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@JunkMail@SepticGentleman Here is my CS. If anything needed to change please tell me. I don't even know if the character concept is good enough or still in need of more clarification. The superpower is purposefully left blanked as discussed in the Discord
I thought it was a cultist simulator from the topic. I am now reading the Jamestown simulation in Rts
Oranges can only save one. Bananas can save them all.

jokes aside, i'm interested.
@Plank Sinatra@Altered Tundra
I don't know if this character would fit the theme of the story, or the tone of it. So, if there is anything that needed to change, please tell. Thank you.
I mean if this is still open, I am all ears.
@Altered TundraHi, do you mind if I ask if this RP is still open for newcomer? Also, is the son of Hephaestus spot still open? Thank you.
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