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@o3o Sorry, I believe Suna/Kiri/Konoha are closed until Iwa/Kumo even out in total quantity.
@BladeSS4 I'm sorry to point out but isn't explosive clay part of Deidara's Kinjutsu? It seems kind of weird that the village would allow a chunin to access one of its forbidden techniques.
I kinda assumed full AU, no canonical characters whatsoever.
It was such a tragedy. The Aburame are supposed to be one of the four noble clans of Konoha yet they barely got 10 canon jutsus distributed amongst 3ish canon, non-filler or novel characters and all but one of them appears in more than a handful of episodes.
@Experiment 249 Agreed. It deeply pains me that the fact that he cries under his visor in boruto is actually canon. My baby deserves more recognition for his awesomeness.
Finally finished my character. Somehow went from leisurely cat user to an internally self-loathing Aburame girl, because I'm just that fickle. May still do cat gal later, but they'll probably be a chunin or genin.

@Zora Finally got to, well, actually writing my CS and I can't help but ask... What exactly do you expect us to put in the "type" section of the character sheet? I honestly can't think of anything that isn't already covered by the other fields.
@Allycat When in doubt, go for nothing but the most basic things. I'm assuming academy techniques will be default, so you should probably check the D or C ranked jutsus aligned to the element you want to use in the wiki.
If I remember correctly, the wiki has a browsing thing where you can see all the jutsus matching the tags chosen, so It should be fairly easy to browse by yourself. It sort of does miss the stuff that isn't formally ranked but it should be fine for a genin since those don't generally know a lot.
@Allycat I could try. Not quite sure if'll be around for much longer since I have work tomorrow but for now I'm more than free enough to help.
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