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Current Hey everyone! Trying to get back into the swing of things after a LONG break. Happy to see the site still kicking =)
2 yrs ago
Just wanted to say sorry to all my RP partners for my disappearance. Things around my unit have gotten ridiculously busy lately and I have had almost no free time. I'm hoping things calm down soon.
2 yrs ago
Yay I'm finally 21! I can no longer be charged as an adult for being underage!
2 yrs ago
Ice hockey is basically just people wearing knife shoes fighting each other with long sticks for the last Oreo.
2 yrs ago
I like just letting people think I'm dumb, it's too much work to open my mouth and prove them right


Hello my RPing comrades and welcome to my little slice of the internet, help yourself to a cookie. If you have come here you must want to know a little bit about me, colored me faltered!! Well to start I'm a twenty year old male who has been roleplaying for the past six years, I actually got my start on the original site before it went down if anyone was around for those days. I am currently employed as a LPN for the U.S. Army, which is just another way for saying that I usually have quite the busy schedule yay... My interests are pretty simple; gaming, reading, and of course roleplaying!!

As for my RPing skills I usually try to keep to the casual section for RPs, though I have dipped my toes into the advanced sections from time to time, so I usually try to shoot up two to three good paragraphs per post. Interest wise I am a sucker for anything fantasy or superhero based, what can I say dungeons and spandex excite me XD I love a simple slice of life RP too, helps with a change of pace. I normally play male characters, I just feel that I am able to write for them better than a female character. I love talking in the OOC, almost a bit too much so if I am chatting your ear off please tell me to shut my trap, trust me I really need to from time to time.

Oh and please if you want to send me a PM feel more than free to, I love meeting new people, and I only bite half of the time =D

List O Interests:

Elder Scrolls
Marvel Universe
DC Universe
My Hero Academia
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
The Wolf Among Us/Fables
Star Wars
Mass Effect
Oh and of course...

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Defiantly interested! Just finished the Umbrella Academy and I fell in love with it. I'd be super excited to get in on this =)
Hey everyone sorry but I'm going to have to pull out of this one. Life is getting pretty hectic and I won't have that much free time. I'm so sorry guys (=P
I managed to get a small post up after my shift, but now excuse me while I collapse into my bed for awhile XD
Yjarldor Stormcaller

Yjarl's thunderous voice was silenced just as quickly as it erupted from him as it was greeted with a kind, but very prompt request that he control his volume. "Oh I'm sorry, just happy to see that there are other people. Well I mean people people you know?" The blue giant said as he dawned a friendly grin and looked over the group. Normally he wouldn't of just barged into the conversation like he did, but given the circumstances they were all in Yjarl felt like it was for the best that he made sure he was involved with other people in the same trapped in a different world boat. By the look of things this conversation had been going on for a bit even before he had arrived, sending a slight sense of guilt to Yjarl's stomach that he quickly managed to push aside and recompose himself. What he could gather though was that they were all talking about how this new world work as compared to the real one. Everyone putting in their two cents of how it acted just like reality, just with a few added game features like virtual menus. Luckily, or rather unluckily, Yjarl had managed to come to these same conclusions through his bumbling.

"If we're sticking with just our character names you all can just call me Yjarl, it is a real time saver. If I would of known I was going to end up as my character one day I would of gave him a simpler name." Yjarl said with a slight chuckle. Though by the looks of things he wasn't the only one with a slightly funny name, he really apricated the obvious Ganondorf word play. In the middle of his thought about names he heard a slight ping before a screen popped up in front of his face, sending a slight jolt through his massive frame. "That is going to take some getting use to." He said half to himself as he read over the text. It was a friend request, it seemed that this world was definitely more game like than he expected. Yjarl tentatively reached out one of his massive fingers to press the accept button, half expecting it to simple go through the screen. As he clicked the button a small chime played as it showed the friend request was expected. "Man all of this is pretty trippy."

As he moved his attention back to the group it seemed that the majority wanted to start splitting up into smaller teams to start trying figure things out. The Orc character proposed that Yjarl join up with him in a small hunting guild of sorts to help supply food. "That sounds awesome! I'd love to lend a hand." Yjarl said as a large grin found its way onto his face. This was the type of quest Yjarl did all the time even before he was sucked into the game so he felt like he could slip into this role with no problem.

@PKMNB0Y@DocRock@Rabidporcupine@Bone Father@Anza
Hey guys sorry for the delay, but I won't be able to post until this weekend. They shifted me to the night shift schedules at work and won't have too much free time until this weekend (=P
Yjarldor Stormcaller

The streets of Inarrel bustled with life, dozens of people going every which way as they tried to carry out their daily tasks and avoid crashing in to each other. Yjarl couldn't help but slight chuckle at the thought that no matter what world he was in people were always in too much of a hurry for his tastes. It took him more than a bit to get the hang of maneuvering his new gargantuan form, much to the distain to the half dozen of street vendors who's stales he managed to topple over as he stumbled about. But luckily it seemed that after a few falls that Yjarl was able to walk down the street with competence, this may have been do to the fact that people started to make way for the clumsy giant but Yjarl still counted it as a victory.

Though it took some getting used to Yjarl was actually starting to like his new stature, it gave him a view over everything around him that he could only dream of. A small smile formed on his light blue lips as he scanned over the scurrying crowd that flowed around him, despite the haste that surrounded him he couldn't help the excitement that filled him as he again appreciated the fact of where he was. He was actually in Inarrel. In Emerald Odyssey!! The behemoth had to contain himself from jumping with giddiness, namely do to if he did he would probably fall over again.

The only thing that brought him back down to reality was the fact that in all honesty he had no idea what he was going to do now. "Huh..." Yjarl stopped as he began to ponder the options. Usually while he was playing the game he had a menu of quests that he could choose from that gave him a sense of direction, now that he was here what was he supposed to do? "If only I had a map or something..." As soon as the words left his lips a small screen popped up in front of Yjarl's face, prompting a rather loud yelp from the towering young man quickly followed by an apology to the group of concerned on lookers that he just startled.

As he recomposed himself Yjarl looked back to the screen floating in front of him and just as he asked for it was a map. "Awesome..." He mumbled as he scanned it over. Yjarl started to walk and just as he had hoped a little marker on the map began to move with him, that was him. "So cool!" Despite it being a simple little thing Yjarl couldn't help but be fascinated by the map, to the point that he began to walk with it still open, tracking his progress through the city with it.

He didn't even know how long he had been walking by this point, he may have gone on forever like this if it was not for him over hearing a conversation that caught his interest. "Wait Japan?" Yjarl spoke aloud as he finally closed his map and looked over to catch the sight of a small group of characters. "Did you guys just say Japan? Like the real world Japan?" He questioned as he stepped towards the group, peering down at them. He then threw his arms up as if in victory. "YES!! I'M NOT ALONE!!" He exclaimed, his voice almost shaking the earth with its force.
Yjarldor Stormcaller

It is almost jarring how quickly unbridled excitement can be shifted into complete and utter bewilderment and Damian was about to find this out first hand. Mere moments ago the young man was counting down the seconds to Emerald Odyssey's scheduled shut down, trying to squeeze as much gameplay in as he could before the maintenance started up, but then everything just went dark. "Shit. Did the power go out?" Damian pondered aloud as he searched the blackness that surrounded him, trying to regain his bearings. But just as quickly as the darkness washed over him it was replaced with searing and blinding flood of light. "Damnit!!"

As Damian blinked his eyes in an attempt to try and regain focus he was greeted with a sight that was far more troubling than the sudden darkness that had over took him. He was no longer in his small quite studio apartment, but rather he stood in the middle of a town that was bustling with life. "The hell?!" Damian exclaimed in utter shock, his body naturally taking a few steps back in an attempt to separate itself from the bizarre situation. It was in his confusion that Damian managed to catch the back of foot on a loose rock and send himself toppling over. Damian's body hitting the ground practically shook the earth and sent up a cloud of dust and dirt.

"Owww..." Damian groaned as he laid on the floor for a moment, the slight hope the strike to his head would some how pull him back to reality. "Uhh are you okay?" It was this soft voice that finally encouraged Damian to reopen his eyes and just as he feared he was still not back in his room, though this time he was greeted by a face peering down at him.

She was a young woman with soft features and a round face, dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail that hung down just below her neck. She wore simple cloth shirt that seemed too large for her with a slightly tarnished plaid printed skirt that settled down a little bit above her ankles. But what really caught Damian's eye about her was the woman's green skin paired with the pointed ears sprouting out of her head. If Damian didn't know any better he would of sworn that this a forest nymph, but that would of been impossible. "Well are you?"

After what felt like an eternity of gawking and staring Damian finally managed to find his voice. "Uhh uhh y-yeah.... yes I'm okay." Damian stammered out as he looked up at the woman.

"Good, then would you mind moving? You are blocking the road." The green skinned woman said, placing a hand on her hip in what looked like impatience. Damian Sat up as quickly as he could, but stopped himself the second he noticed that even with out standing he was already towering over his pointed ear associate. "The hell?" It was in this moment that Damian took a second to turn his attention from the bizarreness of his surroundings and finally on to himself.

"Holy-!!" Damian cut himself off as he looked down at his massive form that was cladded in armor. As he stood up he only became that much more aware of his staggering size, looking down to the nymph woman who was still eyeing him and waiting for him to move. "I-I'm sorry ma'am..." He said, offering a slight bow of his head.

"Just try to stay out of the street from now on okay?" The woman said before offering Damian a smile and continuing on her way and leaving the giant to try to come to terms with what was going on.

Damian took more than an apocopate amount of time familiarizing himself with his new form in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the town before finally refocusing on his current situation. The answer was too obvious, but even more insane that Damian didn't want to admit it to himself. Finally he decided to swallow the hard truth that he had in fact been transported into the body of his avatar, the Strom Giant Yjarldor Stormcaller. Not only that but he was ripped from the real world and tossed into the that of the fantastical realm of Emerald Odyssey. As much bewilderment and fear filled his core Damian, or rather Yjarldor, couldn't help but have some excitement burning in his chest. After all who wouldn't want to be inside of their favorite video game.

Now the only thing left to be decided was what was he going to do next, lucky for him he was already in Inarrel, a central hub of activity. He was sure that he could stumble upon a quest here, the thought of which only further fanning the giddy flames in his heart.
@Vulkan Elyan and Yjarl could of worked together in the past, maybe some player was needing help with a particularly difficult raid or something and hired Elyan. Yjarl would of jumped at the chance to lend a hand and decided to tag along to help them. I'm just spit balling.
@DocRock Thanks dude =) And by the way I have always been a fan of Dragonborn like characters, what's not to like about humanoid dragons?

@VitaVitaAR He may not boring, but I'm sure Yjarl can manage to get on that little firebug's nerves.

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