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2 yrs ago
Current I'm back, I guess.
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3 yrs ago
Check-ins, especially on discord, will be turbulent, so please be patient. Thanks in advance.
3 yrs ago
I return on Saturday the eve.
3 yrs ago
Birthday today :-)
3 yrs ago
Just launched my first actual roleplay on here! Take a peek:…
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Under continual and active development.

Alright. This doesn't seem to have gained much traction, but I'll give it one more boost. If anyone's interested, then please express your interest now. Alternatively, if you're not, feel free to tell me why.

Barring responses from at least a couple of interested parties, I'll can this thing and have something new and a bit more conventional up for tomorrow.

I may be interested. I very, very rarely consider anything in the casual forum, and this is certainly out of my comfort zone, and I have a thousand other things that likely will restrict the attention I can give this.

But the concept is really fantastic and it certainly draws me in. Here's hoping a few others agree.

I haven't quite been able to post my sheet, but I have some reference images to help you all understand my nation.

Tomorrow will be a day of updates and things getting pushed out. Hope you enjoy.
I seen you post the premise for this on Discord and it looked interesting. I'm in.

Yay! Great to have you!

As I have stated prior, my soul hesitation with throwing my hat into the mix is not wanting to commit to too many roleplays and then needing to drop out of at least one of them.

I'm obviously more important Well, you're certainly invite to spectate if nothing else. I wouldn't want you to overcommit, but if you ever do find time (or you're willing to drop one), you're absolutely welcome here.

With that we are 2.5 cool kids! Basically all of them.
I'm going to level with you all, I'm disappointed the title hasn't generated more traffic.
If you happen to be lurking, stopping by the discord for a verbal and more informal description of anything is a low-committal action.
Just as an update, currently working on fleshing out the setting, and the full beta version of the OP will be done by Sunday at latest. I'm also working on compiling a list of cultural references (famous people, household names, some more specific mini-histories) so journalists can be relating current events back to these icons.
I'm getting Papers, Please vibes

Who is this stranger trolling through my forum?
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