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Hey, I'm Blayr <3 I'm a genderfluid entity that loves dogs.

I play a lot of dnd and mtg. For video games, I love Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Dragon Age... most roguelikes, most indie adventures, anything with that spooky-but-not-terrifying edge...

Not sure what to write in my bio...

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Hoping to get my next post up within a day or two! Should be up before the weekend starts :)
DONE omg I'm sorry for the delay. Hope it's okay that I decided to have Aoife be blindfolded--I figure that the Warden knows that she has a photographic memory and decided to make Aoife feel "weaker" without her vision.

I'm excited to get started!
Aoife, the Listening Mouse

How long have I been here?

Over seven-thousand five-hundred, under eight-thousand, days. It was hard to measure the exact passage of time when one couldn’t see the sun--so Aoife based it on how many times she’d slept. They’d moved her to a different cell exactly thirty-seven times. The Warden had figured out that Aoife was learning and plotting against the structural integrity of each of her cells--learning how to escape. It was disappointing–what else was she supposed to do in the Maw? Just exist?

I’ve been here long enough that I’ve had to cut my hair seventeen times.

It was really the only reliable source of time passing--her hair. Nothing else in the Maw seemed to move or grow. Her hair had recently reached the point of tickling at her eyes, but not long enough to be held back with a tie just yet. A few more inches before the eighteenth cut.

But something had changed. Something was new.

Instead of waking up in her cell, the small halfling realized she was waking up to tight bonds and a new location. She was in a too-large chair, her arms tied behind her and ankles tied to the cold metal legs. Aoife wiggled slightly as she rose into consciousness, testing the unfamiliar feeling. It was wire-like rope that held her in place--I’m not big or strong enough to warrant chains. They know that my mind is the reason I’m here.

As Aoife tried to get a sense of her surroundings, she realized that whoever had brought her here--the Warden, no doubt--had known to cover her eyes. The halfling found that her eyes would not open, harsh cloth tied around her head to keep her blind. Was she being moved again? She was always kept unconscious when she was moved to a different cell--her mind had started building a mental map of the maze-like Maw, and the Warden didn’t want that to continue.

No, I’m not moving. This is something else. Aoife kept her breathing shallow as she moved her head slowly, using her ears. It’s a bigger room--the echo. There are others--I can hear them stirring. She heard the gentle pitter of a graceful stride on a stone floor. A voice like a honeyed blade spoke, inquiring what the Warden needed.

Ah. The Warden has gathered a collection of denizens of the Maw together, then. But what for? Aoife quickly realized that everyone in the room had received different treatment--the honey-dagger voice was not bound like Aoife was. She could hear someone--someone large--grunting and straining against harsher bindings. Someone else let out a bit-back scream, but not from torture or bindings. Everyone had received a different treatment--which means they have different strengths and abilities. Different types of threats. Different reasons for being in the Maw. And the Warden had placed all of them under her control.

Well, I can do nothing but listen, the Warden has made sure of that. So let’s see what my captor has to say.

Aoife kept her ears trained towards the center of the room, but didn’t make a sound. She would listen. It was what she did best, after all.
@Red Wizard Working on it today! So sorry for delay, life has been crazy.
Sorry for delay on Aoife's post! I've been very busy. I should get something done within a day or two!

I see that many of y'all are writing 10+ paragraphs for this introduction post... I hope it's okay that Aoife's might be a bit shorter. I'm still shaking off my writing rust after not writing for quite a few years ^-^
1. On the post with your character sheet, click the edit button.
2. Select your formatted character sheet text.
3. Copy your text.
4. At the top (you can use the arrow at the right), click on the Characters tab.
5. Click New reply, and paste in your character sheet in the compose message window.
6. Press Post Reply.
7. Come back in a half-hour and re-read your sheet so you can find any spelling or grammar mistakes you may have posted.
8. Send five (5) brownie points to Expendable, c/o this roleplay.
Note: if you encounter badgers in pinstripe suits, tell them to talk to Penny about pizza.

Brownie points are in the mail--expect them in 5-10 business days!

@Red Wizard Ah, I feel kinda silly for asking this but I'm still learning the formatting of rpguild. Do I just copy/paste my sheet as a new post in the Character tab? Or do I do something else?

Working on my intro now!
Alright, here is Aoife the Mouse! (disclaimer: not actually a mouse)

Let me know what y'all think--I'm happy to edit as needed. I wanted to make a character that is dangerous not for their abilities, magic, or physical prowess, but because of their intelligence.

@Red Wizard I'm just finishing up my character, but since I want her to be the advisor to the Fallen King, I just wanted to make sure ages are correct. I don't see a timeline of events in relation to "now" in the story. I made my character 50ish, with the assumption that the Tyrant has been around for 10-20 years? (So she would've been 30-40 when the Fallen King was usurped)

If I'm way off and it's more like hundreds of years, let me know please :D I'll edit my character's age and personality a bit to fit a longer timeline.
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