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woo im alive
sorry about not posting i've just been absolutely all over the place hah, kept forgetting to check on the rp and lost the motivation to finish my response that i had started like what
weeks ago or something
no concept of time i just know i meant to respond a while ago and never actually finished the post

as far as Kludd goes, currently he's best suited to defense and healing stuff, what with his magic being suited to that and all.
as time goes on and they actually get some formal fighting training he'll get to be a pretty good attacker too, but as is he doesn't feel like punching the monsters is going to exactly hurt them much, so might as well not waste the energy.

I have some things to take care of first, but my response will come sometime tonight or tomorrow ^^
sorry about not posting lately, i'll try to get a post done soon

also, yeah, fillan and kludd are just good friends ya'll
it said they were friends in their forms, if you read those,, haha if they were in a relationship we would have just said so
oh hey neat!

sorry about the computer time thing, but hey hit me up anytime if you wanna chat about character stuff

and ill try and get a post done.. sometime. im runnin' a bit slow lately, heh

Heres 1/2 of my forms!

@Black Alice We aren't too experienced on this site, so we didn't know to make an interest check first, haha. We're used to a much looser roleplaying site. Im friends with the GM+co-GM, and we all just recently started using this site, as im sure you can tell by the few number of days it shows we've been on.
As the sirens went off, Kludd instinctively tensed up, scanning the room and trying to find the source of the sudden danger. He was glad his arm was already around Fillan, it was reassuring to him. Some test this is.. making us fight day one. Couldn't we die? He thought bitterly as the light dimmed. His heart started to pound in his chest, the dark had always scared him. His magical energy flickered to life after that, his eyes starting to glow red, symbolizing his magic power was in use. First things first, night vision. A simple spell, which he'd studied so hard it didn't take really any effort to cast. The room lit up again, at least in his eyes, just as a roar ripped through the area and some odd slimy substance starts creeping its way into the room. Not wasting any time pondering what it was, he cast a shielding spell around himself and Fillan, creating sort of a bubble of red energy around the two, protecting them from the creatures which were now taking shape. They looked like animals or humans, but oddly twisted and dark. He wished he had a weapon, or had studied attack spells more thoroughly. As the creatures closed in, it seemed like just fighting with his fists may not be an option.
Oh yay! Im excited for this! I'll write up something once I get home :3
Feine is great, I can definitely see why you like playing him XD I enjoy reading your posts very much.
even if I keep misreading his name as Feline and thinking he's secretly a furry fanfic writer

As far as my own character goes, Kludd's just been angry and upset this entire time. Which honestly, isn't out of character. He is not liking this school or any of these children in it (except Fillan). Especially not Raph.
I hope as the story goes on he'll like be able to chill out and get to interact with more people, perhaps in a more positive manner.
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