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So. For those of you who don't know. My life has been fairly hectic as of recent and I won't be able to keep up with this RP. At least for now. So, this is my statement that I am disappearing from this realm for now.

The Herald drifted slowly towards the throne room. As he traveled, many lesser demons that passed him recoiled at his sight.
The thought crossed his mind "It would seem this mask never shuts off, how peculiar." A small laugh escaped him, he found the thought of demons recoiling at the sight of a human soul quite amusing. The twisted metals and patchwork appearance of demonic architecture always baffled the doctor. Yes it appeared fearsome, but he was often left asking, why? Was it the jagged points that resembled the teeth of a gigantic beast? Perhaps the icons of skulls appearing so often caused the dread of oncoming death? Or maybe it was the mere fact that it was so unnatural that brought about instinctual terror. Whatever it was, he was sure of one thing. It worked.

As Tholman's mind drifted around, he came across a sight that snapped him to attention. Appearing, seemingly from nowhere, was a bee...person? Tholman sighed, he should be used to seeing the unnatural in Hell yet he continues being surprised. Within a few moments of her appearing, the bee-woman was suddenly being spoken to, well harassed more like, by a being who, in Tholman's Eyes, appeared like the wild amalgamations so often described by patients of the asylums. Tholman hardly left his quarters, as such he remains unaware of who either these beings are. Or perhaps his memory was slipping? Do souls decay? Tholman's mind ran off on another tangent. He sits there, silently contemplating if he remembers everything he should. A clawed hand coming to rest on the bottom of his beak-like mask.

The Butcher remained motionless in the Hangar. He had remained on call for the last few weeks. Being consistently sent out to deal with patrolling enemies and to gather intelligence. Though as of now he was unneeded. However, his sensors flared to life.
"Detecting Demonic presence. Objective: Capture and send for interrogation."

The massive mech turned and immediately, pulled out it's 6 blades, aiming at the point of origin, Henry. This caused a fair bit of chaos for the smaller grunts walking around as 21 meters worth of metal suddenly lurched outward.
"Submit to capture, demon."

Upon scanning the 'enemy' he found it to be Henry Avarita. An ally to the Machina, a very strong ally. The blades retracted, and Butcher returned to his standing position. Causing again, more havoc among the grunts.

Hope this is up to snuff! If not tell me what to change (Not that you wouldn't anyway but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I have edited his tactician skill to be more in line with his cold, cruel, and calculating nature instead of focusing on the tactician side of it. I have also given those spaces in the sample story.

In terms of fighting Machina combatants I mostly intended him to avoid direct fighting, with his primary form of 'Combat' against them being his Corrupting Touch combined with his Aura of Decay. But again, for the most part, even against non-Machina enemies he will generally be staying out of direct confrontation and more debilitating them.

I hope this is to your liking!

Hey there! So I made a CS. Please inform me if my attempt was not up to snuff, as well as if there are balancing issues I should address! (And if there are story things I did wrong and need to address etc. etc.)
So, Um.. Hi! I'm interested in this! I know I am but a mere child in terms of how long I've been on here, but I've been roleplaying for about 7 years now and this is just me arriving at this site. I'd be happy to play whatever role would 'fit' most comfortably, but if it's totally open as I suspect I would be interested in one of these Demon roles >:D
Wow, that is a faster reply than I am used to on forums XD
Hi! I'm Nogg! I've been roleplaying for a long time, and originally had my start on a forum site, but that one died and nobody got on anymore. So I stopped using it. It's been years since I've been on a forum, but I have a roleplay itch that even my constant D&D sessions can't quench.

So, uh... Here I am!
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