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Katsuro Senju


Katsuro Stood at the gate as he always did this time of day. Him and a few of the other gate guards were getting very relaxed nowadays what with all the jounin out fighting the war and the only people to keep them all in line being each other. He had a scroll with him, a few scribbles on it as he tried his best at drawing a tree he saw in the distance. Maybe he could find a way to make a seal that would summon up a whole tree, or better yet, he could figure out how to summon anything at all really. He took a bite of some rolled up rice and meat combination he threw together before work and moved to the bottom of the gate as his replacement had arrived, making his way toward the center of town.

As he got through the gate, however, a shout rang out from his replacement. Right there in plain view were many returning jounin, and not a smile on any of their faces, though he was far away and couldn't actually tell but he ASSUMED none were smiling because apparently war sucked. Katsuro waved at them and started to move deeper into the village, toward the academy which was on the way to his usual barbecue joint he went to after work.

As he reached the academy, however, he could feel the sudden change of mood that had overtaken the village. What few nin were left all seemed to lose all their happiness one by one in a wave as Jounin were making their way to each lower ranked ninja and telling them the worst news he had ever heard. Even Katsuro wasn't spared, a hand grabbed his shoulder, a fellow Senju but more importantly a Jounin had caught him trying to slip past the schoolyard unnoticed. From the outside, it looked as though she were draining his life force through her hand but in reality, she was conscripting her younger cousin Katsuro for war. They were conscripting EVERYONE for war.

It was going to be a long year, hopefully not a long few years. Katsuro only looked more defeated as he saw Jounin moving in to talk to the Academy students.

"You're actually taking kids? To the front lines? That girl literally has a PUPPY to defend herself, and you want to send her in? What about that kid, the one there the Uchiha brat eh? He looks like he would die if I stared at him too long!"

The older Senju just nodded in silence, leaving Katsuro without an answer. His head fell back as he looked up at the sky and he clapped his hands on his cheeks, then together in front of his face. This was getting worse by the second.


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Lysander was quick to look at each girl's face in a sudden panic. He did not see Persia suddenly breaking from the usual harem anime script he had subscribed to and couldn't imagine a worse turn of events. Here he was, minutes away from a super power three way and suddenly he was being called out for being weird. He blushed. His whole body was blushing it seemed as he stared at Fujino in particular now. His threesome was shot down. His shot at the spotlight was being called into question. He had to do something. He had to regain his ability to be cool.

Step one was Lysander standing up. He dusted himself off and took a step back from Persia, his hands in the air. "I-I uh, you were just so, was that not on purpose??? I'm sorry just! I! Wait who? Fujino what are you talking about how can someone be ahead of me? Can we trial by combat this? I would take out that nerd Hector any day!"

It was clear that Lysander had no idea who Alexander was. He was focused on three things. Girls, boys who looked like girls, and himself. Alexander fell into none of those categories. Amane didn't either, but there was a secret fourth category of "People to use for fame" and Alexander was seeming like an excellent candidate for stepping up into fame. Imagine skipping line to get into the best class! Shutting down the other student would look great!

Lysander's face went from fear to a determined smile. He thought he looked so cool, but the lighting and his previous actions painted an almost creepy image. His Obsession with fame more visible than his determination to succeed.
Are we gonna do a discord or are we sticking to forum for communication?
Messaged a few peeps
Same with my gf, she sends me memes I dont get about it all the time.

Also: if anyone ends up being a jinchuriki from the leaf I can shoe horn my character being stuck to theirs thanks to wood release being the anti-bijuu power.
Best boi is Jiraiya. What a man. 10/10 would learn from him.
tbh I have only just now started naruto (Well last month. Girlfriend has been hyping it up for the past 5 months and I finally caved in so now I'm watching the Kai version on reddit.)

The just formed the allied shinobi forces and like- I fucking hate sasuke so much why does anyone like this character. All uchiha other than itachi and obito are the fucking worst, tobirama was right.

but yeah, gf has told me what happens next and I'm hype for all the fights to be had.
Ah, we got 0 stone which is weird too. Nobody liked Deidara enough?
Any news on when this will be starting?

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