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Current Introduced my brother to RPG. Be ready to evacuate.
1 yr ago
fuk oof sun, we've been wishing for you for the past month but now that you've come out it's too hot
1 yr ago
Nothing says family bonding more than your old man screaming at you to scavenge for coppers down the sides of the chairs in his pigging car that hasn't been used in the last 20 years...
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1 yr ago
Don't you all just love it when someone screams at you to fix something but then screams at you for fixing it because they think you are destroying it.
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1 yr ago
Just 'cause I'm blind don't mean I can't see you're a cuk


Welcome to my humble abode traveller

As you would have gathered from my profile, I am a simple man with few needs, truly only two - to roleplay and do everything unrelated to roleplaying.
Although the one question I have is this,
Would you prefer chocolate or fruit cake?

Now, onward! Before I lose my sanity for the several hundredth time and make a fool of myself - at least no more than I do currently.

Here be the prologue

There isn't much to say about me, a youth who writings do not resemble himself or how he speaks in the slightest.
I love books, to a fault. I've been reading for much too much time to be healthy for me and it's most definitely left a mark. I have habits, I admit to that... my greatest is the habit of picking up and losing habits from thin air. I've had habits such as coughing three times with every cough that disappear overnight after being around for years, even a habit of biting my lip for a week - one week every month. God knows why I'm like this - probably some deus ex machina to fix the plot holes in my lofe.

If you converse with me be prepared for complete anarchy - my personality isn't excluded from that promise either. On one occasion I will make no coherent sense and think that bees are hilarious and another I will sounds upper, stiff-postured and well-mannered.
I am also a sucker to my delusions of grandeur - though I may be paranoid on that point, I have no idea if I'm being truthful, modest or
throwing matter out of proportion.

Needless to say - Have a good one, all of you that is.

Here be characters

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Wow ya guys sure were busy while I was sleeping...

Don't sleep then
<Snipped quote by pokemad1>

No one said that they'd be combat-based placement tests! And there is plenty of opportunity to be social before, during (another person's test), and after.

I hope it's not a written examination! I've had too many of those these past few months...
<Snipped quote by Spoopy Scary>

To add onto my reasoning, it also gives everyone an opportunity for their characters to shine and fail in equal measure.

Maybe in a combat sense but wouldn't it be better to introduce them socially in a big gay party?
I like the "big gay celebration" idea lmao but I'm cool with whatever

<Snipped quote by Surtr Inc>

Beginning to reconsider my decision to join this RP

Welcome to the smut club.

Don't worry though, Surtr has always been thirsty for as long as I've known him.
<Snipped quote by pokemad1>


Alright let's stop acting retarded (for a short period of time) I'm wondering how we could start the RP. HERE ARE OUR OPTIONS:

1. We start the story from the beginning and have a big gay celebration and start the school year.
2. Same as number 1 but we have a placement test instead for the cast.
3. We skip all that bullshit and start a few months into the school year

unless someone else has a better idea

Hmm. I'd like to start with 1 & 2 so we get accustomed to our characters and can form friendships.. then maybe have a timeskip
<Snipped quote by pokemad1>

I was just trying to be funny. T.T

And I was trying to tease :)
<Snipped quote by pokemad1>

Oh so it's like that, huh?

You called me stranger :P
You have to wait in line, darlin'. 😘✨

Oh snap. I ship this.
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