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The eyes are not hereThere are no eyes here In this valley of dying stars In this hollow valley This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms...-T.S. Eliot, from The Hollow Men
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Ads are showing up in posts as blue underlined links....much dislike...
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El Madrid, I love your walls
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Working on Faction:Martian Front a nation rp!


Fiercely inappropriate.

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Will start an IC post for Tuesday. Let's get posting...worry about finishing sheets later. Anyone who plans on posting IC should post their sheets to the character tab in whatever state they are in.
@Rhymer AHHH! You literally beat me to the horrible giant bug punch. Good work, sir. I love the buggy nastiness. My faction will have some of that too, and we should def. collaborate on history.

Shit man sorry, I actually can't believe there hasn't been more non-human races crafted, it's such an awesome setting. Can't wait to read what you came up with tho, would love to collaborate.
<Snipped quote by Rhymer>
I'm not sure how well a combination of 3 and 1 would go tho.

I mean for like internal conflict-rival factions. Unless you just wante to have a unified front from the get-go. I think the Oqer and the Scaablin are potential allies either way.
<Snipped quote by Rhymer>

I was thinking that the Oqer was once just cloned workers and such for the Old Ones. However, once the OOs found about your race having crash landed, they didn't know what the hell they were dealing with so they just slightly altered the Oqers to be soldiers to try and eradicate your aliens. Clearly, they didn't do that great of a job.

Rushing up to modern times, I was wondering if you'd be interested in a relation of one of these:

1) The Oqer still hold a dislike or hatred of the aliens due to genetic encoding by their creators that still linger, leading them to still wanting to fight your aliens.
2) The Oqer simply lacking any real attitude towards your aliens. They know your race exists, they know they've fought before on behalf of their masters but don't really care any more.
3) The Oqer see your aliens as "liberators" in some way since they thought your aliens some how "freed" them by "destroying the oppressors".

Ah well. Ok. I was picturing my Arthropods as a non-sentient stowaway creature on the OO's ships-they crash, my race's destiny is altered considerably. In regards to Oqer/Arthropod relations I was thinking they would have common ground in being decidedly non-human. Potential conquerors of the weakling humans. Perhaps there are factions of Oqer with some combination of (3) and (1)? Whichever, my Scaablin have no recollection of the Old Ones, wouldn't even know they existed outside of the various ruins around Azoth. It's simply been too long since those events. They exist in a vague-mythic history that scholars still debate today.
Wow this got way off course-apologies I've been distracted with some other stuff. I think the most important thing would be to establish the source of magic before any more plots/ideas/questions are put forward. As far as this worldbuilding game goes-we've gone so far off course I don't know if it's salvageable-although the discourse has certainly been interesting. I think we all have different styles and things we naturally gravitate towards-which is great, I love diversity in a setting.

So then at some point, Magitec has to go toe to toe with cocaine magic, in a war of crazy but realistic and logic breaking proportions.

lol, wut?
@RhymerHow far back would they be? I have an idea for an bit of historical relation.

Whenever the alien master race crashed. Totally open to mytho-historical relations. I like the rationale you use for your Oqers having evolved to become something new on Azoth.
Having ditched the Kwaalish I'm opting for a race of Arthropods. I'm following @ClocktowerEchos precedent and using the vast alien history as a catalyst for my Arthropods-the ancestors of the current race were an infestation among an alien spacecraft. (Or something to that effect-it's unclear what the origin is) Is this too far out for Empires of Sand @Flagg:


Arthropoda & Sub-ethnicities
The Arthropoda race covers a variety of distinctually 'insect' like creature of notable sentience. They are intelligent and multiplicitous. They are traders and travelors, priests and adventurers.
Scaablin are a mix of insect and human. Their heads are also human-like, two double-lidded eyes and a lip-less mouth. Instead of teeth they have hundreds of tiny mandibles which tear their food apart. They have nose-holes but it is unclear whether they can smell or not. Skin tones range from brownish-green to deepest black. Where uncovered by chitin skeleton, tiny grey bristles clump together.

They are the most numerous of the Arthropoda and although reviled by many on Azoth can be found most places. The Scaablin are hardy scavengers, traders and travelors.

The Stygia are a segmented creature with several clutching legs that can serve as a grabbing arm when needed. They prefer to move on their bellies. Stygia, when fully erect stand about 4'6'' tall, but this is strenuous on their respitory system. Stygian heads are vaguely human-looking; human mouth and eyes, but dozens of dark beady eyes closely forming in the center of their face. They have no noses or ears and rely on vibration and tasting for those senses. They are voracious eaters but prefer either dead things or vegetation especially roots of the dröm tree which send them into an ecstatic fit followed by a dreamlike state.

The Adak are yet another sub-race of Scaablin, albeit quite rare. They appear as a mound of fleshy white translucent viscera because of their continuous moulting exoskeleton (which they then eat) Adak's have one gibbering mouth on the top of their heads and one sunken black eye who's location varies from body to body. Adak's use a sticky adhesive and undulating body movements to move food to their mouths. They are quite immobile and rely on other Arthropoda to protect/move them. They are regarded as holy among the Arthropoda-Majority Race Characteristics
I personally feel @Flagg needs to curb or maybe consider the application pace! 8 applications is a lot for an NRP and you don't anyone to get swallowed up and feel over shadowed.

I'm going to be home rather soon, at which time I look forward to catching up on everyone else's nations and working further on my own!
It is definitely shaping up to be a great rp.

<Snipped quote by Darkmatter>
I think we're okay for now, especially considering that some of our factions are more like guilds.

Maybe if we all work more towards integration. Maybe using a place or thing someone else has mentioned in their respective sheets? Make it more of a 'co-operative' worldbuild.

EDIT: Changing my concept. The similarities between chapatraps app and mine are too close. (Both have ancestor worship, both are mysterious religious military orders) It's not a big deal tho-I have an idea for a race of basilisk humanoid traders/criminals/spies.
<Snipped quote by Arawak>

The vast majority of this world is trackless desert; borders mean nothing here. What good is an empire when its vast dominion is comprised of nothing but shifting sand? Its all about controlling the trade, the resources, the settlements, the money.

A Khanate would do well. But I think that would rely on draining resources from an older more established empire. Or something like that.
Well A+ for most ambitious RP ever. Ever. Uh...have to grok some of this for a while.
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