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Current fuk oof sun, we've been wishing for you for the past month but now that you've come out it's too hot
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Nothing says family bonding more than your old man screaming at you to scavenge for coppers down the sides of the chairs in his pigging car that hasn't been used in the last 20 years...
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Don't you all just love it when someone screams at you to fix something but then screams at you for fixing it because they think you are destroying it.
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Just 'cause I'm blind don't mean I can't see you're a cuk


Welcome to my humble abode traveller

As you would have gathered from my profile, I am a simple man with few needs, truly only two - to roleplay and do everything unrelated to roleplaying.
Although the one question I have is this,
Would you prefer chocolate or fruit cake?

Now, onward! Before I lose my sanity for the several hundredth time and make a fool of myself - at least no more than I do currently.

Here be the prologue

There isn't much to say about me, a youth who writings do not resemble himself or how he speaks in the slightest.
I love books, to a fault. I've been reading for much too much time to be healthy for me and it's most definitely left a mark. I have habits, I admit to that... my greatest is the habit of picking up and losing habits from thin air. I've had habits such as coughing three times with every cough that disappear overnight after being around for years, even a habit of biting my lip for a week - one week every month. God knows why I'm like this - probably some deus ex machina to fix the plot holes in my lofe.

If you converse with me be prepared for complete anarchy - my personality isn't excluded from that promise either. On one occasion I will make no coherent sense and think that bees are hilarious and another I will sounds upper, stiff-postured and well-mannered.
I am also a sucker to my delusions of grandeur - though I may be paranoid on that point, I have no idea if I'm being truthful, modest or
throwing matter out of proportion.

Needless to say - Have a good one, all of you that is.

Here be characters

Most Recent Posts

- The horror aspects were going to be downplayed in favor of making it more urban-fantasy Life is Strange-ish (even though atm, I can only call this RP loosely inspired by it).

- The whole guardian thing was going to be the focus of the RP, where it would be revealed that it was supposed to be set up as one big game by a God so there'd be one powerful Awakened.

- There was going to be an ancient civilization-type deal, idk. Barely remember.

A lot of these ideas have been incorporated into the RP in a better way.

Sounds like an animeyey.

Well now the rp works. It's better off now m'dude.
Yeah, I was thinkin' the same thing. The only reason why I wanna cut Aura reading is because (for the longest time) I felt like it was tacked on, and redundant to most of the cast. Especially since... it was basically tacked on because I wanted it to stand out in contrast to my other superpower rps, and it was an artifact of when Viv was waaaaaaaaaay different. So different, it might as well be a different idea.

I'll admit that David's aura reading ability was just slapped on with glue once the rest of the character had been written.. Honestly I think it's the same for most of the other characters..

Yo, how was Viv different back in the day?
Benjamin Olin

"Laws are made to be followed, not to be ignored or discarded."

Name: Benjamin Olin
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alignment: Guild
Rank within Organisation: Captain

Birthmark Shape: Link
Location of Birthmark: On the nape.
Magical Abilities: Dust Form - Benjamin has the ability to transform himself, his clothing and, if he wishes, whatever he is touching into particles of grey-brown dust. In this form he can travel at fast speeds through the air and is less vulnerable to physical attacks.

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile.
Currently Residing: New York, New York.
Personality: Benjamin is accustomed to working alone - Not everyone in the Guild is accepting of his ruthlessness which at times borders on excessive, nor does everyone view his work as righteous. Ergo he tends to be seen as a cruel individual who acts mercilessly to uphold Guild law although nobody can call his conviction into question, and how he is able to keep up with his tasks as a leader yet be away so often is a mystery to many. The only person he truly cares about is his sister, although they aren't on speaking term he would likely kill for her.

History/Bio: Born and raised in Chile till he was eleven. Once Benjamin's powers began to emerge he was taught the magic of his family though his single mother alongside his year-younger sister Emilia. Most importantly they were taught about the Guild and how the organisation protected people like their family, the duo were awestruck over the idea of such a powerful group and what it stood for. Thanks to the earning of their mother the duo were brought up in a relatively safe environment, not having to turn to criminals or the underworld to protect themselves the family grew up relatively innocent for the first ten years. Then the mother's employees commanded her over to work indefinitely overseas in the US. The family moved and grew accustomed to their new home and life - The children learned English and Benjamin's mother continued to train them in magic throughout the years as she juggled her personal life and the increasing strain of her work.

Benjamin was sixteen when his mother died. A botched burglary and a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn't a targeted attack by a rogue magi, his mother died like any other mortal, though Benjamin didn't care about that fact. He couldn't believe that the Guild hadn't protected his mother. Logic be damned. To him it didn't matter if they couldn't, if they couldn't protect her then they weren't doing their damn job. They weren't following their own rules and laws. That was the only possibility in Ben's eyes and he was going to make sure that from now on they would. He'd make sure of it even if he had to deliver judgement himself. Ben and his sister were recruited and moved into the Guild headquarters.

While Emilia dealt with her loss with friendships Benjamin used his pain as a foci, he studied books from cover to end - memorising any and all laws that he could. Although the attack on the Guild by the Dark Shadow occurred a few years ago there was still an amount of somber and stress, as such Ben struggled to find a proper teacher. That was no matter to him, if he couldn't find anyone to train him then he would do what he could. For the first year within the guild he conditioned himself, training his body's strength and endurance in an attempt to compensate for his lack of martial training. The year after he finally received a teacher and began to train in the art of fighting.

By eighteen he became a member of the Guild and as such was sent on missions from higher-ups. At this point his ruthlessness was revealed, few missions ended in failure although Ben's limited extent of training meant that during the first few months he often returned bleeding or injured in some other way which caused some to speculate if he was ready for his position. If it wasn't for his animalistic endurance that they saw then perhaps they would have pulled him off of missions.
The higher-ups never truly punished Ben for his sprees of violence. Even if Ben never left hotels smeared with blood or alleyways littered with corpses He often returned with one or two broken bodies - the corpses of those who refused to surrender to Ben and his one chance policy. Ben's notoriety spread, his own sister began to avoid him and although torn he knew he couldn't stop, nobody else was willing to uphold the laws.
As the months went by Ben became much more efficient, returning with severe injuries less frequently than when he started. After two more years - at twenty - he must have impressed someone pretty high on the ladder with his effectiveness. He was promoted to Captain although he took this as an opportunity to choose his own hits, or "hunts" as he calls them. Even if he now has responsibilities he refuses to leave the field, much like how he refuses teammates to work alongside in his own missions, even though fieldwork can keep Ben away from the Guild office for weeks if not months. In all this time Ben still prefers missions involving the apprehension of magi or criminals, if he can stop them then he could be protecting others from such people. It's okay though. He only kills criminals, they're bound to break the law at some point....

A'ite done. What do you think of this guy? Since all the member positions were taken I fashioned him into a captain...

David is also kicking... in like six days though...
I think hella yes.

Can I get a hell yeah!

Two months later and my life is nearly back on track! I'll be free by the end of next week so I'm planning to join some rps for then, if it's okay with you all I'll try and apply before the next weekend but life comes first!
In Godspeed! 3 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Roll call. Are you still with us? If you'd like to put your character on ice for a while and come back later, please let me know.

Figures that the day I return you ask this. I need to officially state that I'm dropping out of this and all current rps I'm in. Life is killing me right now with work and exams, considering I haven't posted in weeks it doesn't make sense to pop back up. Sorry I should have posted this sooner in any case. I could return at a later point but I'm unsure as to when that might be. Considering that we began a collab an eon ago it would make sense for you to control Nomad if you so wish.

Sorry again guys.
You were all expecting this but I need to officially state that I'm dropping out of this and all current rps I'm in. Life is killing me right now and considering I haven't posted in weeks it doesn't make sense to pop back up. Sorry I should have posted this sooner in any case.
Hi it me - the random dude is back at it again. I wasn't sure on how to continue with the story without having David being a nosy bugger and checking the room though considering the current predicament I tried to hold off on posting until the god-child vision was wrapped up. Sorry I should have said this sooner :/
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