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Chaos and confusion, you fell for this pirate's tricks!

I stole your rhum and your coins while you were distracted reading my profile
Heeeey, it's done!

Back in camp, Stella sighed to herself. She took a piece of clothing and started to clean the blood off her blade as she listened to the others. Janus' words came to her as no surprise. From the moment they arrived she knew the beach's defenses was a bad idea.

"Not that I question boss-lady's plans, but what good is the heir of the clan if the whole island falls to the Varjans? Prospect don't look too good, seein' how the defenses fell on the beach."

The dragon pirate lady sheathed her now cleaned sword back into its scabbard, unholstering her pistols and placing them on her laps. She proceeded to take a few supplies off her satchels and lay them out on the ground next to her sitting person.

"So what's the plan now, cap'n? I'm not against fightin' off the invasion, if that's what we're here for, but I reckon we'll need to play our cards right for this."

She uncorked a vial of gunpowder to pour into her firearms and jamming ammunition into the barrels giving a few glances in the direction of her comrades. She wondered if the other girls were quite as battle-ready as the Leviathan was. The others she fought with on the beach seemed well-able to handle their own in a fight. She had her doubts on some of the girls who appeared they'd rather seduce their opponents into submission than fight them.

Illistrianna's eyes widened when the champion of Dominus recklessly drank a potion without being explained what it was doing first. That was quite... brash... to put it lightly. "Maybe it would be wiser to be careful with what you ingest. For all we know, this could have been poison, acid or an exploding mixture." Of course, it wouldn't be hard to heal whatever ailment Cynthia could have suffered if those potions were harmful, but she preferred to be safe. She can't put back pieces of a person scattered across the room after all...

Speaking of mixtures, the elven priestess gracefully bowed her head in thanks to Mitsuko for her explanation and for handing her the flask. She probably didn't have any use of it herself, considering her magic was born of faith in her deity rather than the concept of mana. Perhaps this could help prevent exhaustion if she ever tried to fuel her blessings with her own life force? She'll still hold onto the leftover flasks, in case the others needed it for later. Maybe she could even bring one to Annastaria for studies when all of this will be over.

Pocketing the potions carefully into her satchel, Lunara's champion followed Mitsuko and the others outside. She was astonished by the sight that greeted them as they left the facility. If it wasn't for the sensation of doom and desolation that surrounded them, she'd probably be thrilled to discover this new world. Towers unlike she has ever seen, houses packed so tightly and yet so high, such narrow streets. It suddenly made a lot of sense that over dozens of millions of people lived in the area. And yet, the number was just so staggering, just how big was an earth city? And what to think of self-propelled carriages that could carry hundreds of people around in an instant?

The priestess' thoughts were cut short as Mitsuko warned them of the impending danger. Yes... of course, she didn't have time to marvel at what this world could have been, they were out there to fight gods. She unsheathed her long sword and readied her staff. She could only watch as their godslaying guide recklessly engaged into a fight head-on all by herself against this god of war. That sure seemed foreboding, encountering a manifestation of battle straight off the first battle. But this only made Illistrianna all the more determined to give her all into this fight. She began chanting in her native language.

"Blessed Mother, grant us your strength to vanquish this foe. For we are the blade of light that will cut the roots of darkness. Grant us your impervious will, for we are the shield that which the darkness will crash upon relentlessly but to no avail. Grant me the power to see that our families, friends and allies see the light of yet another day."

Silver light began to shine around the moon elf as she chanted, culminating into a bright flash. White petals flew around the area, seemingly carried by the guiding winds of Lunara's faith. For those touched by the petals, they would find themselves invigorated with physical strength, agility and reflexes that surpassed their usual limits. A thin layer of silver sheen would also form just around their skin, as Illistrianna provided everyone with an faint shield that, while not powerful enough to protect from being cleaved in half, would diminish the impact of blows and prevent mundane attacks from being effective.

Showcasing legendary elven agility enhanced by the blessings of her goddess, Illistrianna leapt in the air and landed softly next to Mitsuko. She rose her staff towards the god of war, providing a barrier enhanced by the innate protective powers of Sanctuary to separate him from the two ladies. Meanwhile, she placed a gentle hand radiating with soothing lunar energy on Amaterasu's disciple. A feeling of well-being would wash over Mitsuko as whatever injury and/or pain she suffered from the samurai's blow would vanish.

"Please be careful, Mitsuko. We have your back. You don't have to fight on your own." the elven champion spoke calmly, focused on the samurai in front of them.


The silent moon pulsed lightly in agreement to Amaterasu's suggestion. If they were to successfully save the cosmos, it was wise to forge bonds with the other present gods. While cooperation was to be put forth, now that the multiverse was unveiled to all, it would be wise to form alliances to dissuade future invasions from other worlds.

Lunara's moon shone brightly for a second before transforming into the warrior goddess in all of her glory. She planted her shining glaive of silver into the ground below and leaned against it. Despite the weight of her armor and herself, the weapon seemed to hold her firmly, like a tree that had taken root into the earth.

"Very well, Amaterasu." Lunara waved at the cosmos surrounding them, bringing into view an image of a planet flanked by a moon and a sun of equal size. "Tamare, my world. Our creator, Empyrean, gave light to the world by breathing life into a sun and a moon, my brother and I." Images of Tamare flickered around the planet, showcasing a very typical world of fantasy, by Earth's standards, populated of all manners of races and monsters alike. "By your world's standard, I would qualify mine as still in the medieval ages. Gods are a very essential part of everyone's daily life and magic is quite abundant. While not technologically advanced, it is only a matter of time before Tamareans reach a breakthrough, to bridge technology and magic together. I believe, in a few centuries, Magitech will become the pivotal force of the world. Whether Magitech will be used for the benefit of the people or to wage war, only time will tell."

The imagery of the planet zoomed into a lonely continent, seemingly cast away from the rest of the world, surrounded by miles of ocean and encased by mountains. "My brother and I created Elvira, separate from the rest of the world. For you see, every deity has a relic that anchors their will to the world. Destroy that relic, you remove the essence of this deity from the world, and lose everything they represent. The relics of Sun and Moon are guarded by our children on this island. The Daughters of the Moon have the solemn duty of protecting Elvira from outside forces. The Sons of the Sun are sworn to provide for the elven race. Both of our people work in harmony to preserve Tamare's light. And we-"

Lunara brought an abrupt ending to her world's exposition, closing her eyes of silver momentarily, as if listening to a distant voice.

"Blessed Mother, grant us your strength to vanquish this foe. For we are the blade of light that will cut the roots of darkness. Grant us your impervious will, for we are the shield that which the darkness will crash upon relentlessly but to no avail. Grant me the power to see that our families, friends and allies see the light of yet another day."

The moon goddess opened her eyes, conjuring a lotus of pure silver into one of her hands. She brought the flower next to her face, and then she blew softly into it. The petals scattered into the cosmos, fading from existence soon enough. "The battle for the worlds have begun. I pray for your success, daughter."
Heyoo, sorry I was busy. Still interested, will finish up this character's details eventually

Stella groaned as she looked to her surroundings. Of course things weren't going great. Even if they were strong humans allied with monsters, the size of their little defense force wouldn't do well against a whole invasion force. Should've just stuck to using guerilla tactics and cut their losses instead of heading into a slaughterhouse, she grumbled. Nonetheless, now that they were here, it would be a crying shame to let it all go to nothing. Especially now that a few of her allies needed her help...

"I'll handle it... Jan, Lavi, gimme cover!"

She'll have to get a bit closer to the shore if she wanted to give Kirei a helping hand. Poor fucker, this Varjan commander should know better than to try and drown her comrade around a body of water, especially against a witch with mastery over hydromancy and a sea dragon. Stella slashed quickly with a swing of her rapier combined to a deft sidestep at a Varjan footsoldier that tried to bar her way. She wouldn't stick around and lose precious time against this foe, entrusting her back to her allies.

Stretching out a hand towards the sea, the Leviathan called forth her powers to manipulate the water at her whim. For Kirei, the water would part from his face to prevent him from drowning. For Saarvel, the very water he tried to choke Kirei in lunged at him as the crashing waves of a tsunami to force him backwards, away from the swordsman and right in Stella's path. If everything would play out like she planned, her blade will be sticking out from his chest before he could even recover.

@Kumbaris @Martian

Was it anxiety that gripped her heart as she stepped into the portal? The stakes were high, but the feeling in Illistrianna's chest felt somewhat lighter than she thought. It wasn't excitement for sure. Restlessness maybe? She couldn't say stepping out of her home world was in her list of things she'd look forward to, but the idea of exploring new curious worlds was something to appease these worries. The mission her Holy Mother gave was of utmost importance. She'll focus on her goals in order to step forward.

As the elven priestess emerged from the portal with her peers, she took some time to take in her surroundings and evaluate the world that was seemingly familiar to Mitsuko and her divine patron. It begged the question whether, somewhere out there in the vast cosmos, there would be a world where Elvira was different. From what she understood, this version of Earth was the result of a different outcome from a single war. What if there was a world where the elven kingdoms of Elvira lost the war against the goblinoids? Or what would Elvira be under the rule of the dragons if they took notice of the soul-bending magic they've been enslaved with?

Illistrianna pressed a hand on the concrete of the walls. It was unlike anything she ever saw before. Everything looked so elaborate, so sturdy, despite having been left abandoned for quite some time. The moon elf felt as if she was standing in some alien ruins.

Her head snapped to the newest arrival. A champion that had not been introduced in the previous meeting? At first she was concerned that they've already been discovered by evil Amaterasu's minions, but his words suggested otherwise. To Valentin, Illistrianna offered a courteous bow of her head as formal greeting. The priestess looked towards Valentin, examining his mannerisms. Talking to someone not visible to her, a familiar that sounded like it was joining in the conversation. A necromancer? Something she was quite used to see, very much so actually...

"Hail, comrade. We have been sent here to defeat this world's god ruler, Amaterasu, and her minions. We just arrived ourselves, and are preparing for the coming confrontation."

She looked around, seeing a few pieces of equipment laid about the facility. Pretty much anything felt foreign to her. She could recognize there was a sword amongst the magical equipment, but seeing she already had her own and felt like the blade would be more useful in the hands of an expert fighter, Illistrianna opted to grab the one thing she was familiar with. A bottle of elixir?

"Mitsuko, pray tell what is in the content of this flask?"
Aaaah D&D, my teenage years' love. I used to play a lot before the hard-working adult life kicked us. Really love Forgotten Realms too, so I really have to join in on this fun!

Do you have an approximate level limit as a guideline for character abilities/skills? I have an old DnD character that I'd love to adapt for this.

Throughout the meeting, Illistrianna looked focused as she listened to Amaterasu's and Mitsuko's explanations of their first objective. She had struggled with certain terms but she tried to not let the lack of knowledge sway her. The direness of the situation sure was alarming, for the gods to be powerless against this corruption and for mere mortals like her to go up against power-hungry deities. And to think the humans in this world had invented weapons that could annihilate millions of people in an instant...

She listened to Cynthia's and Dominus' discussion. The champion brought some valid points, and the lack of knowledge of what they were up against made it even harder to have a full grasp on the situation at hand, beside the fact that they were going in blind. Even so...

"There is yet hope, despite how dire it all seems. If, unlike divine beings, we mortals are impervious to this corruption, then surely we might have an advantage over the fallen gods of that world, in one way or another."

But for the time being, preparations were needed. The small moon gravitating around Illistrianna had separated from her champion, floating not too far away from the group. A pulse of silvery moonlight shone briefly before a portal of silver and black opened where the moon was. A sign for the priestess, prompting her to not waste time into preparing for the upcoming incursion.

"Fare thee well, until we meet again." Illistrianna bowed in respect to her peers before stepping into her patron's gate.


Stepping out of the silvery portal, the moon elf was greeting by what one would call a divine sight. Another garden, not much unlike the ones from the place between realities they'd just come from. But this one was of eternal night, with the stars and a large blue moon to illuminate the surroundings. Fields of verdant grass with glowing flowers of white, violet and blue petals adorned this place of existence. Over a lone hill stood a tall white tree, where an elf was standing under. She would easily pass for Illistrianna's twin, were it not for her divine presence.

A tall woman of pale white skin, silvery hair tied in a long ponytail and orbs of white light for eyes the physical appearance of Lunara was of a warrior-lady clad in shining white armor with silver adornments and wielding an elaborate long spear that some would argue looked like an overly-large glaive, war scythe or naginata. Her calm and careful gestures as she plucked fruits from the great tree personified the wisdom of the guardian goddess.

She turned to her Champion, her smile faint but earnest. "Welcome to my domain, daughter. For the time being, as my champion, this will be your home, until our mission is complete."

Illistrianna nodded solemnly, making her way to her goddess. "What of Elvira?"

"You have left home with firm resolution. To come back when harm would no longer come to threaten that which your have sworn to protect. As the spearhead of our incursion into defeating the Darkness, you cannot let your mind stray from your task. But worry not..." The moon goddess waved a hand towards the other side of the hill, gesturing towards the distance. Over the hill, the landscape changed to a familiar setting. The gardens surrounding the hills morphed into a grand overview from above of Elvira, then morphed again so as a castle of ivory stood beneath them. "...your sisters will protect during your absence."

The champion marveled at the sight, feeling a slight hint of nostalgia as she looked upon the kingdom she had left behind. But the landscape soon enough returned to the serene gardens of white and green.

"Why me, Mother? Would Rosearia not have been a better choice to become your Champion?"

An alabaster table appeared next to the tree, with silver cups filled of deep red liquid. The guardian deity beckoned her champion to sit in front of her to share an invigorating drink.

"Your sister is the most powerful, fit to be a champion indeed, but what is one more sword on the battlefield against an overwhelming foe, with no armor or shield? A weapon of legendary sharpness, but breaks in a few clashes?"

"An army of the strongest champions, handpicked by the gods, with no one to support them."

Lunara nodded silently, taking a small sip of her divine drink. "You have devoted your whole life in protecting your people. For the coming battles, your conviction will become the shield of your allies. Your faith will support our effort in stopping this calamity. This is why, daughter."

Illistrianna looked down at her cup, nodding quietly with a faint smile before engaging with her drink.


Some time later, Illistrianna emerged back into the world between worlds from the very same portal that reopened. She carried with her a few additional supplies that Lunara gifted her before they left their realm, mainly divine fruits picked from the white tree that would keep her and her allies fed should they spend a long time away from their home. Medicinal plants from the gardens that would cure ailments and injuries if properly prepared, should she experience troubles with her magic.

She looked back at the moon that stood a distance away, this time not following the priestess. Illistrianna nodded, walking up to the meeting. For now, their fate rested upon the champions' shoulders.

"Greetings once more. I am ready."
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