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@Flamelord Excellent, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still intent on making this a thing.
Everyone still down? Just curious.
Currently have no internet, that'll be fixed by tomorrow.

@Aviaire Technically no, unless they are in close proximity to their Seeker. Even then their manifestation allows them little capability of interacting with the material world. Shrouds are largely imperceptible by normal entities. Shrouds can see other Shrouds and Seekers can see Shrouds,though the Shroud can choose not to present themselves. Oracle Emblem activation via use of an Honest Blade can force Shrouds in the area to be revealed. More on that, later.

As for how Resonance works. Or rather, is worked. Each Seeker has Resonance Pathways within their 'soul', which they pull free Resonance into; or channel their natural Resonance. Natural Resonance is produced by the Seeker, Ambient (free/loose) Resonance is present throughout the world.

To harvest any form of Resonance it has to be gathered, shaped and released. How a Seeker does this can depend.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to that. If I've been inadequate in providing what you were looking for, let me know and I'll try typing out a more detailed explanation when I've got my internet working.

@mercenarius No rush, looking forward to it.

@Flamelord Ezekiel/Analisa are approved! You can move them on over. If I've missed anything glaring, I'll be looking over them again when I've got some time. Nothing struck me as incredibly out of place, during my initial read; so just consider them approved for now. If anything needs to be changed after my re-reading, I'll let you know☆

EDIT: @AmeliaAnny Sorry, missed mentioning you in the initial writing. No big rush. Once things are organized for me, tomorrow I'll probably work on some more details and maybe another character.
@Aviaire Sorry for the slowness in response, just wanted you to know that I've seen this and plan to answer your questions when I'm freed up tomorrow morning. Once again, sorry for taking a minute.

@AmeliaAnny No problem, no rush.
@OwO You can move him to the Character Tab☆!
Hey, everyone☆

Decided to add some musical accompaniments to the Variance & Static intros

Though,I'd say it is also adequate to represent the tone of each side of this Scenario.
@OwO The forced Truth from Veritas is the only large problem. Mind you, I just woke up (everything else looks fine, but I'll read it again later) and I'm in half a rush to get prepared. Other than that, at the moment, Nero's Outside ability has potential for abuse other than the stated intent. Not saying to change it, just that I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Cain is Approved, pending a reasonable change to the Truth Ability.

☆ ☆ ☆

@Flamelord Totally feel you. Take your time, I'm not planning to start In-Character posts until maybe this weekend, or early next week.
Sorry, running on day three of no sleep.

i'll give thorough read in the morning.
I have an impressive voice. Or so I'm told.
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