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4 mos ago
Current factory-engines roar like false lions, blood thunders in the dock-pipes
1 yr ago
at this moment i would like to ackowledge my post count of 1234, which will never happen again

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see you around everyone
Let’s get this superhuman bread
found a new song for vox machinis (working "super/media" name)
good old imogen heap being robotic and shit
I mean, I called it Machine Whisperer, but maybe Machine Ambassador would be a more appropriate term. Or Machine Screamer lol

We'll see, I have a vision for how to write this out

edit: but i am liking everyone elses characters, it seems like a lot of them are being for possible drama reasons which is cool
technology manipulation is putting it politely, its more of a "arguing with machines until they either agree to do what you want or threaten you instead"
damn this many supers in one area seem like an absolute recipe for disaster
another jewish character is cool, wonder if they went to the same synagogue growing up

edit: made a few changes to kenny's position in life, since i realized my mental math might have been off
The things I do for a linear non sandbox small group high dedication superhuman story
It’s a fight to the death basically
status update, kenneth is now kendra
no sweat
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