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Feine is great, I can definitely see why you like playing him XD I enjoy reading your posts very much.
even if I keep misreading his name as Feline and thinking he's secretly a furry fanfic writer

As far as my own character goes, Kludd's just been angry and upset this entire time. Which honestly, isn't out of character. He is not liking this school or any of these children in it (except Fillan). Especially not Raph.
I hope as the story goes on he'll like be able to chill out and get to interact with more people, perhaps in a more positive manner.
Raph makes it a punishment, haha. Seren is a perfectly nice person.
Wind took a step back, her feet lifting off the ground and causing her to float in the air again, just about an inch or two off the ground. She was startled by the sudden questions and the look on his face.
"U-um, well, I do believe we have a cemetery but its not very large- and as far as a lab, I believe there should be something along those lines in your home. Whoever's in charge has surely heard of your profession, so, hopefully they made the proper arrangements.." She responded, trying to keep calm after that. "But yes, i'll show you around and everything, uh, Rose do you want to stay here and see if anyone else is coming? I think there's supposed to be more people coming today.."
"Yeah, i'll hang around here. You two have fun." She said, waving a hand out towards the rest of The Sanctuary. This dude was definitely rubbing her the complete wrong way. Even if she wasn't human and he probably would have no interest in her body, she still just got a creeped out feeling from being around him.
"Okay, you, um, have a nice time," She set foot on the ground again and started to walk out towards the main part of the Sanctuary. "Follow me please sir. Oh, and, what's your name?"
"Oh hello! Welcome to The Santuary. I'm Rose and this is Wind, we're the typical greeters around here." Rose said cheerfully, silently judging the guy. He seemed human, or human enough at least, with really tanned skin, black hair, and blue eyes. There was a dark aura about him though, something just didn't feel right. When she looked at what was in his hands, it appeared to be,, bones? Welp, that was a bit terrifying.

Wind nodded as Rose introduced them, giving a polite wave to the newcomer. "Would you like us to show you around? We already have living arrangements set aside for you as well." She didn't really see anything wrong with this guy, even though she could sense Rose was a little suspicious of him. She wasn't paying attention to the fact that he had the knuckle bones in his hand. He just seemed like the normal kind of person who was invited here.
ay, is anyone still intrested in this? I understand if yall are just busy but im simply curious
Deep in the woods, secluded from any civilization, The Santuary stood, the buildings basking in the warm afternoon light. In the heat of the day, most people preferred to be indoors, though there was still many milling about the peaceful streets.
Standing at the gates, two nymphs. One was sitting on a stump, staring at the sky, while the other floated in midair, her hair flowing along with the soft breeze.
"Surely theres going to be some new arrivals soon," Commented the smaller of the two from her perch on the stump. She flicked some of her reddish pink hair away from her face. The roses growing from her hair were looking particularly sad right now, only at half bloom. She was rather bored. Waiting at the gate could be fun, or very tedious and lame, if nothing eventful happened. And today, nothing had.
"I think there should be some today. I believe that's when they were scheduled to arrive," The other replied, her voice much softer and sweeter than that of her companion. "You just have to learn to be patient, Rose."
"Being patient is borrrinnggg.." Rose groaned, leaning back as far as she could without tumbling off the spot she was sitting. The other nymph giggled at her, shaking her head.
"You're ridiculous," She said, looking around, and squinting off into the distance, thinking she saw something off along the horizon. "Oh! I think I see someone!" She said, her feet touching the ground again. She was somewhat excited about getting to meet someone new. It had been some time since someone new had come to The Sanctuary, afterall.

Kludd noticed the look on Ashley's face and the way she was speaking through clenched teeth, and was just glad she didn't try and kill him on the spot. As soon as Fillan had finished speaking, he just half-heartedly waved to Ashley without saying anything, and took Fillan's hand, pulling him back to the table before sitting down.
"What the hell?" He asked in a low voice, clearly not pleased, "Of corse of all the people in the room you'd talk to her. Didn't you overhear her talking about how much she hated guys? You should pay more attention to things like that." He scolded before sighing loudly. Of course he loved Fillan but sometimes he was just a pain to look after. He could never tell what he was thinking, or if he really thought about things at all sometimes. 'Kludd, you really shouldn't be so harsh,' He thought to himself, "After all, he was at least trying to talk to someone.."
He lightened his expression a bit, and wrapped his arm around Fillan again. "Though, I am happy you had the confidence to try and talk to somebody, don't get me wrong, you just need to be a little more careful, alright?"
@Canidae @QueenNugget

"I sure hope so." He said, just before Fillan got up. He watched him for a second before realizing who he was going to talk to. Kludd quickly stood and followed him over there, placing a hand on Fillan's shoulder as he spoke to the girl. This was not a good idea. Not at all. He did NOT have a good feeling about the outcome of this interaction at all. He wanted to just pull Fillan away now, avoid this whole mess, but at least Fillan was making an effort to be social.

"I'm fine I guess. That jerk kid just tried to snatch my wallet- for no good reason either! He just does it for fun!" Kludd growled and held his face in his hands, shaking his head in exasperation "Then, he acts like i'm awful, but he's the one stealing, why am I the bad guy all the time?" He tried to keep his voice down enough that he wasn't yelling loud enough for the entire room to hear. He realized he was probably letting this get to him too much, but he already had been in a poor mood. Going to a new school out in the middle of nowhere was not his idea of a good time, especially not when it was full of crazy people. He wasn't even about to try to pay attention to the rest of the room until he'd calmed down again.
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