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Current My mood has been saved, thanks to my boyfriend. <3
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I'm not sure what mood I'm in right now, but it's far from happy.
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4/20 calls for a very specific song:…
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h e r e c o m e s f l a m e b o i
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Where's the button to erase everyone except myself and the ones I love and care for from existence?
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Things to know about Garland:
-Real name is Iris
-Happily Taken
-Hates school
-Music nut(Rock, Metal, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are my favorites)

Here's my personal Spotify playlist, if you're interested.

RP Info:
-Can play both male and female characters; has a preference for the latter
-Loves monster girls
-Likes the Romance, Slice of Life, Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and especially Mecha genres

Shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing a 1x1 RP together. I like writing shit.

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Oy, you still interested?
Do we have a discord for this? o.o

Not at the moment, no. My main reason for not having a Discord for the RP up right now is so that people don't get distracted and sidetracked when they could be working on posts. I'm willing to get a server up later on in the RP, but not in these very early stages. Be patient, please.

Not at all! We're always accepting, so feel free to make a CS~
I don't want to be that person, but.. would it be possible to get an image or two on New Dundorma?

Hopefully this gives you a good enough idea of what I more or less had in mind:

No worries, then! Take your time and just get your posts up when you can~

IC is up if neither of you guys saw!
The IC is FINALLY up! It's not much, but hopefully it's enough for you guys to get started with your own posts. ^^


Act I: A New Venture

Upon docking in New Dundorma's airship port, the crew aboard the airship helped the new hunters safely exit before going back on board to prepare for take off once the newcomers had become settled in. As promised, someone was on the scene to welcome the fresh new faces: A small, elderly Wyverian with a small hat, bulky robes, and a pair of glasses that were a few sizes too small. Despite his rather eccentric appearance, he was still eager to welcome the new hunters standing in front of him.

"Welcome, welcome!" he exclaimed, waving his arms about excitedly. "We've been eagerly awaiting your arrival! We were admittedly expecting more than the five of you here right now, but it's not presently a major issue. The captain of New Dundorma's hunting guild branch isn't in the streets right now, but please feel free to peruse the premises and make yourselves acquainted with each other and our wonderful city while I return to the castle to find him!" And with that, the funny little man ran off, almost prancing with how giddy he was.

With the new hunters alone to inspect the city and talk amongst themselves, they could see just how big and bustling New Dundorma really was: The buildings, ranging from single homes to massive apartment buildings to humble stores and huge, vast marketplaces were truly a spectacle. People from all walks of life could be seen traversing the streets, alone or with other people at their side. All in all, it was a warmly welcoming sight and a fine prelude to the hunter's life ahead for everyone. The true start, however, wouldn't be until they met the guild captain, but for now, all they had to do was talk, walk, and wait.

Before I forget, are you still interested in this, or are you dipping out for now?
Yes, we're just waiting for me to get the IC up. The best time for it would probably be Saturday or Sunday, since I'm gonna be pretty busy with IRL stuff. Sorry. :<
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