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Current I'm back, bitch.
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I'd like to come home one day, not having something exploded into a chaotic situation while I'm gone. Bleh.
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Remember; A Hero is only a man who knows he is free. Those who wish to shackle you don't understand that they will never succeed in truly bringing you down.
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Check out my Shounen RP! Again!…
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The answer lies between now, and never.


Still back, bitch.

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@Dead Cruiser Sorry, gonna be tappin' out
Jude didn't expect Penny's reaction to be as similar to his as it was. She handled it much more professionally and just generally better of course, but she too had lots of anxieties she had to deal with. Whether it was relatives or her own safety she was worried about he couldn't tell but it didn't particularly matter. The both of them had a goal-- finding their small charge. Penny looked at things coolly and logically of course, which helped Jude do the same. Her being blown farther into the island made sense-- she was much closer to the storm, and half of their weight probably. Devoting himself to a relatively attainable mission was a good way to not break down into a useless ball, so Jude followed Penny's lead, deep in thought. He followed Penny to the other two girls who were seemingly also having 'castaway jitters,' one assisting the other.

As Jude and Penny approached however, the blonde part of the short pair suddenly shot up, sort of cry-laughing, snot and tears still evident on her face. It looked like she was taking it the hardest of any of them, and had no idea how to deal with stuff like this. Jude frowned. He could definitely relate to that, especially not wanting to worry anyone. He'd be sure to tell her later that he was always worrying, and that his time didn't matter anyways, so maybe she could open up and let some of that fear and sadness out. Another young man, clearly familiar with her judging by the bizarre nickname. He opened the floor to them, after reassuring the snotty blonde.

"We're looking for a little girl." Jude pitched in first, surprising even himself. His tone lowered to more of a mumble after the burst of leadership. "Uh, she," Jude pointed to 'Mad Dog' "should know who we're talking about. The one who was clinging to Penny before... yeah. Ahem. We think she might have gotten carried further into the island cuz like, she's obviously smaller n' she was closer too so..."

Jude trailed off, scratching at his face. He had no idea why he rambled so much there. Before anyone could respond and promptly shut him out, an older woman approached the group. She was a proper adult, unlike Jude, who looked like she had her life together. And a job. She was probably around 35, Jude would guess, but incredibly attractive. Not that that mattered, of course. He sort of shrunk away from her, edging slightly closer to Penny, who was the closest thing he had to a safety net today.

Ramyu Tal'saif

Feline Beastman of Gran Harenae


Ramyu is the youngest known practitioner of the Mountain Breaker style-- at the age of just five she began training under the supervision of an adoptive father to be put to work in the gladiator arenas. It was a rigorous process that left little time for development of any other skills, or friendships. After ten years of harsh training she was let into the ring and started out as a trend, before becoming an absolute phenomenon. 2 years going strong was enough for her existence to reach the ears of academy heads, and her prowess was recognized. As such, they sent out a missive letting her know that she was free to apply, travel expenses payed. The letter reached her before her adoptive father, and bringing it up caused the both of them to get into a harsh fight. Against his wishes she left anyways, seeking to finally make her own choices in life, and stop playing for the crowd. She is a relatively recent addition to the school, and her only friend as of now is Edward Lachance. He was the first person to ever give her a gift that she genuinely wanted, without any expectation of recompense or to push her training further: a strawberry parfait.

Combat Data - Skilled (C)

Despite being a 17 year old girl, and a feline beastman, Ramyu is incredibly strong. She uses the Mountain Breaker style, dual-wielding two massive great swords in a showy, flippant style that is equal parts acrobatic, dangerous and hard to approach. Spins and leaps, even while wielding her massive weapons, are her forte. She deals harsh damage and is able to keep multiple melee fighters at bay, but any other form of combat is hard to combat.

@Dead Cruiser Okay, last question-- Beelzebub. Will he have a part in the story? The Demon Eligos is mentioned as having a gift from him so I was thinking maybe a devoted knight-demon of Beelz could be a cool character concept.
@Dead Cruiser What do you mean by metaphysical anchors? Something like a Lich's phylactery, an item that contains their soul? Though, for the demon I guess the item would just chain them to earth and breaking it would send them back to hell yeah?

EDIT: Another question: Should we all start out in Hell, or could some of us start on Earth?
I'm very interested in this! I do have some questions however. How common is travel between Earth and Hell? (Both for demons and humans, to clarify.) I assume some humans are willing to work with demons? You mentioned cyberpunk so I kinda want a demon with a robo-arm or eye.
It'd almost be funny if it weren't so sad.

Jude refused to open his eyes. He had woken up, of course. He felt sun beaming on his face from somewhere in a way that made him positive he wasn't in a dream. But what had happened before-- with Penny and the storm and everything-- he wasn't sure. Maybe it was a dream, his brain playing a cruel joke of an emotional rollercoaster where-in finally, he begins to make a friend, and god himself rips it all away and kills everyone. Or maybe it was real, and he'd wake up and he wouldn't be living his life anymore. That was, depressingly, less sad than the alternative. But Jude didn't want to find out. Maybe he could just sit here, eyes closed, basking in the warm sun and sand forever.

Wait, sand?

Without opening his eyes, Jude moved his hand from his side and reached out, scraping the ground. He was still on a beach. Had he passed out here or something? Maybe everyone was looking at him like he was an idiot for falling asleep on the beach, surely drooling everywhere, without a towel. The anxiety was enough for Jude to finally sit up and open his eyes and confirm no one was eye-balling him. Indeed, no one was. In fact there were a lot less people here than before. And a lot less resort, too. The young man whipped his head around all over to confirm it. He wasn't even AT Otterholt anymore. Stumbling up to his feet, Jude's heart began to race. What was going on? That tornado... there was no way it managed to whip him and a bunch of crap from the resort all the way to a seemingly deserted island. He wasn't even that close to the water.

Oh god, mom!

Jude started to spiral into an anxious wreck. What day was it? How long had he been out? Was the sun that high before? How worried must his mother have been-- how'd he let her convince him to even come?! A hundred thoughts swished and dashed through Jude's skull as he began to break down and hyperventilate. Luckily, there was something able to bring him back to reality. He was ignoring the first few people to get up, but his own name being called, especially in distress, was enough for him to swallow his fears. He turned, almost recognizing the voice. It was Penny.

Jude wanted to run over and hug the young woman. Their encounter had been real-- her reaching out to him, asking him to stay-- but so were his mistakes, and the cruel reality that they were both in now. He stomped down the urge for human contact and lightly jogged over to her.

"Penny. I'm... glad to see you I guess. At least I know the name of someone here, right? U-uh, are you okay you seem rattled? Not that I wouldn't be I mean I think we almost died! I-- oh jesus. Where's the kid? The-the little girl?"

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