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Well ain't this shiny! Very interested!
I knew I was missing someone! Sorry @pyroman!

Well, at least I'm feeling mostly human again. Sorry for the absense, I assure you, I had no fun while wallowing in misery and self pity as I tried not to hack up my lungs. I AM BACK WHOOOOOOO!!!
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"A real yacht would be great to have in this place. I don't think Elias would allow me to repurpose any of the gear we brought though... Also don't have the time either, I've still got vehicles to build after getting the rest of the equipment sorted," Lucia said, picking up the cards seeing a 5 of clubs and a 9 of spades. Not great, at least it wasn't until that 8 of hearts was laid down, a grin splitting her face. "Mano perfecta. I give you, a straight," She said, laying her cards face up on the table and taking the cards to shuffle them again for the next deal.

She chuckled when he asked her how she kept entertained and gave him an amused look as he enacted his little toolbox soap. "Nah, and besides, I'd call them telenovellas, but some do have names, especially when I'm cursing at them. But you really want to know how I entertain myself?" Lucia asked, bridging the deck before shuffling it again.

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Aubrey nodded as the new word was explained to her then looked back up to Kari with a smile as she rambled a bit and giggled. She had to admit Kasha seemed like a fitting description of their group. She spotted a nearby rock and plopped down on it.

"Doing anything important at the moment or are you free for a bit of a friendly chat?" She asked.
Actually, it might be longer, I've been pretty doped up on pain killers while my sinus infection works itself out so in between spurts of barely coherent, high as a kite consciousness, I've been sleeping so I'm very sorry, it'll be a while for me to get replies up.
Mentioned: @Nevix

Lucia looked at her cards and frowned, a 3 and an ace. Well this was a shitty hand. She sighed as the next card showed a 5. Well shitty hand indeed, good thing they weren't gambling. She slapped her cards face up on the table and glared at them before looking up to Thomas.

"Well, it's better than this, if there was a pot, you'd have won it," She muttered before gathering the cards up and then handing them over to him so he could shuffle and deal the next round. "So, your nurses still acting like lovesick schoolkids?"

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"That's good, find anything interesting?" Aubrey asked as she walked closer, having to crane her head back to look Kari in the face.

Even though she grew up on Hephaestus, Aubrey never really got to know Kari's people, she knew about them but was really too busy with schooling to socialize with any of the family groups. She looked back briefly to where her testing kit was and then looked back to the Mynua. Meh, she could ask Alden to haul a ladder out here for her later. 'Kasha', the word made Aubrey's head tilt to the side in thought.

"Kasha, does that mean family?" She asked curiously.
@Claw2k11 Also, please make sure you read replies clearly, it can get a little confusing if things are done out of order or don't acknowledge something happening.
I'm here, sorry for the vanishing act, I've been having a rough few days.
@Nevix That's quite alright XD I love it!
Really? Creepy Woody?

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