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Repost with expanded ability section.
I'll be holding off a character sheet until there's a good show of who's playing what. I have a few character ideas ready

There was too big a ruckus not to see the red blur dancing across the rooftops; smashing the stone guardians into rubble in a blaze of bloodlust. It was a sight to catch anyone's eyes, though there was only a few reasons that just anyone would be hanging around a place like this. Though, the woman in red wouldn't be lucky enough to get away scot-free. A certain passerby with narrowed eyes catching each of the girl's deeds as the rain dripped silently over her body. Whatever reason she had to be in a place was neither here or there; instead the curiosity and intrigue of what had just transpired brought a change in direction to her steps.

The red menace was a big enough diversion to let Vi-vi quietly skulk along without being dealt with. Peacefully walking behind the trail of destruction, a cat with an over-sized sword slung across her shoulders strolled behind the sight of the girl. Heart beating with excitement as she stalked her prey with interest fixated in her eyes.
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