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I think, in the case of Pitch 2, it would have to work on a case-by-case basis... as long as the applicant keeps in mind that this would be a Year One setting. So if someone wanted to apply for Supergirl or Batgirl while their predecessors are just starting to cut their teeth, that'd obviously clash. But if there were a way to play Kara Danvers or Barbara Gordon another way, in a way that makes sense but is also sidestepping the sidekick element, I think that would be viable. Damian Wayne would be trickier since he's Bruce's son.

Overall, my advice is that it'd just be best to submit an app with a back-up plan in mind.

Somebody's bound to ask these questions sooner or later, so I may as well as ask them now.

1. Say Player 1 had an accepted Hal Jordan character sheet. A little later, Player 2 submits a Guy Gardner sheet. While Guy is a legacy character, he isn't normally seen as a sidekick. Would the Guy Gardner sheet approval be totally up to the GMs or would Player 1 also have a say in the character's approval?

2a. What if a player wants to apply for a character in the future? Could Player 1 play as Bruce Wayne's Batman in the present time while Player 2 plays as Terry McGinnis' Batman in the future?
2b. What if a player wants to apply for a character from a different Earth? Could Player 3 play as Barry Allen's Flash on Earth-1 (or Earth-0, Earth Prime, or whatever) while Player 4 plays as Jay Garrick's Flash on Earth-2?
Going with Carol Danvers.
@Crimson Flame
Debating on going with a different character...
My Spider-Man character is gay. If this universe’s Thor really does look like teenage Chris Hemsworth, well...

It's cliché but what do you (does everyone) think of a Sue Richards metamorphosis for Black Widow.

Natasha would remain a crack assassin but be able to turn invisible and either skate around on invisible waves or shoot invisible rays or both. The invisible rays are my choice to stay. The rays would be absorbable and not cause too much damage. Then, there's the force field. It won't be on Invisible Woman's scale, but it can stop a bullet or a medium energy bolt. Input?

She will be who she's always been. I'm going to look up several histories to use as source material for her history. And, as far as her personality goes I think I'd define her as optimistic, realistic, fast, and stable and well enough to cover her own ass.

You could just play as Sue and give her a little martial arts training. For a costume, you could put her in the Future Foundation (white or black) suit or perhaps the one from the 2015 movie.

I'd also suggest going with maybe Jean Grey or Rachel Summers. They each have both telepathy and telekinesis. They can use their telepathy to make themselves appear invisible to others and can use telekinesis to generate force fields and force bolts. You'd probably have to work with the GM though as Jean and Rachel are extremely powerful characters in the comics.

If you have your heart set on Black Widow, then might I suggest the following:

I don't know if @CaptainManBeard is going to let you start out with assassin training since all of our characters are supposed to be teenagers. But, you could give her some training in a martial art or two. Maybe add talent for pickpocketing or lockpicking too.

Instead of outright invisibility, you could go the Miles Morales or the Predator route and give her a camouflage ability. Natasha, along with her clothing, could blend into her surroundings. It's basically invisibility, but it requires you to be near an object such as a wall, a tree, some brush, etc. It also keeps that arachnid theme going too because spiders can't turn invisible, but they can blend into their environment.

Second, you could give her the "Widow's Bite" she has used in the comics. I would have it be an actual power, instead of being shot from gauntlets, it is shot from her hands. The Widow's Bite is a short-ranged energy bolt used to stun and knock out opponents.
If you wanted to keep the poisonous spider theme going, then you could instead give her a Poison Kiss. This kiss would make victims incredibly sick and nauseous for an extended length of time. You could also give her a high resistance to toxins.

EDIT - Also, in the comics, Natasha is an enhanced human much like Captain America but on a lesser scale. She can lift 500 lbs and run up to 36mph. She has peak human durability as well as the agility, speed, and stamina of an Olympic athlete.
If you do end up going with Kate Bishop, since I am playing Lucas Bishop, it might be cool to have them be adopted siblings or something. What power were you considering for her? I suppose you could have her dexterity and hand-eye coordination increase, as well as her sight distance. Like a sniper without a scope. That would make her excellent at gathering intel ahead of a mission or spying on potential enemies.

With Kate, I'm thinking of enhanced vision definitely, like that of the Ultimate version of Clint Barton. I might like to give her the ability to make small hand-held objects into projectiles much like 1610 Clint and/or Bullseye. Also, I may give her enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina comparable to that of Daredevil.

I'm not sure what I want to do with her biography and personality yet, though I do want to keep the sexual assault as part of Kate's history. Keeping that in should justify her having some self-defense training and perhaps a little boxing. Of course, she'll be a trained archer.

And, yes, I'm open to having Lucas and Kate be family.
I'm thinking of going with Kate Bishop (Hawkeye).
I'll express my interest in this, yet not promising commitment.

I have to admit I'm anxious about trying to hang in the Advanced section. I could probably write two paragraphs per post, but I'm not sure how often I could do more than maybe three.
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