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Current fuk oof sun, we've been wishing for you for the past month but now that you've come out it's too hot
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Nothing says family bonding more than your old man screaming at you to scavenge for coppers down the sides of the chairs in his pigging car that hasn't been used in the last 20 years...
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Don't you all just love it when someone screams at you to fix something but then screams at you for fixing it because they think you are destroying it.
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Just 'cause I'm blind don't mean I can't see you're a cuk


Welcome to my humble abode traveller

As you would have gathered from my profile, I am a simple man with few needs, truly only two - to roleplay and do everything unrelated to roleplaying.
Although the one question I have is this,
Would you prefer chocolate or fruit cake?

Now, onward! Before I lose my sanity for the several hundredth time and make a fool of myself - at least no more than I do currently.

Here be the prologue

There isn't much to say about me, a youth who writings do not resemble himself or how he speaks in the slightest.
I love books, to a fault. I've been reading for much too much time to be healthy for me and it's most definitely left a mark. I have habits, I admit to that... my greatest is the habit of picking up and losing habits from thin air. I've had habits such as coughing three times with every cough that disappear overnight after being around for years, even a habit of biting my lip for a week - one week every month. God knows why I'm like this - probably some deus ex machina to fix the plot holes in my lofe.

If you converse with me be prepared for complete anarchy - my personality isn't excluded from that promise either. On one occasion I will make no coherent sense and think that bees are hilarious and another I will sounds upper, stiff-postured and well-mannered.
I am also a sucker to my delusions of grandeur - though I may be paranoid on that point, I have no idea if I'm being truthful, modest or
throwing matter out of proportion.

Needless to say - Have a good one, all of you that is.

Here be characters

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Aiden Taft

South Rawyn - The Community Centre; 13th October 2017 - 11:10

Don’t think I’ve seen you around though. I’m Eli, guess we got the same invite.” The man greeted himself with such a line - admitting to knowing the person known as Lucy as well as hinting at being a local.
Though, of course, that was to be expected. You take enough trips and you notice that your clothing will usually show signs of packing that can separate it from clothes in a drawer - creases on clean clothes showing where the clothes have been tightly packed as well as the irregular appearances of said creases... Eli had neither and to be frank, he didn't seem like much of a tourist what with that kind of face.

A younger girl began to speak up from the center of the room, bringing Aiden and Eli's attention away from each other. A short brunette, twenty with perhaps years' difference give or take. She wasn't much of an imposing figure though you rarely had to be to cast spells though that was assuming she was the one who had sent him the message - her speaking up made Aiden suspect as much anyhow.
The girl began to train almost as soon as she began, thanking people for attending and all of that ceremonious jazz. Aiden took the time to gaze at the group that had gathered, of course being a hermit-class tourist within the compounds of the village as so far meant that Aiden recognised absolutely nobody that was here. Well it wasn't as though he wanted to. Aside from Eli, the girl and himself there were four females and one guy... A rainbow of purples, reds, browns and blacks coated their heads, shifting with their hair as the bodies swayed and turned.

"First off, I don't know where Olivia is. If I did, she wouldn't be there anymore, she'd be back home. Safe."
Aiden returned his attention to the speaker, it seemed that she had reached whatever she needed to say - though not already being aware of the girl's location was already a bad sign, especially if really was her who sent him a message via magic...
"I might not know where she is, but... I think I might know how to find her, and... I'm going to need your help."

... Oh god, this'd better not be what he thinks it is...

The girl walked briskly towards a box, bending over and retrieving several items, one of which seemed to be a tightly wrapped scroll... Dammit this was exactly what he imagined it to be.
"I found these the other day. I... don't know who sent them.
Oh well wasn't that just splendid, not only did she want to go coven on Aiden let alone the others, but she didn't know where her spell had come from. Walking through a horde of zombies would be safer and you know what you're getting into!

"I do, however, know that they can help. Find Olivia, that is. The scroll has instructions. For a spell. It said I needed people with intent, and... that's you."
Finally the girl pleaded for the aid of them all, her wails were responded by a strangely supportive reception. Four of the total seven jumped at the chance to aid the girl, of course Eli was one of them as was the third male. Perhaps here the idea of level-headedness was just that, an underutilised idea that was shoved under the carpet whenever something mysterious occurred. It sure seemed that way.
A sharp voice lashed out from the collective, "Is this a fucking joke?" The voice belonged to another girl - with arms crossed and the signs of irritation if not anger plastered over her face, the girl was silent after that although her thoughts were clear. She believed this was to be complete malarkey, no spells were real to this one and she had travelled all this way for nothing of value. Aiden thought otherwise.

"I'm with you on that." interrupts Aiden, he had questions that needed answering and so he turned towards the 'spell girl'. "You say you don't know who gave you that 'spell' and yet you think it would be wise to go along with it? Regardless of if it's the only choice, that would sound suspicious even to a toddler!" He looks over those that had jumped at the offer before returning to the girl. "Secondly, how can you be sure that this spell will even work? That it does what it claims?" If the girl couldn't answer then it would be clearer than it already was that she was wholly unprepared for anything that may follow.
<Snipped quote by pokemad1>

Haha, I actually have no idea what the series is, I just used the picture since I liked the visual reference. What's he from?

The Good Doctor, it's written by the creator of House M.D. and it's based on a South Korean series.
Yo, got both my characters done, if there's anything I need to fix up let me know. Also, since it is offered in the Character Rules section, I figured I'd take you up on the offer to come up with an Abstraction for Grant. I had a couple ideas, but I wanted to see what you (or the others here as well if any of you want) could come up with.

My boy Shaun! I just wish the series was better written than it was :(


Updated relations.

aheh... I'd better do that as well...........................
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Don't worry about rushing anything out, I just wanted to check if people are still around, by 'soon' I meant more within the next few days, not the next few hours

And of course, exactly as my name implies I miss my own deadline again by three days. Will post soontm
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