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Current throw them to the wolves before they can do the same to you
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11 days ago
the justice that pushed for its overturn is now saying the supreme court should look to overturn the legislations on same-sex marriage and contraception, so
11 days ago
i am also far angrier. but i don't want to say things here that will get me banned
11 days ago
wishing love and safety to every vulnerable person in america right now. i am terrified for all of you





owen eighteen he/him bst (utc+1)

the artist formerly known as wade wilson (i know). haven't roleplayed consistently for two and a half years, crawling my way back into the hobby due to an undiagnosed and untreated stockholm syndrome. i enjoy essentially anything that isn't anime or arena, ymmv, but my main vices are slice-of-life, sci-fi and anything non-fandom superhero esque. sometimes there's more code in my sheets than there is content and lots of them look odd on mobile devices. i'm bisexual and transgender, and i wouldn't feel the need to say that if there weren't so many freaks on this website, so if you're not down with that shit then don't talk to me.


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That is unfortunate. It has nothing to do with taking what was a Federal decision in the United States of America and making it now a State by State decision in, again, the United States of America. I'm very sorry to hear your country is apparently trying to kill you, but it isn't really impacted by changes of law in an entirely different country.

don't talk to me like there's drool coming out of my mouth. these things will not remain isolated for very long. some states won't ban abortion, yes, but then they'll be pushing out a quick patch to fix that part too, and then another little bit, and another little bit, and another little bit, until people's rights are completely eroded while all people did was sit back and say "well aykchually!"

That will only impact them if they have or wish to have an (or another) abortion, and if they live in a State which decides to ban it. In such a case they should consider either moving to another state, which does not want to ban abortions, or going to another state to acquire that abortion. Several companies have pledged to help fund this.

yeah, cause everyone has the funds to just completely upend their lives and relocate, or the job security to work at disney, or google, or whatever other corporation that's winking at people with promises while passing a fat wad to the people responsible for this behind their backs. not to mention nobody should even have to do this in the first place. big "you think people aren't just going to sell their homes and move?" energy.

I am not the strawman you have built to do battle with. That is a big "if" but just in case you were actually curious and not just hurling insults, I do believe in bodily autonomy. I don't know what you're trying to say with a Centrist Devil's Advocate position, but calling people who are doing things you don't like pieces of shit is dehumanizing which is a core facet of the evil of facism.

dehumanising is seeing the same core group of people on this website constantly wave their hands in the air and feign ignorance about their own beliefs.
Aren't you charming. And if I'm not mistaken this change has zero impact on you. So all you've said applies to you as well.

well i actually have a uterus, for one. in areas where there is limited access to abortion care there is also limited access to transgender healthcare because they're more often than not provided by similar services. even in the places where it won't be limited, they're looking to do the same they did today to contraceptive laws and same-sex marriage laws anyway. the only real point in your favour is that i don't live in america, but i still live in a country that's trying to kill me in extremely similar ways.

i have a lot of friends in america. i've got friends who have had abortions. a lot of them live in states that will absolutely pounce on the opportunity to pass abortion bans. this affects them severely. i am angry for them and i am angry for all the people like me in america who are now in even more danger than they were before.

if you don't think vulnerable people deserve bodily autonomy you're fine to think that. don't dress it up with all this dogshit centrist devil's advocate bullshit of "not allowing people to be pieces of shit is fascism!".
That sounds a little authoritarian.

don't care. but neither do you, because you'll never be put at risk by any of these decisions, and your entire involvement in these discussions is your moral grandstanding knowing you can leave the conversation at any time and your life is no different. you have no worthwhile worldview or lived experience to contribute
there's only one opinion to have
In OBLIVION 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Good news. I got all of my shit together. I am more than ready to work on a post, if I am still apart of the game.

yep! i haven't counted you out dw, glad you managed to get things together
In OBLIVION 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
i like that conversation has turned to the time capsule and its contents, makes for a good segue when i get the 'official starting post' out
In OBLIVION 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Man, it was really difficult to just follow where everyone is and who is doing what. Please, let me know if I got something wrong in my post. I tried to sort of tie things together bit, but yeah, it was tricky.

i think you got it all! in my mind basically everyone is at the bar now but lucas, jack and sara
Man, fucking hungover today. Had a great after work last night, but I think I'm done on alcoholβ€”just too fucking old to get that smashed.

im over here feeling better the morning after drinking than i do on a daily basis
In OBLIVION 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
This was going to happen sooner or later.

oh shit, im gonna have to try this later with some pictures from my pinterest board as reference images
In OBLIVION 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

okay, things have slowed down since the initial inception but as long as people are still down for this and able to post i'll keep chugging along. i want to give this week for people to finish their interactions at p.j's, get everything all wrapped up with a neat little bow, and then i will be moving things onto the main events with everyone on the field mentioned ready to open the time capsule. please let me know if any of you feel like you can't commit for a period of time because i can accommodate some fuckery for a return later down the line
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