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14 days ago
Current the trees have gone broadway i repeat the trees have gone broadway
14 days ago
I just got Paper Mario Origami and wOW bold move making the opening feel like a horror movie, Nintendo.
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18 days ago
@Jerkchicken I like dumplings but ONLY dumplings? Not even any real meat, or fake meat like seitan? Where's the fruit or veggies? Wheat? Potatoes? VARIETY?! How can you only have one kind of thing?
19 days ago
The weirdest songs get lodged in my head. I haven't even listened to it in years and BAM suddenly Dominick the freaking Donkey is hee hawwing all across Italy in my brain.
20 days ago
Birthday came and went. Just another day now.
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I'm interested in joining but alas I am torn on whom to use. I did talk myself out of Xion (since I saw Master of Masters) and a White Mage though.
Here's the sheets as they stand. Suggestions on which to go with?

The answer is "yes" but at this second I'm typing up some dialogue samples for video game characters.
And going Spongebob Water meme on an old Mario rp idea.

From: Card Castle, Dark World
Setting: Deltarune

Weapon: Jevilscythe
Known Magic: Four Suit Attacks, Illusions, Weapon manifestation
Unknown Origin: Denial of Reality (capable of ignoring pain and natural bodily functions, presumed to be passive self-targetted illusions)

Sample Dialogue:
Uwe hee hee! Such an eager puppet, still tied up in its strings. I saw mine and saw myself free by sawing them off. Its in the joker's nature to run wild but we were so easily taken out of the deck - magician and jester alike. The Knight revealed his hand by removing the veil from my eyes but even with myself free to see the world as it truly is, I played into his hands and helped prepare the board for the Angels to play. The land is dark, the king's mind darker, and our future is yet darker still. I tried to keep it from coming true. Kings cannot be dethroned and jacks can't be unsure of their value if they are dead. Little dreamer, knife in your puppeteer's hand, your suite suits you even if it does not belong in your chest. A Ten or an Ace, either way you're part of the flush and at your puppeteer's command you'll wash the world red with nines. The only counter to your spree would be to refuse to play or hide behind a counter and play merchant. My dear sweet tom is safe from your play but you still can wind the world back down to zero and play again. So... Let's play play play and I'll make you pay for saving over what once was and never was yours.

Yeah, you're nuts sometimes.

Thanks and hello!
@Dark Cloud
Possibly, but equally possible are Undertale/Deltarune (I've been able to get a solid grip on Spade King and Jevil and still have Flowey, Papyrus, Sans, and Asgore) and Mario (Mr. L and Baby Bowser never left my grasp).
Indeed! I forgot what my username on site was, I'd be amazed if I remembered what yours was instead.
Thanks for the welcome thoug
Rad, buddy, your sig...
Hello, I was talking with a friend and I realized its been a while since I last was on the site. Imagine my shock and horror that its been two/four years since I last was on and last was in an rp.

Took a bit of hunting for my old password but I didn't have to make a new account!

So, uh, I'm ModeGone. I love video games and collaborating on stories, although the past while I have been rather busy and a lot of hobbies fell on the wayside. This past year alone has been hell and I'm slowly going nuts from lack of social Interaction and ability to wander freely.

As you can tell by my avatar I'm a big fan of Zelda (BotW is good but drives me nuts) and my username is derived from .hack// franchise although //GU has become more popular now thanks to the port so I'm not entirely sure if anyone is familiar with Morganna Mode Gone.

I hope to be able to hang around better this time. Hope you're all hale and hearty. 2020/2021 has been a hell of a ride.
Disconnects and delays.
@Holy Soldier
That's fine although I'm surprised he'll be going straight into a mission so soon after arrival.
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