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Current @Todd Howard Women can be daedra, men wear overly elaborate new armor, eldritch monsters flood the fields, dragons are Randy Savage, and the Dragonborn is now obsessed with tea and skrimsawing.
5 days ago
@VeyrinDay Rocket was just yakuza/mob type criminals who stole things and seemed to have this low key plan to capture Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon.
6 days ago
... Poe's Masque of Red Death is a bit too on point for this era I swear.
6 days ago
SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE BALLPARK IS A LIE! People still ride up your butt everywhere!
6 days ago
"I have two tickets to baseball, you're coming with me." "But tens of thousands of people..." "Distancing is still a thing." Getting dragged to a ballpark by family I hate everything about this.


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Can't find the animated version but
<Snipped quote by ModeGone>

I think I've gotten the picture, although it's still a little confusing. I do think that simply being able to make himself two-dimensional would be a very useful Power in and of itself, without any extra confusion. Is able to become just a line in his game?

Kiiiiiind of? The thing about him becoming a line in the game is because when you see yourself use the Flip within a dimension you are turning your character sideways. Because they're a flat character and the rim of the paper-figure is facing the screen, they become "invisible". In the Paper Mario series you had all kinds of weird shenanigans playing on the "paper" theme like getting folded up into a paper airplane to fly across long distances or walking through iron bars because you're paper-thin. Changing dimensional perspective is following that kind of effect but with a result.

However like I said this is a 3D person. Trying to rework this effect without being a simple rotation implies that there's an actual effect. Since its not an Illusion and doesn't have anything to do with light I can't say that he looks invisible until you put your hand where really is and you feel him. So I'm overthinking this...

The two main effects that Flip has:
  • Letting you walk around objects (be they enemy, prop, or attack) by going down the other axis.
  • Travel to another world/dimension.

With the first form it is technically turning invisible and has been used to this effect by various characters. But you're still physically there so things like weight remains the same and since you only see the characters in the game from the side/front perspective I like to think that top-down would be a whole other story. Given the setup and how the effect has an actual upgradable timer in game, I'm going to say it'll last two or three posts in the current form. I also like the idea that light casting shadow on the "invisible" character would let you see the shadow as if the figure was standing there normally as it would give more of a challenge to sneaking around.
With the second I have it completely blocked until necessary because we're on one world and the character would take the opportunity to ditch given half a chance.

So in theory he could just be turning into a line because going from 3D to 2D would have a weird visual effect. Or following the displayed effect in the game he'd be "turning into a line" because of the way dimensional perspective is warping around him. In the end its the same kind of result but it has different connotations in my head that I'm having a tricky time spitting out.
I went with the dimensional shift because I imagined he was in the middle of changing locations when the Super Paper Mario multiverse got attacked. I can change it.

As for the "seen from the front" due to him being a 3D being rather than 2D sprite in a 3D map I was picturing his dimensional shift making him look like a line at all angles like when you look at a billboarded sprite and see the same exact flat image at every rotation.
One of the giveaways I was thinking of was that his shadow would still look normal in spite of him having a less visible form. Another was that seeing him from above or below gives him away.

Good to hear that the sheet's almost ready to go!
Not me exactly but my brain:
I fixed up and updated the character. Here's the l-oser.

Hey Radd... Remember these?

Welcome! Mind if I ask what systems and MMOs you've rped in? I have fond memories of the sheer versatility of Champions and really enjoyed reading the Shadowrun sourcebooks.
I've been itching to RP fandom stuff lately. If someone is interested, we can set up a 1x1 or small group for one of the following:

Mario - Mario stuff in general not a specific plot or setting. I tend to reference anything and everything in the franchise so it could be anything from a grudge match between Mario and Bowser to Mushroom Kingdom denizens chatting about the latest Kart Tournament's fundraising efforts to repair stuff ruined by the last Dark Land invasion.

Pokemon - Humans but in non-trainer professions. I'd love the chance to explore the setting outside of the focus of Gyms and battles. So for example Rangers or Archeologists. Predominantly Game-derived but there's bits and blobs floating in the back of my head from PokeSpecial and the Electric Pikachu Boogaloo manga, plus half-remembered stuff from the early seasons and some films.

Undertale - ... yeah, I still have Undertale on the brain. I mostly RP as canonical characters (ex: Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey, Gerson) but some friends got me able to do Fell, Outer, Reaper, and Horror variations, as well as Undyne. I also have Deltarune's Spade King and Jevil, and an idea I had for what Deltarune Papyrus might be like based on how everything that shaped his bombastic personality in UT was different or gone.

Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts - As a warning I've yet to play KH3 because PS4 was stupidly overpriced for a while, so I'm still avoiding all spoilers on KH3 until I can get my hands on a system. I have however played almost every title in the series to completion and love it to bits (in spite of the constant headaches and sheer pulling-out-of-pants bull). That said I'd love to do something with Final Fantasy or have more of a focus on Squaresoft and Enix characters within the KH setting. Like for example facing Live A Live's Odio as a Heartless or Lifeform Hojo N as a Nobody.

I can also do fandom stuff with characters from said settings with characters from settings I am not familiar with or not expecting if someone wants to do crossover stuff.
These songs are still lodged in my head and overlapping:

Thanks for the welcome!

Mr. L is an easy fallback. Considering how much of a jerk he is, he's a fun jerk and has the most existing connections.
Jevil takes some work but whenever I write out his dialogue there's a certain rhythm to him. Also half the time I can't even predict what he'll do next. A friend jokes that the Jester Dimension beams his posts through me. He'd be the most wild card character of the bunch but at least he'd be entertaining.
Metal Sonic is also a fallback but I haven't done Sonic stuff in a long time. Which does mean he is admittedly the weakest of the three.

Wasn't quite sure how Kindred Spirits worked, I'll think them over.
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