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Name: Kokuro Majokko
Alias: N/A
Level: -1
Date/Time: September 1st, 4:45 PM
Location: Outside Mr Gar's
Tag: Feliking (Lv 4. Boss), @Kafka Komedy@jynmi88@Leaves@HolySoldier@Lauder@HeroicSociopath@Majoras End

It had been a boring day for Koko. Her day at school was uneventful, there had been no customers at Mr. Poe's, and worst of all she hadn't gotten anything from her cereal this morning! Her chin would rest on the palm of her hand, yawning as she looked out the window. The teenager would watch as her boss ordered a minion around, a strange being placed into a crate. Grumpy, but determined, the magical girl quickly clocked out for lunch.

"Petto, get my bag, we're going to watch this chaos unfold~" She smiled, twirling a tail tip around her finger. With her little fox by her side, the girl would sneak out the back, hoping 30 minutes would be enough time to see it all go down.

15 minutes later...

"Seriously? This is it?" Sitting in a bush, the girl would munch on her tofu pocket. "I could have done better than this." Koko said through a mouthful of rice. Watching the cat showdown was better than nothing, though, so the two continued to chill unless something better happened.
A nervous sweat drop would emerge from her forehead as the student walked away, the woman letting out a half-hearted chuckle. It seemed like her students weren't exactly glad to be back to school. Sighing, she would walk back inside the school, heading back to her office. There, she would wait for the orientation to start, getting all of her notes in order and hoping that the headmaster wouldn't make her speak.

@FoxFire So the present date of this world is 1885ish? Basically it's if I made a timeline I would know how long the world has existed.
Among the incoming students, Angel Heart Spirit stood near the front door, a soft smile on her face. She was one of the few in their transformation, with most of the faculty preferring to not overwhelm the newcomers. The teacher was looking forward to another year of teaching, but her eyes carried some hidden stress...

"Oh, it's nice to see you again!" The woman floated over to the black-haired third year. "How was your summer?"

The mint-haired majokko always loved seeing the students come back safe and sound.
I'm interested! My biggest question is what time is the "present" day, or more aptly, is there an overarching timeline? And do you have your own country?
@Kafka Komedy Yup! If there's a specific idea you have in mind you can share it over PM, otherwise I'll probably start with her being a cashier and not actively attacking.

Name: Kokuro Majokko
Nickname(s): Koko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Blue
Race: Kitsune
Visual Appearance:

Written Appearance: Koko looks like the typical magical girl in every way possible. Sparkles radiate from her body constantly, with her sailor-esq costume being her default outfit. A pair of fox ears perch on top of her head, though she also seems to have a pair of normal ears as well. Nine fluffy tails extend from her lower back, waving around as she walks.
Personality: Kokuro is, to put it lightly, a ditz and a klutz. Combining this with a love of all things Japanese and a monstrous appetite, you'd think she was a hero... but instead, she seems to prefer being a villain. She loves to watch people become miserable, and enjoys working at Mr. Poe's. Someday, she hopes to become more than just a henchman, and become a true villain of her own!
Current Story: Kokuro's mother is full-blooded kitsune, using her wits and charms to seduce others and steal their spirit essence. Hoping to follow in her footsteps, the teen took a job at Nevermore. Although she fangirls at other villains, Kokuro lacks any friends of her own, and typically spends her free time writing fanfiction about herself being a super villain in Japan.
Level: -1 (Turns out when your magic is The Power of Love you seem to suffer without friends...)
Archetype: Sailor Moon
Store Position: Cashier
Weapon(s): The Power of Love! A gem on her chest that grants her physical and magical strength depending on how many people support her.
Abilities: Kokuro can shoot sparkly beams out of her palms. Due to her power level, all they do is cover you in glitter. Additionally, she has a familiar named Petto, a three tailed Fox. He doesn't do much aside from looking cute.
Friends: None, unless you count Petto.
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: Her brother, Lyle, who works at Mr. Gar's.
I'll just make her a magic teacher then. :)
@Shadow Daedalus My character has teammates she's estranged from, we could work something out in PMs if you're approved.

@shagranoz Sorry I keep asking questions but do you have any ideas on what subject Olivia should teach? Both science and magic or something else?
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