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Good grief my American friends. Y'all made Montreal's immigration website crash due to high traffic...
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NOTICE: Still looking for a 1x1 story partner. Mind that I'm not a quick post shooter, due to work, so I tend to write a paragraph or two in such RPs instead of a few lines. If anyone reading this is still interested, send a PM my way.


In a bleak world that is called reality...
A young man tries to find his path in life...
And so he decided to do Role-Playing!

Ahem, hello everyone! Y'all can call me Max, or Maxxy, or Maxwell House even! Fine, Riffus will do just fine too...
I'm what some would call a veteran RPer, despite not having been much active in these parts, or at all for the last 3 years. As a matter of fact, I started RP'ing ever since I started high school, and that was probably more than 15 years ago...


God, that makes me feel old.

So anyways, since I'm a nice guy and I know some might not want to absolutely know EVERYTHING about me (well, not everything really), I've highlighted areas of my introduction where you guys might be more interested in.


Some people might know me from where I initially started RP'ing,the "Artix Entertainment Forums". Yeah, the forums dedicated to all games made by Artix Entertainment, such as their very first fame "AdventureQuest", "DragonFable" and "MechQuest" to name only a few. I was known as Necrodan for a while. Afterwards it was Dread_Shadow_Max for a long time, but that name eventually grew too moody for my lively self, so I came to adopt the name representing myself in a better way, the same alias I am using right now.

After some... let's say... issues with the former forums, a lot of its RP'ers (myself included) moved on to another forum that one of us has created. It was thusly called: "The Forbidden Forums". Quite shady, huh? Well, it had a story behind, of which I wasn't involved myself. I Rp'ed there for years, amidst many quarrels and unfinished RPs, until life struck a terrible blow against my poor self.


I HAD GOTTEN A JOB! Yes, poor old me was tired of living carefree in the debts of a student loan (from a program I didn't even finish at college), and so I decided to take on the mantle of a hard-working man. Never did I thought that writing RPs and working at night would be so detrimental, and as such I had resigned my fate as a RP'er to better focus on working...

Nah, in fact it's just that I couldn't keep up with the RP's I was in and found great difficulty to focus on writing. Working 12 hours a day isn't great. You just barely get back from work, eat, sleep, then repeat for 4 days. And during weekends, you'Re just too tired that you either sleep all day, laze around all-day long or just try to enjoy what little social life you have left. Life was dark at that point.


Eventually, things grew to be smoother. I have gotten a new job. Still at night, but it's 8 hours instead, that makes a few more hours of free time. I have used most of that time to catch up on my games and discover new ones. But now that I'm feeling a part of me missing, a part of my creative self that yearned to write about epics and fantastic stories, I've decided to return to RP'ing once more after nearly 3 years of inactivity in the domain.

I do hope that I will be able to meet the expectations of my new comrades-in-writing and that we will all be having fun weaving the stories that have yet to be written. But hey, let's stop talking about myself, or rather my personal self. Let's delve instead into my RP'ing persona.


I'm what you would call a Jack-Of-All-Trades. I like RP'ing as a whole, be it in fantasy, sci-fi, dark or even school life settings. I do them all! I'm mostly a man of group RP's, but I've started enjoying 1x1's just before leaving for 3 years. I just love interactions between characters, as I feel they are a needed part in a successful RP. In fact, I'm a sucker for character development. Not only do I enjoy seeing the story progress, but I also love seeing the characters in that story evolving from the adventures they are experiencing.

As for my RP'ing style, you can trace it back from posts I made a few years back. I do enjoy writing lengthy and detailed pragraphs (just look at that gods be damned biography about myself that will mostly be overlooked). That's the only way to get all these ideas from that overloaded brains of mine! So I'm very sorry in advance to those who don't like reading wall of texts. For those who actually like it, then you're very much welcome!

Actually, it's just the way I was taught to write in school. A story and its characters are much more fun to read if you know the characters, their background or even their more in-depths detail. Assuming one does not overuse details of course, a mistake I was often told in the past.

Well, that's it for me. Sorry for the long introduction to my self. Hope you had a blast knowing a bit more about me. And I do hope we will be having nice RP's to be written.

So in short, it's nice to be back!

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𝕻𝖆𝖗’𝕾𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝕰𝖙𝖍’𝕰𝖗𝖆𝖝

"The time has come... for the gathering of souls."

He had been there when Camelot fell to the destruction that the Dark King wrought. The sheer number of deaths that had happened in such a short amount of time hadn’t gone unseen to the eyes of the Apostles of Death, and as such the Guide had been dispatched to the devastated land to assess the situation. For a while, the semblance of the legendary Reaper had been guiding the lost souls back to their rightful place, for the calamity that had happened upon this kingdom had left so many scattered across the land.

That was until Lancelot met the Apostle personally. But that story was known only by the Dark Lord and his newly made Knight on that fateful day. Ever since, Par’Sath had taken residence in Moonlake Keep, awaiting the arrival of what would become Lancelot’s personal elite. His time spent at the castle was brief, for the Guide always had a duty to uphold as a Spiritual Guide to accomplish. Until many souls had begun gathering at Moonlake.

Finally, the time had come…

Among the varied decorations that glorified the eerie beauty of the castle’s hall, there stood a peculiar set of armor and robes that depicted what maybe would have been a battlemage. The armor looked clean, as if it had been recently used but never suffered from the signs of battle. It stood in the corner of the room, overlooking the dinner and its new arrivals, unmoved and silent. For, in the end, it was but another mundane piece of equipment, without its wearer anyway.

In contrast, floating high above the table, slowly creeping unseen upon the scene that was the gathering of the dark knights, the immaterial form of the Deathless One graced the hall of his unknown presence. Par’Sath Eth’Etherax, known by very few as the Guide of the Damned, took his time scrutinizing the souls that had gathered in this place.

No soul, only energy residing into the body of a pure-blooded immortal.
A strong soul attuned with the world of magic.
A soul with an ever-changing body.
A soul bound to the cursed fate of the undeath.
A faithful soul strongly attuned to the energy of an otherworldly existence.
A soul faithful only to its duty.
The unmistakable soul of one that leads a pack of tribal beastkin.
The bright soul of a fragile but vivid creature that did not originally belonged to this mortal shell.
Something wrong. Something with no soul, but no presence felt at all. A void that hungered for more.
The soul of a conqueror of its small but ingenious kin.
An otherworldly energy born from chaotic energies.
A soul attuned to the world of emptiness.
A frostborn soul brought back in the body of undeath.
The demonic presence of one attuned with destruction and primordial elements.

Lancelot had picked a peculiar choice of Knights for his project. The call that beckoned many different being around this table had been sent to many, with promises of safety, glory, destruction, hefty rewards, treaties, and unspoken deals. It would be an overstatement to say that this was an interesting situation for the Apostle, but it was a case that had drawn the spiritual being into collaborating with this gathering of souls.

Now that most of the invited had arrived and been analyzed, Par’Sath returned to the world of the living, his spirit slowly drifting back towards the set of armor that had been standing still in the corner of the room long before the Knights entered the hall. Binding himself to the piece of equipment, a pair of ethereal ghostly wings appeared on the back of the imposing set of robed armor plates, much like an Angel of Death that had manifested itself.

With slow and light steps, the Apostle walked towards the group of Knights that were feasting and interacting with each other, until he reached an impersonal but sufficient distance to meet with the gathering.

“Hail, Knights.“ a deep whisper with sufficient power to reach the ears of all despite the silence emanating from his being.

And now, with the introduction done, the Deathless One awaited a sign of the Dark Lord to unite this group of souls into the purpose they had been gathered for.
Introduce your edgy gay lord to the RP instead of stating the obvious, you meat.
To everyone caring about the environment, y'all can see Par'Sath's suit of armor standing up in the corner of the room like those fancy castle decorations. For those who have the ability to see ghosts/spirits/souls, there's a ever-changing foggy black silhouette lingering about in the room.

I won't post right now, but I'm just putting that here so you guys know that my character is already within the dining hall when everyone arrives.
Semi of Slaughter


Kusari | Marcus | Emma

Angelique | Grant | Sophia

𝕊𝕦𝕟: 𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥. 𝟚𝟘, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / 𝕎𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕥𝕠𝕟, 𝔻.ℂ. / / ~𝟙𝟚𝟜𝟘

Collab with @Kyrisse @Piercing Light @Chasers115 @Diggerton @Riffus Maximus @Deathmyster @VampireOracle

If there was any notion that the panic running rampant through the capital's streets had reached its peak, it would have been immediately shattered as Tumor's eclipsing form stained the sky.

Angel's empowered declaration of the 'USARILN Special Evacuation Relief Unit' was met with mixed reactions, though 'mixed' seemed like the understatement of the century. It didn't take much mental effort for the evacuating citizens to identify the vehicle they had been suggested to use, a semi-truck escorted by a surreal parade of floating cars and a nightmarish, shadowy golem knocking obstacles aside with horrifying strength.

More monsters among the destruction already inflicted.

The voice mage's offers fell on deaf ears. Most of the crowd clambered over each other in an attempt to escape the subnaturals, running, screaming, trampling over the unfortunate who lacked the mobility needed to flee. But a strange energy took over some of the citizens in the vicinity, a rush of adrenaline and determination that only emerged in the worst of life-threatening situations. Hatred smothering fear. Among the screams, fragments of angered shouts of "fucking subs", "it's that Scar Guy" and "in the truck" could be heard by those with keen hearing. Ernie's transmission blared through the cuffs like a poorly timed omen. Despite the panic in the street, there was almost an eerie standstill between the subnaturals and the bold regulars who were sick of living in fear and had nothing left to lose. Right as the Aberration's voice mentioned something about Hazel, half a brick flew through the windshield of the truck, shattering the glass and nailing Marcus in the shoulder.

A catalyst for the hell about to descend upon the USARILN teens.

Bricks and debris hailed down on the vehicle, shattering the remaining vehicles of the cab and lightly raining glass on its inhabitants. The two nearby soldiers barked orders to cease the attack to no avail. Miraculously, no one beside the scarred Arbiter was directly hit by the incoming projectiles yet. In the back, thunderous banging consumed the atmosphere as loosened concrete battered against the trailer's outer walls, thrown by frightened and outraged civilians. With the absence of any new audible orders, Determination continued its task despite the attacks, its armor holding well against the rain of construction materials. The stoning of the subnaturals' vehicle didn't look like it was going to end any time soon but the regulars at least kept their distance for the moment.

Piss poor timing, that was the only thing Angel could accurately think of as shit hit the fan for the evacuation effort. Not only the citizens did not trust them to accept their help, but the appearance of Cat's Cradle, Ernest's message and the unfolding panic, it was too much to bear on the young woman's stressed mind.

Angelique let out a sudden shout of fright as a brick came flying through the windshield and hit Marcus square in the shoulder. But fear soon was overcome by wrath.

"Marc, are you alright?"

They dared to this to those who were trying to help them. Just how fucked up this society was? Is this what she was living with all those years before becoming a Subnatural? Was this really the humanity she was trying to cling onto, despite having been demonized as an X-marked?


Angel's voice boomed all over the area, noticeably growing louder and panicked. If she was on the edge, now she had one foot over the ravine. The voices inside her head began screaming in rage, egging her to let loose. The violence seemed unresponsive to her rage, the crowd's fear only ramping up with the unnatural voice shouting in their ears.

Angel's teeth were grinding on themselves as each thud against the truck's surface; each debris that flew past her head only fueled her hatred towards Regulars. She couldn't take it anymore. Her friends were in danger. SHE was in danger.



The Stigma was banging at the back of her mind, breaking through, invading her thoughts. There was nothing but sheer hate towards those who dared bring pain to her classmates, her friends, her kindred. Those people were unworthy of being saved. They should be left here to rot, to die in their filth like the human trash they were. At this point, Subnaturals felt even more human right now than the garbage that kept throwing debris out of unjustified spite.

"Everyone... get back inside. We're leaving, NOW!" Angel ordered, her magical voice reaching out only to her comrades, struggling for control.

"They want to hate and fear you so much? Give them a reason to do so!

Returning the defiant and hateful look in her eyes back to the Regulars that kept pummeling the truck with all sorts of debris, Angel leaned towards the windshield instead of trying to protect herself behind the dash.



But this time around, Angel's voice did not come out as a warning ringing to everyone's ears. Her voice was unleashed by the full power of her destructive abilities, sending a forceful sonic wave of debilitating intensity towards the majority of the Regulars that kept pummeling their vehicle.

It all happened so fast. Off in the distance, reflected brightly in one of the truck's side mirrors, a large bloom of fire engulfed what looked like empty sky from this distance. Then the growing form of a sludge monster - not the slime that was currently engulfing the city. For a moment, Marcus was completely baffled; there wasn't anybody on their team that could do something like that.

When he noticed the disturbing face of Tumor writhing through the black mass, it all clicked. They had to leave now.

And it was just as he made this connection and turned to see if Angel had also caught on that the windshield exploded, raining small shards of glass down as something large impacted his shoulder. Marcus let out an involuntary yelp of pain as the brick caught him across the shoulder, bringing his other arm up to cradle it.

Nothing broken. Nothing dislocated. But not for a lack of trying.

"What the hell!?" Marcus shouted to nobody in particular, bringing his hand back to the steering wheel. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Just caught me in my shoulder."

The words came out through gritted teeth as the sudden shock of impact gave way to the rising bloom of pain. His pain transferred from soft disbelief to growing anger as he fully realized the situation: that hadn't been an accident - not a wayward piece of stone from one of the nearby collapsing buildings. That had been thrown. By a Regular. The same regulars they were trying to help.

The patter of other debris rang across the truck like the sound of large hail as something exploded next to him. There was a soft ringing in his ear as he turned to the source, his eyes falling on where Angel sat next to him.

Too much.

Siena could practically feel the panic rising from the masses as she noticed the presence of something more dangerous than mere monsters--subhumans that knew how to use their power to spill blood...something in the back of her head tried to chime in at the situation. This was wrong. Dangerous. Wrong. Her concentration wavered for a moment, the cars precariously slipping down for a moment when gravity tried to return to normal before quickly snapping back to where they were before with a grimace from the brunette. Careless--she couldn't afford to lost her train of thought and drop all the vehicles she'd been--


Glass showered in a blanket of fine, jagged points that made Siena flinch. The Arbiter couldn't hold all the cars--half of them slammed back into the ground as her concentration snapped away, reducing the effective area of her ability. The disgustingly calm part of her mind told her that it wasn't such a big deal--nobody was stupid enough to stand under a floating car if they didn't know why it was floating. The same part of her reminded the girl that she needed to react in an appropriate manner, lest she give away the horrifying sense of calm that threatened to pull her under.

"Shit...!" But it wasn't enough to regain herself when the name threatened to slip through her fingers, the grains becoming finer the more desperately she scrabbled at the draining sands. Going, going...did it even matter? A startling sense of clarity cut into Siena deeper than any glass would have managed, eyes shifting from a muddy brown to an awkward charcoal color as she felt the last of Dekka's power escape like a wispy breath, the sudden weight such a fierce burden that Siena had to bite back a yelp of surprise. Too much, her mind scolded as both names escaped. First Dekka, then Kennedy.

The cars came crashing down all at once as Siena felt her legs obeying Angel's demand before her mind had caught up, the usual flutter of her fingers bringing the familiar thrum of knowing. Things were going bad, fast.

A shout shattered the air despite the jagged shrieks that had pierced it over and over again, and another pair of voices mocked the brunette in her head. So much for trying to help them. Now you're the monster they want to see. It wasn't her fault.

"Angel, those were pe--" The protest cut itself off. They were people. Fragile bodies that were afraid of them because they saw subnaturals as monstrous figures. Plenty of monsters played at being human. Plenty of humans were monstrous. Another chilling calm trickled down her spine, one that froze her heart in place for a fraction of a second. She tried to shake it off. "We shouldn't..."

...she didn't know how to finish that sentence.

Hazel was rampaging again. Once again, Emma wasn’t sure what to do. The girl was clearly a danger to everyone around her. A danger to her friends. But wasn’t she also supposed to be her friend? Emma gritted her teeth. She couldn’t worry about that now. Not when they had their own problems to worry about. Not when... Emma’s head craned around to make out the form of Tumor, the lights dancing in the sky, the sight of…

Cat’s Cradle is helping.

It was a realization that hit her like a truck; Cat’s Cradle, Animi, terrorists, public enemy number one, was one of the few allies that they had right now. Of course, that’s not how the regulars saw it. The sound of the shattering windshield drew Emma’s attention back towards the truck. Emma took a second to ensure that Marcus was okay before turning back towards Determination, who was still carelessly going about his business despite the rain of debris being pelted on him. That was good, he just needed to keep doing wh-

A scream came from Angel, directed towards the crowd.

What the fuck?

Suddenly, the cars suspended by Siena’s power were released, shrieks cutting through the air.

What the fuck?

Emma turned back towards the truck, hearing Angel’s demand that they come back. She was right, they were in danger, danger that was amplified tenfold by the Subnatural’s own hostilities. As she started moving for the relative safety of the semi’s trailer she spoke aloud, ”Transmit, what the hell are you guys doing? Attacking the regulars is making things worse! We need to get out of here, not fight them!” Emma shouted.

Angel's scream had a devastating effect on the crowd, disabling dozens of evacuees and throwing them backwards. The ones that received a direct hit were curled up on the ground, clutching their ears. The civilians caught on the edge of the sonic cone stumbled around blindly. One of the soldiers was among the less severely affected. The other, however, was standing to the side with his rifle aimed at the voice mage. He would have taken the shot had it not been for the sudden cacophony of falling cars. A disjointed rhythm of shattered glass and distorted metal filled the air, easily masking the sounds of crushed bones and ruptured organs from the fallen vehicles. Angel's shout had inadvertently pushed numerous civilians into the drop zone. There was no one standing in front of the truck to block the horrific view of blood oozing out from beneath the twisted chassis. The screaming continued as those that weren't caught in the blast rushed to the dropped cars to lift them from their loved ones. They begged for help but none came. The others were now revenge-bent.

Everything was happening so fast. Lily had just agreed with Kusari to go out and help Allison and Zoe and then the next thing she knew, there was a sound of shattering glass and then Angelique was screaming. Her eyes widened as her senses were barraged by multitudes of injuries all around them, the initial plan of going out to help Allison and Zoe completely forgotten. Shattered ear drums, crushed bones, punctured wounds... She could perceive all of them and felt that overwhelming need to help. But couple with the need was an equally strong desire to destroy. The voices that she thought were gone began whispering in her head again just as the truck they were in was continuously pelted with whatever the Regulars outside could hurl at it.

Debris continued flying towards the truck, leaving sizable dents in the trailer now. But that was far from the worst of it. Infuriated by the sudden attack, a handful of civilians surged forward to board the truck, ripping the side-doors open to grab at the shouter and the scarred boy and wrest them out of the vehicle. The undazed soldier levelled his rifle at Angelique again but hesitated to open fire for fear of hitting the civilians. Ironically, the attackers were indirectly saving the voice mage from certain death for the moment.

Emma hadn't gone unnoticed in the chaos of it all, the X-mark on her throat acting like a homing beacon of hatred. With the appearance of the world-infamous Animi just then, fear of the violent X's was at an all-time peak. Most of the evacuees on that side of the shuffled backwards but others attacked with more vigor. One man in particular raced towards the girl in a rough tackle, pinning her on the ground. She was met with a brutal fist to the jaw, his other hand raised for another. He'd seen the goody two-shoes X-girl on television. Easy target. On the other side of the truck, Grant and Siena were experiencing their own swarm, about five people lunging at each of them. While all this was happening, the last of the emboldened civilians leapt onto the back, opening the unlocked trailer door to get the rest of the subnaturals.

Emma hit the ground hard, the wind suddenly knocked out of her. ”Wait-“ she didn’t have time to finish her sentence, a hard fist meeting her jaw.

Did you think that you could make these people love you?i

The man cocked back his fist again, ”Please, stop…” she choked out in between sobs, tears filling her eyes, pain welling up in her face. Another impact against her skull, completely ignoring her pleas.

Emma’s lip was busted open now, blood running down her face. ”Don’t…” she started but didn’t finish. It’s pointless, they hate you. What did you expect? They’ll never love you. Not like the Precursors. Not like Sparrow. They’ll never admire you, you’re… you’re one of them. Subnaturals are nothing more than monsters.

Emma didn’t try pleading again. She didn’t try fighting. Determination, mindlessly continuing his assigned task of pushing aside the cars, suddenly disappeared.

Lily watched with confusion as her classmates were attacked. Weren't they supposed to be helping people out? What was happening? Why were they being attacked? As the Emma's assailant's fist connected with her face, the golden haired Aberration froze and lifted a hand to her lip as though she was punched. Golden eyes sought out Emma outside, pinned down and being attacked. It was a strangely familiar scene.

Suddenly Emma had long blonde hair and the man pinning her down had messy brown hair. Lily stared at them in horrified wonder. "You... you're a menace, a plague, a rabid dog that should have been put down a long time ago." The male voice from her fragmented memories was full of malice and hatred. The same voice had been filled with love and tenderness when her neck didn't have that cursed X mark. The soft, warm hand on her cheek was now rough as it wrapped around blonde Emma's neck. The lips that pressed a kiss to her forehead were now pulled back into a sneer. "You and Sebastian. You two should have never been born."

Oh god.

The sickening crunch of bones told Marcus all he needed to know about the situation. The screaming, the begging. Everything had gone to hell, and they were right in the middle of it. DC hated them, and they'd given the civilians the proverbial match to light the powder keg, and boy if it wasn't one hell of an explosion.

Marcus's horrified glances were interrupted as his door swung open, a hand reaching up to grab at his shoulder, nearly tearing his shirt off his body. He panicked for a moment, turning to deliver the heel of his foot directly to the grasping face of the person beside him, before scooting across his seat a little more to give himself some distance.

To the side, a flurry of movement caught Marcus's eye. Emma was on the ground. He watched in slow motion as the fist connected with her jaw, before reeling back for another attack.

Fuck it. If they were going to be the bad guys, then so be it.

"Angel! Emma's under attack! Clear me a path!" Marcus said, reaching over to the door and slamming it halfway in an attempt to hit a few of the frantic civilians with the metal barrier.

It was with horror that Angel witnessed the death she caused. This time, it wasn’t like Montréal’s massacre, where she was presumably innocent and framed by another Mage, as Brent suggested. This time, she actually CAUSED someone’s death by throwing them underneath floating cars that crashed onto them. The pang of guilt was immediate. Angel muted herself, tears started to well in her eyes as she realized she was responsible for murdering innocents.

But the guilt would not last for long, as infuriated citizens redoubled their efforts to take down her classmates. Hell, she could spot a soldier taking aim at them, at her specifically. Self-preservation began kicking in. No, she couldn’t die here, not like this. Not after swearing to become better.

“Become better? You’re actually becoming worse. You’re a murderer now…”

Everything that Angélique feared of becoming, she was getting there right now. As the angry mob of escaping refugees tried to wrench her away from the truck, she would not move from her spot as her seating belt secured her into the seat. But with every single pull, Angel’s rage only intensified. It eventually grew worse as she saw Siena and Grant being grabbed.

She was past redemption now. It was fight or die, and she absolutely won’t allow any of her classmates to die for having made a grave mistake. She made this mess, it was up to her to clean it up. The same debilitating scream that caused deaths was repeated once more. She was aiming that shriek at the soldier in plain sight, taking him out of commission before turning her attention to the pulling assailants, whom she screamed down just as easily as the others before.

"Grant! Take out their weapons! They are going to shoot us dead!"

Hearing out Marcus’ plea, Angel felt a rush of mixed emotions. Emma was being assaulted? That was an entertaining thought, but Emma was Marcus’ girlfriend. She respected Time Scar far too much to have a good time over the misery of his loved one.

“A’right, let’s go get her! Shut your ears tight and give me a hand!” Angel shouted, unfastening her seatbelt and throwing herself onto Marcus’ lap. Her dizziness wouldn’t allow her to move that efficiently considering everything that was happening, but she could at least manage to place herself up in an angle she would scream down Marcus’ side Regulars without putting him into her effective range.

True havoc. That's the way to describe the very situation. One moment, Grant was just helping with the roadblock. The next, yells of hatred and anger broke out. Now there was just screaming upon screaming. The boy was shaken at the familiarity, but he quickly shook it off the moment the chaos had their sights locked on him.

Instincts kicked in as his chains shot out to the very clothing of the people closing in. "Stay the hell away from me!" He yelled in anger, making contact and knocking many of them together enough until they were all just crumpled on the ground. For good measure, he tossed the ones who he had chained away from him.

He took in the chaos going on around him. He was still, frozen, trying to figure out what to do. He had to move, he had to... Angel's familiar voice broke through. Weapons. Shoot dead. His eyes locked onto the guards around in the range of his chains.

Following Angel's order, he sent his three chains out to different guards, focusing in on their weapons. The immediate moment they touched, he focused on making them completely useless. Molding the matter quickly and tightly around the wrists of the guards before pulling them up, meeting their faces in impact.

Resting her back onto the semi’s cabin, Angel struggled to keep herself onto her feet, leaning heavily onto the metal structure off the vehicle for support. She couldn’t leave Marcus alone to save Emma with this many people still throwing them debris and gazing upon them malevolently. Seeing chunks of bricks, rocks and concrete flying so closely to them, Angélique decided that it was enough. It was time to teach these assholes who she was and to not mess around with her.

Unleashing a barrage of sonic waves upon the attacking crowd, the raven-haired Aberration made sure that none of them would be able to stand for themselves for a while, leaving them to die here if need be. She didn’t care at this point. Right now, her mind was addled by the taunting and sadistic screams inside her mind. Who knew screaming at people felt so damn good? Actually, it felt more relieving than using her powers against the denizens of Ground Zero. Deep inside, it was because this time, those people were not semi-realistic. Those citizens were the real deal, living and sentient, with emotions and fear.

Angel took a step back, startled as she heard the sound of gunshot near her; the young woman saw the sight of Marcus killing in cold-blood the man that had been assaulting Emma with a handgun. No fucking way. Marcus really killed someone just like that? What been this world was doing to them?

But as guilty and remorseful as she could be, there was no time to feel down. Their lives were at stake here. It was her classmates or the Regulars, and after what transpired here, Angel could give no fuck about it all anymore. Instead, she’d capitalize on the fear Marcus instigated into the Regulars’ minds. Strange, for people to actually be more fearful of a firearm than actual super powers. Maybe the reason was because those people did not believe Angel could actually kill with her voice?

Suddenly, memories of what happened a month ago came back flooding into her mind, filling her more with grief, despair and wrath. If fear was what would drive the common folk away from them, then by God will she fucking harness the legacy that she destroyed and build a new one with the smoldering embers that the media stirred after Montréal’s massacre. Some of the social media online gave her a nickname, some tried to drag her name into the mud. Let those fuckers know the monster they created.

“Those people are underestimating you… Maybe it’s time to remind them with who they are dealing with?”


Angel's threat echoed in a loud boom in the area, her loud voice intensified only by the fact that she was screaming full of spite at the top of her lungs while using her area-wide magic. It was a lie of course. She wasn't able to kill with her voice, or so it was what she believed after constantly training and using them. But it didn't hurt to use her infamous reputation she got ever since her homecoming concert's tragedy to back up her claim.

Anyone brazen or idiotic enough to linger by the 'Special Evacuation Relief Unit' fled at this final warning from the famed former rockstar. The flying debris ceased; the injured and trapped abandoned to Lily's whims.

Marcus sighed softly, pulling himself into the cab of the truck and sitting down. His hands were on the wheel, his eyes were straight ahead, but he made no motion to move. He was weary. Beaten and broken from everything that had just occurred, and he just wanted to leave.

"Anybody got any plans for this?" he said softly, making it a point to avoid eye contact, and staring straight ahead.

Finally it was over. One of the worst moments of her life was actually fucking over. Who knew that Angélique would start of as a benevolent member of an evacuation team and end up like a psychotic screamer? She just revealed to everyone the kind of monster she was, both deep inside and outside from reputation.

Truly, this afternoon was one gigantic fucking mess. At the very least, the voices inside her head quieted down to basically a faint usher. Peace returned to her mind, but with this serenity came the realization of everything she did, and what everyone did to ensure their survival.

Angélique was unsure what to think about all of it. She killed people for sure, but she did it to make sure her classmates and herself were coming out from this alive, didn’t she? Even Marcus got the idea and used his firearm to save a life. But still, the raven-haired Aberration felt some part of her humanity leaving her after all that happened. Regulars really didn’t see Subnaturals as Humans anymore, and Angel kind of proved them right now. No, she wasn’t the same anymore. Ernest was right.

But for now, the Voice Mage couldn’t let this weakness show. She swallowed her shame and guilt. The others didn’t need to see this part of herself. She already showed it enough already. They needed resolve to get through this mess. If she had to brand herself as a villain and a cold-hearted bitch for the sake of others, then so be it. She could cry about it later when she’d be by her lonesome self.

“We’ve got no time for this shit anymore. Let’s get the hell out of here and find a safe and quiet spot for the disabled. We need a quick way to get rid of the cars on the road without exposing ourselves to danger like now." Angel’s voice reached out as a calm whisper to everyone. She was tired, dizzy and ever-more stressed out than before. She didn’t feel like raising her voice more than needed, not when she had the power to help her communicate with ease.

Then, a sudden realization. They just knocked out some army men right now, some of which fled after being disarmed and faced with the overwhelming forces of the Subnaturals. By now, the whole army was probably looking for murderous Mages driving a Semi. What if they would be waiting for them at the evacuation point? There’s no doubt they would be shot on sight and killed if that was the case.

“It’s probably best if we don’t go to the evacuation point. Soldiers will be waiting for us there and shoot us on sight considering what happened earlier with them. Let’s take the bus over there too. They’ll probably be looking for a semi by now.”

Just as she finished speaking, Angel's gaze wandered about, settling upon a familiar blonde figure kneeling in the dirty concrete. Black threads connected herself to the fallen silhouettes of the dazed citizens. Half-blind from the ambient light, Angélique could not discern that Lilianna wasn't actually healing those people, but instead finishing the job Angel couldn't achieve with her current level of power.

Fearing her musician friend might overexert herself from trying to take wounds, Angel tried to rush towards Lily, pushing herself off the semi's trailer. After a few steps, dizziness would remind the young singer why she needed a human-crutch earlier. Her legs gave out, but no one was around to catch her. Angel fell to the ground, a few feet away from Lilianna. Mentally cursing her inability to walk alone, Angel reached out to the blonde Aberration with her magic.

"Lily, please, stop. It's over. These people aren't worth getting yourself hurt for." the faint, tired whispers of Angel's voice came next to Lily's head, as if the girl was standing next to her.

One by one she targeted them, the ground was turning red so fast. The half crazed Aberration didn't show any signs of stopping until her black thread reached out for a man with messy blonde hair who was desperately trying to get away from all the gore and destruction. Lily's eyes widened and the black strand that signaled her power stopped just before it touched the man's wrist. It was at that exact moment when Angel's voice reached her ears. It's...over? What's over? her thoughts were confused, disjointed. The black thread quivered before it dissipated into thin air, horrified golden eyes watched as the blonde man glanced back at her with terror and hatred. Sebastian?

And then it finally dawned on her. The memories, the battle... Regulars scared to the point of attacking them... The need to protect... The moment she saw her friends getting hurt, she no longer thought the regulars were real humans. But the people that laid bleeding and dying on the ground were real people and not something imaginary or a product of another Subnatural's mind. She wasn't in Ground Zero.

There was no turning back. What did I...? She was a monster now.

A murderer.

Drained from expending too much power amplifying injuries and from giving in to the rage and the hate, the small blonde haired stared down at her hands.

They deserved it. The voice in her head was calm, the words unhesitating. Was it her thoughts or was it her stigma? She can no longer tell. But the horror of what she had done was too heavy and rooted her on the spot. It didn't matter how much she tried to control her stigma. At the end of the day, there really was no denying that she'll eventually give in. Exactly like what she just did.

"Angel!" Marcus shouted, looking out the window at the fallen girl. They could argue about destinations and healing and planning later, right now they just needed to leave. Before more people arrived. Before more people could get hurt.

By them.

"Grant. We have to get going. Can you make anything that'll help us get through these cars any easier?" There was a pause as Marcus heard his own voice come through the cuff around his ankle, barking out a sharp "Shut that thin-. Over." before returning to his train of thought. The consequences of the transmission didn't occur to him, with so many other things to be worrying about.

"Right now, we need to get to the Evac point and at least retrieve Christmas. If Sander just dropped him in the middle of a group of regulars, then one of our healers might be at risk. The semi has less points of weakness than the bus, and more overall power - which if we're going to get through this street, we need."

Calm and calculated; a very drastic difference than his usual tone. Although Angel probably couldn't hear him from the cab, he didn't raise his voice. The plan was more for his own benefit; something to keep himself focused on - a line of reasoning that he could follow.

Grant had taken a few steps toward the fallen Angel, worry quickly crossing his mind before the scarred boy's voice caught his attention by calling his name. At the mention of the roadblock, he assessed his surroundings. Moving the cars one by one with more injured around seemingly wasn't an option. Instead, Grant looked back to the semi, more importantly, the front.

"I could possibly make the front of the truck into a plow." He suggested.

Concern. Numb. Guilt. Numb.

What had she done?

The weight of the situation hadn't had a chance to press on Siena until she was herded into the vehicle. When she'd lost her grip on Dekka's powers, she'd known. Felt that same gnawing sense of horror try to break through the front lines of her thoughts, only to be pushed down by panic when she couldn't confront it immediately. It wasn't the same as hurting, trying to kill a subnatural. She'd attacked people. Human beings.

She didn't mean to... Did it matter? Another tepid wave of something that washed away her ability to feel properly came over her, trying its best to distance her from the situation at hand. You've become the monster. Aren't you proud? Not just her, she tried to acknowledge. Almost everyone had done their part.

The distance she felt seemed to grow as she quietly voiced something.

"If we don't go to the point, they'll probably hunt us down anyways."

Well...they were probably as good as dead in either case. At least if they showed up to their execution, they might be done in painlessly.

With the two girls secure in the back, Grant made his way back to the front cab of the semi, attaching all three of his chains onto the front of it. He climbed up into the passenger seat, and once sat, he focused, the weight of the action pushing down on his shoulders. Morphing and changing the front bumper until it somewhat resembled a plow, for the intention of getting through the cars clumped and strewn across the street. Once the act was done, Grant slumped back in his seat, visually tired. Or wait, that's just how he always looked. His chains still phased to the front, attached to the makeshift plow, but either way, he signified his completion with,


Satisfied with the makeshift plow, Marcus gave Grant a solemn nod. It seemed like he was one of the only people who was still keeping his head in all of this - it was nice to see someone retain their calm, if only because it helped Marcus imitate it better. There were a thousand thoughts all piling up in his head, none of which were currently helpful at this moment.


Again. Always later. Yet, there was a part of him that realized it wouldn't be as 'later' as he would have liked. Not like last time, where he could just maintain the facade until he was alone. There were cracks, and not enough time to fill them.

"Last chance to climb in the back. It might get a little bit rough up here." Marcus spoke aloud, turning the key in the ignition to restart the truck with a sudden roar.
Par’Sath Eth’Erax (Parsath/Etherax)

The Apostle of Death/Guide of the Damned/The Deathless One

General description


Deathless (Ancient Dragon Heritage)


Parsath lived for millennials. There are no actual accurate records of his existence in the annals of humanity.


As a spirit-kin, Etherax holds no real form, and thus doesn’t weight nor has an actual height. However, soul-bound set of armor and clothes the Apostle of Death uses to manifest himself to the few rare mortals he appears to are of an imposing approximate of 6 foot and 6 inches tall.


Again, as a spirit, the Damned Guide has no gender, but used to be a male Dragon in his previous life. His voice is that of a creature whenever spoken, echoing in a deep and sinister whisper.


None. The Deathless Dragon transcended desires as his spirit ascended to become a Deathless.


Death. Par'Sath worships the concept as something fundamental. To every beginning, there is an end. For every spark of life, there is a final breath.


Being so attuned to the world of the dead, Parsath Etherax’s occupation is to lead the deceased souls to the Great Beyond and lay them to rest permanently. As such, the Deathless One has undertaken the thankless job of burying/disposing the corpses. In the rare occurrence a funeral is held, Etherax will be the one to conduct the passing ceremony.


The Death Apostle is a keen being. Wise, analytic, focused, calm, those are all adjectives to describe the ascended spirit-kin. It is believed that his enlightened state of mind has destroyed the principles of sins or virtues from his very soul, leaving him as a stern and cold watcher.

However, something obscure and unsettling remains behind this shadowy mask.


In his living, the Black Dragon known as Par’Sath Eth’Erax was of a studious kind. It is said that greed was the driving factor of these mighty beasts, and the Deathless one was of no exception. His lust for knowledge was so great that eventually, after spending so much time among humankind, the Dragon had nothing left to learn.

It was after spending so much time wondering what could possibly be done that the immortal being contemplated death. But death would be a waste of his knowledge. To have gathered so much, there was a way to keep it all even as he would disappear from this plane of existence. The more Etherax thought about it, the more he cursed himself for being so greedy. There were uses of this knowledge, but he wasn’t willing to put it to actual use. He had ruled villages, towns, cities, countries, empires even over the eras with this knowledge, but it was vain, as nothing was everlasting, and eternity was a lonesome existence.

One day, the empire Etherax had built had crumbled, as the sudden disappearance of its ruler threw the lands in turmoil and ended the legacy in its aftermath. Since then, Parsath was never heard of again. Some say he got bored of the life of opulence he was living, some said he had been assassinated during one fateful night, his corpse carried away.

How exactly did this ancient being came from being recruited by Lancelot? Only the infamous Knight and Etherax know. As far as his motives went, perhaps there was still something in the old being that attracted the Deathless to the Dark Knight’s proposal. A fateful uprising that seemed to distinguish this rise to power from the others. Ever since Lancelot took the power for himself, it would appear the sinister sight of a Reaper followed in his wake.

Traits and Equipment

Semi of Safety

Sander | Christmas | Lily

Kusari | Marcus | Emma

Angelique | Grant | Sophia

𝕊𝕦𝕟: 𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥. 𝟚𝟘, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / 𝕎𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕥𝕠𝕟, 𝔻.ℂ. / / ~𝟙𝟚𝟛𝟘

Collab with @RedDusk @January @Kyrisse @Piercing Light @Chasers115 @Diggerton @Riffus Maximus @Deathmyster @VampireOracle

The Evacuation team had only made it less than a block when a blinding light flashed across the sky, seemingly centered above the Potomac. Another cacophany to the sound that was a monolithic fight, while they scurried through the ruined city streets and abandoned traffic jams like ants. It seemed like any moment, a piece of building would come careening out of nowhere and destroy the whole group, but that tragedy never happened, despite the constant threat of it looming overhead.

It would be so easy to destroy all of them, even accidentally. A thought that rang uncomfortably in Marcus's mind as he slowly walked with Sophia at his side. If nobody took care of those things, they'd be crushed underfoot before the team even made it halfway. The fighters needed help - and there was only one person on the team who could feasibly assist.

"Sander. Hold up a second." Marcus said, shuffling up to the bloodsucker.

"I know you want to get Christmas to safety personally, but we're sitting ducks out here. If nobody takes care of those giants, we're gonna end up as collateral here before too long." A short rumble of debris colliding with the ground a few blocks over seemed to punctuate his point as he spoke, a small pleading light in his eyes.

"Huh?" -Sander blinked, noticing Marcus just now as he was distracted by the explosion of sights and sounds. He turned his head to face the scarred Arbiter, trying to wrap his head around the other's words -"Yeah?"

"'re probably the strongest person in this motley little group of ours, if not in the whole class..." Marcus continued, slightly taken aback by Sander's complete lack of useful response.

"I'm not." -The denial came quick and easy, even when Sander wasn't even sure what kind of strength they were talking about -"Not really."

"Sander." Marcus said, a slight hint of irritation in his voice. "Between you and Callan, Factory didn't stand a chance. Right now, we need that kind of raw power again, or we're going to get stomped on. Literally."" he said, gesturing to the looming figure of the Ice Titan.

"I'll get Christmas out of the way first." -Sander looked briefly toward the monster -"I'll get you all out of the way too."

Hearing over the exchange Marcus and Sander were having, the Aberration girl had ushered Grant to help her walk over the two. Marcus was right. Sander would be of better use if he could hold the monsters at bay while they were evacuating. After all, Sander and Callan took down Factory by themselves.

"Sander, please." the fallen rockstar pleaded, mustering all the compassion she could find within herself to speak to Sander, despite her mind addled by the anger the voices kept stirring. "Marcus is right. We need you to delay the monsters. You're the strongest there is in our class. We can't afford to stand here for too long with a monster rampaging right behind us."

While she was remaining calm in her voice, there was a clear hint of irritation and impatience, byproducts of the darkness clouding her mind from her stigma screaming inside. They had to move quickly. They had no time to lose by stalling like this. "We need you to make sure that monster won't come after us even if we reach the evacuation point. Zoe, Allison, Hazel, Callan They need your strength to survive out there. We need your strength to make it out there safely and survive."

Angel paused, her tired eyes reaching over the unconscious blond boy Sander was carrying in his arms. "Please. You can trust us, alright? If not for us, do it for Christmas. We'll take care of him, but you have to make sure that monster doesn't follow us to evac point."

"I'm faster. Back soon." -Sander frowned, protesting -"I'll carry you all back then I'll go kill that."

Sander was thick-headed, again. This time, Angel could not tell if it was because he was as dense as ever or if it was just him being overconfident in his abilities. "The drop-off point is miles away. You may be strong, but you can't carry twenty on your back, and running back and forth is just wasting more time." she answered Sander's defiance with her own.

"It's not just us. The soldiers, the civilians. We all need to help them evacuate safely. You can't do all that on your own. You need to freaking stop doing everything by yourself. We're teammates, for god's sake! I'm trusting you to keep everyone alive, so please at least trust us to do something useful. Not only for us, but for what we're trying to build."

"Remember when Christmas told you about Ernie? How strong he was then?" Marcus said, immediately following Angel by leveraging a bit from the one interaction he'd be present for. "He needs you to be just as strong. Strong so that we can make it there safely. So that we can get him back to to the Evac point without getting hurt." he continued, his tone light and airy, as if he was talking to a child.

Sander looked pensive for a moment, red eyes dropped and his occupied shoulders sagged slightly -"I-I...will be back." -He said quickly, before dashing off with the unconscious officer and Christmas.

Angelique could not supress a look of angered disbelief rising up to the surface as she watched Sander sprinting away with his load in direction of the evacuation route. Did he just ditched them all under the pressure? Did everyone meant so little to his eyes.

It's like that night again. He is not worthy of your trust. You are putting your hopes on someone undeserving...

Through gritted teeth, Angel turned to Marcus. As mad as she was right now, they needed to keep moving. If Sander was going through with his plan, then he'll return. But if he wouldn't then, they won't take the chance of standing here and getting stomped by a rampaging titan. "We've got to move... I can't fucking believe that idiot She hissed the last statement into a barely audible whisper.

Marcus gave his own look of disbelief, his mingled with more surprise than Angel's anger. As if to confirm what had happened, he turned to look at the rock-star, catching the quick expletive she muttered under her breath. There was a moment when he stood dumbfounded, staring at his back as he bolted off.

There was a slow anger boiling inside him; a bubbling heat that took him back to the APC; another evacuation attempt, hopefully one that this wouldn't mimic. Huffing to himself, trying to calm the irritation that was rising to the surface, he continued on. "Angel's right. We can't stop here; we can meet him further along."

Lily walked behind Marcus, Sophia, Angel and Sander, silent and thoughtful as she trudged along supporting an injured person she didn't really know and listening to her classmates' exchange. It was strange how they needed to convince the blood mage to go help out when it should be automatic. He used to be like that. She agreed with Marcus. Sander was probably the strongest among all of them. The blonde teenager might not have interacted much with him but she knew what he was capable of. She glanced towards the unconscious Christmas in his arms.

Then again, she can understand why he didn't want to leave the fainted boy without making sure he got to safety. Christmas must be a really close friend.

But even with that understanding and because of her present mood, she felt frustrated at Sander. Here she was offering her help to fight and was turned away while he had all the capabilities to make the monsters bleed and he was hesitating. She shook her head as she watched him speed away. She would have said something but what use would it be? No one would listen to her. No one really does.

She continued moving without saying anything.

The evacuation seemed to go smoothly for the retreating USARILN students, despite the commotion happening all around them. Whatever hate the citizens harbored for the Subnaturals now out in the open, it would seem the fear of death was stronger than harassing the majority of Experimental Unit B from fleeing the hotel along with the many escapees. In a matter of thirty minutes, the evacuation group had managed to finally reach Washington’s Supreme Court of United States through their slow pacing.

The surge of panic that came with the rumbling of the icy titan’s fall and rampage gave that ominous and foreboding feeling creeping in Angel’s spine. Luckily for her, it was cloudy enough to allow her eyes to adapt even just a bit to the ambient light of a midday of September. With all the panic, she could not help but notice how slowly their progress had been, from being slowed down by carrying all the injured personnel or their own classmates, and being shoved randomly by fleeing citizens.

Scanning over the crowded street, Angélique could not help but notice the vast amount of cars left abandoned. Monster traffic had impeded the escape by car. But Regulars had no way to deal with traffic jam. Mages though…

An idea sprouted in the Aberration’s mind. It did not take long looking down the street to find what she was looking for. A freight truck, luckily not carrying anything for cargo, obviously left abandoned because of its size and poor maneuverability. Would it be faster to evacuate using this truck? While most of the most powerful members of Unit B were away fighting, there still remained a small amount of respectably strong members among them.

“Guys, wait!” Angel’s voice magically reached out to everyone in their evacuation group. “We’re going too slow. If we want to evacuate the injured and return in time to our friends fighting their asses off, we should quicken our pace. How about we take one of these trucks there, load everyone inside and make our way through the city while some of us clear us a path ahead?”

Marcus stopped suddenly as Angel's voice called out, almost as if she were standing right beside him. It took a few moments for him to locate her, cocking his eyebrow quizzically in her direction. She was a ventriloqist now too? A regular grab bag of voice-related professions, apparently. But that wasn't important right now; the aforementioned truck was the focus point right now.

"Hmmm...that's not a bad idea actually." Marcus pondered, allowing Sophia to shift her weight into a more comfortable standing position. "We'll have to take a detour though; I don't imagine the city-wide evacuation route is going to be any less crowded than this."

In all honesty, it was probably what they should have been doing in the first place; not only would the evac route be more crowded, but it would probably be more dangerous; DC's monsters were around to kill humans, and that was the largest grouping of them - plus they as subnaturals weren't the most friendly treated people in the city.

"Sounds fair enough." Angel answered, looking over the street. An eighteen-wheeler sounded like a good idea. Sure, the thing was big and unwieldy, but that vehicle could carry a lot of stuff. While they needed to quickly leave the area and bring anyone unavailable to fight to a safe place, their self-imposed mission was to help evacuate. If there would happen to come across anyone injured on their way to the evacuation zone, they could pick them up and load them in the freighter. Not that is was only because it was the human thing to do, but that would help the USARILN Mages gain a good reputation. At least that’s what Angel was thinking. Show the world they weren't walking killing machines out to destroy humankind

With Grant’s help, Angel reached the semi-truck with its cargo still attached at the rear. Luckily for them, the truck was empty; the previous driver was probably on his way back to a warehouse to load up his next delivery. "Perfect. It's empty. Everyone, climb aboard, we're leaving." Angel called out magically to her classmates.

Satisfied with the outcome, Angel slowly walked towards the driver’s door.

Throughout the entire trip of evacuating the injured to somewhere safer, Grant had been helping Angel stay on her feet, lending her his shoulders. When she suggested that they all could use a freighter, he sure as hell wasn't going to refuse. It would've been a weight lifted from his shoulders, quite literally. Helping her toward the vehicle in question as she informed everyone of the plan, it was only when they were close enough to it when Grant realized what seat she intended to go for.

"Wait, hold on. Are you sure you should be driving in your condition?" He would ask the Aberration girl rhetorically. Even if the truck idea was good, it wouldn't be so good if everyone just ended up crashing. Seeing as she already needs help with walking, there's doubt to be had about her driving.

Angel turned to Grant, giving him a an exaggerated innocent look. Of course she wasn't in a condition to drive. She had trouble focusing her vision, and the ambient light sure didn't help with her daze, giving her now a slight headache. "I know, but who's going to drive truck? If we're going slowly, I don't think I'll be crashing into anything, right?"

When she had asked that question, Grant took a quick look around at just who was around them at the time. Anybody available, knowledgable would be fine, he would think. He scanned the faces of everyone, to see if anyone at least looked like it. He knew they couldn't be out here for too long, or they'd just be sitting ducks. A choice had to be made. He gulped down the lump in his throat before he looked back to Angel, getting out an answer. "I could try." A faint sense of regret lingered within him, but if it was the better choice, he'd just have to tough it out, or wait until an even better choice comes up.

A small sense of relief lightened up Angel as Grant proposed himself to drive the truck. He didn't seem to know how to drive one, considering his bearing, but it was probably safer to let him drive than let herself take the wheel. "Hmph, fine. I'm still sitting at the front though. Want to make sure you don't crash us into a building." she teased her walking partner as she opened the door to the driver's cabin and hopped inside.

Once inside the cabin, Angel shuffled with difficulty to reach the passenger seat. But before taking a proper seat and settling in, she rummaged inside the truck's cabin. Searching through the glove box, the sunglare-blocking pads and the dash's paper box, she didn't find anything of use aside business papers, delivery proofs and a pair of working gloves. Damn, the previous driver must've escaped with the shades. With a sigh, the raven-haired Aberration sat comfortably inside the passenger seat and buckled in, waiting for everyone else. In the meantime, she was thinking who could possibly help with clearing the road ahead if the traffic jammed the streets.

Though Angel had intended her comment to be in a teasing manner, it would also be the best. Grant hadn't exactly ever driven a semi truck before, but at least there was someone supposedly experienced in the group. "Thank you." He said with a nod. Helping her up into the cabin, he let her move her way to the next seat before he himself stepped up in, sitting down on the seat. He took in his immediate surroundings, moving his feet a bit to touch the pedals. He tried to mask his nervousness, taking a quiet deep breath as he shut the door to the cabin as his current 'partner' took her seat. He tried to get accustomed to... well, everything he was seeing. The steering wheel in front of him, the speedometers, etc.

Calm down. Breathe. Another deep breath, and as he waited for all of the evac group to get inside, he spent his time trying to reassure himself and getting comfortable with everything, pulling his seatbelt on.

"You sure you're good with that?" Marcus said from the ground, looking up at the boy in the cabin. Grant's apparent discomfort was easy for him to notice, perhaps only because he'd tried to read the boy's face as he climbed in, for this exact reason. They didn't need a runaway semi truck in addition to the numerous monsters rampaging around the city - that would just be another problem for the worryingly large stack of problems they were faced with.

"If you don't want to drive, we can always have someone else hop in; you could probably help clear the roads in that case." he suggested.

The unspoken suggestion was that he take Grant's place, but it remained unspoken because he wasn't sure that he'd be any more comfortable than Grant was. He'd only ever driven a small SUV before, and even then he hadn't driven it that much. But surely it wouldn't be that difficult at low speeds. Maybe the turns - his mind wandered thinking about watching some of the larger vehicles come through Panshaw. They always seemed to take up so much of the road when they came through.

He looked up at the cabin, pausing a moment to gaze over the road before them. There were a lot of cars to clear out of the way.

Angel was clearly oblivious to Grant's discomfort as she had been sitting with her eyes closed, as if that would make her think better, or ease her growing headache. It actually did, for the most part, help her concentrate as no light made it through her eyelids and worsened her state. She however kept an ear out, recognizing Marcus' voice and hearing out his proposition with keen interest.

It did made a lot of sense. With his current set of powers, Marcus could be of no use but stay at the back of the truck with the others. Grant, however, had the power to move things with his chains. And with her previous fighting experiences with the young man, Angel had no doubt Grant could move cars aside. Hell, even others could help him do so, as she figured out in her moment of clarity.

"Marc's right. We could use your powers to clear us a path."

Her eyes opened halfway as her head turned to the two boys. "You think you can handle driving this thing, Marcus?"

Even with his attempt to mask his nervousness, one of his classmates apparently saw through Grant, causing a lapse of confusion in his expression before he looked over to the boy in question. He looked familiar. His name started with an M, he was sure. Oh, right, he was just asked a question. Plus, he was hoping to pass it off into another, more capable driver. "Yes. I suppose sounds better." He would agree after the scarred boy mentioned a change of job to moving the roadblocking vehicles.

Grant had already unbuckled his seatbelt when he relearned of the other boy's name. Marcus. He gave a glance to him, placing the name to the face. After that moment, he opened the door and stepped down from the seat to let Marcus take over.

"I've driven Go-Karts before, can't be that different." Marcus said nonchalantly, his tone not quite making it clear if he was joking or not. He gave Grant a small nod as he hopped down beside him, something to hopefully spread the comraderie around a little bit; they were all part of the same team after all, no reason to be completely ambivalent about each other.

He grabbed the edge of the door and pulled himself up after making sure that Sophia was steady, taking a moment to look around the cabin and find his bearings. The road looked a fiar bit different from the height of the cab, and he gave the pedals a quick tap (making sure the vehicle wasn't in drive first) to make sure he knew where they were.

"Alright. Ready to move when you guys are." he shouted out the window, before pulling his head back in and buckling his seatbelt.

"Way to reassure us, Zippy." Angel sighed uncomfortably as she heard Marcus' claim. Inexperienced as everyone might be, at least she was sitting close if he to know anything. Not that she was used to driving these huge vehicles, but she had some basics down.

Memories of a past figure swiftly brushed her consciousness. A man lifting a raven-haired young girl in his arms and making her sit on his laps, behind the big steering wheel of a truck in a field of corn. A time back when Angel was but a child. A time when she harbored no ill will towards her parental figures.

"It's a shame, really... For such a loving presence to turn into a greedy fuck at the first signs of your success."

With a frown etched on her face, Angel brought herself back to reality as the whispers in her head reminded the young woman about things that were better left forgotten in the past. She needed to focus on the task ahead. Resume to her previous train of thoughts.

"Grant, tell Emma to help you moving the blockade with her Tulpas. And ask Siena to come see me." Angel's lips moved, but her words did not came out inside the cabin. Instead, her voice had reached out to Grant's side, her tone straight-to-the-point and on the edge.

As Grant surveyed the road jam, his chains appearing behind him, swaying in rhythym, he slightly flinched to the sound of a voice beside him. Angel's voice. Though he looked to the direction it was in, Angel wasn't physically there. No time to worry about it, since she had asked him to talk to some of his teammates here.

Both Emma and Siena's names were familiar, though their faces in his mind were hazy. He was sure he had heard and witnessed Siena's power, and scanning the faces of everyone, he believed he spotted the one he was thinking of. He strided over to the arbiter helping with an unconscious guard, telling her simply, "Angel wants to see you." before heading off to the next person he needed to talk to.

Again, another scan of faces, and he walked over to the aberration that he believed was Emma. As he arrived to her, without too many words he said, "Help me with the roadblock."

Emma had been quiet up until now- something about falling several tens of stories took something out of you. When Grant approached her she merely returned a quick nod, having noted their new plan to use the semi; one that she wasn’t quite sure she agreed with, but would go along with. They probably knew better than her anyways.

”Determination, put Lawrence and the guard in the back of the truck.” Emma said, gesturing towards the semi’s trailer. The Tulpa was characteristically slow to follow, but he got the job done.

Just as Determination deposited Lawrence and the guard in the back of the truck, Lily herself got into the truck. Silently, she made sure that the unconscious Lawrence was in a comfortable position before she slumped next to him. With her mood low and all the adrenalin gone from her system, she felt the exhaustion from both the blood loss and the effort she had exerted to sate her stigma. Her eagerness to help out was gone. Ernie's suggestion was pushed to the back of her head despite the belt being strapped securely around her waist. She leaned back and closed her eyes. The silence in her head was a welcome change.

Emma herself started walking towards the mass of cars that blocked the way forward, giving the scarred boy in the front seat of the truck an uncertain smile as she passed.

He knew what he was doing, right?

After turning to make sure he had finished his task Emma resummoned Determination to her side. ”Alright, start clearing out the cars blocking our way.” she said, glancing along the stretch of road in front of them… this wouldn’t go very fast, was it really best to slow down with all the sit going on around them? Either way, Determination began to unceremoniously knock cars aside.

A quick nod to Grant was all that Siena could afford to give before she made her way to Angel, a sense of disbelief still washing over the brunette. Though every rational thought in her head said--no, screamed that the events were real, her heart seemed to still itself. A mortifying sense of calm that made her feel almost as though she was walking through a haze.

...but hadn't she already sorted out those inconsistencies?

"Grant said you wanted to talk to me?" Disgustingly felt wrong. It felt so wrong. Her fingers traced the phone. No service, but she'd taken advantage of the wi-fi in the prior days to arm herself with an arsenal of names to take and faces to wear. Needless to say, she could see where things were going, was best not to strike up a dissonant chord in the midst of the situation at hand. Best to continue playing the obedient follower until the need to be more than that rose.

When Angel saw Siena approaching from the mirror, the black-haired Aberration had opened the passenger's cabin door to allow the girls to speak to each other without hindrance.

Scanning her friend up and down, Angel deduced the Arbiter had suffered a bit through the fall, just as everyone else, bit seemed rather well, contrary to a few guards and a dazed Sophia and Angélique.

"Yeah... I've been remembering about that time. You were impressive, ripping supporting beams of steel away from that building. Think you can take up something like that again to help moving the cars away? No need for anything drastic or too tiring, simply just push those out of the way. Emma and Grant should be helping doing that too."

Another nod. Still morbidly calm about the entire situation, Siena noted to herself, but at least she could be useful. While she was certain that a powerful ability like then would have been useful, she was more than aware of the fact that taking on a name that filled her with a white rage was far from the wisest course of action. (But wouldn't it feel good?) She slipped her phone from her pocket, only giving it a glance as she deftly maneuvered through her arsenal. A few roundabout saved locations, but otherwise business as usual.

A hollow laugh echoed within her somewhere. This was far from business as usual.

"I have an idea already. It should make it easier for others to help move things too." Grey eyes dropped from their usual habit of staring at something that wasn't quite the eyes of the people she spoke to down to the phone screen, words seeping into her vision as the circle of light formed as she beckoned for her mark. Business as usual.

She chose people more mild-mannered than her usual fare. People that Siena knew were inherently good--well, at least as far as she could tell--and not yet broken in to the workings of a harsh reality. Kennedy first, then Dekka. The weakest versions of them that she could remember. Just enough of Dekka to negate--no, that would be too difficult with both names. At best she could reduce--the weight of the cars, and the newly awakened Kennedy to help push vehicles out of the way. Both felt more than she did. As the light faded and the grey eyes dimmed to a deep, muddy brown, she gave a weak smile and moved to provide her support as best she could.

Business as usual.

Upon seeing Emma starting to clear the way with her hulking Tulpa, shortly followed by Grant and Siena each using their powers to move the cars out of the way, Angélique was pleased by how things began to look. But it was only the beginning of their evacuation plan. Now, all that remained was the actual evacuation part as they had to make their way into the city via a different evacuation route.

Focusing her magic once more, the Voice Mage this time projected her words to everyone in the back of the truck, including Marcus at the front as well. “To all the others who are capable to standing and helping, Mages and soldiers alike, look out for civilians to help. The elderly, the children, the severely injured; help everyone who can’t make it to the evacuation point into the truck. We’re going to evacuate as much people as possible while we’re on the road.”

Shortly after, Marcus began driving the truck forward down the path Grant, Emma and Siena created. Worried over if Marcus wasn't joking about his driving skills, Angélique gave the scarred young man a few driving lessons as they were slowly moving. The way to shift speed using the clutch and the manual gear (although at the speed they were going they rarely moved past second speed), distance tips, rearviewing and some other basics.

Eventually, when Time Scar would start to getting the hang of things, Angel focused on the path ahead. Now that the driving and clearing the blockade questions were out of the way, it was time for her to focus on the evacuation. She hated sitting in this cabin, doing nothing but watching most of her classmates making themselves useful in one way or another. She wanted to be out there and help too, but her dazed state of mind and Grant's concern over her situation shackled the young woman down on her seat.

If she was to be sitting there, then she'd make herself useful one way or the other. She had the power to do so without moving an inch, now that she thought about it. It was simply a matter of focusing hard enough about her queries and make the best of what she had available, a skill her first beloved manager had drilled into her.

"Attention all citizens! This is USARILN Special Evacuation Relief Unit coming through. We ask everyone to make their way to the evacuation zone in a calm and orderly manner. If you come across someone unable to make it to the safe zone by themselves, give us a shout and help us bring those people into our emergency vehicle."

The raven-haired Sonic Aberration's voice echoed throughout the area all around them, result of a focused effort to project her voice everywhere all at once. Every few blocks they would drive through, Angélique would broadcast her message all over again, trying to make the most out of her power to help evacuating those who couldn't escape. Angel tried to hide the shaking in her voice, from how stressed and tired she currently was. She tried to sound as professional as possible, turn her group into a legit evacuation force sent by USARILN. The last thing her classmates needed was to deal with a panicked and angry mob of citizens. If she could manage to gain the citizens' trust and ligthen their hatred towards Subnaturals in favor of surviving, then she would be happy with her provided efforts.

"We're going to need a healer down here by the slime in a few minutes if everything goes well. If Zoe's plan doesn't work, presume both of us dead and stay clear. Over."

Anxiety gripped the fallen idol's heart as she heard Allison's voice through her cuff. What was going on with the monsters? Damn, why the fuck was she crippled now of all times. Now that the shadow of death loomed over both Zoe and Allison, Angel yearned all the more about being over there with them and help fighting these giant freaks.

She was at a loss now. Christmas was taken away by Sander to the evacuation point, and Lilianna had already lost too much blood from healing soldiers and classmates alike, she was in no condition to quickly make her way back to the scene where all the chaos was happening. And yet, she did not want any of those two to die. She couldn't bear losing another one, not one that had grown so close to her.

Speechless, Angel's face froze, her gaze slowly turning to Marcus, as if she desperately wanted to find an answer from the driving young man, or any of her teammates, for that matter. Her ears, however, were actively listening to whatever argument was going on through the cuff's speakers. Seemed like Zoe and Brent were arguing about a plan of sorts. Hopefully things would settle well on their end. God, did Angel was mentally cursing herself for being in this condition.

The lights, the heavy steps of the ice creature as it continued its destruction, the noise that all the panicking and evacuating citizens made, it was all too noisy and hectic and scary and... just all too much. While leaning on Marcus Sophia tried to keep track of where all the noises and disruptions were coming from, but they came from every side. Her eyes darted from place to place as she observed all she could, but everything she took in seemed to come in through a haze.

It wasn't really because of the blood loss, at least not entirely. It was just her reactions to these kinds of events. This was the... second time that she had been in the midst of such chaos, and she far from accustomed to it. Her heart seemed to be beating so loudly that she wouldn't have been surprised if Marcus was able to hear it, even through the background noise. Her legs felt weak as ever and the feeling wasn't improving speedily as she had hoped would happen.

And the worst part of her reactions was this horrible feeling that she didn't know anything, and it was true. She couldn't even keep a proper track of where the monsters were and what they were doing, because she just couldn't focus and she couldn't see everything at once. She was tempted to turn on her power simply for the sake of being able to see more, not because she wanted to find people. Because she hated not knowing and not having control.

Sophia hadn't even paid full attention to the "plan" that had been formed while they were still in the hotel, because her head had been ringing too badly and it still did somewhat. All she understood that the people that stood around her had the same purpose: to get out. What would happen afterwards she didn't know.

Afterwards. Because they would make it out, right? They-- most of them had made it through the last time, so if that... luck was still with this group, perhaps things would be okay.

Angélique's call using voice projection to tell them all to get in the truck didn't startle Sophia as much as it yesterday evening, but perhaps that was because the Aberration's voice couldn't compare to everything else around them. The idea of sitting in a truck instead of having to walk appealed to her, but when she finally left Marcus to get inside, it reminded her too much of her time inside the APC. A different vehicle, yes, but still. She was enclosed by walls that made it harder to move around if anything happened to require them to get out quickly. Like the appearance of a gargoyle, perhaps.

Still, she settled herself in a seat and tried to listen to what she hear of the conversations going on around her. Relaxing wasn't possible at this point. She listened as Angélique made another announcement, about looking for civilians to help, but though her thoughts had been on her power before, it didn't occur to her now to use it to look out for people. Once she had determined that it didn't concern her, she was quick to dismiss the words.

Likewise, the back and forth conversations happening through the cuffs were listened to, but perhaps not dismissed as quickly. She didn't understand what was going on, couldn't get what exactly was being referred to. Needing a healer soon, wanting to meet someplace... and all those other words. She tried to piece the lines of conversation together as they came in, but all she could get was that something was being planned and argued about.

It had only been a hour after Angel’s dispute with Emma, but everything was still so intense in Angélique’s mind. The recent verbal bout with her Aberration classmate had poured oil into the fire that was the singer’s Stigma. The thing had been left unchecked for almost a whole week now. The volume of the whispers had grown tremendously without any real way to sate her destructive urges, given the group’s current circumstances. And it was now taking its toll on Angel’s unfortified mind. She had grown restless, impatient, aggressive.

To sate whatever destructive lust Angélique was feeling, she locked herself up in the gym this late morning. As she told Zoe, they couldn’t sate their Stigma like they used to in Ground Zero, but whatever she could manage to work with, she’d do it. Despite the roaring headache caused by her slight remnants of hangover, Angel just pounded the punching bag in front of her though the pain.

Kill herself. Destroy every part of her being that she wasn’t satisfied with.

And then everything went to hell.

The burning on angel’s throat was unbearable, nothing she had ever felt before. Not even the stinging pain from reaching her power’s limits came even close enough to that branding-like sensation. Feeling as if she had been attacked personally, egging on her already bad mental state, Angel shouted out in pain and rage, a sonic wave erupting all around the gym that shoves everything away from the Aberration and toppled them over. What was happening to her?

She did not have much time to ponder over the situation as the sirens and distant rumblings could be heard from outside. There were no windows for Angel to see what was going on, but it was evident something went wrong as a guard came to get her. She had expected to be tazed or shot down, as per warning of that guard a night ago for what she did in the room, but it wasn’t the case. She was brought into the living room with her peers, all standing there and waiting.

Two earthshakings. That’s what it took for the whole world to seemingly fall down all around Angel. Instinctively, the raven-haired older Aberration reached out for the girl standing next to her, Sophia. Whatever the fuck was happening, she would not let another young girl get killed by strange turns of events. Wrapping her arms around the dark-brow haired teenager, Angel held on firmly to the girl, trying to cushion Sophia’s fall with the athletic body Angel had.

Unfortunately, little did she expect that the fall wasn’t what caused the most damage. It was the bookshelf that came down onto the two. Despite the Aberration shielding most of the young Arbiter’s body, the heavy thing came crashing hard enough for Angel’s body to crush the little’s girl frame in her arms as well.

Angélique could feel something had snapped in her body as she suddenly felt intense pain flaring up in her sides from the bookshelf crushing her body. A broken rib, a vertebrae, a punctured organ, she could not tell. She wasn’t a doctor, and she never sustained an internal injury this bad in her life. The pain was intense enough to emancipate a loud, pained gasp, followed by a muted shout hissed under gritted teeth.

She was dazed, the world spinning upside down and her sensitive hearing was shortly deafened from the cacophony the building made when it fell. Still holding Sophia tight in her arms, the obsidian-haired young woman barely registered the shifting weight as the bookshelf was removed from her crushed body, only letting out another gasp of pained groan as the shifting weight caused her internal injuries to flare up once more.

She did not initially answer Grant as he asked if she was well. The pain was too intense in her sides to voice a coherent answer. Her mind was still foggy as well. But when Brent’s alarmed voice blared into her cuff, the Voice Mage knew she would better answer than make her classmates worry over her apparent broken body.

“I’m… alive and-” Angélique let out a painful gasp. God, even talking wasn’t helping her case. “I may have… hnngg… something broken.”

Her voice was faint, strained. But her pained words reached out magically with ease to everyone within range of her newfound ability. The daze would not go away. In fact, it only seemed to worsen as minutes passed by.

For once, she was not bleeding out. She was bleeding inside. And it was way more painful and worse than suffering a bloody external injury.

But hearing Zoe’s words echoing, and that unsettling laugh, Angel wanted to get up. Get up and fight. No… she couldn’t leave her be like that. Not after swearing she’d look over her and prevent the darkness from claiming her red-haired friend.

But as she tried getting up, she was paralyzed from the pain in her sides. It was too hard to move around with something that severe.

“Zoe… please…” Another agony-filled gasp followed by coughing blood. “Stay safe.” Her lips moved without speaking, her voice reaching out almost-telepathically to her fellow Aberration training partner.

𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟟𝕥𝕙 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘

𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟠𝕥𝕙 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘

𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟡𝕥𝕙 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘

𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟚𝟘𝕥𝕙 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘


Hazel | Allison | Siena | Christopher
Brent | Kusari | Angélique | Ernest

𝕊𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟟𝕥𝕙 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / 𝕎𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕥𝕠𝕟, 𝔻.ℂ. / / ℝ𝕠𝕪𝕒𝕝 ℙ𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕚𝕥𝕖 / / 𝟙𝟙𝟘𝟘

Experimental Unit B had only been in the suite for a few minutes before Hazel Baker made a bee line towards the music room. A small hoard of students seemed to follow the strange girl to the insulated room, only to find that instead of music Hazel had decided to make a horrible amount of noise by slamming her hands against the piano's keys.

Allison Revel had the unfortunate honor of being at the head of the hoard, ears facing the full brunt of the cacophony. Immediately, Allison clamped her hands over her ears and stepped aside to allow the others get a closer look at the music room and its sole inhabitant. She had half a mind to just walk away, but she was oddly curious as to how the childish aberration and her "music" would be dealt with.

Their current living arrangements were closer to what Siena was accustomed to, and it showed in the way she'd carried herself. A far cry from her usual attempt to shrink and make herself seem smaller and less imposing, the brunette had shifted her mannerisms slightly. Back straighter, gait more precise, and most importantly, eyes cast forward, no...over the faceless masses. Not challenging, but lacking the uncertainty of her typical movements since her arrival in USARILN East. Part of her felt odd, being able to fluidly immerse herself back into that mindset, had only been a few weeks, hadn't it?

Following after the others despite the faint shifts in her composure, the Arbiter had hoped that she would be able to take some solace in the familiarity of instruments she'd thought long behind her, but instead she heard nothing but dissonant notes. Loud, ear-rending noise that blew away the comfort, replaced it with an expression of something between confusion and despair.

As she peered into the room, the latter began to win out.

Hazel. Not that Siena had failed to understand that there were probably reasons for what had happened, but memories of her clothing, her reader, her safety disappearing in a single sweep made the brunette tense faintly. Made her feel as if it might happen again if she strayed a little too close. Instinctively, the girl took a half-step back. "O-Oh...I suppose it's occupied now."

Another move. Chris had hoped that they'd be back in their little pretend school by now. At the very least, the rooms here seemed more expensive then the motel. Those thoughts were immediately replaced, out of an old impulse, from the sound of a piano. The notes were all wrong. There was no rhythm, no reason, for the randomized assault on individual ivory keys. The arbiter moved to the front of the crowd gathered in the music room to discover Hazel as the culprit. He never spoke or talked to her before, but he recalls seeing her when he was spectating flag football. That wasn't important however. He wanted to end the aberrations attempt at a melody. This wasn't because he wanted to spare everyone of the horrible 'tune', but rather for his own desire to play it. It has been a damn long time since he ever touched such an instrument. It was something he had a mild hobby of playing. The highlights of Christmas eve was his family gathered around him to listen to him play Silent Night or Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer. He regretted that he hadn't cherished those moments as much as he did remembering them.

"Excuse me." He spoke in an unapologetic tone, but tried to refrain from sounding rude as he put a hand on Hazel's shoulder. "I'd like a turn on the piano."

Hazel jerked suddenly, as an unfamiliar hand touched her shoulder.

She did not immediately respond, or move to that question, but stared a while at Chris, and the rest of the people in the room, before moving aside to the other end of the piano's keyboard. She did not relinquish her seat, however, in her mind she was justified in hogging the piano for herself.

Chris looked a bit confused at her silent stare, and only grew ticked off that she didn't give up the seat entirely. He wasn't going to cause a scene though. She at least offered half of the instrument. Upon taking his seat, the arbiter stared at the piano. He hit a single key, as if to test it himself for its sound. He paused, as he wasn't sure of what to play. There wasn't a whole lot of songs he knew. A few classicals from Mozart, a few christmas specials sure. None of them however seemed appropriate for what his soul wanted to cry out. There was one song that did come to mind however. The closest he could think of that he knew how to play. It was the song his father taught him when he first started. Though he couldn't remember the singer, he remembered how the song went. So he began to play the intro to Piano Man, and reached over to the other side of the keyboard that Hazel hogged when he needed a key from there.

He ignored the discomfort, playing the song was all too important for him to be bothered by its difficulty thanks to the abberation. To him every note was a piece of his soul crying out his anguish and past tragedy in a beautiful symphony. The melancholy melody spoke his language wonderfully. Though he didn't sing the song himself, within his own mind he recited the lyrics in sync with his performance.

"La la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum..."

A voice, slightly off-tune, joined Chris's melancholic notes as Brent walked in the music room as well. It had first been the cacophony that caught his interest, and then the identity of the mysterious pianist that pulled him in deeper. Slightly surprised at how Chris was dueting with Hazel of all people, the amethyst-eyed youth said, "Didn't know you played, Chris. And Hazel too?"

He let out a low whistle, taking in the music room with all its high class instruments.

"Lots of musicians here."

Could have made a band.

"I'd hardly call that noise Hazel is making music." Kusari interjected, walking up to Brent's side. She knew Hazel had issues right now, but she sure as hell wasn't going to listen to that racket for days. She crossed her arms and watch Chris play. "This is the same guy that needs a change of pants after every mission, right?" she said. Apparently she was in a bit of a bad mood, what she saw on the TV as they arrived at the hotel had her on edge in particular.

"Call it abstract art," Brent replied to Kusari, "And that's a bit harsh for the dragon lad." Gesturing to his own rags, he said, "Feels like everyone'd need a change of clothes after Factory."

"Uh huh..." Kusari looked at her own ragged clothes, it was a good thing she requested multiple pairs of this outfit. "A pair of cheap sweatpants would go a long way ya know? Just something to leave at our exit zone so you don't have to flash anyone."

"Mhmm," Brent nodded, "Or even just a raincoat. You play anything though, Kusari? Or is your new hobby roasting people?"

Kusari let out a low groan. "My art appeals to a different sense, the windows to the soul, so to speak." She said. Her father often talked like that when the topic of art came up. It was as if he enjoyed playing the pretentious artist.

The window to the soul?" Brent laughed good-naturedly. "Art just as abstract as Hazel banging away?"

Kusari let out a sardonic chuckle. "Actually, it's basically at a professional level. Or at least it would be if I still had the will to draw. All the killing and what not isn't exactly inspiring."

"But all you've done was save people, right?" Brent said, turning his gaze directly on the immortal arbiter. "Thanks for bailing out Marcus and Emma, by the way. Didn't realize your transformations had become so flexible."

"Huh?" Kusari turned to Brent, she wasn't expecting him to suddenly thank her. She had saved people, hadn't she? She could let herself feel good about that at least, right? "You're... Welcome." The words felt alien and uncomfortable, she wasn't used to it just yet she supposed. She raised her clawed hand up. "Some limbs are more flexible than others it seems, I wonder what else this body has hidden away. I guess hacking away at myself to find out wouldn't be cool huh?"

"It'd definitely be a pain," Brent replied, "But, well..."

He shrugged. "Can't imagine a clawed hand being good for holding a paintbrush, considering how it was slicing through concrete like nothing. Maybe get a human hand back before working past the art block? Professional level skill does sound like something worth bearing witness to."

It's hard to move from the past when there was a constant reminder of it, after all.

Someone that actually wanted to see her art, now this was a nostalgic feeling. She would be lying if she said she didn't care about people enjoying her artwork, but what could she do about it now? She wasn't even sure if she could draw anything of substance. "I'm ambidextrous, actually." Curse her inclination to blurt out the truth! She let out an obviously fake cough before turning back to the piano. "Maybe I can... Draw you or something later. You'll have to provide the art supplies though."

Ambidextrous? His eyebrows went up, impressed. "No problem," Brent replied airily, "Not like it's my money anyways. You didn't take Art as an elective though? For the whole school thingy."

As Chris changed to a different song, however, the arbiter's expression changed, very slightly. A tinge of remembrance, eyes glancing over the two violins. Ah, he can't take this too seriously right now.

So he smiled and joked about it instead. "Christmas in September? Now that's something novel."

"Ugh." Kusari let out a groan of disgust this time. "As if I care about what that prison of a school wants to try and teach me." She knew it was petty, but she wanted to resist the school's influence as much as she could. The fact that they were pretending to treat them like proper students was insufferable enough.

She frowned at Chris's next song of choice. He wasn't seriously playing Silent Night, was he? She shook her head, it wasn't the worst thing he could do at least, but it was jarring.

"Guess you don't need classes if you're pro anyways," he said, as the music changed once more. Chris was a rather spontaneous player, wasn't he? Switching so rapidly from one song to the next. And while the tunes were fun for a while, this one in particular...just sounded like it was repeating itself, over and over again.

"Damn straight." Kusari said with an indignant huff. Chris had switched songs again, likely realizing the last choice wasn't the best. He seemed pretty alright, though Kusari like her music a bit more... raw. Though she had to admit this entire sight felt strange to her. Looking at them now they all almost seemed like a normal group of kids just messing around. I gave her an uneasy feeling, as if this peace was destined to be destroyed at any moment.

Allison suppressed a chuckle as she approached Siena, looking in on the rediculous scene playing out in the music room. Seeing Chris sit next to Hazel and play despite her presence was rather amusing. The dragon boy was either brave or stupid, though it was pretty obvious to tell it was the latter, this was Chris after all. Still though, Allison was impressed that Chris had any talents at all, given his lackluster showings in combat, and his even more lackluster equipment.

"So, Chris can actually play the piano? Not bad." Allison looked towards the rich girl. "What do you think, Siena?"

'Ah...' How familiar. The song wasn't one that Siena recognized as Chris began to play despite Hazel's presence. Taking in the melody with her eyes shut, the brunette felt herself reminiscing about days long past. When she was too young to play anything other than a few dissonant chords on the piano because it was the most her tiny hands then could muster. A laugh that held something she couldn't identify as fondness or detachment and a pair of hands pulling her away from the pristine ivory keys. One day when she was older.

Opening her eyes, Siena glanced at Allison, a faint smile forming on her face. "He has some skill. Perhaps a little rusty, but..." Her eyes returned to the piano. "It makes me want to join in a little."

"Yea, I get what you mean..." Allison glanced at the harp. She hadn't played one in a very long time, but her mother had given her lessons when she was a little girl. They were painful memories, any involving her mother were going to be, but ones that were immediately drawn out at the sight of the instrument. "Well, let's go!" Allison said, nudging Siena into the music room.

"H-Huh?" Finding herself being nudged towards the room, Siena blinked in surprise, a mild sense of trepidation trying to meet her. "Oh, no, um, I don't think I should--" Get too close to Hazel yet. "--interrupt if Hazel still wants to play."

Chris stopped his melody. The crowd of students and their comments distracted him. Brent's presence was even a tad upsetting, especially with his compliment. It stung like salt on an open wound. Some other girl, Kusari if he remembered the name correctly, gave him a bit of an insult, something that he tried to shrug off. He needed a tune to soothe his frustrations, more so then what his previous performance offered. Keeping things simple, and playing a song he had more practice with, he began to play Silent Night. He made sure he executed every note perfectly. He played with his eyes closed, this song he could play with muscle memory. He even started to hum along the lyrics. He tried to distance himself from the outside world. From Hazel who sat on the piano, from the spectating students behind him. From the soldiers that guarded him or the cruel world itself. He just wanted to play his music, and for the moment nothing else mattered.

Hazel stared all the while, observing every move Chris made on the piano, every note he pressed. It was odd how simple arrangements and timing of the presses made them sound better. Music was something she was familiar with of course, but actual live performances with actual instruments was something she was not familiar with. It was akin to magic, with how his fingers glided across the keys and made music.

After performing a chunk of Silent Night, Chris paused. He didn't like to think of the people watching him, but he knew Brent and Siena were present. He wasn't ready to confront either of them about his issues, especially in public like this. However a song came into his thought process. He once again began to play the piano, this time playing Uptown Girl. Though originally he wasn't so keen on a more light song, his inner feelings gave way and guided the piano in tone with his childish infatuation.

Eyeing Siena and Allison near the entrance, Brent waved at the two, saying, loud enough that Chris could hear, "Hey, you two wanna give it a go?"

Allison, seeing that Siena was too afraid of Hazel to move towards the piano, made her way to the harp. She positioned herself in front of the large instrument. How long had it been since she'd played one? It had to have been at least five years. The aberration tried to focus in on what Chris was playing, but Allison didn't consider herself much of a Billy Joel fan, at least not of Uptown Girl. Since that didn't seem like it would work out, Allison just let her hands flow across the strings, the strict teachings from long ago coming back just enough to allow Allison to play the thing somewhat competently. She wasn't playing any particular song, just sort of jamming out, playing whatever sounded nice. The first few moments were sort of chaotic and random, though eventually Allison settled into a rhythm of sorts.

Should she...?

The sound of a harp started to mingle with sound of the piano, the rhythms not quite syncing, but the melodies still oddly harmonic in its cacophony. Glancing at Hazel, Siena steeled herself momentaraily. At least...she didn't seem like she was entirely eager to begin mashing out notes on the keys for the moment. Carefully, the brunette approached, stopping a short distance away, but deciding that sudden touch was probably more alarming than sudden sound, she deigned to call the Aberration's name. "Um...Hazel? Would you mind if I played for a bit?"

Turning to Siena, Hazel gave but a small glance, before moving slightly more towards the end of the seat. Staring expectantly at Siena, it was clear she meant for her to just squeeze in if she could. Hazel was still bent on observing the people play those instruments, and thus was reluctant to leave the best seat for doing so.

The gap was a bit small, but... "Thank you, Hazel. Ah...excuse me..." Carefully squeezing into the space, Siena found herself shoulder to shoulder with the two beside her. Part of her felt a sense of unease, but...perhaps Hazel wasn't as intimidating as Siena initially thought. Again, images of her sources being demolished in a single sweep sent chills up her spine, but the girl held fast to the initial thought. Hazel hadn't done anything on purpose. Siena was the one being irrational. She was.

Still, it was hard to set the discomfort aside.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you for a bit," Siena said with a brief nod to acknowledge Chris.

"You play?" He asked. There was a hint of a smile on his face as her company was something he didn't outright detest, but he kept that joy surpressed as always. He glanced over at Allison. "Well since Allison is going with the flow, why don't we try to make a good melody with her? Do you mind if I let you start, and I'll try to match up a tune with yours?" Siena was one of those few people Chris could talk to directly and rarely ever be in his usual bitterness. Something about her was like a sun through the rain in Chris's perspective.

"Hmmm, alright. Let's see what I can do..." Though she felt almost odd being the one starting on the piano, Siena listened to the harp for a moment, her mind filling in the blanks. Key, time signature, tempo... 'And I guess with this sound blend...' Her fingers started to dance across the keys, starting with featherlight touches that gradually swelled into notes that chased the tune from the harp. Carefully allowing her strings to tie into each other, the melody fell back, the volume subdued, the notes confined in such a manner that they almost felt as if they were lacking, no, waiting for the higher tones the piano so readily offered.

Shortly after arriving in the penthouse, Angelique had been visiting the bedrooms and the various facilities offered to them for their stay. This place reeked of high-class, that much was certain. It wasn't something she wasn't used of, but it certainly wasn't something she was quite fond of. The ex-musician preferred much simpler things, warmer and more modest.

As she wandered around aimlessly, her footsteps stopped as Angel heard music. Piano and even harp, from the sound of it. They couldn't have held a concert for the students now, would they? Curious of the melody played by the blend of two majestic instruments, Angel's footsteps resumed their pace, however heading towards the music room.

The door had been left wide open, and there were already a lot of students inside. Brent and Kusari casually looking on, Allison deftly playing the harp, Siena following along the harp's rhythm with flowing motions, Hazel spectating up close at one end of the piano's seat and Chris sitting on the other end. A lovely sight, to say the least.

Listening to the melody, Angel stood by the door's frame, smiling and arms crossed, content with listening while not intruding on the scene.

Not too long after Siena started a flow with what keys she had, Chris began to play with his side of the keyboard, trying to match her Rythmn with his high notes which together forged a collective harmony of the piano and the Harp. Chris found a bit too close for comfort with Siena squeezed next to him, a fault he silently blamed Hazel for. Other then that however, he was enjoying their little performance.

Allison looked at the three people shoved much too close together in front of the piano. It was an odd sight, but the sound eminating from Chris and Siena's playing was undeniably infectious, urging Allison to continue plucking at the harp. The instrument rested on her right shoulder, her right hand playing the higher, closer notes, with her left hand stretching to reach the lower ones. Allison was amazed at how much of the muscle memory she had retained despite not playing the harp for so long, her elbows up, and her fingers gently picking at and flowing across the strings. She didn't pay too much attention to her surroundings, instead focusing on the strings, and the playing of the piano.

The harmonic of Chris and Siena on the piano coupled with Allison on the harp moved Angel, who found the moment and the whole coopperative effort sublime. She felt the moment sinking in her soul, wanting to be a part of it. But she wasn't good without an instrument she knew how to play with. The violins were hardly something she had properly learned to play with. She wanted to add something to that harmony, just like the music classes she had when she was still in high school.

But then, it hit the raven-haired musician like a brick. There was no need for instrument. Her voice literally was one. One that she had spent most of her life honing. And although she was mostly known for her rock and metal songs, few knew that Angel had started with more pop-style songs, going so far as singing really sappy songs before moving on to something more rhythmic.

"It's going to be alright..." Angel muttered. she took a step into the room, repeating "It's going to be alright. her voice gradually increasing, but remaining calm and soothing. A song that was fitting with the melody of the piano and the harp's notes. It didn't exactly follow the original rhythm of the song, but Angel chanted the lyrics to match the tempo, opening the window to her soul.

Even Angelic was bringing in her voice now, wasn't she? He had thought that she looked marginally better these days, but to witness the Lucky Angel pulling off the miracle of trying to unite all these different sounds together, it certainly made him want No, to join in, even with his own lacking skill.

"Man, this really is sorta contagious, eh?" he said, grinning stupidly at Kusari, "Gonna go in for a dance?"

Without waiting for much of a reply, the arbiter hopped over, taking one of the violins in his hand. He could feel the craftsmanship within the grained wood, and a part of him felt bad for intentionally ruining it, but...

Someone had to unite this loose attempt at harmony.

Silver circuits turned craftsmanship into a miracle, wood and strings replaced with metal and circuitry. Flourishing the bow, Brent played randomly, fancifully, enjoying the motions rather than anything else, but the AI that detected the chaos around him automatically called forth a tune that would masterfully fill in the gaps left by this improvised quartet. It was almost cheating, but...

It was definitely fun.

"A-ah, yeah?" Kusari stammered out a response to Brent as he took a violin and transformed it with his ability. With so many playing along with Angel's voice, the room felt like an impromptu concert venue. She liked to listen to music, but she felt rather out of place here. Her rough voice was hardly fit for singing, and she couldn't even play a plastic recorder. She was a terrible dancer as well, so what was she supposed to do, just stand and listen? Maybe that was fine. She took a seat in a corner of the room out of the way, deciding to just enjoy the moment.

Hurried steps carried a puffed out Ernie to the door of the music room, his gaze searching for the source of that wondrous voice. He knew who it was, of course, he just needed to see it live and outside of a computer screen. The bathmat examinations could wait.

The buzzcut boy had been more than fine with ignoring the key-smashing from before, had almost been repulsed by the Billy Joel songs. It wasn't like Piano Man's song choice was particularly attractive either. But the chance of watching Angelique Lachance jam out in person was too good to miss. The scene before him was somewhat chaotic but looked fun as hell. All the more reason he rued those three on the piano seat. It was stupid. Hearing people that weren't him play on the piano always bummed him out for little reason. Not much he could provide here. For now, Ernie was content with leaning on the door frame and listening to the magic unfold.

Music buzzed in the air between Allison at her bench, the trio at the piano, and suddenly...a voice. Slowing her fingers by a faint amount, Siena glanced over to see that Angel was joining in, her voice following the melody before a new instrument came to tie the instruments together. Giving a mischievous smile briefly, Siena let her fingers press here, jump there...and then, it bled into something easier, something that supported rather than led. After all, it was the duty of the accompaniment to support the vocals, was it not? Her pedal presses became more precise, softened the force of the hammer as she reached over one of Chris's arms to continue the progression of chords.

"Pardon the intrusion," the girl claimed with a ghost of a smile as she felt herself pressing closer than before to the other boy at the piano for a moment before she was able to reverse the movement, sliding back to her original position to continue the notes.

Everyone started joining in to make one large harmony, a collaboration of tormented and dreary souls unified by their curse. The whole event was inspirational. Then Siena had brushed against his arm. The joy he felt sparked a side of him he forget he had. "Right back at ya." There was a small but mischievous grin across his face as he mimicked Siena's accidental arm brush, yet he made sure that the music he continued to share did not upset the Rhythm. The whole thing felt like some unreal dream.

Allison adjusted her playing to fit with Brent's violin and support Angel's surprise vocals. The impromptu song was a wonderful occurance, the strange combination of 5 students and an expensive-looking music room. Allison's playing improved by the second as she got back into the swing of things, and kept a keen ear to the others. Angel's powerful vocals took center stage, with Chris and Siena's piano duet building behind it, supported by Allison's rusty harp playing, and pulled together by the surprising quality of Brent's violin. This jam session had no right to be this good.

As charming as it was to have everyone playing all together - hell, she didn't even know Brent was a master at playing violin - all good things must come to an end as Angel finished the song with a long-winded note that slowly decreased in volume, until she would remain silent. She was so caught up in the moment that she didn't think of everyone's instrumental parts had started building up around her singing. It was only when her voice faded and the music started dying down that she realized that accidentally she had taken the lead of the music session.

Blushing slightly, Angel scrathed the back of her neck and offered a warm, if not slightly embarassed, smile. "Wow, I did not expect a lot of you guys to be musicians. I guess we should start a band or something, right?"

Letting her hands slip off the keys, Siena turned her head as best she could to glance at the crowd that had gathered--the room felt fuller than she expected. "I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to be able to play the harp." It had been too bulky despite its grace when Siena had taken an interest in music, and...well, certainly, it didn't provide the same versatility as a piano when it came down to it. Turning her attention to her temporary partners, the brunette gave a weak smile. "Thanks for letting me invade midway."

Ernie chuckled along to it all, hanging back as an outsider since there was nothing he could add here. Angel's voice was incredible as usual, but as it ended, there was no reason to stay. With one more wistful glance at the piano, the Aberration took his leave as discreetly as he had arrived.

With another flourish, Brent ended his segment as well, enjoying the motions of the music, if nothing else. As his Overclock faded from the violin, he placed it on the rack as well, wiping his brow. "Don't know about a band, Angelic," he replied, But this was hella fun. Didn't know you were such a good pianist either, Siena...guess it's expected though. And damn, Allison, you know how to harp? I'll double on Siena's statement. That's pretty rare!"

"Heh, yea, I guess it is." Allison stood up, stepping away from the instrument. "I haven't played in a really, really long time."

Chris had removed his hands once everyone else ended the melody. With the music gone he no longer let any joy escape him in the form of a smile. His expression was now melancholy.

"I wouldn't be against joining a band. I have to admit though, Siena outclassed me on her half of the piano."

With the improvised concerto over, a few spectating students of Experimental Unit B left the room while the others made small talk to each others. Eventually, one thing led to another. The discussion about forming a band shortly turned into a proposition to go downtown for a shopping trip. Once everything was settled, each student went their own way. Some went to prepare themselve for the upcoming shopping trip, while others simply returned to their own devices.
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