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Amaya Vanisis

Interaction with: @Joshua Tamashii

"I say let's atleast put these books in our room then tend to your wounds" Suggested Cecilia as Amaya was managing to calm herself down from her freak out. "I don't care if there is some blood on them..they are just books that have probably been copied many times over..Not like their ancient one of a kind. Once they are in my room we do need to get the ice from your face, I would hate frostbite to form and cause a even more time to heal then before"said Amaya feeling bad for freaking out like that.

After a few minutes the books were in her room as she looked at Joshua about to say something before feeling the rumbling as she looked around "What the..."she gasped curious of why there is a massive shake.

Raiden Yashia

Interaction with: @Joshua Tamashii

Raiden had helped Elyse warm up with a bath and just finished helping her choose a winter outfit when he looked down at his bare feet "Something...has distributed the foundation of this world.."He said to himself as a few moments after he felt the vibrations coming then the shake "The is incomplete right now.."he said taking in the vibrations and shaking listening to the element he used and exist for...He needed to find the source...but should he, even he didn't know for sure if he should cause that meant leaving to travel for who knows how long, miss out on the family that has been considered dead till recently...he had to make a decision.
I am here I been so busy with this pregnancy giving me so many issues
sorry I been so busy in RL so give me a recap
Ros Vanisis
@Joshua Tamashii@Overlord24

"yes as long as you are happy that I'd all we ask. You will have a fun time here, I promise"she said
Rose Vanidis
"I do not mind having a roommate with me and Elyse...we would love you to join us. If you will stay with Elyse I will go get a extra bed and a space in the room ready"said rose
Amaya Vanisis and Cecilia
Phoenix Wing Guild Hall - Entrance

@Joshua Tamashii@Burthstone

"I- I don't know. You have picked me up tons of times before and it never cause me to freak's not the haunting time of the year either...I don't know what happened it is blank to why I even let a roar out at all."said Amaya "I am so sorry I didn't mean to release one right at you"she said trying to calm herself before he heard someone run over to ask if everything was alright "oh hello, yeah I think everything is fine. I don't know what exactly happened...sorry for worrying you"said amaya to Marty scratching the back of her head embarrassed.

Cecilia floated infront of Joshua pulling out the large shards of ice that were bugging her and probably bugging him.
@Burthstone it's amaya who is the dragonslayer Amelia isn't even in the guildhall
In Vampire Family RP 4 Apr 2017 23:24 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Roseletta>

NNNNOOO! I'm sorry, please forgive me!

Lol it's fine
In Vampire Family RP 4 Apr 2017 23:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Roseletta oh, I didn't even see your last post here.

I have Amelia made right now, so if you want to bring in Ryu, that would work. We can probably bring in the rest later.

Oh don't I feel loved by you not noticing lol yeah I will send ryu aa kind of an ambassador for the Vanisis family or something like that
In Vampire Family RP 4 Apr 2017 22:34 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Alright sorry I been busy with irl issues but o will get my app up asap
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