plateaus, and even steppes to the arctic wasteland. Snow and ash occupy once prosperous ideas of a powerful Soviet future. Many surrounding buildings either crumbled or its guts exposed and buried under a dirty dark white. This former mining town that was no stranger to dirt-storms now couldn't discern ash from snow peppering the ground in a grueling pattern of black and white from soot. Fires extinguished by natural forces that happened upon them and it seem even certain skyscrapers were dissected, striped, or lathed with symmetrical holes bore into them. Their prime would not tower over Vorka Tower but what devastated this city proved why they had no chance of doing so. Surveying from a bird's eye view one could determine where beams of Radaeon struck and drew across the city. Buildings, floor, and everything caught in its path completely obliterated and these large trenches now filled with debris and snow. No human is permitted access to this remote settlement for sink-holes and "trench" traps make it unsafe even for excavation. Anyone alive rather forget and any possible coordinates can only be obtain from satellite with all roads eradicated or entombed. Most of the copper, aluminum, and salvageables stripped in 1995 render this place "no man's land". Federation Scientist are frightful of atmospheric damaged caused by the incident correlating the city's temperature even during winter to be uncharacteristically high, and believed any ray escaping earth's gravity may have permanently damaged this side of the globe. Communist Russia's collapse and its ambition could be attributed to happened here: the totality of a true cold war made manifest.

For the tower itself? It remained unscathed since its construction. It rested on a purely concrete pedestal 9' high with its south facing facade sloping to the large road that allowed trucks and other convoys to pass security. The southern road had no intersection for a mile and the square traffic circle bused industrial cargo or business depots off the side around the premises. The concrete platform under the tower raised its elevation only 9' feet with no other possible entrance except the south road. Any provisional checkpoints are gone or left abandoned with a large empty space of sullied snow between a city and its monstrosity. The first upper level will not be for another 200' with an additional 194' to the 2nd stage above it. The intermediary stage, not supported by the Power-Station, is 264' after the 2nd stage with the final upper platform at 262' above that. For simplistically: 200' from the ground level, 394 2nd stage, 658' intermediary, final upper platform 920', upper sup-station check point 1300', and the antenna apex at 1500'. The power station inside Vorka's tower is 500' up with its roof acting as a closed off walking area only accessible through climb or the station itself with surrounding trusses camouflaging its interior. Said power-station's width matched the tower's inner dimensions (224' 6 15/64th" all sides) with each level having 2 mega-doors facing both North and South sides. These doors have been sealed since the 1990s with possible means of entry. If one were to explore the station they'd find the remains of only catwalks and an empty basin where a large generator once rested. Vorka's tower struck semblance of the Eiffel in all but its upper levels. A coiling lattice of steel gave the sup-section checkpoint an interesting aesthetic much akin to a coil which bulged. It seems the only age befallen Vorka was rumor.
~ Mobius - TZDL2017 Finals

Dias Blade advances to the finals. Xavier Bloodbayne went far on his first try and hopefully he'll get better opponents for the next tournament. This match was stressful and grueling where both fighters did everything they can to get a victory and next time perhaps this fight will be a lot more fleshed out.
@Xavier Bloodbayne @Dias Blade

Letting you both know that the ruling has been made.
  • Xavier's stated in his previous post to be 4 times more than steel, but it is only 2 times according to his profile sheet.[url=http://][/url]
  • It isn't entirely stated in Xavier's profile sheet the amount of in-depth and precise atomic manipulation of Dread Metal, nor the ability to prevent the already permeating effect of Dias' Flash Freeze.
  • Though Xavier can manipulate his Dread Metal it cannot be determined rightfully his ability to undo the effects of being frozen established being frozen. Thawing implies the action to resolve whereas Xavier opted for a retrofit of his brain being of Dread Metal. This will count as a retroaction.
  • Xavier describe the futility of shattering his Dread Metal despite having an established threshold in his profile sheet.
  • Dread Metal has established targets to Xavier's anatomy that does not include the brain: "Is worked into muscles, tendons and skeleton." ~ Xavier Bloodbayne, Dread Metal - 5th bullet.
  • Xavier's brain was not described having previously been or infused with Dread Metal.
  • The prevention of "ice infiltration" on an atomic level may prove impossible because the Flash Freeze will cause the target to be frozen with "ice crystals" forming which is a separate effect. Xavier has already acknowledged to being frozen previously.
  • Bloodbayne's muscles do have interwoven Dread Metal properties microscopically implanted.
  • Xavier hit the floor. The initial time in which he rested on the floor was 2 seconds. Dais unleashed his explosions at the time of his first frozen body bounce and half of the 2 seconds at "rest".
  • The narration of Dias' explosion is as followed: A series of consecutive explosions traveled to the target and exploded. The target, Xavier, will be caught between explosives and crushed between the concussive forces. The power of such an event would allegedly destroy him into "zillions" of pieces, tear him physically apart, or "at least" turn his brain into a jelly state and "liquefy" his insides.

Xavier's previous turn before the latest had not established the effects of Dread Metal premeditation. Xavier spent the turn after the initial ruling bouncing and laying in rest for a 2 second duration. Dias Blade will unleash his series of explosions at the location in which Xavier is at rest. The time it'd take the explosions to reach Xavier was stated to be half of the rest seconds of Xavier's resting period in which he denoted a 2 second lapse. That's 1 second in total during the time Xavier was on the floor.

The next point comes from Xavier's description of Dread Metal. Dread Metal is only described to be twice as strong as steel; however, strength of a metal doesn't denote it's hardness nor how tough it is. That being said it is a minor point of contention since not only did the profile mention impact thresholds as a comparable but the idea supported by the words of his profile sheet allows him to be "incorrect" in terminology. Dread Metal is NOT 4 times as great as Steel nor has his brain at any point been infused with Dread Metal. It is debated if his brain can acquire the attributes of Dread Metal on 2 merits: There's specific anatomical areas in which Xavier's Dread Metal targets stated in his profile sheet ("Is worked into muscles, tendons and skeleton." ~ Xavier Bloodbayne, Dread Metal 6th Bullet), and not sufficiently bestowing these properties before these explosions were initiated. Xavier stated the issues of shattering his body is contingent of Dread Metal being consistent with his physiology, but Dread Metal is only comparable in hardness to Tungsten Carbide.

Dias Blade's explosions were described to cause an Earth-Quake upon activation. Since Xavier's brain cannot be reasonable converted to Dread Metal without supporting evidence, and prior frozen, the resulting concussive forces and shock-waves in the vicinity of those explosions would rattle the organ in place within the metallic cranium. These resounding forces vibrating Xavier in place in a confined area would shatter the crystallized brain. Dias attack came from two opposite points from each other closing onto the target. The over-pressure of both explosions will collide immensely against itself with Xavier between them. The dispersal is limited because the arena is indestructible which would channel and focalize the explosion. Any fracturing of Xavier's skeleton that could result from the explosion going inward can be fatal, because shrapnel from the inner cranium walls could penetrate his brain and kill him. Shock-waves from these explosions bare the lethality to rupture lungs and induce brain injuries alone. The potential of colliding with the indestructible arena from a short distance at tremendous velocity adds significant chances of destroying the cranium contents from within, and considerable power is describe to liquefy any internal organs if sufficient exterior damage was not inflicted.

It cannot be supported that Xavier is likely to live through this attack having been previously immobilized and established frozen. Bloodbayne's brain cannot be fashioned into a Dread Metal object nor would his ability to prevent the freeze be doable as the freeze and ice crystals were already established prior to his recent post. Xavier's frozen brain, within the limited time Dias permitted, would not undo what was already a resolved action. The traumatic concussive forces Xavier's body is being tossed about with would have destroyed his brain whether or not it was completely frozen from kinetic transference. Xavier's attempt to suggest his brain is made of Dread Metal in response would be considered a retro, and if it was only in response then it would not be possible with his liquid Dread energy also being frozen. Liquid Dread energy is a substitute for blood that allows the activation of Dread Metal which is frozen from Dias' Flash Freeze. This will be considered the critical piece for our investigation to determine Xavier's finality since he'll need to have liquid dread energy to flow for the allowance of his effect.

Dias has won this match.
Redacted post. Ignore.

Technical error on our side. This post will have a verdict in it.
Oops. I got to apologize to @Rilla and @GreenGoat for not including you. I just wasn't sure. Updated.
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