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11 days ago
Current factory-engines roar like false lions, blood thunders in the dock-pipes
8 mos ago
at this moment i would like to ackowledge my post count of 1234, which will never happen again

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not worried about that, just worried if i have time for this,

I am so dead
Alright thanks
What's the tech level/magical power of the world, is it modern day or are there genius supers walking around who have upped the tech game
man this is the first thing thats really caught my attention in a while for real

like a militaristic steelheart
an insomniac who can manipulate the fibers of reality while asleep

i dont really have time to join this but its fun to think of powers that arent useful

a once powerful magician who lost their fingers in a freak magical accident and cant cast most spells anymore
the less oxygen in a person's lungs, the stronger, faster, and more invulnerable they get; the strength of ten men with the oxygen content of 1/10th of a man
"Hear ye, hear ye all! Welcome to mine Karneval! I am Vrik, your kin and your keeper, and, for the next all-too-brief age, I shall be your guide through the wonders of our lands. The Myths of Haliar laid bare before you! From the titanic sky-city of Chossala, to the icy reach of Colchi'Cha, you will find no better collection of tales the world over!"

The man stooped, grasping his staff with both hands. With a whistle and a snap, he hurled the stick into the air. It exploded in a shower of sparks, drawing a chorus of awe from the gathered crowd. "From the faraway Tokh Nakjuvat, I present a staff of stardust, for your perusal." Vrik grinned wolfishly at the crowd, his hands held high. "Be still, my friends, for the dust of the starstaves are lethal to those unworthy of their power. Let your eyes wander, but keep your fingers steady!"

With another flourish, Vrik wrapped his cloak about him, a whirlwind of fabric that seemed to tug at reality itself. When the spinning ceased, an trio of flying beasts erupted from the previously Vrik-occupied space. A sharp chill pulsed from the chittering creatures, and they spiraled up into the dark sky. Observe the rare Icefin BoliƩr, came Vrik's voice from the bonfire in the background, from the distant continent of Hrotoka. Nasty things to be sure, but perfectly harmless in open spaces. Take care not to corner them, of course!

The temporary stars of above suddenly surged back together, coalescing in a brilliant flash of light. Vrik stepped out of the flash, staff in hand, and leaned on it toward the audience. "Ah, but we have only just begun, my friends." He winked, waving to the tents nearby. "We have trinkets and artifacts, exotic folk and finds, and perhaps a few things which might only be a fiction. Who's to tell? In a land such as this, the gods themselves may be just around the corner!"
rip tati /s
I'll be totally honest: being uprooted from everything I've ever known and getting dumped into a strange world has totally destroyed my motivation to do most forms of creative work. I am just trying to survive rn, so I don't think I'll be able to get a good result for this in my current frame of mind

sorry: I thought if i gave it a few days id be okay, but I have never felt less inspired to run my own campaign. I hope that changes soon

I'm still alive I finally got shit figured out and now I have a week to kill

Also, I have been exploring my new area

i am sorry
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