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Amaya VanIsis

"Well to start there are three known type of dragon slayers, The 1st generation, which is those like Hunter and I where we learned from the dragos themselves, I call this the true magic. The second type is the second Generation Dragonslayers, they magic from what i read is magic from the dragons just more of a stolen magic put into a lacerima into their bodies so consider those as a experimental DragonSlayer. The thrid Generation is a mixture of the two. It is known that the first generation dragonslayers had two different effects of their magic. The Known Effects are that they either became like their dragons transformation and all or they did not. I read from one's unamed account that those who did not become like their dragons was onl because their true dragons were hidden inside their bodies and form antibodies that helped resist the said change others went through."said Amaya "Atleast from what a mentor I use to travel with had told me from his years upon years of research that he did about the dragonslayer magic" Said Amaya before she got up examining her bookshelf. she sighed not finding what she was looking for before she moved over to the trunk at the edge of her bed digging through it finding the thing she was looking for. She held a large nearly falling apart leather bond book "this was all his research he had gathered of what he could find with the last dragon slayers, linages and whatever else he found. Even I am in there though he found mom and her brother's story out and was shocked but it was centuries ago."she said openeing it to her page that had a drawing of her dragon and her along with known things about the ice dragonslayer and her magic "It doesnt speak of my past but it speaks of my hometown and the location Mother and I lived."she said "he wrote the various things i knew of my magic more for a record so our lost magic wouldn't be so lost and we wouldn't be forgotten to time."she said as Cecilia floated over looking through the book interested
Amaya VanIsis

Amaya Smiled as he ruffled her hair "I dont mind tending to your wounds I learned to tend to various degrees of wounds and sickness as a child. I dont mind magic healing but honestly allowing your body to heal in its own way is far more effencient and some bodiees just like yours doesnt hold too well with magic like mine does and magic can possibly put a strain or a slight bandage on the real wound which may allow future battles to make it worse."said amaya in explantion " Plus I caused it with my freak out I need to tend to it myself."she said closing her first aid kit

"But why did you learn it as a child when you have magic that can allow healing?"asked Cecilia

"Because I wasnt always a fact My magic was something my mother never wanted to teach me...It was something she always told me she regreted even though she taught me."said Amaya
"why? its so cool and strong."said cecilia
"Maybe but it has a nasty side effect in the long run and that side effect affected all original dragonslayers who learned their magic from the dragons they call mom and dad. But that is something I don't really want to discuss cause even I dont know it fully Im still studying it."she said
i got plenty of characters open of raiden and ryu and sorta Rose
i got plenty of characters that would fit this room interested
<Snipped quote by PandaBrady>

Yup, there are exceeds in the RP. Currently there are two that are both in Phoenix Wing and follow two characters, Nolan the ash god slayer and Amaya the ice dragon slayer

Yep there are only two as far as i know both in phoneix wing both in team powder keg with the two slayers
@Joshua Tamashiisoon playing urf
I'll post soon Even though no one really needs any of my charries
i finally got a new keyboard so i will post even thought i dont think anyone really needs any of mty charries
i am using a on screen keyboard to type so it will take awhile even though no one really needs me lol
I am thinking of joining and a friend might follow he has tons of characters good and bad which might help if you possibly need action
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