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I'm not sure if double posting is allowed, but figured it might be safer than to just edit after all. So yeah, done! Lmk if changes are needed.

OOC double posting is fine. IC we'll have a posting order based on who posts first in which order when the IC starts. Your character looks good! Very detailed. Post in the characters section when you get the chance. Speaking of the IC...

@Ryteb Pymeroce

Everyone's now ready! I'll be making the opening post for the IC either later today or some time tomorrow.
@Chi Looks good! You can move it to the Characters section.

@Vertigo Added Gun spells, that was a mistake on my part. Yeah, they'll scale with Strength for damage. Insta-kills do count for the half cost, and can be substituted with MF/HP.

@Duoya Everything looks good to go. Move to Characters when you're ready. And to answer your question about the buff, yeah, Rakukaja spells would buff Endurance.

Sorry I've been silent for a few days now, just had to deal with some things. I'm back now though, and ready to start as soon as everyone else is!

You guys still good?
Might also want to add an SP meter.

@Ryteb Pymeroce@Vertigo@Chi@Duoya

It has also occurred to me that there was no area for max and current MF and HP in the CS, so I've also added that. Makes it easier than needing to calculate based on your current stats + bonuses and all. Please add those in to your character sheets when you can.

Separate it by current/max for each. So if your MF's max is 5 for example, and you've taken 2 damage, write it as 3 / 5, representing your current status left of the slash mark and your max on the right of the slash mark.

Make sure to update whenever you take damage in battle, or keep track of it per post while in battle.
Edited, should I post in the CS section?

Yep, it all checks out
@Ryteb Pymeroce

Just two things I see that need fixing.

Stats: Stats cannot go below 1. If your Arcana gives you a -1, it just means that whenever buffed for that stat, a +1 buff will do nothing. A +2 buff will instead give you +1, a +3 buff would give you +2, etc. It also means that if you try to put ranks into that stat later as permanent increases, the first rank put in will do nothing, and then ranks put into it from then on will function as normal.

Vargia Blast: It seems you used the template for a Magic spell for this. Phys/Gun spells use MF/HP as the cost rather than SP and have different range/radius, so use the template for a T1 physical spell instead.

Other than those, it looks good and ready! I got some Kanji vibes from the character and I can always appreciate that.
@Vertigo Yep. Devil's a balancing act of offensive spellcasting, basically. Using the MF/HP equivalent of the tier on SP skills like a deal with the devil.

@Ryteb Pymeroce

I also forgot something in the character app! I forgot to add an appearance section and a spells section. Should be good to go now, so please copy/paste those bits in when you can. For spells... I assume everybody here knows how the spells work and what the starter elemental/physical spells look like and are called? I don't think I need to go into detail on how those will look. Basically just copy and paste the T1 spell rules for the spell type you're looking for, and replace "T1 [Spell]" with the element and name of the spell. For example...

T1 MAG: +2 dmg / 10 meter range / 5 SP


[Fire] Agi: +2 dmg / 10 meter range / 5 SP

For the purpose of spells for your Persona.

So ultimately I wrote a lot more for the RP regarding systems than I initially thought I would. I hope this is still fine for the Casual section? Despite all of the mechanics I've included I still don't intend to write as many paragraphs per post as I would on Advanced, just interested in making it feel like a close experience to true Persona. Let me know what you guys think.
@Ryteb Pymeroce

I started the OOC. You can find it here.

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