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16 Apr 2017 22:27
Current Relationship status: Going steady with Death.
3 Apr 2017 0:25
I'm having difficulty focusing. If I'm lagging, please pm me. Many things have happened all at once recently and it's left me having trouble maintaining my thoughts.
28 Mar 2017 17:09
Me, Harmonizing with a crow: HAUUGHH
25 Mar 2017 14:47
Saturnz about to make love And I'm just a heartbreaker And I won't get a take in 'Cause I'm out when I'm stakin' And the rings I am breaking Are making you a personal day.
22 Mar 2017 13:45
*laughs for fifteen years about a really stupid joke I made once*


Current look and haircut~<3

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In Deep Ground Online 16 Apr 2017 17:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey everyone, sorry. I've been in and out of this rp a lot in the past and I'm sorry about that but, I'm going to have to set it down for good for personal reasons. Best of luck to you guys <3 This was really fun. -^^-
In The War of the Three 16 Apr 2017 17:07 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm afraid there's some things that have come up and my interest in continuing to participate has failed me, sorry guys :(
In Deep Ground Online 12 Apr 2017 0:19 Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Ah--don't, It's, Just, If you see anyone else from school around, if you could let me know...?"

Erika waved her hands at the red headed girl, a small laugh in her throat at her attempt to help as she could. She rubbed the back of her head, turning to look at the two boys in the small group that had gathered. Should she really be showing herself here, in front of these people, letting them know she's here? Well, at least she held her tongue about who she wanted to meet--that gave her a bit of comfort. She glanced at the boy in red too, smiling her greetings albeit a bit shyly. In the back of her mind, she wondered what Michael was doing right then. Of course, then the boy that smelled like garbage piped up. Preoccupied, she listened to what he had to say as she pulled up her phone and began punching out a message.

To:Chiyo Kuroke
From: Erika Mitsuki

I need to meet you. Tonight.


The hairs on the back of her neck raised, the weight of the purse on her neck seemed to gradually increase. What if she didn't show up at all? What then? After the message had sent, her fingers nervously fiddled with her phone, huffing softly as she stared at nothing. Her attention slowly came back into focus at the end of the dark haired, pretty and gross-smelling boy's monologue.

Erika blinked over in his direction, her eyebrows slowly raising.

"You seem... familiar. Uh, Have we met before?"

The contacts in her eyes felt a bit grainy, causing her to squint. Maybe she should go back to her glasses, she'd accidentally kept her contacts in earlier when falling into Deep Ground with Michael. The red haired boy had spoken up, and she opened her mouth to respond to his inquiry as to whether or not he was intruding when the red haired girl assured him he was not.
@Lonewolf685 Rufus is my favorite character lmao bar none.

In Deep Ground Online 30 Mar 2017 4:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Caits How would Cassandra know that Erika would be looking out for one of the kings? Unless she's assuming Red King based on the news of her relationship to him?

Cherry nuzzled up closer against Grafdakkas head as his thrusters went out full throttle. She wasn't really paying attention, still shaking her body enticingly atop his shoulders by instinct alone. The sharp crackle in her ear from the built in communicator snapped her to attention though, calling for her presence.

"Nu-who?" Cherry smiled into her communicator, her LED blush disappearing. She blinked a handful of times; no response. Of course she'd been debriefed as to who everyone was prior to this point, her programming to be coy was showing itself. Cherry looked over at Grafdakka who had spotted Balrog, kicking her feet lightly against his metal body. "I gotta go Mr. Grafdakka, buh-by--OOP~!!!"

Just then, the mecha had shouted about how Balrogs body would be his and jettisoned off. Unprepared, Cherry backflipped off of him from the force of how quickly he pulled away and landed in the soft grass of the island they had hovered over with a soft "oof~!"

Cherry raised herself up, blue eyes wide with her hands placed on the ground close to her between her spread legs as she watched Grafdakka take off. She raised her hands to her lips, giving a small giggle.

"Ready for action, Lunatic 1~!"

She spoke through her communicator. As she waited to be picked up, she spent her time laying in the soft grass and getting cozy. Perhaps cozier than she should with the gunfire around her but this place was so pretty she couldn't help but gain pleasure just from the environment itself. When the aircraft would get close, Cherry would quickly pick herself up and run to the edge of the island, glomming onto it as it slowed for her and locking her hands to the outside, ready for them to take her where she needed to be.
@Ryonara Alexi is so techno-incompetent she has attacked a Roomba, thinking it was trying to eat her.

You reminded me of this video.

Actual footage of the Machina in battle.
@ReaptheMusic You'd be the heart.

@Lucius Cypher No, you're definitely the chainsaw arm.

I'm flattered<3
You should give everyone mechs so we can turn into one huge Voltron. Grafdakka will form the head!

Cherry's too small to make up anything and not licensed to pilot a mech. She'll have to be the mascot.
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