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My life can be split into two parts: Times when I'm able to RP, and times when I can't... The former has just recently opened up to me :3
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Free at last! Happy summer everybody!
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When you want to keep RPing, but a test is coming up soon... You keep RPing.
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It's starting to get really discouraging that many of the RPs I'm apart of are being cancelled...


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| April 11th, 2018 | Hintori Highschool - Archery Club |@Hero|

Yori took in the captain's explanation silently, slow to respond with multiple thoughts swirling behind the dour gaze that met Anzu's pointed one. Though she did eventually speak, her unwillingness to do so was clear by the sour expression on her face. "...Right."

Intellectually, she understood that the various clubs and the Student Council had different priorities and that a compromise needed to be made in order for both parties to benefit from what was left of the budget. That the Student Council probably had bigger problems than any financial shortages the smaller clubs needed to fix in order to stay afloat, such as the Archery Club. That she probably didn't even understand the full situation and that she was stepping into a field she had no expertise in.

Emotionally, however, all she could feel is that the big bad group of student leaders was bullying the smaller clubs into either shrinking even further or disappearing entirely. Her first instinct is to deal with problems immediately, not to bargain for little bandaids. Maybe it was just the rumors finally getting to her, or just seeing her former vice-captain running around to deal with the problems herself, but Yori couldn't help but blame Nakano, a girl she'd never even met.

"I'll follow your lead, Kogoro-senpai. I offered to help, after all, not to muck things up for you," she continued, clearly unhappy with the situation, but willing to put her personal methodology aside to reach the compromise Anzu wished for rather than the clear cut solution she wanted.

| April 11th, 2018 | Hintori Highschool - Archery Club |@Hero|

While there were different ways to interpret Anzu’s caution, Yori seemed to take it cynically, her posture mirroring the captain’s as her own arms interlocked in front of her chest. “So, what, are we just going to walk away with our tails between our legs if they say no?”

Every fiber of her being disliked that notion entirely. If there was a clear problem that needed fixing, and the ones in charge did nothing to counteract it, then what was the point of placing them in positions of power? Issues were meant to be solved, not kicked under a rug for others to clean up in their place.

Her brows knitted at the thought. “Couldn’t we jump up the chain and speak to a teacher? If this problem’s a school-wide thing, then this should be big enough that they’d step in, right?”

| April 11th, 2018 | Hintori Highschool - Archery Club |@Hero|

"Sounds like needless trouble," Yori spoke frankly, her gaze drifting from the pile of papers in the captain's hands to the newbies loitering about and entering the clubroom. The nerves that had seemed to unwind when she entered the room slowly bunched back together with a frown across her features, her dismissal construed toward the work needed to circumvent the budget cuts as easily as it could toward the need to cater to the new club members. "So that 'Nakano-san' isn't letting up?"

Were the renovations truly so damning this year, or was the new student council president to blame? There weren't any monetary issues with the Archery Club last year to her knowledge, though it's possible that the previous captain just kept it all under wraps. It seemed a few more newbies than usual stuck around as well, but then again it was still only the first week.

They'll all probably flake anyway, so why was the former vice-captain working so hard?

A minute shake of her head threw off the thoughts swirling within it, her frown alleviating for a moment as she turned her attention back to Anzu. "Mind if I come along? I could help talk some sense into your 'Tyrant' if she continues to give you a hard time."

| April 11th, 2018 | Hintori Highschool - Archery Club |@Hero|

A silent sigh of relief exited Yori's lips as the bell rang, her notebook closed audibly as she put herself together before heading out, not sticking around long enough for any of her fellow classmates to stop her as she made a beeline for the third floor. With long steps, she attempted to make her way to the Archery Club as quickly as she could, her mind abuzz with things far removed from the lesson she had only listened to enough to jot down the few important details.

Despite her best efforts, she couldn't keep her mind off of the strange happenings of the day before. Places within mirrors, the shadows that haunt them, and the Persona who can fight them. Though she had gone to bed that night hoping to brush it all off as a dream, she remembered it all vividly the next morning, nearly burning breakfast while she attempted to make sense of it all, no longer hampered by adrenaline and harrowing circumstances to just roll with it and hope for the best. The memories kept her distracted, the fantastical moments unbelievable yet undoubtedly real, terrifying in retrospect yet exhilarating for the same reason.

When she was unable to rationalize what had occurred on the 'Other Side' with her own thoughts alone, Yori had hoped that a bit of her usual destressing hobby would sort her out. There had been a moment of thought to reconvene with the other 'Awakened' and see how they were dealing with it, but she didn't know them well enough to just call them out of the blue.

Yet, despite her wish to immediately get right into the action and start shooting at targets, Yori approached the new captain of the club as she entered the club room. It was impolite to start something if there was something else planned in advance, especially when there were still new members that needed to be sorted out and taught. "Kogoro-senpai. Good afternoon."

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

With her concentration firmly placed upon the source of the group's troubles, it wasn't until a powerful flash of blue light caused her eyes to momentarily shut that Yori looked in her fellow classmate's direction, the final student 'awakening' as words in a different language spilled from his lips. From her position, being capable of seeing every entity in the room as her persona galloped through the air toward her classmates' direction, she couldn't help but think how surreal the situation was.

Four, five if you count the cat-woman Mira, teenagers summoning massive creatures to fight a shadow monster from hell. Something you'd only see in fiction, yet it played out right before her very eyes. Hell, she was one of them, and she even somehow called lightning down from somewhere to smite the shadow thing. If only her siblings could see this.

A small smile rose to her lips at the thought, the levity keeping her sense of disbelief from taking over and keeping her from moving. Her attention shot up again when Mira's loud yell reached her ears, and as the various members of the group wielded their weapons to strike at the shadow, Yori looked down at her hands. Where was hers? Remembering how Noriaki had summoned his, she held out her hand with an open palm and called aloud, "Sword!"

Silence greeted her, the sound of air rushing past as Raijuu carried her behind the other 'awakened' the only answer to her plea. Hopefully unseen, her cheeks tinted pink from her failure. Looking toward Daigo and Genki, who had a spear and ax respectively, she looked at her hands again as she realized that everyone seemed to have their own weapon. Could it be? With a bit of trepidation, she held out both hands instead as she whispered, "...Bow?"

The azure blaze that materialized the weapon in her hands was sudden even if it was expected, the weight in her hands everything she dreamed of and more as she rose it to the ready. Though she wanted to take a moment to admire the great bow there were more pressing matters, and from the quiver that appeared on her back in a similar manner as her bow, she pulled an arrowhead and nocked it on the bowstring.

"Heavy," she muttered under her breath, the draw weightier than even the heaviest bow in the archery club. Yet, it was that same weight that assured her that her arrow would pierce her target. Pulling the arrow to a full draw, her arms minutely shook under the pressure of both the bow and the situation as Daigo stabbed at the shadow multiple times with his spear. She waited until she got a clear shot before releasing, the tension in her body disappearing along with the arrow as it flew through the air toward the middle of the mask.

Yori released a sigh, a whisper on her lips. "Please hit."

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

Even as she threw her body this way and that in order to keep herself out of the shadow arm’s reach, Yori took a moment to throw a glare in Mira’s direction after the latter’s cheeky reply. A choice she visibly regretted a second later when her frown drew into a grimace as she did her best limbo impression to avoid a swipe toward her face, the arm having caught up in the small amount of time she lost focus on it.

Thankfully, she didn’t need to keep up her evasive maneuvers for much longer after that, with Daigo’s efforts drawing all the rogue hands back to their owner to keep the orange-haired student from pulling it out of the well. A sigh of relief released itself as Yori took a few moments to catch her breath, but those few moments were all she was able to get as the well suddenly erupted with black goo. To make matters worse, the cat woman seemed to have been caught, drastically lowering their fighting force, and the hands seemed to have multiplied from within the inky putty.

Yori heard Daigo’s call to regroup, there wasn’t much she could do on that front. Her earlier choice to split from the group came to bite her as she found herself on the other side of the shadow, close enough to still see her classmates but far enough that running over to meet with them would end with her being in the same situation as Mira. Several of the hands, now that there were more of them to spare, turned in her direction, and Yori knew that there was no way she was going to be capable of avoiding them if she had trouble with only one.

As they approached, Yori couldn’t help but wonder where she went wrong. Was it when she ran from the others? When she grabbed Daigo’s leg in the gymnasium? Did she step on a crack in the road somewhere that somehow led her to this situation after a culmination of bad luck? Taking in a breath to relieve at least some of her fatigue, she prepared herself to run as fast she ever had-

Are you simply going to allow this to happen?

Her head began to throb with pain, a calm yet firm voice echoing within her mind as her eyes screwed shut and her hands flew up to her temples in a vain attempt to somehow dampen her unprompted suffering. What was… happening?

Restricted by the weight of responsibility, yet apathetic to your own wearisome burden, the lonesome path of stifled desires and forgotten dreams leads to naught but self-destruction. To walk alone is not a sign of strength. It is merely a circumstance brought about by your fragile pride. Unable to speak out for yourself, yet unwilling to stand by for the sake of others. To both those who stand in opposition and those who you mean to shield, the you who hides behind a veil of duty is nothing more than a ruinous storm.

Forced to breathe through gritted teeth, Yori pushed back the vertigo that threatened to consume her as best as she could, one of her hands falling down to her knee to steady herself while the disembodied voice continued to speak to her. Though she hated what little she could understand from the voice’s speech, the green-haired student paid attention to the words it spoke in an attempt to distract herself from the pain.

But even a storm is welcome during a drought. Whilst it first rampages without restraint, the rainbow left in its passing promises growth where there was once destruction. The other-self who dwells within you cries out a song of freedom, seeking for both the fury of lightning and the solace of unfettered rain. Will you cling to the stillness of your preconceived notions; or will you embrace the downpour and step forward into the typhoon, leaving every place you rampage brighter than you found it?

From beneath her eyelids, she could see a source of blue light suddenly flash in front of her. It pained her to do so, but Yori slowly forced open her eyes enough to see what had caused it: a familiar butterfly. This would be the fourth one she’d seen, and every single one has been a force of change. The first two, causing the students to be pulled into this otherworldly realm, and the third, somehow connected to Daigo’s persona.

Instinctively, she understood what it meant for the butterfly to appear, but she hesitated. This whole supernatural business, the persona, the shadows, Mira, everything, was something she still couldn’t believe. Despite being a participant, watching impossible things happen one after another, even running with her very life at stake, there was a barrier that kept her from grabbing the butterfly at first. A simple, selfish wish to pretend that she wasn’t involved, that she could stay normal and just let everyone else deal with it.

But her thoughts drifted toward a trio of smiling faces, looking up at her from below, and the moment passed. As if she’d never been in pain at all, she reached out and firmly grasped the butterfly mid-air, narrowed eyes set with resolution.

Is that the sound of thunder I hear? Wonderful. Allow us to form a contract.
I am thou, thou art I.
Release the storm brewing from within thyself.
Thou who threads the boundary between austerity and prudence,
smite the wicked who refuse to acknowledge such distinction!

Yori’s hand opened to reveal a key, a match, familiar yet unnatural regardless. Similarly unnatural was the card that just so happened to appear nearby depicting an angel with a pair of cups, blue and red. Around this time, the hovering hands decided to act as if waiting for Yori to recover from her ‘episode’, darting forth to grab at their stationary target.

Allowing herself to act on instinct rather than thinking too deeply about what she was doing, she struck her match across the outside of her sleeve, the otherworldly azure fire produced not as hot as she expected it to be. With the tarot card now by her foot, she let the match drop from her hand and onto the card, a phrase and a name rising to her lips as the card caught aflame. “Ride the lightning, Raijuu.”

The flame rose to a conflagration around her, larger than she was tall as it momentarily repelled the hands from coming closer. But just as soon as it raged forth, the flame was blown away by a large creature that appeared from within it, a loud whiny heralding its arrival. With golden rings encircling various areas of its silver-colored form, the horse-like beast known as Raijuu shook its head to readjust to its new surroundings, its three horns crackling with energy just above the person riding atop it.

The rider herself was garbed in an attire that resembled her steed in both colors and make, the long sleeveless coat flowing around her like the beast’s mane, and her head adorned with a crown that mirrored Raijuu’s central horn. The three golden bands on either of her arms made a light clinking sound as she moved, specifically to grab the edges of her coat and pull them in to hide the skin showing underneath, her eyes narrowed for an entirely different reason other than the enemy in front of her as she mumbled her misgivings under her breath. “Couldn’t I’ve gotten something less breezy to wear from this ‘Awakening’ thing?”

Just as the arms began to recover, encroaching on Yori and her newly revealed persona, a beam of light drew both sides’ attention as Daigo’s persona fired upon the black goo in an attempt to free his fellow Awakened. Seeing her chance, Yori directed Raijuu around the shadow arms, the unnatural appendages unable to keep pace with the dragon-horse as it rode off toward the students. Dealing with the arms wasn't going to change anything. If the main body went down, the arms should stop being a problem too. Hopefully.

With her free hand, the other keeping her coat closed up as best it could, she pointed her palm toward the main body of the large shadow. A word rolled across her tongue like it was natural, its meaning both familiar and new to her as the air began to crackle around herself and her mount. “Zio!”

From the endless ceiling above the shadow monster, bolts of lightning arced down at incredible speeds, the air quickly filling with the smell of ozone as the electric attack supported Khepri’s sunbeam. Yori belatedly realized she might’ve hit Mira with her attack, but after taking a glance at where Daigo had aimed his own attack, she just assumed the cat woman probably wasn’t getting out of there unscathed regardless.

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

The call to advance snapped Yori out of her reverie, her attention turned from Daigo's glowing guardian and toward the other two 'Awakened' as their weapons rent the shadow creatures and cut a path for the rest of the group to follow. Rushing from the rear, she gave the remaining monsters a worried glance over her shoulder just as the doors closed shut between her and them. They may be closed out for now, but there was always a chance they could break through the door.

Ignoring the potential problem left behind, she attempted to pay attention to the surroundings. The overgrown plant life crawling over a rock-carved floor and walls was a stark contrast to the bland hallway they had passed through just a moment ago. A strange change in scenery, but not unwelcome, the recognizable, earthy feel preferable over the ominous red skies and unrecognizable silhouettes from before.

Though nothing new, as her classmate had continually made his displeasure known every chance he got, the contents Mira and Noriaki's banter drew her attention to the ominous well sitting in the middle of the chamber. Just in time to watch as appendages similar to the one encountered in the gym rose from its depths, hovering menacingly before stretching forth toward the group.

While the amount of 'Awakened' had increased from two to three, that still left two students incapable of doing anything. Understanding full well from previous experience that allowing the hands to get close would result in a one-way trip down the well without her consent, Yori started running in the direction opposite from Genki in an attempt to outrun them. It may have been a little foolish, pulling away from the group rather than staying near them, but the assumption was that there would be more hands reaching for the party rather than for a single person.

That didn't mean she was left unharassed, however. Less than how many shot toward her classmates, but more than she'd like, one of the four shadow hands raced toward her fleeing figure. It reached for her legs, similar to the event that had brought the students here in the first place, and she quickly leaped to let it pass by just as it was about to catch her ankle, only to release a yelp and quickly duck as the arm retracted with a backswing and missed her by a hair.

Taking a moment to look toward the few capable of putting up a fight against the limbs, Yori felt a burning in her chest that wasn't entirely from onsetting exhaustion. With teeth clenched from was undoubtedly a feeling of uselessness, she continued to avoid the hand's attempts to latch onto her, only capable of waiting for the others to hopefully deal with the source of the problem. As if brought about by her frustration, an unreasonable demand toward the already busy fighters rose to her lips. "Could one of you with those 'Persona' things blow up the well or something? Genki-san and I can't keep running forever!"

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

"Is that so?" Clearly going along with the explanation rather than truly understanding it, Yori merely nodded her head as a courtesy, the frown not leaving her face. Talk about 'souls' and 'reborn selves' wasn't something that was usually considered to be realistic, but in the world of the supernatural, such things may not be as far-fetched as they seem. One only needed to look at her classmate, who was a result of such happenings, to understand that such things were the truth.

With an expression that wished for a deeper dive into details but understood that there was no time for it, the green-haired student only hesitated for a moment before following behind the cat-eared guide. As she walked down the lengthy corridor, her eyes couldn't help but be drawn toward the occasional window. The darkened figures, unidentifiable shapes scattered across a sea of red, caused Yori's sullen look to only deepen. Her gaze quickly moved back to the path before her, grumbling something ill-mannered under her breath. The sight only solidified the fact that the group's location was in a place far removed from what would be considered ‘Japan’. Expected, but distasteful nonetheless.

When the unnatural, more-mouth-than-body creatures appeared to bar the path toward the massive curtains, she would have no doubt released a shriek of fear had it not been for feline companion's notice. Even so, Yori couldn't hide her dread entirely, her pupils shrunken to pinpricks and sweat rapidly gathering in her palms and on her forehead, but at the very least she hadn't been the cause of spreading panic. Unlike before, where a single being had dragged them all through a mirror, there were now several of those monsters gathered in front of them that were certain to do more than just grabbing. Incapable of even running away, the previous instance of being unable to even scuff the arm that dragged them into the situation in the first place was no doubt reminding her of her uselessness.

Yet, someone else seemed to be in an even worse state than her, the sound of someone hitting the floor catching her attention. Though it visibly pained her to look away from the monsters, Yori did so to glance at her fallen classmate, maybe only emboldened enough to do when Noriaki rushed ahead to engage the creatures. Watching Daigo crawl away, his desperation strong enough to throw away every last iota of dignity, a flash of envy flickered in her eyes toward the unenviable sight, only to morph into shock as her classmate suddenly curled up as if in pain.

"H-Hey! Are you..." Beginning with a stutter and quickly rising in strength, only for her words to trail off just as swiftly, Yori wasn't able to finish her sentence as a strange sequence of events occurred. A butterfly, like the ones that had entered the mirror, fluttered down to the fallen Daigo, but he had stamped it beneath his hand with a strength that contradicted his terror-induced state. Soon after, he rose the same hand, yet it held not a crushed insect but a card instead, one depicting some sort of symbol that she couldn't discern from where she was.

His eyes, which Yori assumedly believed to have mirrored her own, showed a level of willpower that far surpassed what his timid stature displayed before as he rose from the ground. And after a blazing inferno, his attire mirrored such, donned in armor that mirrored the honored warriors from the past. For one to take Daigo’s appearance at face value, not much changed. He still carried a fluffy vibe around him, they were still outnumbered by the monsters, and compared to the mighty being behind him he looked little more than a child playing soldier.

However, for the student whose legs regained their strength, it held more weight than gold.

Unable to speak a word, the fear that overtaken her eyes before completely replaced by shock and awe, Yori was held in place by something else entirely as she watched Daigo launch into the offensive, standing on the sidelines as an observer to what could only be described as an 'Awakening'.

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

Though relatively silent, Yori couldn't help but twitch at the mention of a contract, and display visible trepidation at the blue card that had seemingly been pulled out of her orange-haired classmate. Even with everything else that's happened, and was still happening, it was no doubt difficult to keep a steady balance with more and more supernatural stuff being piled on with every passing moment. It seemed like every time someone blinked there was another improbable event happening around them, and it was only the familiar and (mostly) human figures of her classmates that kept the sophomore from merely closing her eyes and denying reality.

It didn't stop her from pinching herself, an act she should've done earlier in hindsight, just to be sure she wasn't just dreaming.

"Sasaki," she eventually said after everyone else had introduced themselves, not divulging her full name as she waved her hand back and forth at Daigo's apology. "We're the idiots who kept holding on when we could've left you alone, so don't kill yourself over it. Whatever happens, happens."

Despite what her words would lead one to believe, her mouth stayed in a perpetual frown and her eyebrows drawn together, not showing any level of levity in the slightest. It may have been more an expression brought about by deep thought rather than despair from their situation, however, as she throws her own question into the pile a few moments later. "If being brought here means that one can be 'Awakened' or is a 'Shadow', does that mean the rest of us have potential like Hinari-san and Hoshino-san?"

And though she attempted to hide it, her distaste was clear as she glanced over at the latter's demonic figure, "And, if we did, would we all have to look like that?"

| April 10th, 2018 | Unidentified Location |@Scribe of Thoth@Asura@Lord Orgasmo|

Throughout all the supernatural occurrences happening all around her, Yori silently watched and waited. Or rather, she stuck to where she got up from the ground, and just happened to be looking in Noriaki and the mysterious new girl's direction. In an environment where nothing was familiar and one held little to no information, the green-haired girl couldn't help but stay in place, as if unwilling to give up the small comfort of knowing that where she stood was made of solid ground where everything else could very well be an endless abyss.

If her redheaded classmate hadn't checked the mirror as soon as he did, she probably would've done the same. She still might, if only to confirm for herself and to delay what seemed to be inevitable. There was only one exit from the plain, unobtrusive room, yet anything could be hidden behind it. For all they knew, there could be an impassible wall directly behind it, and that there was truly no escape from the place they had been dragged into.

Holding back a worried sigh, Yori shook her head as if to dispel the doubts swirling within her, and moved to check on the orange-haired classmate that she had been pulled in with. Short of breath, visibly nauseous, and no doubt in a greater deal of shock than those who happened to be dragged along with him, she approached him from the front so he would see every step she took in his direction rather than accidentally spooking him from his side or behind.

"If you're going to vomit, do it in a corner or something so I don't have to look at it," she unhelpfully commented while her gaze moved from her classmates pale expression to the glasses entangled in his hair. Slowly, as if dealing with a frightened animal rather than with another person, she reached up to help retrieve them. Though it would've been faster just to yank them out and let him deal with the pulled hairs, she took her time disentangling his orange locks before pulling the glasses out of his bangs and handing them back so he can put them on himself. "These belong on your nose, by the way."

After looking him once over, her eyes lingering a little longer on where the amorphous hands had grabbed his ankle, Yori sent her attention back to the feuding duo, of whom Noriaki seemed to have finished blowing up on the cat-turned-cosplayer and was headed to the door. While making no move to stop him, she couldn't help but peer around his figure and at the door himself, no doubt hoping to get a peek at what awaited them outside of the room without moving up to the door herself.
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