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oof i forgot to check roleplayer guild for like forever because I put it on the wrong set of tabs
and ive been,, incredibly busy umu
oof i'll try to figure out a way to wrap that one up when I get the chance
hopefully i'll be able to post soon enough because I wanna get to the good interactions haha
@OliveYou oo yes! absoutely they should ^^
im still around! jus chillin out over here
short post but im currently trying not to be in 15 places at once because that makes things confusing

also im currently writing a paper for english and each little paragraph can only be 100 words so, concise is the name of the game today folks.
"My apologies ma'am, but again, we're not technically open yet, and in fact usually aren't for quite some time." He said, a polite smile still on his face, trying to hide his newfound lack of enthusiasm for serving this girl. Perhaps he should have thrown her out, but he'd already offered this to her and he wasn't about to go back on that now. It was too late. But no! He couldn't let this get him down! He was happy to be back! And he definitely was not going to let one person having a bad day make him have a bad day too.

"Come with me please!" He chirped, guiding her over to one of the tables that he knew you couldn't see well from the outside. He didn't want this to become a repeat incident, so away from where others might see would be best. Having grabbed a menu along the way, he set it down in front of her. "There you go, just let me know when your ready to order. Of course we can't do everything at the moment since its so early, but i'll do my best to accommodate."
Monty is going to,, try his best. But this is not particularly the way he'd prefers to start the work day.
Monty doesn't drink only because nobody else does/can around him. He has to set a good example for the children. (Also he doesn't like the taste but shhh its mostly for the kids)
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