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"No, absolutely not, I'm just going to leave you here and go off on my own." I said to Fillan, voice absolutely dripping in sarcasm, before laughing slightly. "Nah, im kiddin'. Of course we can go together, don't be silly." I told him, reaching over and patting his shoulder reassuringly. "We'll go as soon as I get this wrapped up."

I waited a while, and when Alex told me he was ready, I took him down to the bedroom we had found earlier. I made sure he was comfortable and settled, before going to talk to Londyn. "Hey, would you mind looking after Alex and keeping him company? I'll be back to take over soon, but I'd appreciate it if you could do that while me and Fillan go look for some food."

I love this rp, im not about to let it be dead umu
Im gonna post today guys ^^ Just so yall know im still here

Issac was discussing plans for what we should do next, which they had pretty good ideas about, actually, so I nodded as they spoke.
"Yeah, that all sounds good to me. We can probably take turns watching Alex, unless someone wants to make that their fulltime job. I don't mind to do it most of the time, but I would like to do a bit of exploring. I think I could probably find us some food if nobody gets to it before me." I offered, as being a werewolf did come with some perks, such as enhanced smell, that would be useful for that sort of thing.

I turned back slightly to check on Alex, and finding him looking in a bit of pain, I gently took one of his hands in my own. Mostly ust for comfort, but he could also squeeze it if he felt like that would help deal with the pain.
"Just tell me when you feel like moving down there. You should probably just rest here for a minute, but once you're feeling up to it, I can help you down to the bedroom."

Alex suddenly jolts back to life, bolting upright. I recoil my hands back from where I was cleaning up his face.
"Woah, hey there, settle down," I tell him gently, "You're still hurt, lay back down for a minute. There's a bedroom we can move you too in a bit, but, for now just lay down." I sigh softly as Londyn comes over to start comforting him as well. At least I didn't have to do it alone.

"You can get your daggers back once you've calmed down, I promise. You had a nasty dream earlier it seemed like, but no, I don't think she was here." I told him. I had heard the voice and everything, but I wasn't going to tell him about it yet. Not when he was acting like this, it would just be bad. "We're all here for you anyway, so you can rest easy about that."

"Its gonna be a shit show no matter what ya do, but the bleedings stopped, so thats good. Thanks kid." I let go of Jasper's wrist, patting him on the shoulder and giving them a small smile. "If you want, you can go ahead and go down through the crawlspace and start looking around down there. Ilyssa's still down there I think." I told them as I cleaned up Alex's face carefully, just wiping off any remaining blood and such, but trying not to touch the recently cauterized wounds if I could help it. I figured it'd be best to leave them mostly alone for now, until they healed a bit more at least. But I did want Jasper to go find something else to do, this really didn't seem like their thing whatsoever. If anything else needed cauterizing, Issac could likely handle it anyway.
Im taking it as the effects described were physically happening, based on the way they were described. But if im wrong i can edit my post accordingly.

"Yeah, I got it. But might as well just cover all our bases while we're here." I told Ilyssa, "But will do. Thanks for the directions, its been a while since i've had to treat massive claw wounds. Much easier to do on another person rather than yourself." I said, half sarcastically and half seriously. Of course, it was true, I had dealt with my own, similar large claw wounds after a certain incident in which I was attacked by and turned into a werewolf.

I was about to move alex back to the room with the fireplace so Issac and Jasper could do their thing, but he suddenly started to stir violently, turning pale. I set him down quickly but gently on the ground, which, honestly I would have preferred not to but I realized very quickly was probably the best thing I could have done as he started reaching for his daggers and fighting with the air. I stepped back, waiting for a moment until I got an opportunity to step forward and grab his wrists, snagging the daggers quickly before stepping back again. I just let whatever was happening happen, because I really didnt know what else to do in such a situation. He started emitting blue light and a random womans voice spoke from nowhere. If I didn't know better, I would think this was some sort of wild trip. Maybe, actually, this all was a dream. But so far there was only about a fourth of the amount of blood present as in one of my usual nightmares, so, it was unlikely.

In any case, eventually he stopped, and I was able to move him back into a more accessible location so his wounds could be cauterized. I kept his daggers with me, just in case he had another fit of nightmares- or whatever just happened. He could have them back when he woke up. Jasper walked up to Alex, kneeling next to him.
"Alright, just be careful, he started moving earlier, so be ready in case that happens again."
I noticed as they were working that they were pretty shaky, so I just did the first thing that made sense, crouching beside them and gently grabbing their wrist to steady their hand.
"You're doing alright," I reassured them, though not exactly knowing what the issue was. I just wanted to be sure they didn't burn anything but what needed to be burnt.
@alex arcc Yay! Glad to see ya back. Just in time to get your characters wounds cauterized too, haha.

"Alright. I'll probably be able to manage, unless its like, a really tiny space."
I carried Alex into the room, looking down at the crawlspace. Maybe back when I was 15 I would have been able to fit through there very easily. But now, it might be a bit of a struggle to fit my giant man body into that space. But I wasn't about to not give it a try. Getting down onto my hands and knees (well, more like elbows and knees- gotta carry this half dying child somehow.), finding that it didn't look quite so bad.

After some very un-fun crawling and looking around, I found the mentioned bedroom, and laid him down in there, before going and looking in the rest of the rooms. The bathroom was right across from the bedroom (who would have guessed), so I brought the poor kid in there, removing the ruined cloth items (including his shirt with really wasn't all that intact now anyway so might as well get rid of it and start from scratch there. Gotta be some replacement clothes around here somewhere, but thats all for later providing he lives though all this.)

After some very careful cleaning of the wounds, I grabbed some clean material and wrapped the chest wounds back up securely, and then covering up the remaining face wounds. The bleeding seemed to actually be going down after all the effort I'd put in, so that was a good sign at least. But it would still be most beneficial to go ahead and cauterize them, just to be sure.
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