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Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685, Helena, Rodrick

Edward did not get a chance to respond to Rodrick's offer before Ramyu butted in.

"I am busy actually. Not all of us are blessed with tutors before we are taught the blade. I have mathematics to catch up on. Thank you very much for the food and drink, Lorelai. I'll be taking my leave now."

She was not interested in getting to know this man better or be his chauffeur, especially after getting dragged around by Lorelai. She polished off her sandwich and stood up, exiting the building. Edward knew better than to stop her, so he let the awkward moment pass silently. Hopefully he could work out what soured her later-- for now she wanted to be alone and he'd respect that. More time to get to know new friends, he reasoned. Once Ramyu was out the door, Ed turned to Rodrick.

"Sorry about that, she's a bit gruff. Anyways, I didn't have anything pressing today so I'm down to show you the ropes. The academy is a big place, so it would be smart to get to know it before you have 10 minutes to find each of your classes haha. I think they have some maps at the front desk, but it's better to just get a handle on where everything is by memory."
Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685, Helena, Rodrick

Edward listened intently to the other people speak after his little rambling session, eager to hear his new acquaintances thoughts on both Japanese culture and also Earth culture, seeing as he had both people from Arcanis and someone who was from Earth, but may not have been Japanese. Helena and Lorelai were too busy eating to pitch in, so Rodrick said a little bit about his experience in Arcanis in regards to holidays. His speech was a little bit... demeaning, it was clear to Edward that Rodrick wasn't used to speaking to a 'commoner' even if Ed himself was quite wealthy. He simply didn't give off that vibe. Ed figured it was probably not intentional, and Rod was simply speaking in the way he usually did. Ed wasn't too torn up about it, and Ramyu... well, she knew this kind of guy, and hated him, but she didn't say it. At least not yet.

Then Rodrick turned the floor back to Edward, Lorelai and Ramyu. He was interested in their reasons for studying here. Lorelai went first, with a cute, earnest answer and a mention of fate and family. Edward chuckled.

"Speaking of fate, I actually enrolled here on accident. I just wanted to study abroad in Japan, but I applied here and managed to trick them into thinking I have magic powers or something haha. But now that I'm here, I definitely wanna make the world a better place. Not everyone has the luck I do." Edward said, a tiny bit embarrassed at admitting he had gotten here entirely by chance, and also bearing his dreams for the future. Ramyu followed up, presumably to try and save him from any awkward questions.

"I just wanted to get away from the old man, and all of the violence. I'm not sure if I have the skills to do anything else, but at the least I'm being given a break."
Jude was happy to hear Mad Dog agreeing with him, even if it was Penny he actually wanted to follow. Speaking of Penny, she absolutely flipped her lid at him for refusing to be helped. All Jude could do in response to that was meekly put his hands up and accept the healing. If that was what would make everyone happy, so be it, he guessed. Whilst the healing was going on, Penny reminded Jude about her glasses situation. He was still focusing on keeping all of the glasses reflective-- he totally forgot. With a sigh of relief, he let go of all of their properties and returned them to regular old shitty glasses, except the pair he was wearing, which were actually Penny's original pair. He handed them over.

"Sorry for using your glasses haha... they were the least reflective so, yaknow I didn't want anyone to have to deal with that." Jude rambled as he scratched at his face. Once the healing was all done, Mad Dog and her pal decided to talk strategy. Mad Dog's epithet apparently allowed her to get her hands on drinkable water just fine. Immensely useful in this situation, and crossed one need off of the list. She suggested looking for both food and those kids simultaneously, since water was no issue. Jude couldn't help but agree... even if she was being a weird dork about it.

"I-uh, agree with... Mad Dog. What's your name-- if, yaknow, if you wanna tell me."
As Jude sailed through the air, barely hanging onto the small metal chain, wind whipping at his face, he realized maybe he was an idiot who had bad ideas. This was especially magnified as part way through his little journey, Lou turned to him and revealed a new use for his Epithet. He somehow made a flash of light so bright it was forceful, knocking Jude loose from the chain and into the sand as Lou was given yet another advantage. The simultaneous pain of failure and of his stinging eyes forced Jude into just sitting their, moaning and wallowing into the sand.

Well that's it. Evil wins, because I and everyone else suck.

Jude didn't pay attention to what was happening for a few good seconds, focusing on licking/pouring salt into his wounds. Eventually, he tuned back in, just in time to hear someone receiving praise. He didn't bother to look. It wasn't him, surely. Still, he could extrapolate that meant the threat was dealt with, and it was time for him to get off his ass and do something of worth. He pulled himself out of the sand as he heard the adults directions. They were much more personal and positive. Not borne out of a need for control over others, but necessity to find their kids. That was something worth following. For now though... he'd head back to Penny.

He joined her (and Mad Dog, who was talking about anime for some reason?) as she was talking to one of her peons or peasants. It was a little knight dude who looked really... oddly angering. Jude wanted to hurt the little thing for some reason, and that made him feel bad. He turned away from it and to the person who offered all of the teens healing.

"I'm fine." Jude lied. He wasn't worth it, even if his head felt like it was split open and his eyes were stilled pained and his vision still splotchy. "Um, once everyone's all healed up and everything maybe y-you guys would have me for like, looking around for those kids and also any other people and stuff since like... I only really know you guys and everything." Jude said to Penny and Mad Dog (and also kind of Hellmouth but not really.)
Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685, Helena, Rodrick

Edward smiled at his new friends praise, as well as their acceptance of his proposal. Man, today was going so good! The blonde, as well as Rodrick and Helena, were joining himself and Ramyu for a little lunch date. It had taken a month, but he finally established a solid friend group here. Or at least he would if he kept up appearances. They were still in first impressions territory, so no reason to slack off.

"I'm Edward Lachance." Ed said with a bow, though he couldn't stop his childish beaming. "Our table is just over there, the one with the cat girl and the blonde lady with the huge hair. Feel free to grab a chair from an unoccupied table and pull up a seat there. We can chat while you wait for your order."

As the group got there, they met Lorelai first. She laughed up a storm and talked a bit more about herself, presumably continuing a conversation she and Ramyu were having. Ed was glad the two weren't at each others throats; just knowing the blonde for 5 minutes he knew she and Ramyu were polar opposites to the highest degree. Maybe his niceties were rubbing off on her? Either way, he grabbed his seat and offered the royal pair to do the same. Once they had, Lorelai asked them a question, and Ramyu pitched in before they could answer.

"What is this 'Golden Week' celebrating anyhow? Seems wasteful to have an entire week as holiday, especially during this season."

"Oh, I know that." Ed pitched in. "It's actually a string of holidays that celebrate different parts of Japan based on their old emperor. There's Showa day, which was his birthday, then a few days after that they celebrate when their new constitution was formed, then nature, and then kids. It's a bit weird for us foreigners since we don't have any holidays around this time except maybe Easter... Sorry I was totally rambling there haha. Continue Rod and Hel."
Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685, Helena, Rodrick

As Edward went off to aid the foreigners, Ramyu was left having her after school snack with Lorelai. She was still quite a bit peeved at the impromptu obstacle course she was literally dragged through, and made sure to keep that annoyed look directed at her when she wasn't eating or drinking. Lorelai promptly got the message and inwardly crumpled, harshly berating herself. Ramyu was a bit surprised at this, and her expression softened to surprise as Lorelai introduced herself, almost on the verge of tears and slumping into the table. Ramyu wasn't very good at anything approaching support or pleasantness, but she did make the attempt, for Edward's sake.

"I... don't think you're a bad person. Or that stupid I suppose. Edward is always like this, running to peoples' aid even as he's aiding others. It'd be charming if it weren't so annoying..." Ramyu said, staring equal parts wistfully and annoyed at the brunette now stationed at the counter. "I'm sure he'll return in a moment. For now, I'm Ramyu, Lorelai."

While Ramyu offered her hand to Lorelai, Edward was helping those two important looking folks at the front of the line order. They readily accepted his help, thankfully, or at least he was pretty sure they did. His Japanese wasn't the best, but he believed he got the basic gist. They both wanted just a simple coffee, no frills, no fuss. That was simple enough.

"You can use English with me if you want, I'm way better at it, haha." Ed chuckled, scratching at his cheek. "Anyways, two regular old coffees coming up!"

Ed turned to the barista in charge, and as best he could, said "They would like two grande blonde roasts, please. Just put the names as Ed, and keep the change." He then took out his wallet and placed a ten on the counter. He'd be damned if he wasn't paying for someone's meal today! She went to go get the two Arcanis transfers' drinks, and Ed turned back to them. "Okay, now we just gotta wait for it. Do you guys have seats already or did you want to sit with me and my friends? There's another girl from the other world so it wouldn't be us earthlings just bagging on you guys for not knowing our customs and stuff haha."
Mad Dog followed Jude's lead, running up to himself and Penny to trade her blade for a pair of Jude's crappy glasses. With all of them now equipped the pain was much less intense, more akin to being the most tired humanly possible as opposed to lighting your cornea on fire. Though Jude wasn't really able to see what was happening, he could hear it reasonably enough. Mad Dog commanded one of her friends to do something to Lou. Whatever it was caused the man to lose focus for a few seconds, and reduce the effectiveness of his Epithet. Jude marked that down in his mind whilst blinking repeatedly to try and get some tears into his eyes and reduce the pain.

The break was short-lived however. In a few seconds Lou had apparently dealt with Mad Dog's friend and changed tack. The focus was now much smaller, whirling around before being flung in their direction. It flew right into the center of the group, and forced their eyes away from Lou. It was so close and focused now Jude couldn't help but involuntarily scream and drop to his knees. Someone managed to think fast and somehow snuff out the light before Jude clawed his own eyes out. Judging by her commands, it was Mad Dog. She mentioned some new bit player-- probably that asshole shouting that Jude couldn't focus on through the pain. Before he even had a chance to catch his breath, Mad Dog was shouting at him as well. She sure did have a thing about giving commands huh? Her idea wasn't bad, but his stamina was getting drained fast from keeping all three of their glasses reflective. If only he wasn't so weak...

"The magnet part would be so weak without me dropping the glasses to focus on making that better... but I have an idea. Could you point me to thing that got thrown? I can crash into him and while he's stunned you guys could... do your thing I guess."

Mad Dog guided Jude to the compacted sand that held the forbidden bling, and left him to it. This would probably hurt, but it was for everyone else's sake, and Jude would be selfish for even considering putting himself above others. He released his focus on the glasses, letting them become just sub-par glasses without corrective lenses, and began to focus on the golden chain beneath the sand. It's state in time began to reverse, and it shot out of the sand like a flash. Jude managed to snatch it out of the air, and the again-blinding item flung itself, and the attached Jude, right at Lou.
Shunbin Surudo

ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 𝟷| ᴘᴀʀᴛ 𝟷

The rest of the team filed in soon after Shunbin had-- Suzuki, Ryouzan, and finally Ryuunosuke. Him meeting the rest of them last wasn't rare, and neither was his joking insult to the rest of them. Shunbin was fine with it-- it helped lighten the mood and he didn't mind trading barbs with a fellow shinobi. It was a fun kind of game. Sadly, Kameyo-sensei was focused today. It made sense she was, her reputation as a teacher and a ninja would be riding on her teams success like everyone else, but that didn't stop Shunbin from feeling... frustrated? Off put? It didn't matter. He sheathed his blade and faced her, biting back the urge to get in a playful fight with Ryuunosuke. Now was not the time.

She addressed all of them, her voice gentle but eyes piercing. She was trying to throw them off balance, probably. Through recounting a near-death experience of hers, she revealed she used to be in the same situation as Shunbin, or at least a similar one. The young Kameyo-sensei had no drives or goals, she was just a ninja to be a ninja. But she found one, and she wanted to hear all of the teams. How hypocritical. If she didn't have one until she had almost died, why did ninja who didn't even hit the field yet have to make one up on the spot for her satisfaction? He fully expected someone to speak up about this... But no one did.

Everyone had their reasons. The ever intense Mirai wanted power, all of the strength she could muster. Ryuunosuke wanted his clan's recognition, since his insults were cutting it. Suzuki wanted to protect others with her strength. And the silent Ryouzan wanted the people of Kusagakure to feel safe again. With everyone's motives all laid on the table, all eyes came to Shunbin. There wasn't anyone else to speak now but him. For a moment he was paralyzed in some kind of fear or apprehension. Kameyo didn't need Shunbin to be a shinboi like his mother did. She would see right through any lies, and it would be back to square one. Part of him hated the idea, but all he could do really was be honest. To reject Kameyo's question outright.

"Don't have one. Guess I'm just here because I need to be. Or I ought to be. I like Kusagakure and I don't want it to get wrapped in as a puppet of Konoha or some other village. Us Surudo were born to be foot soldiers, so I'm playing my part in that. Least until mom kicks the bucket." Shunbin explained. Once he was done, he sighed deeply, and hung his head. "It doesn't matter. You didn't have one either Kameyo-sensei. Lets just get to work."
Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685, Helena, Rodrick

Edward did not have the chance for small talk he had hoped for on the trio's way to this mysterious cafe. The girl did not bother to give her name after Edward pointed her to Ramyu. Instead she gushed over this amazing place she was bringing them to for a few moments after confirming Ram could come along. Ed was about to direct her to start guiding them there and then lead in with his introductions and asking her name, but she took the initiative in a big way. She grabbed the both of them by the wrist and began hauling them off campus. Ramyu hissed and her tail stood on end, while Edward was almost thrown onto his face from the sudden force. They were harshly dragged down the stairwell and through the halls all the way off campus. The entire thing was a blur of colors and trying to keep balance.

By the time they reached the shop, Ed was sick and frazzled while Ramyu was fuming. Hands on his knees and dry heaving, Ed managed to reach a hand up to pat her on the shoulder, reassuring her it was fine. She was still upset and pouting at the lack of boundaries and the rigamarole the new girl had literally dragged them through, but it was better than her blowing up at her. She probably meant the best. The catgirl helped Ed to the table the blonde pointed them too while ordering, letting the two of them catch their breath assumably. Once Ed got his bearings about him, he realized what exactly this 'excellent cafe' was. A Starbucks. It... wasn't his favorite exactly, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Besides, if this was her favorite cafe he could probably show her a great time in an actual cafe.

Just as Edward and Ramyu got their bearings and returned to their old selves, the blonde returned with their meal. And quite the meal it was. Ramyu could probably put a dent in it but Ed was less sure about his own capabilities on the subject. Hopefully this girl was a big eater.

"Haha, that was quite the journey you took us on." Ed joked, picking up one of the sandwiches and taking a nibble out of it. "Ramyu thought you were trying to take us out!"

Ramyu confirmed this with a slightly sour look in Lorelai's direction, before chowing down on some of the bagels, intermittently washed down with the chai latte.

"We both appreciate being fed though and you... well, taking us out I guess! Are you sure about paying for all of this though? You just mentioned the countryside so I assumed--"

Edward cut himself off as he noticed the two new people attempting to order at the counter. He didn't bother to look at them when he heard the door, but they were now in his peripheral vision up at the counter and they seemed to be having some issues. While they spoke English and Japanese just fine, they were clearly out-worlders. I mean, who didn't know what a Frapuccino was? In his ever present calling to do nice things for people, Ed rose from his seat and said to Lorelai and Ramyu "I'm gonna go help them out." Ramyu's rolling eyes confirmed this was not an uncommon occurrence, so she simply let him have at it while indulging in one of the sandwiches.

Now up at the counter with the two Arcanis residents, Edward cleared his throat and asked them as politely as possible "Do you two need some help?"
Edward Lachance

Guest Starring: Ramyu Tal'saif, @Lonewolf685

Edward grimaced at the girl sitting face down in the stairwell. Before Edward got down to her and offered his hand she just... sat there, not moving at all. Her neck didn't seem bent at any odd or dangerous angle, but he was very worried the fall had knocked her unconscious. Blows to the face tended to do that. Luckily, she responded without taking even a second to gather herself. As such, Ed's frown dissipated. He appreciated people who accepted help readily, since so many refused generosity thinking they needed to repay it.

He got confirmation of the questions he asked her in her actions; judging by how quick she got to her feet, she probably didn't need to see the nurse. Obviously she could stand as well. She pressed herself up against the wall to let the students pass, and Ed and Ramyu followed suit. She spoke for a moment, seeming to both regard them and ignore them at the same time. Ed and Ramyu exchanged looks surreptitiously and shrugged. Her subject matter was also... bizarre. But she turned it around by offering to take Ed out to a cafe. Whether that included Ramyu or not, Ed couldn't tell, but he'd pay for her anyways.

"Sure, I'll take you up on that if you've got the cash. Mind if I bring Ram here along?" Ed asked, gesturing to the cat woman. "I can foot her bill."

Ramyu had just about gotten over Ed's insistence on paying for everything, so she simply sighed, pouted, and rolled her eyes. If the woman happened to accept (and Ed was pretty confident she would, she seemed nice) than he'd make some small conversation as she lead the two too whichever restaurant she had in mind.

"You were joking about your dad telling you to play in traffic right? I don't know how many girls with daddy issues I can handle with Ram--" Edward's joking was swiftly cut out with a loud yelp as Ramyu punched him in the arm. "Ow, jeez. Watch it, you're way too strong to be jokingly punching me in the arm."

"Then don't say I have 'daddy issues.'"

"Fine, alright. Sorry to offend. Oh! We haven't done intros. I'm Ed, or Edward if you wanna be fancy. Like I said that's Ram."


"And you are?"
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