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I'll start working on a CS :)
I'm so so sorry my post didn't go up until now. I thought I had posted it. I caught the flu over the weekend so have been staying in bed and trying to sleep. Uhg, being sick sucks. Thankfully I'm all better and will be able to post daily if that's what you want.
As the bell finally rang, Mikiena quickly gathered er things and put them in her bag. As she went to stand up they fell out causing her to scramble to get them back in her bag and snip it up. She checked to make sue both her phone and laptop were alright before continuing on. "At this rate I'm going to be late..." she muttered to herself as she checked the tie. Luckily the halls weren't too crowded on the way to the club.

It was going to be her first time in a club and her very first in a host club at that. It was nerve racking but somewhat exciting. Mikiena sped her way down the halls right to the door. Taking a deep breath and willing herself, she opened the door and walked in. The room was gorgeous, more decorated than any rooms she's seen outside of the school. One of the best looking places she had seen in the school by far.

"Um... Hi. I'm sorry I'm late. I dropped my bag." She shyly said to the people standing in the room. She had hopped she didn't miss anything too important. She took another breath and walked over to the other people. "I'm Mikiena. Mikiena Takaharu. I'm not too late am I?" her cheeks were red and even with a small group it seemed like she might be an oddball. Especially showing up after everything had started on the first day.

Way to go Kiena... First impressions are everything and you blew it. Maybe you should just write death by social interactions on your tombstone. It's quite fitting.
@Tybalt Capulet, @Shadow Daedalus
Either one of you thinking of taking over? If we still wanna keep this going, i could.

Then, if you have time at all, @CajunRobinHood you could take it back or help run it if you don't have enough time.

I'd hate for this to just die :/
I'll put my first post up in just a few minutes. Going to make lunch then post (:
I'll put up another post as soon as someone else does, okay? :) That way there is a little more then just a conversation between two people.
Hearing that someone else had interest in investigating the castle gave her some hope. Em smiled and nodded in Joshua's direction. "I doubt we'll get caught. There's not much security around there anymore, I don't think, but then again two people should be able to get in and out without getting seen."

It would be a different story if everyone went. Then they could easily get caught, which wasn't on her to-do list. The curse also interested her too though. The word 'curse' intrigued her enough. Settling if it was a hoax or not was the end game for almost everyone there. Maybe they could find any ties to others first. Do research on the curse itself some more and find out who else could possibly be involved or have some sort of tie to any of the details.

"We could also do more investigating in terms of research. Find and investigate any ties to the curse?" now she was thinking out loud. Em backed off and sat on top of one of the closest desks. She was beginning to embarrass herself without even trying. She just hoped her cheek weren't as red as she thought they were. They would match her hair if they were.


Em looked around then looked at her wing. It wasn't really reasonable for her to fly at this point, but they had gotten a far enough head start that they could possibly even rest if they wanted. It would take the scientists hours to climb the cliff face. Within that time they could easily vanish.

"Anyone has any suggestions? We're going to have to signal the others eventually. Any brilliant ideas on how to do that without giving up our location?" Emerson took a strip on fabric from her shirt, however small, and bound her wing together making it so she wouldn't use it and accidentally hurt it more. It stung and she gritted her teeth, but it stopped pretty quickly.'That won't last, but it's something.' She thought as she looked at it slightly. It looked very awkward and felt just about as awkward as it looked. Hey, it worked. Can't fight something that works.

For a moment, she sat against a tree and waited for everyone. A short break would help everyone catch up and catch their breath. It was needed, even if it was short. They needed some sot of rest. "We can stay here until we come up with something. I know I need a break." Em smiled and looked up at the sky. Clouds were coming in and they were turning colors of orange and pink. It was pretty, something she was glad she saw. When life was chaotic, people forgot to enjoy the small details of life around them. 'I want to see the sunset every night.' Em thought as she daydreamed looking at the clouds above her. Almost forgetting where she was and what was happening around her.
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