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Hola muchachos, Moss aqui. Efectivo inmediatamente, es un sitió que sólo habla español. Por favor, tenga esto en mente para seguir adelante. ¡Muchas gracias!
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Hey guys, Moss here. I hope you are all enjoying your August 2nd celebrations and remember to celebrate safely. Party on!
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Directly revealing any portion of the secret chimichurri recipe would risk a breach of contract with the former site owner, but against my lawyer's judgement, I'll tell you that I hid it in Free.


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Monkeys are much smarter than most men. After they touch sake once, they never do it again.

Yukisaru Jirou, The Lonely Ape
Snow Monkey(鬼猿) | (二郎) Second Son


Jirou is an amalgamation of traits that don't seem to add up -- he wears a matching set of ivory-hilted daishō like a samurai, a string of prayer beads like a monk, and the loose-fitting, soiled garb of a peasant. He is markedly hairier than most men, given his northern blood, with a broader nose and sun-leathered skin. His build is robust and muscular without being tall, his voice a gravelly indication of his love for pipe tobacco, and his demeanor oddly positive. Aside from his swords, he carries a sake set containing a tall flask and set of two ceramic o-choko. Other than a set of steel shin guards, he carries zero armor.

Jirou has a trustworthy jolliness to him one would expect from a favorite uncle or barkeep. He makes crude jokes, holds doors open for women, and gives alms to begging monks. He carries the swords of a samurai, but avoids confrontation whenever possible and does not perform actions one would necessarily deem "heroic" -- Jirou is a pacifist who would sooner de-escalate disagreements before they become brawls, and who would sooner run away from a burning building than into one. His most oft-repeated catchphrase is "Better them than me."


Iron Monkey

Jirou is considered a master of his clan's school of swordplay -- the Iron Monkey style -- whose main tenet is to tire one's opponent with a flurry of parries and tumbles, causing opponents to constantly try to redirect their attacks. Having a nigh-impenetrable guard, Jirou typically tries to keep opponents on the offense at all times, chasing him and trying to break his defense until they are too tired or too enraged to focus on their own defensive maneuvers, at which point, he is comfortable striking back at whatever opening in their defense he can find. It is a style fit for one-on-one dueling, particularly against swordsmen who rely on their aggression.



The people of Tsukishima's northernmost province, while not as lowly as the burakumin, are treated apprehensively everywhere but their frozen homeland. Despite the fact that the north was only officially annexed by the empire four centuries ago, their customs and appearances are still decidedly "other" among the more refined southerners. Given that he practices the northern faith, he is forbidden from entering shrines of the Holy Path or temples of the Enlightened Path.


Jirou is a drunk, who stinks of sake more often than not. He tends to make a fool of himself when he is in his cups, and has been thrown out of more winesinks than he can count. When he is without alcohol for long enough, he tends to act impatiently and irrationally, especially in the search for more drink.
It is complete. Since this is a weird roleplay, you get a weird sheet. The first section is for your character without relating to their Supering career, the second section is about your character's current life Supering, and the third third is to show me you get the idea. Those of you who have demonstrated you get it will have no problem with this section, so I feel like less of a choad for making you prove you have the bigbrain necessary to bring your shovel to play in my sandbox. Anyway, three-part character sheet. Can't say I never dropped a character sheet now. For real though, those of you who have been waiting the longest have been waiting about a year for this lackluster sheet, so there is really no way to hit the nail on the head for apology or thanks. The rest of you, I do not feel as bad about, but still want to apologize for the timing and thank you for your patience.

Oh, and, stylize them as much as you want, just don't attach an image meant to be a representation, picture, or illustration of your character. Fancy names and brackets are cool if that's how you swing. Party on.

this was the only good idea i ever had

Ever since man has been capable of hitting other man with a rock, the world has been divided with power, between those who have it and those who do not. On this world, perhaps even more than ours, this division is more important than any other. Some secure power with the right mechanical gadgets and the years of study necessary to build them. Others seek out power at the bottom of a chemical vat, with the handshake of some otherworldly evil, or in the bite of a genetically unstable exotic pet. A few with enough money or federal funding simply strap six tons of bulletproof power over their chest and call it a day. All of these people, designated by their power, are known as Supers. Some are heroes. Some are villains. Universally, they're all pretty dramatic.

The powers that be reigning in these powerful persons are known as the United States Department of Hero Regulation and the Villain's International League of Evildoing -- they are the respective equivalents of a high-ranking government agency and an international labor union working in tandem to ensure the other side follows roughly the same rules. The fleshbound VILE Codex of Cruelty, for instance, shares no less than 500 identical pages to the official DHR Federal Mandates & Regulations Handbook, and this is no strange coincidence. Both sides have inscrutable teams of lawyers and investigative sub-agencies, and both sides are just about as scary as the IRS when you're on their bad side. Every ten years, they hold a summit to review and revise the rules, and the 2020 summit is to be held only seven days from our story's inception.

Supers!, which I am already regretting stylizing with an exclamation point, is to be a semi-sandbox story -- that means I am giving you a fair amount of freedom with your individual stories and themes -- with two overarching subplots going on for Heroes and Villains. I expect probably two people to apply to this, so accordingly, there are a bunch of rules (not in the annoying "i'm the GM i reserve the right to shit down your chimney" way) in order to ensure that these two people have sheets that demonstrate an understanding of this difficult-to-understand world. With that, I'll drop my GM voice and get down to it.

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