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3 yrs ago
Current My life can be split into two parts: Times when I'm able to RP, and times when I can't... The former has just recently opened up to me :3
3 yrs ago
Free at last! Happy summer everybody!
3 yrs ago
When you want to keep RPing, but a test is coming up soon... You keep RPing.
3 yrs ago
It's starting to get really discouraging that many of the RPs I'm apart of are being cancelled...
3 yrs ago
Roses are red, violets are blue. Omae wa mo shindeiru~


Hello young traveler. You have reached the home of the young and very intrepid River Maiden. You may call her any name you would like, but she prefers Mai or River. She is very willing to roleplay in any situation, and will try her hardest to post at least once a day. However, be warned of her compulsion to make characters that will either be annoying as heck to interact with, or just too troublesome to deal with. Have a nice day.

...Also, if you would like to laugh at how horrible she is at character creation, you can peruse her current roster of children here.

My favorite Mega Pokemon

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Ara? Something interesting has appeared. I'll be working out a Character Sheet for this... And try my hardest to get back into RPing after being gone for so long
Retinas burn out from all the light glare within her picture. Slams face first into the nearest wall... repeatedly.
His anime is cancelled in favor of celebrities gone wild or something.

That's... not a guy. A girl, she is. She doesn't have an anime, either.


Spell Card: Dark Hole
Aliens take him via tractor beam, the people on the ground beneath him believing that he is ascending to Heaven. He is then dissected for research purposes, and dies on the lab table.
Looking over your Spirit, I have suddenly remembered a part of Mary's personality that I haven't showcased at all, even though it's supposed to be ingrained in her way of speaking... *cough*innuendo*cough*
@Pikmin Eye
Oh my goodness, I am so sorry D: I've been super busy lately, I should have left a message or something -.- I'm getting freed tomorrow, so I'll have my post up by then. *bows in shame* Please forgive me rudeness ;(
@Major Ursa
Really busy, and sort of at a loss at what I should post -.- I made my introduction too vague...
@The Irish Tree
Happy to have you aboard the S.S. MN, where crazy brunettes and flying boulders will be highly frequent~!

On another note, Arena intro coming up. Really excited to have Mary fighting "The Hobbit", especially since his Spirit isn't (currently) small enough for Tia to fling across the stadium. :D
Awwwww... *throws away her half finished post* Oh well... I'll see you all again some day!
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