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@Dark Light Oh yeah! I really like that, go for it!

@KiwiTime Thats an excellent concept and i’m 100% here for it. I cant wait to see your character!

@MK2 I’m not sure how to answer this because i don’t really know what you mean? Could you please explain “how its usually seen” because I honestly don’t watch nearly enough movies/tv to understand what you mean.
@Dark Light Thats an interesting idea for sure. I don’t think you can just “voluntarily enter” deadware however. If they managed to sneak in though, i’m all for that.

The main question I have then is are you playing the gf, is she just kinda an NPC who doesn’t actually show up (too far gone, killed by someone else there, ect.) or is someone else going to play her?
@Obscene Symphony That sounds perfect to me! I think based on that description she'd get along well with my second character, who is similarly motherly. I still have to finish her form, but I haven't had the time with all the essays i've had to do for schools haha.

and yeah, 5 years is totally fine, like I said I don't have a very firm grasp on specific dates so if thats what you feel is good, then go ahead.
@Obscene Symphony

Without any significant acceleration, it'd take several years, at least. But most of the time, especially under the conditions in Deadware, it takes less. I'm still working on my other character who has been there about two years if I remember correctly, and she's at the stage where like she's starting to show more advanced transformation, like with her ears and such. As for specific timelines, my brain doesn't really work that way, haha, especially since it really varies. If your looking for someone with a more advanced stage of the disease who has in the past been pretty stable, its in the range of years, about 2-4 depending on exactly how far you want the progression to be.

And I don't particularly like the idea of an "alpha" - your character can have leadership qualities, but I want it to feel more family-like and communal rather than introducing like a power dynamic in there. You can have someone who seems mature and respectable, but nobody should feel compelled to listen to them if they don't want to. Does that make sense?
Sorry about the lack of activity yall, its the end of the school year so that means nothing but big tests and projects. I particularly am a little burnt out when it comes to writing. So this might be on a slight hold for a bit, but I promise i'll get back to it and post the real thing as soon as I can find the time and motivation.
@Krytavius Ah yes! Sorry haha, sometimes i forget to specifically reply despite seeing the sheet and everything
@Canidae Looks good so far! uwu
@QueenNugget Love her so far!! cant wait to see the rest
Oo this looks really interesting!
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