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Hi guys, I see this thread has been dead for a while, but I thought I'd check in to explain why I disappeared. (It only just crossed my mind that I never came back)

What I thought was just a minor nose break turned out to be a lot more serious than I originally thought, and I've been in and out of the hospital for a while having a number of operations to correct whatever damage was done. I'm absolutely fine now (although I can no longer breath through my nose properly) but as you can hopefully understand, checking in here was not a priority. I doubt I'll be returning to the site but thank you for the well wishes, I hope you're all doing great!
Things seem to have slowed down a bit. Just a bit of an explanation as to why I've haven't posted:

I was in a minor car crash. I crashed head on with another car - luckily not at a very high speed - and my airbag failed to deploy. My head hit the steering wheel and my nose was broken, so I've been in a cast for most of this week.

Basically, don't wait for me to post before moving on because I'm not sure when that will be.
I feel like everyone is waiting for someone else to post. I was holding out until the RP was moved along slightly as there isn't much for Henry to do, but I'll try and get a small post up today if that helps.
@MegaOscarPwn Did you just assume that I assumed her gender?

Ahaha, while Oscar bothers her because he is lighthearted towards his abilities, Henry just freaked Belasý out. Expect a negative reaction.

In fact. Expect me to write one now.

I look forward to it. Henry, on the other hand, is terrified.

Sorry my post was a bit lengthy. I Just needed to get the chronology of events straight, more for myself than anything else.

@Lady Selune Hope you don't mind Henry assuming Maria's form. If you would like me to change anything just let me know.
Henry mulled over Izkry's words - he didn't believe he'd ever seen a fight in real life, let alone been involved in one. ...the more one lets the clouds gather, the darker the day. It was an interesting perspective. Though Henry had never been one to bog himself down in negativity, he was likewise not one to see light where there was only darkness. Some people would chose to delude themselves, but being a scientist and a mathematician, Henry often saw the world in a rather objective light. For him, there were things that were facts and things that were not facts. The things that were facts; they were going to war, their lives would be in danger, they may not survive to see the end of the war. The things that were not facts; laughter is a light, even in the bleakest of times. Regardless, Izkry's words brought some comfort, and for that he was appreciative.

"Thank you, Izkry," He said simply. "It means a lot."

On his other side, the voice of the young woman, Kazia, was almost drowned out by the various conversations of the small group as she introduced herself. She spoke in accented English, her sentences coming across as slightly fragmented, with each string of words being thought about carefully. Henry attempted to make sense of Kazia's strange manner of speaking, concluding that it must have been related to her abilities in some form. It wasn't until she spoke again - asking him whether or not he had flown in a plane before - that Henry was drawn away from his thoughts. Ironically, had he not been attempting to work out what it was that made the girl so unique, he might have picked up on the subtle changes in her voice; the small differences in key, the unconscious emphasis on certain letters and such.

"Have I ever been on a plane before? Certainly, my father owns..." Henry trailed off as he re-considered his words. Having never been in the company of such a mixed group of individuals, he was unsure whether or not openly discussing his family's wealth was the wisest of choices. In reality, he had been on a plane more times than he cared to count. His father owned three airliners; as well as a handful of boats ranging from small canal boats to colossal freighters, and a vast array of cars. Of course, the airliners themselves did not strictly belong to Lord Ashmore, but were instead part of the relatively small - but lucrative - Ashmore & Croft fleet. Ashmore & Croft was a joint venture, a partnership of two elite businessmen who also happened to be close friends, and as a result Henry had flown many times aboard one of the three airliners. "...Yes, I've flown before," Henry corrected himself. "I've never jumped out of the plane before though."

Kazia's attention was draw to a tall young man who had approached, and Henry took this time observe the rest of the group. He watched as one man with a dark beard - Óscar, he believed - formed a popsicle out of juice, and then after a brief exchange saw Belasý seemingly cause it to shatter against the floor. Henry made a brief, underlined note in his notepad. It simply read: Belasý - Dangerous??? Maria took this demonstration as a chance to invite others to share their own abilities. Izkry seemed all too happy to oblige, holding up a hand and allowing static to play across the tips of his finger. An affinity for electrical machines? How interesting, I wonder if... His thoughts were cut short as a young Chinese lady - Ms. Liu - began to talk. She explained that her powers were related to healing, and that she had been a nurse before joining the mission. Now that will certainly be useful. Next, it was the turn of the man with the Irish accent to speak. After informing the group of his various aliases in different accents - which Henry chuckled at - he then left him rather curious. If you try to hurt me, I hurt you back twice as hard. I wonder what that could mean. Having made notes of everything he had seen and heard, Henry decided that he should demonstrate his own abilities.

"I... suppose I should demonstrate my abilities," He said rather timidly, addressing the group.

Locking eyes with Maria, Henry sat in silence for a moment. It was not necessarily needed, but nonetheless Henry often liked to take this time in order to observe those whose form he would assume. It made the transition easier. After the silence was over, Henry's appearance began to change. His body appeared to ripple slightly, as if a wave had washed over him. It started at the tip of his nose, and spread across his face, consuming his head before travelling the length of his body and reaching the tip of his toes. The complexion of his skin softened, his hair darkened and grew past his shoulders, his lips became fuller, his eyes darkened, and his physique took on a feminine appearance. Now, instead of Henry who sat across from Maria, it was a carbon-copy of Maria herself.

"What do you think?" He asked. His voice was higher and softer than it had been before.

@shylarah Oops, that was actually a mistake - should have said 'older'. I've corrected it now.

In all honesty it's kind of refreshing to be part of a group RP with some pace to it. I'm used to RPs being so slow that members lose interest pretty early on. I *think* that once we get to action scenes the pace will settle down so that all or most of us get a post in. We'll see how things go.

@MegaOscarPwn Pineapple on pizza is the way to go my friend.
We have reached page 2 of the IC, people! This is cause for celebration, so I will be opening a bottle of champagne by myself -- joking...

Edit: Maybe not joking. It has been a long day.

Aside from that, I feel like every time I'm writing a post another one goes up during the interim, so excuse me if it feels like you're going back in time while reading my post. @shylarah I had Henry continue the conversation between out characters, but that was because you were editing your post while I was writing mine so I didn't see that you had moved on. Feel free to just let the conversation drop if that makes things easier.

There was a moment of silence as Henry waited for the young woman next to him to reply. In that dreadful moment he thought that perhaps she had not heard him, and that he would be forced to sit in the awkward quiet of the truck while other members of the group observed his blunder. Thankfully, during the interim a voice came from beside Henry, and he turned his head to regard the young man who had spoken. A minute earlier the same man had patted Henry on the back and joked about catching him after their planned para-drop into France - he had chuckled at that - but before he had a chance to respond the man's attention had been drawn to the laughs of the young woman sitting on Henry's other side.

"Nice to meet you, Izkry," Henry replied. Izkry looked young - he couldn't have been much older than Henry himself - and along with a broad smile and bright brown eyes, his laid back demeanour instantly put the young man at ease - but to an extent also concerned him. The idea that someone could be so calm while en route to Nazi occupied France was almost unimaginable, yet here such a person was, making jokes and warmly greeting men and women who he had never met but may well die beside. Come to think of it, so many of those who sat in the truck bed seemed alarmingly calm. Still, to see a friendly face was warmly welcomed. "And nice to meet you as well, Belasý," said Henry, leaning forward to see her. She appeared rather timid, but as they made brief eye contact he was struck by the vivid blue of her eyes. In that instant his pale green eyes washed over with the ferocious blue of the woman's own, perfectly replicating their cellular structure for but a fraction of a second before once again giving way to the much less remarkable green of Henry's own eyes.

Hoping the incident had gone unnoticed, Henry quickly withdrew his gaze. It was not unheard of for him to subconsciously mimic the physicalities of another person, much like the way he had assumed his mother's face while just a young boy. While studying his abilities Henry had become acutely aware that he tended to do this when he was particularly fond of a trait, be that the colour of a person's eyes, the shape of their nose, or even their hairstyle. It's something I need to work on, he noted.

Izkry spoke again, this time of aliases. "Well then, you can call me Tommy," Henry said. Tommy was a nickname that had come about after one of his nannies began to refer to him by the name, believing it was his actual name for whatever reason. Likely the result of moving from house to house, caring for the children of various families in his hometown. At the time Henry was too young to understand, but ever since he was often referred to as Tommy in casual situations - never outside of the estate. "Tommy Ashwell, will that do?"

@lady selune I would like to know what Maria means about the drugs...and about being frisky.

I second that...

@RomanAria It's cool, don't rush. :')
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