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Current Addendum and protip #2: Don't clickspam the post and update buttons or refresh the page after sending in a text query, as it will create doubles. Send you stuff once, then return to RPG's main page.
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Protips in these dark time: To navigate RPG, keep clicking wherever you want to go after 2-3 seconds of waiting interval. Page will load at normal speed after a few times clicking.
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Can't bother giving out my Discord profile, because all the people I talk to are on my RPs' dicord servers, which amounts to a single server. Huehuehue
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Happy New Year from Canada!
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Shoutout to voice actors of all kinds: Our RP's characters need some voice! Find out the details here:…
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NOTICE: Still looking for a 1x1 story partner. Mind that I'm not a quick post shooter, due to work, so I tend to write a paragraph or two in such RPs instead of a few lines. If anyone reading this is still interested, send a PM my way.


In a bleak world that is called reality...
A young man tries to find his path in life...
And so he decided to do Role-Playing!

Ahem, hello everyone! Y'all can call me Max, or Maxxy, or Maxwell House even! Fine, Riffus will do just fine too...
I'm what some would call a veteran RPer, despite not having been much active in these parts, or at all for the last 3 years. As a matter of fact, I started RP'ing ever since I started high school, and that was probably more than 15 years ago...


God, that makes me feel old.

So anyways, since I'm a nice guy and I know some might not want to absolutely know EVERYTHING about me (well, not everything really), I've highlighted areas of my introduction where you guys might be more interested in.


Some people might know me from where I initially started RP'ing,the "Artix Entertainment Forums". Yeah, the forums dedicated to all games made by Artix Entertainment, such as their very first fame "AdventureQuest", "DragonFable" and "MechQuest" to name only a few. I was known as Necrodan for a while. Afterwards it was Dread_Shadow_Max for a long time, but that name eventually grew too moody for my lively self, so I came to adopt the name representing myself in a better way, the same alias I am using right now.

After some... let's say... issues with the former forums, a lot of its RP'ers (myself included) moved on to another forum that one of us has created. It was thusly called: "The Forbidden Forums". Quite shady, huh? Well, it had a story behind, of which I wasn't involved myself. I Rp'ed there for years, amidst many quarrels and unfinished RPs, until life struck a terrible blow against my poor self.


I HAD GOTTEN A JOB! Yes, poor old me was tired of living carefree in the debts of a student loan (from a program I didn't even finish at college), and so I decided to take on the mantle of a hard-working man. Never did I thought that writing RPs and working at night would be so detrimental, and as such I had resigned my fate as a RP'er to better focus on working...

Nah, in fact it's just that I couldn't keep up with the RP's I was in and found great difficulty to focus on writing. Working 12 hours a day isn't great. You just barely get back from work, eat, sleep, then repeat for 4 days. And during weekends, you'Re just too tired that you either sleep all day, laze around all-day long or just try to enjoy what little social life you have left. Life was dark at that point.


Eventually, things grew to be smoother. I have gotten a new job. Still at night, but it's 8 hours instead, that makes a few more hours of free time. I have used most of that time to catch up on my games and discover new ones. But now that I'm feeling a part of me missing, a part of my creative self that yearned to write about epics and fantastic stories, I've decided to return to RP'ing once more after nearly 3 years of inactivity in the domain.

I do hope that I will be able to meet the expectations of my new comrades-in-writing and that we will all be having fun weaving the stories that have yet to be written. But hey, let's stop talking about myself, or rather my personal self. Let's delve instead into my RP'ing persona.


I'm what you would call a Jack-Of-All-Trades. I like RP'ing as a whole, be it in fantasy, sci-fi, dark or even school life settings. I do them all! I'm mostly a man of group RP's, but I've started enjoying 1x1's just before leaving for 3 years. I just love interactions between characters, as I feel they are a needed part in a successful RP. In fact, I'm a sucker for character development. Not only do I enjoy seeing the story progress, but I also love seeing the characters in that story evolving from the adventures they are experiencing.

As for my RP'ing style, you can trace it back from posts I made a few years back. I do enjoy writing lengthy and detailed pragraphs (just look at that gods be damned biography about myself that will mostly be overlooked). That's the only way to get all these ideas from that overloaded brains of mine! So I'm very sorry in advance to those who don't like reading wall of texts. For those who actually like it, then you're very much welcome!

Actually, it's just the way I was taught to write in school. A story and its characters are much more fun to read if you know the characters, their background or even their more in-depths detail. Assuming one does not overuse details of course, a mistake I was often told in the past.

Well, that's it for me. Sorry for the long introduction to my self. Hope you had a blast knowing a bit more about me. And I do hope we will be having nice RP's to be written.

So in short, it's nice to be back!

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As soon as everyone from the assault unit boarded the APC, it didn’t take long for Jaida to initiate the engine and take off at maximum speed. No time to lose, some had already figured that out and have already taken off with their own means of transport.

As much as she refused to admit it, she wanted the Republic to survive this attack. If change had to be brought on Gamorria, they were probably her last and only hope of doing so. She needed them alive if she wanted her goals to be fulfilled.

“Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents! This is going to be… a bit of a bumpy ride.” The bounty hunter grinned behind the APC’s controls.

Native to the planet and used to chasing her targets throughout her homeland, the dark-haired woman knew shortcuts and roads better than anyone else aboard this vehicle. If it had been just a normal day, she would even boast she could navigate through the city with her eyes closed. But she had to be serious, for now.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy and let a faint smirk carve itself on her lips as she pushed the APC’s speed to its limits, making its engine roar. The scenery was quickly passing by, and true to Jaida’s words, the vehicle everyone was aboard shook a lot from all the maneuvers its driver was putting it through: Knocking a few garbage bins aside, narrowly passing through tight alleyways, hopping above small obstacles. Looking at how the hat-wearing huntress was driving the APC, one could deduce she was at ease at driving at reckless speed. Clearly, she had skills in shady city-driving business.

It didn’t take long with Jaida’s piloting expertise to bring the assault unit back to the Republic base. However, she was not quick enough to be part of the party. As she arrived at the foothold’s front gates, it seemed like everything was under control, if not a bit of a mess though. Still, it looked like no big losses had been suffered.

Bringing the APC in, Jaida tipped her hat to the defenders.

“Howdy. I see you’ve met the friendly locals. Kinda was expecting it. And to be honest, y’all should expect more in the future, stronger attacks though. I suspect whoever hired this rabble are only seizing up your strength from this small skirmish.”
What in the-

The world seemed to slow down for Jaida as she observed the shot she took towards the would-be Dark Jedi. She saw the intense laser beam leaving the barrel of her overheating sniper. It was heading straight towards the unassuming man’s head. And just as the beam was about reaching the bounty hunter’s mark, two lightsabers were spinning right between the beam and the target. One collided against the other, allowing Jaida’s shot to make it nonetheless to the outlaw Jedi. Then the moment came for unexpected crap to happen. Her shot was deflected and redirected at Neb, who never saw it coming and paid for this foolishness with a hole in her chest.

“What the blazing f-!?”

The obsidian-haired hunter was cut short as explosions shook the drug den, a ship that came just as swiftly and suddenly as its owner was bombarding the warehouse. Jaida took cover behind the next building’s ventilation unit, safe from flying debris propelling themselves into the building. She could even hear the loud banging of concrete hitting against the metal of the ventilation unit.

No time to wait. No time to mess around. Her comlink picked what her teammates were saying. The base was under attack. She should have known. The Republic was not welcomed on Gamorria. It was only a matter of time before the local gangs, thugs hired by various crime lords, maybe hired assassins, would target the sole foothold of the newly-arrived law-enforcing faction.

Without second guessing herself, Jaida preferred taking swift action than standing around like those idiots down there. They needed to get back, fast. Being already outside and with a clear view of the APC, the ex-huntress climbed down swiftly her vantage point and made her way to the vehicle. Starting its engine, she recklessly brought the transport right in front of a secured entrance, at least one that wasn’t likely to collapse on their head for the moment.

“Confirming, no hostile on the outside. Get your asses back in the APC. Take the eastern route, it should be safe.”

Hearing the woman's voice broadcasting, she was calm and cool-headed, however tinged with frustration.
Ok. So I am considering joining up but was curious if there was any character types that were kinda missing. Smugglers, bounty hunter, etc.

Currently, the cast is heavily focused around mercenary-type characters (bounty hunters, smuggler, freelance warriors) along with a handful of force-users. We've got a few diplomats, hackers, pilots, and a lot of battle-ready folks. I think the only real role we haven't filled so far would be a mechanic-type character? I don'T remember if there was is a character heavily experienced in the field of machines and droids.
The dust finally cleared out as the shooting and the explosions stopped. Jaida could see now what was happening in the warehouse once more. What she saw was... troubling. That man, she never saw him coming, at all. He wasn't among the men protecting this factory. Hell, from her vantage point she never even saw anyone approaching this building. How did he got there past her watchful eye?

What scraps of discussion she heard through her long-range audio frequencies, the robed man was speaking in vague terms. But the way he spoke, and his remarkless traits. This man seemed like a... ghost of some sort?

It was like the rumors. Tales amongst Gammoria's underworld of a man, or a woman even, who simply just seemed to appear and disappear at important locations. Whatever was the unknown entity's goals, no one really knew. Was he employed by some crime syndicate or was he working as a freelance mercenary? Most bounty hunters made names for themselves in this underworld of crime. But that guy, no one knew anything about him. Hell, some pissed off crime lords even put a hefty sum of credits on an faceless bounty, but Jaida never had been able to even start tracking thie shadow, to the best of her abilities.

But hearing what she heard, and watching what she seen, it seemed she finally found that ghost. And if he was really the man of rumors, then he had to be taken care of. Seeing him snap people's neck simply from force of will, it made the decision that more urgent.

"Copy that. No one in sight outside the building... yet." Jaida whispered to the Mandalorian warrior in her comlink, keeping her voice low as to not give away her hidden position.

Taking a deep breath, the young woman rose her sniper to eye-level, setting her sights on the would-be shadow of a Jedi. Then, she slowly let out a quiet breath as she pressed the trigger, sending a deadly beam howling towards the newcomer's head.
Shooty shoot bang bang stabby stab is happening. Just blow people away to your heart's content (but leave some for us too)
Jaida looked over the unfolding dispute with clear disapproval in her eyes. Two Mandalorians and Neb trash talking each others about how shit the others' homeland were. Well that was just grand. The Gamorrian had expected much more professional and righteous people, coming from the Republic. Instead, she seemed to be stuck with some rabble for mercs and a few Jedi. Honestly, most of those people looked like people she could've picked over by the local cantina and hire them for a revolution.

Until Jayce made his entry, Jaida had her hand close to her belt, her trigger-finger itching as the escalating conflict and the seemingly trigger-happy Mandalorian made her nervous. If he would be making trouble, she'll gladly draw her blaster and shoot a hole clean into his skull. She didn't need a loose cannon to liberate Gamorria.

When the mission was further explained, the human huntress agreed to join the strike team, embarking on the vehicle with the others. As the operation was being run over by their new leader, Jaida was preparing herself. Preferring assassination over close-quarter combat, she proposed to be part of the sniper team to cover their asses.

When it was time to move out, Jaida positionned herself to the directed location up above. If one was to look carefully at the way the bounty hunter was climbing her way to the second floor, they would notice how quick and agile she was, using her physical skills along tools to move very efficiently.

Taking position, the green-eyed young woman waited for the assault to start. When shit hit the storm, she was ready. Up there, she had a clear view of pretty much everyone, which made her job that much simpler. Shouldering her sniper and bringing the focusing lens to her eye, Jaida took aim at the strongest-looking foes, the ones with the bigger and more dangerous looking armors and weapons. Taking down priority targets to ease the battle for those down below, that was her strategy.

Finger pressing the trigger, her shot was true with the intention of killing. A laser beam scorched the air and darted its way right into a tough-looking thug. Nothing remained of the guy's head, not even his helmet. The sniper's firepower was so immense, it simply disintegrated what it shot.

Feeling the sniper overheating, Jaida lowered the gun down, removing her hand from the gun's searing barrel. After she had taken her shot, things began to explode in the drug den, no doubt caused by shots fired at chemicals. It was impossible right now for the backup support sniper to help properly with all these explosions and heat blocking her line of sight.

Until the mess cleared up, the raven-haired bounty hunter remained aware of her surroundings. She looked around and made sure no hostile reinforcements were coming to ambush her or her allies. When the fog of war would clear up and the barrel of her sniper would cool down, she'd take another shot at someone else who looked dangerous. And so on.
No leader required when y'all going to be guided down to your impending doom.
I forgot to tag you guys in the IC post, so there, interaction tags.
Jaida watched with keen interest at the people who had come to join their group. This wasn't exactly what she had pictured of the Republic, if she had to be honest. She expected more troopers, more... official looking representatives. What stood before her looked a lot like the misfit group of mercernaries she was used to see at the cantina or some crime lord's goons. This made the ex-bounty hunter doubt if the galaxy's authorities were really serious in trying to rid Gamorria of corruption.

At the very least, she saw people who looked those fabled Jedi. She never had seen one on this planet. Or at the very least they managed to hide their presence well if there really were members of the Order here. While the concepts they worshipped were completely unknown for someone who lived her entire life on a planet such as Gamorria, Jaida had heard the stories of these people. Powerful individuals who shouldn't be messed with. As a matter of fact, wasn't the Republic's champion a Jedi who managed to rid the galaxy of its tyrannical emperor almost a century ago? That was just proof of how foolish it would be to stand against the Jedi.

"Mmhmm, you could say that. Guiding you through my homeland, fighting alongside you, getting you some info, etc. Just ask for help and I'll see what I can do for you, darling." Jaida turned to the Twi'lek named Neb, returning her smile with a grin and a wink.

The young woman then turned her focus to Republic Intelligence member.

"Actually, you'd be surprised. While the poor, the slaves and those who have been wronged would like to see order restored here, corruption has been part of Gamorria for so long, it has become a way of living. Can't speak for the whole galaxy, but that's just how things are here. I bet bringing a reform here would get a rise out of more people than you can imagine."
It was with a heavy sigh and a throbbing heart Jaida close the door of her car. In all honesty, she wasn’t fond of the idea of suddenly shifting from her own hidden and secluded lodgings to being stuck with dozens of stiff military personnel. The ex-bounty hunter felt like she traded off her freedom for safety. After what happened to her, Jaida sure could use a safe place to stay, but she wasn’t so sure if the whole deal was suiting herself perfectly.

A slow hand ran over her neck, feeling the scar that has been etched onto her soft skin. It was still hurting and burning faintly. The bite of metal still fresh in the young woman’s mind. It was only yesterday she made up her mind about what she should be doing for her future. Flirting with Death so closely made her rethink about her life and her occupation.

She had approached the Republic at this very base not long ago, hands up to prove she wasn’t hostile despite carrying weapons. She had heard of the new Order’s intentions of wiping crime off the face of galaxy. It was a bold and foolish goal, but she would rather side with this new ideal than continue what her old life was about.

It’s not like she had much of a choice anyway. Jaida Sarinn was an infamous bounty hunter on Gamorria, for her many years at tracking down successfully her marks had earned her quite the reputation. That reputation had both been a blessing and her undoing. And right now, it was a curse. Now that the assassination attempt on her life had failed, the treacherous crime lord was sure to fear retribution and hire more bounty hunters and assassins to track her down and either kill her or make sure the ex-hunter wouldn’t kill this influential ass.

Oh, but that idiot hadn’t heard the last of Jaida. She’ll come back to him, one day, with the republic armada knocking on his corrupted doorstep. She’ll get her revenge.

For now though, she’ll have to accept that her situation changed. And honor the deal she had contracted with the Republic. She’ll offer her services for the fight to come, and even guide the newly arrived soldiers into this corrupted planet. In exchange, she’ll have a safe place to stay, and won’t have her ass thrown in prison for her previous life of crime.

Swinging her pack of belongings over her shoulder, Jaida left her vehicle at the port, walking towards the Republic base. She arrived just in time to see Commander Gallowin, the man she had her dealings with, finishing his instructions to what looked like a group of newly arrived squadron, before he walked off on them.

Seeing she will be working with those people, as per instructions she had been given beforehand, Jaida walked up to the group of newcomers, tipping her hat up in greetings with her free hand.

“Howdy. I’m Jaida Sarinn. I’ll be working with you guys to get rid of the filth polluting this planet. Pleasure meeting you all.”
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