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Current fuk oof sun, we've been wishing for you for the past month but now that you've come out it's too hot
2 mos ago
Nothing says family bonding more than your old man screaming at you to scavenge for coppers down the sides of the chairs in his pigging car that hasn't been used in the last 20 years...
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Don't you all just love it when someone screams at you to fix something but then screams at you for fixing it because they think you are destroying it.
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Just 'cause I'm blind don't mean I can't see you're a cuk


Welcome to my humble abode traveller

As you would have gathered from my profile, I am a simple man with few needs, truly only two - to roleplay and do everything unrelated to roleplaying.
Although the one question I have is this,
Would you prefer chocolate or fruit cake?

Now, onward! Before I lose my sanity for the several hundredth time and make a fool of myself - at least no more than I do currently.

Here be the prologue

There isn't much to say about me, a youth who writings do not resemble himself or how he speaks in the slightest.
I love books, to a fault. I've been reading for much too much time to be healthy for me and it's most definitely left a mark. I have habits, I admit to that... my greatest is the habit of picking up and losing habits from thin air. I've had habits such as coughing three times with every cough that disappear overnight after being around for years, even a habit of biting my lip for a week - one week every month. God knows why I'm like this - probably some deus ex machina to fix the plot holes in my lofe.

If you converse with me be prepared for complete anarchy - my personality isn't excluded from that promise either. On one occasion I will make no coherent sense and think that bees are hilarious and another I will sounds upper, stiff-postured and well-mannered.
I am also a sucker to my delusions of grandeur - though I may be paranoid on that point, I have no idea if I'm being truthful, modest or
throwing matter out of proportion.

Needless to say - Have a good one, all of you that is.

Here be characters

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In Godspeed! 26 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Roll call. Are you still with us? If you'd like to put your character on ice for a while and come back later, please let me know.

Figures that the day I return you ask this. I need to officially state that I'm dropping out of this and all current rps I'm in. Life is killing me right now with work and exams, considering I haven't posted in weeks it doesn't make sense to pop back up. Sorry I should have posted this sooner in any case. I could return at a later point but I'm unsure as to when that might be. Considering that we began a collab an eon ago it would make sense for you to control Nomad if you so wish.

Sorry again guys.
You were all expecting this but I need to officially state that I'm dropping out of this and all current rps I'm in. Life is killing me right now and considering I haven't posted in weeks it doesn't make sense to pop back up. Sorry I should have posted this sooner in any case.
Hi it me - the random dude is back at it again. I wasn't sure on how to continue with the story without having David being a nosy bugger and checking the room though considering the current predicament I tried to hold off on posting until the god-child vision was wrapped up. Sorry I should have said this sooner :/
In Godspeed! 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Eviledd1984 pretty sure you did your Domain & Portfolio wrong... it shouldn't be merely 'memories' as you still require a domain. A portfolio is a subtrait of a domain and is what your god is nigh-omnipotent at. The portfolio needs to relate to the domain though. For example your domain and portfolio could be Mind(Memories).
In Godspeed! 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Siehdhara has already given pretty much everything souls.

Well something needs to be there to give babies souls, else they'll end up like their real life counterparts.

Ah I had forgotten about that, I guess he wont then.
In Godspeed! 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Thinking of having Dreay pickup some soul fungi so that on his travels he can gift souls to any shells nearby
David Costley

Grand Ridge Academy - Outside the Conference Room
@FernStone - Tuyen

It seemed that David's discreet manner wasn't going to last, whilst standing by the door it had opened and an afro-rocking gal stumbled out, passing David without so much as a mutter of "'scuse me" as she twisted to pass between David and the wall. Of course David had moved out of the way, he wasn't such a dick that he'd block someone on their way though, again, no muttering nor thanks was given by her. The girl rushed towards the wall and stopped, probably waiting for someone.

Then of course in the typical American-education fashion somebody began to scream from within the school room.
That was one of David's most disorganised moments. Still being distracted from the girl who had exited the conference, his attention had been away from the same such room. A few seconds for his brain to register what had happened, a few more for uncertainty. All in all he was pretty slow to react and, it seemed, another development had occured when he wasn't concentrating. "The fuck?"

Make that two...

Again there was a loud sound from within the room, this time it was distinctively a word rather than a primordial screech - then it went dark.
It was only for a few seconds... It wasn't like the lights had gone out and since David couldn't really see within he wasn't able to confirm his suspicion either. The light from the crack under the door suddenly vanished, in its place was pitch, black darkness without depth.

"The hell?" muttered David, crouching down to touch the now normal lighting for the door. With an index finger he slid it across the gap before turning the face towards his own, checking for any clues as to what happened - some strange dust or powder. There was nothing of the sort - it was a regular, trampled floor. It seemed, like what the Drunk had done, that physical residue was not left nor created. Well at least they ruled out goo-alien parasites off the list of supernatural causes...

David stood back up, and a good thing too since another girl had decided to rush out in a hurry. If freaky shadow puppets hadn't just played with David he'd have likely blurted out what he was thinking, a bad joke including pregnancy and an unwanted result... It was probably for the best he didn't say it, wasn't that funny anyway.

David stepped backwards to let the girl pass, this one was asian- and short, he looked her over for some sign of strangeness but seeing nothing that could explain what had occurred within he decided to confront her.
"Er, excuse me." he asks, staring at the girl. "Sorry but you were just in there. What- What happened?"
I mean I'm pretty sure the shadow would only do that to David if it would negatively affect Tuyen :P So he'll probably be fine

I'll try not to hurl abuse or prod the person David has never met but there will be no promises ("^-^)
Yeah that's perfectly fine, I mean Tuyen is freaking out a bit but'll always pretend to be fine so if he asks she'll respond so that's fine by me

Perfect! Time for David to inadvertently make the Shadow throw him five storeys and injure himself yet again since he seems so talented at getting hurt and pissing things off.
Was writing and I forgot that Tuyen just left the room, @FernStone would David "asking what the heck just went down" be alright to include or should he just let her go if you don't wish for a quick chat?
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