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Are we gonna do a discord or are we sticking to forum for communication?
Messaged a few peeps
Same with my gf, she sends me memes I dont get about it all the time.

Also: if anyone ends up being a jinchuriki from the leaf I can shoe horn my character being stuck to theirs thanks to wood release being the anti-bijuu power.
Best boi is Jiraiya. What a man. 10/10 would learn from him.
tbh I have only just now started naruto (Well last month. Girlfriend has been hyping it up for the past 5 months and I finally caved in so now I'm watching the Kai version on reddit.)

The just formed the allied shinobi forces and like- I fucking hate sasuke so much why does anyone like this character. All uchiha other than itachi and obito are the fucking worst, tobirama was right.

but yeah, gf has told me what happens next and I'm hype for all the fights to be had.
Ah, we got 0 stone which is weird too. Nobody liked Deidara enough?
Any news on when this will be starting?

Imma beat up Hanzo so I can be the only Ichin or whatever it would be if there was just one

yeah, I was wondering what to. what exactly time frame are we in? I assumed before Naruto but didn't know how far back.

I thought we were third shinobi war era

aka kikashi is like 14 at this point
I too, would like to see this leaf jounin. Is the third still Hokage? Love me some war crimes hokage.
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